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15 Aug: In early February (2021) I went to the local emergency room feeling pretty rough and with a sore throat. I was told I had Covid and Strep. I got a couple of shots and was sent home. I woke up in the hospital, 5 weeks later, and my mind was 'fried'. I didn't know where I was, what was the year, the location or who was president. In addition, it seems that the Covid attacked my legs instead of my lungs. I am now wheel chair bound in a nursing home in Birmingham, AL. MY Aid was appointed my guardian and now all my money, my car, and my apartment are gone and I only get $30 a month from my Social Security, with the rest going to the nursing home.

Now, from this, I have lost more than 40 pounds and 8 inches in my waist. I'm happy about that, but not about having to replace most of my clothes.

The second part of the renewal is that my mind is now clearer and sharper than it has been in close to eight years, and I have fresh ideas running in through my mind. With this, I am planning to start writing again, with the long awaited sequel to Hawk and the Chipmunk (Apache Nation) being my first effort.

Please pray for me and send words of encouragement often.

update 17 Aug: As I began on Apache Nation, I was very surprised to learn that Hawk and the Chipmunk has had more than 650,000 downloads and Winds of change more than 200,000. I also learned that I had (in my burned out state) asked (or caused) for no comments. With my renewal, I would like to request for comments and suggestions for improvement, especially in fleshing out the ending. I concentrated on the surprise ending that I feel that I rushed it. It has now become one of my favorite stories and I think it can be improved. I don't plan on it taking precedent over AP (Apache Nation), but having it to work on at times could be positive for both stories.

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