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My health, meds, and writing as at 24 October 2020

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In previous blog entries I mentioned having been on anti-depressant meds for a few years. I'm no longer depressed and am getting over those issues and the drugs. I'm now starting to function a lot better and working on the 36 works in progress that already have over 700,000 words in them. They include many sequels and new stories.

I had 3 US politically based stories I've finished and put out because I wanted them out before the election and it's follow on could cause me to want to add to them. I'm now working on 2 of the 7 Rivers Region stories I have in the bank. I also have several stories I need to fix typos in and reposts soon.

Now my 2 biggest time users are writing and naps; the order changes on a daily basis.

Please, no message except reports of story typos.