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More "Zombie Leza" Observations

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Note: Cleaned up the screwed up Note.

It's interesting, but "Zombie Leza" is now both my highest (on FineStories) and my lowest-rated story (on SOL). That reinforces my 'age differences on the different sites' supposition, though I have no basis for the claim.

However, as I suspected, the scores have risen significantly. Hopefully this will reassure skeptical readers when the story finishes--as it's NOT a traditional zombie tale.

On another positive note, someone pointed out an typo in chapter 11 (it was a homophone: "grizzly" instead of "grisly", so it was easy to miss), but noted it was the only error he noted in the story so far. That's always reassuring, while also pointing out that readers are still looking out for me--pointing out the easy-to-correct mistakes.