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Sunrunner And Other News

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Hello all,

I wanted to let you know that Sunrunner will be returning soon. Over the last several months I have been working with my publisher to release Darkest Path, my first novel. That work has eaten up much of the time I would otherwise use for Sunrunner. The remainder of that slice of time was consumed by a short horror story that I have nearly finished and will be posting here.

While I have enjoyed writing and editing non-sci-fi stories, I am very much looking forward to getting back into space. An interlude with Buddy and one of the ship's AI may come before the story proper. The plan is to use interludes to flesh out the rest of the universe and history it holds.

Hope you're all still up for the ride and if you get a chance, please check out Darkest Path!


Sunrunner Chapter Ten - High Life

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Chapter 10 is out! This one came on the heels of a final editing push for my horror novel, Darkest Path. It is now in the loving hands of the editor, getting prepped for release. This means there is more time for my head to be in the stars.

Adam and Zenith are our vessels for experiencing chapter 10 and they find themselves looking inward. These two have the most family drama out of all of the crew and we will explore that in depth—possibly with a backdrop of lasers and explosions. That said, BOB, Sturdy, and the mysterious Ebby get some time to shine while ZT and Adam brood.

Hope you enjoy!

Sunrunner - Chapter Nine, Peril at the Perihelion

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Hey all,

This one came out a little sooner than expected. I've been trudging through the editing process for a horror novel I have coming out in November and assumed it would stall Sunrunner somewhat. That hasn't been the case for the last few weeks, as spare time keeps randomly popping up.

I find action easy to write in most cases. What a character does physically is more simple to extrapolate than their internal motivations or their interactions with other characters. We'll be seeing more action soon, so I hope the chapters keep rolling out!

Edit: Special thanks to a reader for pointing out a typo in chapter nine. Odybrix'dialogue has peppered my auto-correct with expletives.


Chapter Eight - Rendezvous

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Hey all,

This one took a little longer than usual due to a job interview, party planning, and sick children, but I'm pleased with it.

Downtime for characters is my favourite space to develop them. You get to see different aspects of characters in their normal day-to-day interactions that aren't coloured by intense conflict. BOB, ZT, and Buddy get a little time to shine in this respect.

Not to worry though, lasers and explosions will resume shortly.

Hope you enjoy chapter eight!

En Route To Levisia

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Chapter seven has been released from its cage and is already prowling the internet. I had a lot of fun with this chapter. Often, there are points in a chapter when I need to stop writing and do something else: work, walk, chores, whatever. The mental block requires time to clear. Then there are chapters like this that gush onto the pages.

Sunrunner covers several genres, so it's important to hit the notes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror frequently. That said, the story is ultimately driven by the characters. They need to experience the world on behalf of the reader. So when they have been through hell, I need to demonstrate that trauma. Preferably in a way that hits one or more of the aforementioned genre notes. Chapter seven is an attempt to hammer on the horror.

I hope you enjoy the multiple perspectives in this story. They were all fun to write. We finally get a Jim section too! All that leaves is Sturdy. We'll get to him soon.

P.S. Do any site aficionados know how to keep a scene break past the "Click to load text" button? The scene break line between Jim and Odybrix doesn't show up.