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Editor & Proofreader Appreciation Day

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Several editors, lead by Thornfoote, TeNderLoin and Omachuck (all of whom edit for me, and several other authors—though not all participated in my original Catalyst series) are organizing an Editor and Proofreaders Appreciation Day (shouldn't that be "Editors and Proofreaders'"?) to recognize the contributions of, you guessed it, editors and proofreaders.

I fully support the idea, and we're hoping to spearhead an organized contest at SOL and its associated sites (this one included) to highlight their contribution (we're still working out the details behind the scene).

As I've long maintained, despite their excellent work, any remaining errors in my text are entirely mine, as I placed the errors there and either hid them so cleverly they weren't detected, or refused to correct them because of 'Style differences' (serial commas and the like). They did the best they could with a lunk-head like me, so I'm not about to criticize them for my taking an unpopular (with some readers) Style decisions.

Correction: I forgot to credit the original proponent of the idea, Jay Cantrell. Thanks to him for initiating this action and all of his hard work over the years, too!