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Smashwords' End of Year Sale

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I've entered several books in Smashword's latest "End of Year" Sale, which runs from Dec 25th, 2018 until Jan 1, 2019. Use the following codes for the various discounts:

Not-Quite Human Box Set SEY25 = $8.99 (includes books 1, 2 and you can update to include book 3 when it's released)
- The Cuckoo's Progeny SEY50 = $2.50 (new graphics if you haven't upgraded for a while)
- Lost With Nothing to Lose SEY25 = $4.24
A House in Disarray SEY50 = $3.00
Demonic Issues Box Set SEY50 = $5.00
- The Demons Within SEY50 = $2.50
- Speaking With Your Demons SEY50 = $3.00
Unwelcome Visitors Box Set SEY50 = $4.00 (discontinued on Amazon, soon to be discontinued on SW)
- Stranded in a Foreign Land SEY75 = $1.25
- The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye SEY75 = $1.25 (discontinued on Amazon, soon to be discontinued on SW)
Singularity SEY75 = $1.25 (new sequel in the works)
Zombie Leza SEY75 = $1.25

Now's the time to grab any books you didn't pick up previously.

Note: Catalyst and The Great Death series have been retired as I work (slowly) on revising them both. Also, all my print books are now out-of-print due to Amazon permanently shutting down Createspace (I'm hoping to relaunch them on D2D, but they haven't launched their print service yet).