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Racing the Clock

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Another book in the "Catalyst" series.

You'll notice we missed a day in the 5-days a week posting schedule, as you've got to post the first chapter before you can schedule postings. Next week we'll get back to the normal Monday - Friday postings.

There are only twenty chapters this time, as this is essentially a 'transitional' story, bridging Alex's remaining school experiences and his later 'mission travels' around the country.

On a side note, we (my editors and I) are busy preparing for a new "Catalyst Box Set" on Amazon and Smashwords (which currently has no Catalyst stories). As such, we're cleaning-up a mess of outstanding issues with the story. I'm not including those changes yet, as I'm still trying to keep up with the various edits from a variety of editors each working on different books, but once the books publish, I'll update the posted stories with the new revisions.

Keep in mind, aside from an entirely new ending to the series, "Passing the Torch", this is not a revision (i.e. we're only cleaning up the existing text, not changing any of the story content itself).

However, on a side note, I've long avoided making many changes to either "The Catalyst" or my "Great Death" stories, because they remain some of my best-selling stories, and I didn't want to kill the golden goose, when my newer books aren't selling nearly as well (and they receive fewer downloads than the earlier stories did).

Reviewing the stories once again, I'm past that. What differentiates these early, crudely-crafted stories, was the phenomenal character development, much of which was taken either directly from my own life-experiences, or those of my close friends and family members. As such, I essentially ran out of personal experiences, so my subsequent books lacked much of the personal feel for each character (as characterized by the back-and-forth exchanges between the characters).

Now that I know I won't kill my Golden Goose by cleaning up the rough patches, I'm no longer as reluctant to make changes (I rewrote entire passages of the book 1 prologue to replace the narrator 'telling' the readers what the characters were thinking with dialogue that 'showed' them their motivations). That said, due to time-constraints, I'm NOT reviewing the entire story, once again making patches to whichever segments catch my eyes as I make other changes (i.e. my editors aren't 'cleaning up' as much as flagging outright errors, but I'm generally making the story easier to read as I go, with improvements being made here and there, rather an across the board improvements).

I was hoping to release the "Box Set" (the entire 7-book series in one volume, sold at a significant discount over the retail price of the existing six-book series) by Christmas, but I'm so-far behind my editors, I think I'll push it back into early 2018. However, if I do, I'll move an entirely new story forward, my previously unpublished "A House in Disarray", in an attempt to publishing something in the essential book-buying Christmas/post-Christmas time frame.

I'll post another blog post, closer to November, with the final details.

In short: good news, I'm once again cleaning up the story I was previously afraid to touch, I've now recognized what my later stories are missing, and I'm planning several new releases. The bad news, you won't see the relatively minor changes to "Catalyst" for a while. (I'm not planning to publish "Passing the Torch" until I complete publishing the other books on Smashwords, which means it won't show up on SOL and Sci-Fi for a LONG time!)