Chapter 6: Enforcer

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After Floozy left, I found Master in the living room watching a soap.

“Master, I noticed you have an exercise room and a pool here. You’ve said things that tell me you’re unsatisfied with my weight, and my doctor gave me some links for exercises. I am requesting permission to work out when I have some free time here.”

“Are you going to lose all that flab?” he asked.

That stung, but I didn’t let myself react. “That’s one of my goals. He also gave me links for Kegels and other targeted workouts.”

“If you have the time, go for it, Peanut. Just make sure your chores are done, and remember to pick up your brat.”

“Thank you,” I said. There was no way I could avoid doing chores, and I would never forget to pick up Shirley.

I didn’t have any workout clothes, so I figured I’d work out in the nude. I found the exercise room, and started my first task, a couple of miles on the treadmill.

It was very boring. Even the stuff on the holo was boring, as I apparently didn’t have Master’s access to the premium programming, leaving mostly soaps, talk shows, and news playing this time in the afternoon.

Then I got a wonderful idea.

I ran to the bedroom and checked out my tiny dresser. As I suspected, there were all sorts of dildos in the drawers. I found one that approximated the size of Master’s dick, and brought it back with me. I went onto the treadmill and placed the dildo in my mouth. Shutting my eyes, I was able to zone out. A while later, I looked at the readout and found I already ran about fifteen miles!

I didn’t have much time before I would need to retrieve my daughter, so I took a quick dip into the pool to get rid of my accumulated sweat. I then rinsed off in the shower, and put my uniform back on. In the bedroom, I got my slippers and put the dildo away so I could fetch Shirley.

The exercise room and pool became my favorite activity that didn’t involve Master’s cock (except for the dildo). The best time of day for me was right after lunch, since it gave me about three hours straight while Master was otherwise busy. Then I would be freshly showered and ready to pick up Shirley.

Master found me in the exercise room a few days after I started my regimen and noticed the dildo.

“Did your doctor suggest using that as a prop, Peanut?”

Master’s voice startled me out of my reverie, and I realized how I must have looked. I blushed, pulled the dildo out of my mouth, and said, “I found this in the little dresser. I pretend it’s you. It helps me relax and focus on doing a good workout,” I said, the words all ringing true.

“Well, suit yourself!” He laughed and went about his business.

One day, as Shirley and I were driving home from the day care, Shirley asked me, “Mommy, is Daddy a nice person?”

I didn’t have any idea where that question came from. I wanted to answer her truthfully, but there was Master’s order not to “talk shit” about him in front of her.

“Well, Pumpkin, everybody can be nice at times, and sometimes, they can be mean. That doesn’t make them nice or mean people. Do you understand that?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Has your Daddy been nice to you?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Have you ever seen him be mean?”

“Only to you.”

“Me?” I was surprised. Usually Master never did anything to me in front of Shirley. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, I had a bad dream a few nights ago. I went to find you, but Daddy was spanking you.”

“Spanking me?” Master may have done all sorts of things to me. If he ever spanked me, it was a slap on the ass before he fucked me. It was never an extended spanking.

“Yes. He was using his ... thing.”

Oh. She walked in on us having sex. “Pumpkin,” I explained, “Mommy and Daddy were ... playing together. You know ... how you used to play at the shelter?”

“They don’t allow us to hit each other at the day care.”

“That’s because they don’t want anybody go get hurt. When Mommy and Daddy are alone, we play. Sometimes, it’s a bit rough, but we don’t really hurt each other.”

“Oh.” Shirley thought about that for a while. “That makes sense.”

“I’m glad I can help. If you ever have any questions such as that one, feel free to let me know and I’ll answer as well as I can. OK?”

“I didn’t want you to be mad that I was watching. You sounded like you were crying.”

I bit my lip on that. She was only six. She didn’t need to know about the birds and the bees. Yet.

“Mommy wasn’t really crying. Do you remember when I got you that little ring for your fourth birthday?”

