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Thanks Colin8 I have corrected by bodyguard to read my bodyguard. Thank hear that someone is reading my story.


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I just posted Chapter 63 and I hope you will enjoy it! This chapter is full of excitement and suspense, and I am sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat while reading it.

Tim Bodge and his Adventures

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The first 70 chapters of Tim Bodge's Adventures can be purchased for $1. A minimum of one new chapter will then be made available for $1 per month.
Tim Bodge and his all-female flight crew explore uncharted planets while traveling the universe, experiencing exhilarating adventures. Tim and his crew travel through the vastness of space, continually pushing the limits of their knowledge and abilities as they face off against intergalactic bad guys and unravel ancient mysteries. The thrilling adventures of Tim Bodge and his fearless team are sure to enthrall readers with each new chapter.
You can follow his exploits at https://www.patreon.com/user?u=24811645.

chapter four

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Chapter 4 continues Tim Bodge and his XXX Adventures:

Sarha sends two women to Tabatha's ship to pick up the felines' clothes, but they return with no clothes. Tabitha wakes up with only her spacesuit and underwear, and Tammy suggests they wear panties and bra or go naked.

Tim Bodge and his XXX Adventures

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I just posted chapter 3 of Tim Bodge and his XXX Adventures.

Summarized on the first page:

Tim woke up to Irene wetting his cock, and the other two sat beside him. They wished him luck in finding a way to deal with the situation. Tim and Irene kissed and hugged, and Sarha asked him to come to the bridge. He sat in the captain's seat, watching a fight on the other side of the system. The attacker used pulsed laser beams to disable the smaller ship's engines and destroy the protective escorts. The pilots of the small ship did their best to avoid their fire, but the attacker stepped up its fire on the small ship to stop it before it could reach the larger vessel.

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