FoxyAlien: Profile

I've been reading science fiction stories since I was a boy, and they have always fascinated me. I began writing stories a long time ago (last century lol), sent out a few of them, but nothing came of it. I wanted to use Thekherham (Tee kee' rahm) as my pen name but for some strange reason I can', even though that is me. I... am... Thekherham. I see myself as a fox-like, auburn-furred, bushy-tailed alien, which is why most of my stories tend to be about these aliens set on two different planets. Yes, I know in this time, and on this planet, I am human. I witnessed the moon landing when I was young, I listened to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I saw the destruction of the World Trade Center, so you can pretty well guess I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I live in the province of Ontario in Canada.