Star Guardian
Chapter 13: Travel To Baglogi

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Ship had informed us that travel would take about 20 days at hyperdrive to reach the Baglogi system. We had time to sort out the supplies we had purchased from our visit to the Ori Confederation. We would have time to plan what to do when we arrived.

I resumed my schedule of training with Ship and hanging out with Koluna and Jem. Some of Koluna’s purchases were her favourite Ori foods, so our meals for the first few days out were a special treat. Normally our meals would be processed food from a food dispenser. These were real, grown food prepared by an Ori chef. Jem and I could eat most of the dishes, which was a plus.

I had no favourite foods. I never knew Earth cuisine, and Tian food was pretty bland. If Koluna liked one of her dishes, I could be happy for her and smile.

Some of Koluna’s purchases were Ori clothing. She got several items for each of us, although we needed to adjust the length for Jem and I. Once finished, they decided we had to try on everything and show each other. As a Tian, all clothing was uniform and plain. One thing you don’t see is a Tian trying to stand out. I was comfortable wearing utilitarian clothing as provided on most vessels. In contrast, Ori clothing was loud, like their displays of emotions. Jem was equally excited about playing dress-up. I took a leaf out of Koluna’s father’s book and played along. I tried to make relevant supportive comments.

The Ori clothing consumed most of a day and provided a pleasant diversion. It boosted morale aboard, especially for Koluna. I would not have thought of it, but in hindsight it worked out well. I had learned something I would never have learned on Tian Prime. We had had fun. And from what I learned about how fleeting life can be, it is important to value these moments.

A few days into our trip, we sat down to discuss our plans for when we arrived. Jem had a tablet on which she had made an extensive list.

“Ship, please review the procedure for when we arrive in the system,” said Jem.

“I will broadcast our ID, and we will be met by a patrol, and escorted to Baglogi-4. At that point, my logs will be downloaded for analysis and the crew will disembark. Genetic scans will show you to be Baglogi. I am unsure the reception for Koluna and Brian though I expect it to be positive. Once they review the logs, all will be clear,” reported Ship.

“Great! Everyone will be in clean uniforms with insignia to show we are the crew of this vessel. That should help steer their thinking in the right direction. Brian, Koluna, you have both been working on your greetings and responses in Baglogi?” asked Jem.

“Yes.” Koluna and I responded in Baglogi. The goal was to appear to be a functioning Baglogi crew.

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