“Uh, huh.”

The ring in question was a kid’s toy. It was a cheap metalloy ring with an imitation diamond. Not worth much, but then again, we didn’t have anything. I skipped a meal in order to afford that toy after she fell in love with it at the second hand shop. She cherished that ring, and while she didn’t wear it every day, I bet is was still in her possession.

“Well, when you opened it up on your birthday, you were happy, right?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Weren’t you crying at the same time?” I asked.

There was a pause. “Oh. I see. You were getting what you wanted, but didn’t think you were going to get?”

The girl was sharp, I must give her that. “Yes, dear. We’re getting close to home. I’m going to need to make dinner soon.”

“I told Ricky at day care that you cook. He said his mommy has the kitchen cook for them. Maybe I could ask Daddy...”

Obviously, Shirley knew the pecking order in the house. Her Daddy was my Master. I ignored that, but explained, “No, dear. Mommy is learning how to cook on her own. We have nice food here, and I’m trying to learn to cook nice food. Cooking is a nice skill to have. Not everybody can cook. You love my food, don’t you?”

“It’s much better here than at the shelter.”

“That’s because I cook and we have so much nicer things to work with.”

“I think I understand.”

“You go tell Ricky that it’s a matter of pride that I cook in this house. I’m quite happy to do it.”


We got out of the car.

It was a Monday. For just over two weeks, I was living my life as a slave. I was now sitting in “waiting room” at the day care, completely nude and awaiting the next employee to come into the room to rape me.

I’m not sure why Master set this up. I got absolutely no enjoyment when anybody other than Master touched me sexually. Instead, I got humiliation and the attendant horniness that came from having complete strangers use me, and maybe that was Master’s intention. I’d pretend to have an orgasm with most of the guys when they fucked me. The lesbian girl Marge was probably too smart for me to try to pretend to cum, but she never gave, she only took from me, so I didn’t need to try.

When I came home with Shirley, Master was furious.

“Where were you all day?” he demanded.

My blood turned cold. I was in deep shit right now. I’m not sure how the wires got crossed, but I was going to be punished. It took nearly all my willpower to turn to my daughter and calmly say, “Shirley, please go to your room.” It’s a testament to how well behaved my daughter is that she did so without question.

I turned to Master and said, “I was doing what you wanted. I was at the day care.”

Master, for all his wickedness, waited until Shirley left. “All day? Why were you there all fucking day?”

“To have random day care employees have me suck and fuck them, as per your orders.”

“I never gave such orders.” Master’s voice sounded suspicious as if he was thinking I was trying to escape his control.

My body was shaking uncontrollably from the anger in his voice, despite the fact I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. I still managed to explain, “They give me a phrase, have me repeat it, and then have me repeat it a second time and I cannot remember it. I thought that it was your instructions.” It took a lot of willpower not to cry.

“Temporary override,” Master said quietly. “Under New Orders,” he said under his breath. “Latin, right?”

I shrugged. “I remember the phrase being under new orders.” I burst into tears. How could I have disappointed Master? I was a terrible whore!

“Son of a bitch.” He looked furious, and I cried more. “Listen, Peanut, I’m sorry I yelled at you. You were doing what you thought you needed to do. In fact, you did what your collar ordered you to do.”

I think that was the first time in his life that Master apologized to me. Except for the night he left me, and he was just putting on an act then.

I now knew he was angry, but his anger wasn’t directed at me. My tears stopped. “You know I wouldn’t do anything to cross you, Master.” My body was still trembling with fear. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you. I know I wasn’t here to make you lunch...”

“Don’t sweat it. When is the next time? Another two weeks?”


Master seemed to think for a while, and then he smiled. “Things will be fine. Now, how are you doing with your exercise regimen your doctor gave you?”

“Very well, Master. Just a few more pounds to go for my target weight. I’m also starting to build muscles.”

