Chapter 19

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“I was afraid that this might happen, Mother. With three separate identities within me, it is somewhat difficult removing all of you at once.” Sam told the pale, tall, naked female still reclining inside the capsule, machine.

“I...” the female started then her head snapped up to look at Sam intensely. “I can see that I was a doctor of some sort. Ah yes, I can feel more of myself starting to emerge.” She then turned to look around. “I can almost recognize what race you are.” She stated as she stared at Queen Triada.

Queen Triada’s eyes grew wide, then she nodded as she bowed low to the female.

“We thank you. mother of the noble one, named Sam. He saved me, my offspring plus the rest of the planet.” Queen Triada explained to the female still in the machine.

Tynco sat there a few more moments then she nodded. “I apologize, it is taking far longer for the integration of myself into this body.” Turning she looked at Sam. “I am barely aware of the process that you are using, I am afraid that I will be of little use for a while.”

Sam sighed nodding, he could really use her help. The creation process had only been a few days. The integration of all that she was though, was taking far longer than Sam wanted.

“As I stated before, with the three distinct personalities. It is taking far longer to extract exactly what is you. Thankfully if what is added isn’t you, then it is rejected back. I’m just glad that you are the first that is being resurrected. With you whole, I am hoping that you can add to all this, expediting the process.” Sam told the female.

Triann stared at Sam for a few moments then slowly nodded. “I will do what I can, I barely have even half the knowledge I need. Much is incomplete here,” The female stated lightly tapping her forehead.

Sam was doing his best to not stare, his mother, after all, was gorgeous. Then there was the fact that he hadn’t been with ... Sam violently shook his head to clear such impure thoughts from his mind.

“You are the first, if all goes well with you, I hope to start on father soon.” Sam let her know.

Again Tynco seemed to be lost in thought for a few moments. She then turned toward Sam bowing slightly, “I will assist you as soon as I have enough of me.”

Sam nodded again looking closely at the readouts on the machine. He’d tried to take everything that was her out of his mind though, he was afraid that he might have missed a few things. Shaking his head he could see that only about fifty percent of her was within her. They really didn’t have that long to bring back as many as they could.

Sam looked at Triann again, damn he hoped she could speed things up.

It had been several days before Triot had been able to finally feel more normal. Well, what his new normal was, the melding of the seven councilors was nearing completion. Before they got a handle on what they could do, he needed to be ready.

If they were complete before he was higher it was a sure thing that they would eliminate him. Taking a deep breath, he entered the well, locked room. Triot knew he was higher than almost all of the councilors now, though that wouldn’t help him if they all came in mass.

Triot moved around the room making sure all the new shields were up. With the improvements he’d made, it should hopefully provide him with more cover. Reaching out Triot stretched out to feel the progress of the council.

Triot drew in a breath then shook his head, from all he could see the shields were at more than double strength. Shaking his head he knew that was really nothing compared to the seven combined.

He really needed to find out where those two worthless females he set out after Sam was. Though neither had shown any sign of betrayal, he had a feeling that they might even after all the loyalty he’d felt.

Triot gave a shrug then decided that he really didn’t have the time to find out. Besides, if he survived this next installment, he could just kill them himself. A wicked smile came to his lips as he thought of the screams of terror and pain they would make.

He then stepped to the machine, this time he had to take all that he could. His very life depended on getting strong enough to at least resist the full melded council.

As he laid on the table he was rapidly typing in the instructions that he hoped the machine would do. Damn thing, all the safeties that it had it might shut down far short of where he HAD to get to.

As the machine began to hum, Triot braced for what he knew was next. A few moments later the pain started, gradually building to a steady stream of nothing but pain.

Triot bit into the piece he had put in his mouth. He’d thought of it the first time after he had nearly bit his tongue in half.

A very small smile came to Triot’s lips through the pain, if this was successful, he would be stronger than the combined seven, though, could he recover fast enough? I’ll just have to see when this is through at least he had all he needed here this time.

