Vincent Berg: Series

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Great Death

3 Stories
An unusual twist on the typical Post-Apocalyptic story, which starts with a detailed study of what happens as everyone begins dying. It continues, with book 2, explaining how things develop differently depending upon what everyone experienced. I think you'll enjoy this fresh approach to an old genre standard, though it's not for everyone.

Not-Quite Human

2 Stories
A group of people who don't belong are drawn to each other as they develop strange new abilities. Unsure who's responsible, they search for a new home, wherever that leads.

The Catalyst

6 Stories
The chronicles of a young man, as he discovers he's a catalyst for other people, giving them strange abilities, and drawing strangers to him like moths to a flame. He's not ready for what happens to him, but slowly adapts, with help from his family and friends. What he does with his many followers, though, is an open question.
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