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The "Phantom" has landed ... well, is posted.

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Took a while to wrestle it to the ground, but Phantom of the Louvre has been posted. All the other tales in the collection flow (some directly, some not so much) from this story. This is longish for a short, but the right length for this story. Be interested to hear what anyone else thinks.

The first iteration - May 2013 - vexed me to no end. Over coffee the Mrs. asked 'what bug was up my nostril' (not exactly, but you get the idea). I told her I was floundering in the search to bridge 'searching the building' and 'finding the interlopers'. Without a pause, she brightly suggested I add an orange cat, cause they fix everything. Worked like a hot damn. Had fun finishing it - and hey, there are airships and orange cats…

Cheers, hhj