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Clara is getting an update.

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I had planned the next update to be a hefty meaty chunk, and all was going well, until I suffered a bout of brain freeze halfway through, but I just skipped the troublesome section and carried on, creating a nice 24K word update (which is three times the length of the first chapter.)

Except for the middle bit...

Anyway, it's probably going to take me a month or so to fill in the hole, and then a few weeks to make the corrections as advised by the tortured editor in the dark and damp basement. Which leads to the next problem, Baldurs Gate 3. And the fact that I am probably going to play it solid for a month- So no writing.

Which leads to the next problem a few weeks later. Starfield. I'm quite possibly in a most definitely fashion, going to be playing that as well. Which looks like Xmas at least before writing again.

So I have taken the executive decision to send the first half off to the editor to maul, on the basis that part story is better than no story, and the rest will follow when I get sick of BG3 and Starfield.