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Zombie Leza post-post Analysis

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Now that I've completed the story (at least on FS and Sci-Fi), I've gotta ask. While I've been bitching about how unpopular the story is (few readers), despite people enjoying it once reading, I'm curious what specifically is preventing people from reading the story (since it's likely to impact my next books, as well).

Is it the zombie genre, the story description, doubts about the topic? I've had complaints of "not another zombie tale" as well as "Oh, no, this isn't a typical zombie story", so I'm still unsure what's throwing readers off.

I never expected this to be a popular book, as zombie stories are notoriously poor sellers, but I'm stumped by readers' refusal to even consider it, despite knowing how I approach stories and typically turn them on their heads, taking them in unusual directions.

What kept you from picking up the story, and what might have convinced you to give the story a chance, if you were just seeing it for the first time now?

(Sorry to sound whiney, but the reception to this story is bugging me.)