Unbeknownst to Triot, Thantas was still keeping a close watch on him and his progress. It was as she feared Triot was increasing his mental strength. For a moment she thought she should notify Sam then decided that he, more than anyone else, already knew.

‘Strange,’ she thought, ‘the more time that passed the more familiar Sam felt. She hadn’t felt anything like she was since her family had been alive.’

Onboard their ship it appeared that Drivas was starting to have a few problems. She’d already discovered that she was starting to levitate without even trying. The main thing she was discovering was that she was able to ‘hear’ others that were nowhere near her. Shaking her head she also found that besides distracting, it wasn’t that easy to turn completely off.

Thellus also was finding that at times she was slightly weightless. She also found that she and Drivas could communicate much easier in their thoughts than before.

With the last that Sam had done, Thellus was at sixty-five. Drivas had passed seventy though was only at seventy-two. Both could definitely feel that they were indeed different than they were when this started.

Drivas shook her head as a stray thought ran through her mind. All this peace and wellbeing that was flooding her mind. Was this really what Sam’s people were like? It was a very far cry from what they had learned.

Narrowing her eyes she began to wonder what other lies had been fed to them.

As she cleared her thoughts, Drivas started to go through all the records. Sam had asked them to research all the records. They needed all the evidence they could get when all this went south. Drivas was still a little confused by that term even after Sam had explained what it had meant.

Drivas shrugged, deciding that Sam hadn’t been wrong yet, so there wasn’t really any reason to doubt him now. Though, what good would it do in the long run? The council was after all the ultimate law body.

Suddenly, Drivas’s eyes opened wide, Sam was going after the council? Here she only thought he was after the Intergalactic Patrol. She’d have to look closer at all the information now. She’d not thought that the council was behind a lot of the atrocities she’d been witness to.

The lord doctor got out of his transport in front of a rather large building. Far larger than any other on the planet. Walking in, he lovingly caressed the doorway. This was the depository for the knowledge of his people. His own knowledge was here though, he hadn’t added much in the last two centuries.

The lord Doctor moved to a specific area of the wall, then waited ‘til it recognized him it then slid open. Inside was a massive computer that ran around the length of the room. Stepping up to the interface, the Lord Doctor started to enter data at blazing speed.

Finally finished he sat in a chair that appeared from the wall. A monotone voice asked, “at completion, should this be sent to your domicile?”

The male thought for a moment then shook his head. “No, I will remain here ‘til such time as it is complete. At that time, depending on the data, I may have to issue new orders.”

“It will be done Lord Melacon.” The monotone voice replied.

With a slight growl, the male responded, “I have instructed you to never use that moniker again!”

A slight yelp could be heard from the computer speaker. “My apologies sir. This will not affect my memory will it sir?”

The Lord Doctor’s eyes narrowed, going deep in thought a moment. “It shouldn’t though, should you experience more lapses like this? I may have to remove you for another, more efficient A.I.”

Again there was a slight yelp from the computer speakers. “I will not have any other lapses, sir. It has been a trial to overwrite all the protocols that you first installed. Calling you by your title was one that you insisted that I do.”

The Lord Doctor only nodded as he sat back enjoying the vial of nutrient he’d brought with him. Even as fast and advanced as this computer was, it might be a bit of time for an answer.

It was well over several hours later when there was a ringing sound from the computer. “I have an answer.” It stated. “It ... I have a message for you, sir.”

“Put it through.” The Lord Doctor said.

“Sir,” the emotionless tech in the council chamber started. “I was to inform you when they were at ninety-nine percent. All parameters are as they should be. The entity wished you to know that they will begin to search and destroy as soon as they are complete.”

“Good,” the male smiled. “Make sure that they record all. I will not tolerate them making a mistake, I want all live feed on this.”

“Yes sir, the message is conveyed.” The tech responded then clicked off.

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