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Power Tool Revised to suit law - amended with law summary

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I've revised Power Tool to suit the changed Australian Laws and lodged the new files here and Bookapy. It should appear on both when the moderators have checked it. The original version has been left up as well.

Some years ago the Australian Commonwealth government changed the Commonwealth Crimes Act such that possession or transmission of images or text of nudity sex scenes of persons who were under 18 or thought to be under 18 by the authority making the decision was a called Child Pornography and was a crime punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment. The section of law concerned is the one where they protect the infrastructure against a terrorist attack like blowing up a telephone exchange or a bridge. A few years later the NSW state government change the NSW Crimes Act to match the Commonwealth Act except they put the age at 16 and the law was in the section on crimes against the person and called Child Abuse Material. Neither of these changes to the laws were publicised to the general public.

The legal age for for sex under Commonwealth and state law is 16, and until these law changes anything to do with nudity was not a crime nor was a story with a sex scene of a 16 or 17 year old - but now they are.

Thus Power Tool and a few other stories have been changed to amend the ages of some people or some scenes amended to comply with these law changes.

In short: Anything to do with nudity or sex for under 18 can't be sent on the communications system to email or to upload or to download on the Internet is Australia wide. However, under the state law anything I have in my possession need only be over 16.