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Another Twinfinity story

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'A Prim and a Prophet' ends April 1. No April Fool. 'The Arena' will start April 3. This is the last Twinfinity book available right now. I am working on another which has the Twinfinity characters, but whether it will be in the same series is still being decided upon. I have no projected release date. This version of 'The Arena' has an added section, a Description of Twinfinity Terms and characters and the books in which they are featured.

A Prim and a Prophet starts

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I will be starting to post 'A Prim and a Prophet' starting Feb 28th. It will continue on an every 2 day posting schedule through March.

This book has characters from all the previous books as Whitney & Tommy gather friends to help her get the remainder of Kat's essence back from Isolem Treff, but not without a few troubles along the way.

New prequel starting tomorrow

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There are 3 prequels before the 2nd full volume of 'Twinfinity: A Prim and a Prophet'; The Arena, The Onyx Ravens, and Quest for the Prim Pockets. I should be posting 'The Arena' next, but because of contractual obligations, I can't. I will be able to post it after 'A Prim and a Prophet'. "The Onyx Ravens' will start tomorrow and run through the 10th. On the 12th 'Quest for the Prim Pockets' will start and run through almost the end of the month. I will be continuing the every other day posting.

Starting to post

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I am starting to post Twinfinity: Nethermore today. I will post 1 or 2 new chapters every 2 days. It will be followed by the prequels and Volume 2. You are welcome to comment, vote, and email if you have any questions.