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A Couple of Screw-Ups

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A couple of posting errors in Lost With Nothing to Lose. First, chapter 5, "Exploring an Alien World", was missing the image for Section II, "Arrival at Tandor". Secondly, chapter 6, "Testing Their Limits" never posted, never making it past the posting stage (I posted it, but it's been sitting waiting for action for a couple days now).

They likely won't appear until tomorrow (Saturday, August 4th). Sorry for the delay in your reading.

Also, so far the scores for Lost With Nothing to Lose have been lower than those for The Cuckoo's Progeny, I'm assuming because the premise is SO dark.

As you've probably noticed by now, the first four chapters were about defining the basic story conflict: that the human crew isn't welcome, is untrusted, and everyone would rather do away with them than take a chance on them. So now both sides are gambling on their fates. The Tandorians are praying the humans can succeed where everyone else—including the Inquistors—have failed, while the humans are gambling they can pull off a miracle, despite knowing that all their claims are patently false. But ... things will mostly improve from here.