Lazlo Zalezac: Profile

I find it particularly hard to describe myself. Those who know me the best, know little about the whole me. It is not that I am not open, just that I am complex. There are so many facets to my personality, that it is hard to know where to begin. One facet that I have chosen to make public is that which is rooted in my Druid beliefs.

Druids are teachers, philosophers, and servants of good. As a teacher, I utilize stories as a means of conveying a basic message to a large audience: If it harms none, then do it and Protect the weak from the strong. Both are prescriptive rules, telling us what we can do rather than restrictive rules that tell us what not to do.

There is sex in these stories, but the sex takes a back seat to the message that I wish to convey. Sexual acts that I have never experienced, particularly the acts between men, are included in the story to make people consider who is harmed by such acts between individuals that love each other.