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New Posting of an Older Story

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Responding to the lack of stories on Sci-Fi (and the continued dumping of 'out of copyright' protected stories on the site), I'm releasing my original "Catalyst" series.

As many of you might know, I recently restricted the story to "Premiere access only" on SOL, mainly because it's an older story and I'm trying to thin my listings. So, to help promote the site more, I'm continuing to offer the story for free on Sci-Fi.

As always, I appreciate feedback, corrections and critiques. However, as this is an older story (and I already have dozens of new stories in my hopper) I'm unlikely to make substantial changes to the story. It stands up well over time, as it's still one of my most popular stories.

The complete series of The Catalyst, like all of my stories, is available for sale on Amazon (under "Vincent Berg" and Createspace