Chapter 13

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Sam picked himself off the ground staring at Mellos. Rubbing the side of his face he thought, ‘Damn I actually fell that.’

“What in the hell is your problem?” He asked.

“You are, you miserable piece of garbage.” Mellos spit out venom at him.

Sam could only shake his head in confusion.

Walking up to Sam, Mellos started, “I thought when I started to heal that I would finally be well. Then I found out that my reproductive system is working again. It’s your fault, you have to fix this!”

Sam was still confused as he looked at Mellos. Suddenly his eyes flew wide. “Look I hardly know you I don’t think that having sex will fix...”

“You arrogant piece waste of space! As if I’d ever let you near my body let alone have sex!” Mellos shouted as she again swung full force at Sam. This time Sam caught her fist, then she swung the other which he also caught. Undaunted Mellos jumped up driving both her feet into Sam’s mid-section. With a loud umph, Sam was again propelled back into the forest through several trees.

Gasping a moment Sam growled as he took to the air heading back to where Mellos and the native people were standing.

“Come on!” Mellos commanded bowing up toward him, “fight me. Let’s see if you’re really strong enough to defeat me!”

Sam flew full out almost connecting with her chin when he stopped. Hmmm she wanted him to fight her. Mellos was knocked back a few feet. Damn it she thought if he doesn’t hit me I’m in trouble. Finally taking matters into her own hands she kicked Sam’s leg near the junction of his legs.

Sam saw the kick coming just narrowly being missed being hit in his crotch. Damn it I have to subdue her. Moving rapidly. he was behind her his arms locked around her chest. ‘My god,’ he thought, ‘she’s bigger than I thought she was.’

Mellos wasn’t expecting the move that Sam did especially when he linked his hands under her breasts. What in the world was going on? She’d been experiencing a tingling all over as soon as her and Sam started to fight. Well she thought, she’d been fighting she was a little impressed that Sam had held her off this long. This had to end she could already start to feel the effects of her illness.

Gathering what little strength she had left, threw her head back into Sam’s face catching him by surprise. As soon as he let her go she reached back connecting with his chin as hard as she could.

Now enraged Sam quickly as if on instinct brought an upper cut to Mellos’s face ending the fight. Even as she was falling back she sighed finally, then was out cold.

Sam took a deep breath to calm, crap she always seemed to bring out the worst in him. He was about to reach over to pick her up when a red beam snatched her away. Shaking his head again he turned back to the natives.

Onboard Mellos’s ship the blonde male that assisted her watched as she got several hits in. Then he was greatly angered when he saw that the Sam male had his arms near her upper chest. How dare that low life touch his goddess Mellos. Struggling more he saw that Mellos finally got him to hit back. Even as she was falling he was locking in on her location. Activating it as soon as he saw the male move toward her.

Mellos’s head felt like a comet had collided with it. Awakening almost twenty minutes later her body was aching all over also. God, she thought when he put those strong arms around me. He had almost touched her up top it was electrifying! I have to ... Mellos’s mouth dropped open. What in the universe was wrong with her? She’d never been attracted to anyone or thing but pain. Well that and taking everything, she could from the IP.

Lying there a few more minutes she felt her strength slowly returning. Good she thought no need to go into the chamber, at least not yet. She detected movement next to her, trying to turn her head became a major undertaking.

“Slave!” She croaked out in a loud whisper. “What are the readings?”

The male grabbed a holo/data cube bringing it to her. Activating it he showed her the new areas that were healing, several that were before that were completely healed. Then he gave her the real bad news, “it appears now that your reproductive system is now at seventy five percent. Plus had we not the equipment we do, I doubt I could have scanned much.”

Mellos nodded her head as she lay back down. Damn if that didn’t help. That’s when she felt an urge, one that she didn’t get often. One that always took her by surprise. “Get me to the waste room!” She told the male in a near panic. Damn this was bad, with her waste center not working much she hardly ever had to go. Looking at the holo/data cube again as the male helped her up she saw it was at fifty percent now. Great just great another thing she could do without.