Master nodded. “I’ve noticed you’re building stamina.” After a pause, he added, “Keep your focus on the muscles, you’ll hit your target weight. Let’s try a new focus plan for you, starting this evening after supper.”

After supper was usually my alone time with Shirley. However, an order was an order. “As you wish, Master.” Although I liked my current regimen, it was now replaced because of his new orders.

That smile he wore on his face was the same kind that I hoped I would never see on his face again. However, his anger wasn’t at me, and it was the first time I saw that smile that I didn’t soil myself, which was lucky, since I wasn’t wearing any underwear to soil.

The new exercise regimen focused more on muscle tone. It also involved something that was popular quite a number of years ago called Kick Boxing. He gave me fewer chores so I could focus on the new regimen. This took up most of my afternoons, only pausing to cook meals and pick up Shirley.

I seemed to quickly work through weights on the cable machine. Each day, I added a bit more weight, and after a week, I still didn’t find any weights too heavy for me. However, the machine warned of jumping too fast to greater weights, so I did them gradually as it suggested.

One day, as I was preparing to lay down in my bed space, Master called me to his bed.

“Yes, Master? How may I please you?”

“Humor me, Peanut. Do you know how to arm wrestle?”

I shrugged. “I’ve heard the term. I have no reference, though. I don’t want to disappoint you with my ignorance.”

Master gave me the basic details. It sounded something boys would play at in school.

“Now, the bed isn’t the best place to try this, but I want to do an arm wrestle with you.”

“Whatever for?”

“Humor me.”

“You know I cannot hurt you, nor do I want to.”

“I know that. Here, put your elbow on the bed. Like that, yeah. Now ... OK. Now, we hold hands. You count to three and then we go. You cannot let go of either hand. Got it?”

I nodded.

Master looked at me expectantly. “This isn’t a sport where people get hurt, Peanut. Don’t worry about hurting me. I want you to do your best. Don’t hold back.”

I nodded again, and then remembered I needed to count. “One ... two ... three...”

Immediately, I felt Master attempt to push my arm down. Surprisingly, I held my own. Now, I knew he was much bigger and stronger than me, but for about forty-five seconds, we went back and forth, usually staying right in the middle. and then we kept at a draw. Finally, after another minute or two, I started to give way. He smiled at me and started to push my hand down, but I still found some energy left and got us back almost to the point where we started.

“Stop!” Master ordered.

Immediately, my arm relaxed, and as I did, so did Master’s.

“That was very good, Peanut.”

“I didn’t think I could hold my own that long.”

Master just nodded.

“Now, I want you to suck my cock. Let your mind go limp...”

My mind emptied. I gave Master a long, slow, and gentle suck, just the way I used to do it before he started having me learn a technique called “Deep Throat.”

As my mind emptied, I was aware that Master was giving me instructions ... but just as the words were there, they disappeared into nothingness. I simply enjoyed the closeness I was sharing with Master, not thinking of his words. Just be happy, my mind said. Be a good little whore.

Eventually, I was blessed by Master’s first spurt. He was on some expensive therapy that increased his production of semen, and was no longer having issues keeping up with my needs and desires, and I received quite a mouthful.

I fell asleep on the bed soon thereafter, although I woke up in the middle of the night and went back to my little blanket on the floor. (It was becoming my favorite place in the house to be alone other than the exercise room and pool.)

The next time I needed to be at a review at the day care, I took Shirley and let her go with the teacher. The I waited in Benjamin’s office. I put my purse on the desk where Benjamin was sitting.

“Hello, Jess. Tu in novum ordinem.”

Nothing happened. It seemed to me that something was supposed to happen. “What did you say?”

“Can you repeat it to me?”

“Tu in novum ordinem. Is that Latin?”

“Repeat it once more.”

“Repeat what?” I knew the phrase, but something told me to pretend not to remember it.

“That’s fine. You’re under new orders, Jess.”

I didn’t think so. I just sat there.

“Remove your dress and get ready to go to the waiting room.”

