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I'll be putting up Chapter 5 of 'Lost in the Past' later today. I'll be upping the age limit for this. While there's nothing that happens that requires it, there's a lot of thoughts going on in the head of the 'narrator' that aren't very nice, including some thoughts of committing different acts of violence.

If derogatory terms and someone thinking of doing violent acts would be triggers for you, put it in the perspective that there are are people in the world who think this way, and it's just a character in a story.

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As promised this morning, Chapters 2 and 3 of 'Lost in the Past' are now up. Enjoy.

Faster than I thought

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This story is actually flowing out of me. Chapters 2 and 3 are pretty much done with Chapter 4 also well along.

I'll be doing final checks on 2 & 3 - spelling, grammar, etc - then putting them up perhaps later today. Since the events in those two run concurrently, putting them up at the same time makes sense to me.

Again, thanks to all the readers, commenters and the ones putting this in their library. Those are the things that give me a warm glow. Comments/critiques always appreciated.