Taking her into the room the male stood there as she sat. When she looked up at him giving him an icy stare he quickly left. Sitting there she expected an immediate rush of liquid. after ten minutes she was about to get up when there was a sudden steady stream pouring into the waste collector. The thing was it lasted for a few minutes.

Shaking her head after she cleaned up she stood stretching. Damn I’m tired she thought I ought to lay down a bit thinking of her slumber chamber. To her astonishment she was looking at the waste chamber wall then she was half way to her sleep chamber.

The male gasped when he Saw Mellos suddenly appear much like the Sam male had. Shaking his head, he thought looks like things are about to change around here. Mellos blinked when she looked around, how did she, when. Then as she took a step toward her sleep chamber a slow evil smile lit up her features.

Sam turned back to the native people of the planet. Bowing to them he told them that the planet was now theirs. Many looked at him as if he’d lost his mind. Fortunately, Queen Triada had already started speaking to the few leaders that were still alive.

Sitting down on a nearby stump he rubbed his chin again. Was it his imagination or was Mellos a bit stronger than before? Her hits weren’t all that strong, far from giving him pain though they were enough to knock him off his feet.

Still ignoring the natives in thought talk with Queen Triada he went back over the fight. She also made it sound like she had serious problems with her body and health. Somehow fighting him had triggered it? Ok now that was a little farfetched.

A moment later he felt a presence or rather quite a few of them. “We wish to convey our thanks, we have been under the thumb of the first councilor for a very long time. With the help of the other two triads we will rebuild.”

Sam was nodding to everything the almost stick people told him. He was about to speak when Queen Triada cut him off. {I’m sorry you have to go Sam. They will need the power of the other two triad corners if they are to stay free. Might I suggest you take a flight near their sun? It’s not as strong as the last though it will help to energize you more.}

Several of the people nodded to Sam then waved as he took to the sky. Looking around Sam wanted to make sure the IP hadn’t left anything he might have to destroy later or regret not getting now. Smashing a few satellites, he was satisfied as he entered the worm hole.

Where am I going now he thought feeling the directions that Triada had left him.

On the IP home world, the lord Doctor had the replacement body ready for the first councilor. The young man looked confused yelling at the Doctor. “I thought I was his replacement! What are you doing!”

The Doctor leaned close telling the young male, you are his replacement or rather your body is. You see you are about to die as painfully as possible. So please scream as loudly as you can. It will make your mind’s death that much more delicious!”

“You lied to me, you have made a breach of contract. I cry foul you have broken the law!” The young male screamed.

The Doctor turned back with a hideous smile, “Yes I guess we did, then again? Nobody cares!” The Doctor moved away as the machines started to hum louder, and then the young male started screaming like he was being skinned alive. All seven there started to laugh with sadistic glee as time wore on. Finally, almost an hour later the young male screamed one last time then was silent.

Nodding the Doctor moved in to examine the male. Finally, a few minutes later he nodded to the other six. Placing the case back in its receptacle in the wall the doctor went to the male to wait.

Within a few more minutes the now older looking male moaned out softly. “Ah! Good to see you are back.” The Doctor pulled a strange looking device out turning in on, passing it over the male. “A very good transfer, with a point zero, zero, zero, zero, one percent memory loss. So, tell me was it the Cliverstone?”

The male cleared his throat, “Yes lord Doctor. He is far stronger than I am. It felt as if I was going against you he crushed me like I was nothing. The female we draw the serum from was the last to do this.” Here the councilor shook his head. “I believe she pales beside his strength now.”

The Doctor’s eyes were wide a second as he nodded. It was as strong as he’d thought, finally after so long he would have a true challenge. Turning to look at all of them, that is if they didn’t team up to try and take him down.

Sighing the Doctor moved to the door. “I suggest you make a decision before too long. As he is right now it will take all of you to defeat him. I will await you answer.” He said as he stepped out the door.

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