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Hello! I'm ahorsewithnoname, and have been hired by Pars to be his editor and publishing agent. Pars has put over 15 books up on Bookapy where they can be purchased as eBooks. Toman of the Cherokee has been completely edited for grammar, etc., at Bookapy, and we'll be hopefully working on other works of his. For those who have already gone there and make a purchase, Pars said that he's be appreciative of the support and patronage.

Thank you, from the both of us!

Lost Empire

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I am working on the next chapter over half-done sorry am writing 6 stories at the same time. Hope to have chap 87 out soon there will be a few surprises.
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New story

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I sat yesterday and wrote an actual new story. It has been so long that I finally got inspired

A word

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Just a word to let you know, I've had a death in the family. Haven't felt much like writing, I hope I can again soon. I try to a little each day though it is difficult.


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My apologies in my haste to post Leben I inadvertently post Chapter 4 of Cat Fight in stead. I corrected this today and it should be out soon.

My thanks to Michel for catching this as it went past me without a second thought. Again my apologies please enjoy the real chapter 4!