I removed my dress. Benjamin watched me. I think he really enjoyed this. Undressing in front of this creep did not make me happy. I was under orders to undress, but not from him. I’m not sure where those orders came from because I didn’t remember receiving them. However, I knew my orders and they were from Master.

“Give me a blow job.”

“Certainly,” I said, sounding obedient, but not meaning it whatsoever.

I walked over to where Benjamin was sitting, and unbuckled his pants. He let me pull his pants and boxers down. I looked at his cock. It was pathetic looking.

I moved my head down, and then, without any warning, I took my right hand and cupped his balls. Tightly.


“Keep your voice down, or I will burst them like balloons!”

“How ... What ... How are you doing this?”

“It’s easy. Find the smallest thing on your body. That would be your dick. Then squeeze.”

“You’re collared! You can’t do this!”

“Yes. However, collared or not, I’m not your company’s personal fuck toy.”

“Stop, please! You’re hurting me!”

“I’ve been raped by multiple members of your staff, and you are complaining about a tiny bit of pain? Maybe I should just rip these off!”

That was a bluff. However, Benjy didn’t know it.

“Please! I’m sorry...”

“Sorry doesn’t excuse rape. Now, you’re going to slowly remove your jacket, shirt, and anything else you’re wearing.”

“What are you going to do?”

I gave his balls a tighter grip.

“OK! OK! I’ll do it.”

I tied Benjamin up with some twine I brought with me in my purse. Once I was sure he was secure, I asked him how to contact Marge.

“Extension 12.”

“I’m going to have you contact her. Tell her to come here, and do not, and I repeat, do not let her think there is anything wrong. Can you do that?” I gave his balls a new squeeze.

“Give me a moment...”

I waited.

He took a number of deep breaths, looking at my hand on his balls the entire time. “All right.”

I set the connection. The comm answered, “Marge.”

“I need you in here. Now.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be right there.”

I was waiting at the door. As soon as Marge entered, she found herself on the floor and pinned beneath my naked crotch on her neck. She tried to kick up behind me, but her actions were useless.

“Do you see Benjamin over there?” I asked, motioning toward where the manager was tied up.

“Yes,” Marge hissed. “I’m going to get you. Tu in novum...”

I slapped the bitch on the face. “You say one more word, and you’ll regret it...”


“Marge, it doesn’t work!”

I slapped the bitch’s face again and again. Then I moved my weight onto her stomach and used her breasts as punching bags as I felt the fight leave her. Since I already gave her a chance to stop and she didn’t, I didn’t have any compulsion to stop until at least half a minute passed. Her breasts were severely bruising.

“Do you like to lick pussy?” I asked, mimicking Marge’s first time with me.


“Do it or suffocate.” I turned around and moved my crotch onto her face, just as I did for the Floozy weeks ago.

It took over a minute, but I finally got my satisfaction.

I reached up at my purse, and found my scissors. As Marge was eating me out, I started to snip off her buttons, one by one. By the time I got to the last one, she was still eating me. I let her catch her breath for a moment before I pressed myself back on her face. She continued to lick.

“Good girl,” I said. With her blouse open, I snipped at her bra. That, she noticed. She started to scream into my crotch, and I just forced myself further on her, blocking her nose. “Lick, bitch!”

Once again, the fight left her.

The next target of my scissors was her skirt and then her panties.

I then moved back onto her neck, and then grabbed her ponytail. I got up and dragged her with me by her hair.

“STOP!” Marge insisted.

“Shut up or these scissors will end up in your cunt!”

Marge quieted.

Her clothes were mostly rags by now. I pulled everything off, and then dragged her by her hair to the end of the room. I quickly hog-tied her.

Two naked managers. Three to go.

I decided the next one would be the younger boy. Benjamin called him in, and I put him in a choke hold before his eyes could register the surprising scene of Benjamin and Marge naked and tied.

I held the scissors to the boy’s chest. “Strip, or get stabbed.”

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