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My health and writing status as of 2 July 2020

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This is an expansion and update of my last blog entry which I'm deleting to post this.

As previously mentioned, due to the years of hassles from the gestapo I ended up in a depression. I've been on medication and seeing a shrink for three years. The combined effect of the depression and the meds made it hard for me to focus or be creative for anything but a short time. While I do have works in progress and they have crawled along, none of the novels have leaped through to conclusion yet. Although things have improved in the last several months to the extent I'm now reducing the meds as the precursor to ending them, and the shrink is now at the 'call if you need me' stage. I expect once I'm off the meds for a few months my writing will pick up again, so I should be able to complete a few stories then.

When the trouble started there was 630,000 words in 16 part written stories and 4 almost completed stories which I cut short, cleaned up, completed, and posted before the depression hit bad. Thus I went into the main part of the depression with 380,000 words in 16 works in progress, and I now have 712,000 in 37 stories. So you can see I have been writing, but it's been slow and difficult in small amounts. While there were times I was able to work on and completed a new work, they were all in the short story or novella range and took far longer to write than I'm used to taking.

In case you've not read it, Modern Day Witch Hunt is a true account of my issues with the gestapo and why I ended up with depression from their harassment of both my son and myself. This story is on Finestories and Stories on Line.

When significant real life issues affect my writing I usually mention them here in my blog.

Please do not send me any messages right now as the time taken to reply to them takes time away from my writing.