Star Guardian
Chapter 7: The Baglogi

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Sometime later, I awoke. I had no idea how long I had been out. Koluna was still asleep, with her head against my shoulder. Over the time we spent in the escape pod, I had grown quite comfortable with her close proximity. She was the first female of any race I’d ever been physically close to. If I didn’t need to visit the washroom so much, I would have remained there, enjoying the contact a while longer. I gently eased her off me, so I could get up and use the washroom. She was still sleeping when I returned.

I was tempted to return to my sleep, and the very comfortable close proximity with Koluna, but I was getting hungry. It had been a long time on rations in that escape pod, and the small galley promised the chance of some decent food. Of course the one thing you have to do is be careful that any food you consume is not toxic to you. I waved my arm (with my embedded ID chip) over the display on the food dispenser, and it came to life. It asked me to select a language, and in the choices offered, there included both Tian and Ori. There was even a language that looked a bit like the one from Earth that my mother had tried (and failed) to teach me.

I selected Tian. I was tempted to pick Ori, and turn my back on that chapter of my life. But it was familiar, and I was hungry. I was then offered some familiar and more palatable Tian foods from back home. I picked something I often ate in the mornings, together with a beverage. Soon I was seated at a table, with a reasonable likeness of the food and drink I chose. For a brief while I was lost in reminiscing of my time back on Tian Prime. Mother did not really cook much for me beyond my early years, and so I grew up with Tian cuisine.

I was awake enough now that I noticed the size of the furniture was compatible. It suggested whoever was on this vessel was about our size. In the back of my head I was already trying to work out from my surroundings what we knew about our new hosts. Similar sized race, compatible food and atmosphere, they knew Tian and Ori languages. The food dispenser was compatible with my embedded ID chip. It had to be a space-faring race that had contact with Tian and the Ori Confederation. Our situation was getting better the more I thought about it.

It was then Koluna finally woke up, and she followed the same path as I had upon waking. She ended up with some Ori food and drink that was to her liking and pulled up a chair beside me. We sat together at the table eating quietly, proximity restored, and wondering with some concern of what was going to happen next. I shared with Koluna my thoughts about our new hosts.

After fully enjoying a significant amount of breakfast together, it was still just the two of us sitting at the table. There were no windows, although this deep in space there might not be too much to see outside. I was starting to get frustrated. Koluna was too. Finally, Koluna said out loud “Hello, can anyone hear us?”

A moment or so later, the same voice from before said in Ori “The captain has been notified that you are ready, and will be with you shortly.”

Well, at least they were listening, perhaps they had been watching too. Koluna and I sat in what we hoped was a non-threatening pose at the table, and waited. It was not long after, that a door opened and in walked what appeared to be a human female. She looks a bit young for a captain. She wore some kind of coverall uniform, with no distinguishable rank insignia. She greeted us both in Ori, and took a seat facing us.

“Welcome aboard, my name is Jem. I am captain of this Baglogi ship. We were in the area when we picked up your distress signal.” Said Jem.

“We are very glad you did find us. We thought we were going to die out there. My name is Koluna and this is Brian.” Said Koluna.

It was then that I noticed her eyes. There was something familiar about those eyes, and after a moment I remembered something about a dream, cycles ago, back during my childhood. I was so focused on her eyes, that I did not realize I was staring and I had not been listening. Koluna gave me a nudge, that brought me back to the present. It was then I realized that the owner of those eyes had also been distracted.

“I’m sorry, you seem familiar to me,” I said. “Have you been to Tian Prime before?”

“No, I haven’t. And you are from there? But you’re obviously not Tian though. Our scanners thought you were Baglogi at first.” Said Jem.

“Short version: I’m human. It is a species from a planet called Earth, although I have never been there. My mother was kidnapped and brought to Tian Prime. I was born there, and so Tian Prime is my planet of birth.” I said.

“Interesting. It appears that Human and Baglogi species are quite similar.” She appeared to be thinking about the matter for a moment. Then she resumed, “I am glad to meet you both. Come with me, and I’ll give you a tour of Ship.”

We followed Jem throughout the Baglogi vessel, talking as we went. We eventually arrived in the main bridge. It had the usual consoles with blinking lights, and a large tactical display. There was a seating area, where we sat down together.

“So how do you like Ship?” asked Jem.

“Impressive, the technology is ahead of Tian, and I think also ahead of anything Ori.” I said. There was something that kept me feeling drawn to her eyes.

“Why do you refer to it as Ship and not the ship?” Asked Koluna.

Jem looked upwards and said “Ship, I think it is time you introduce yourself.”

“Confirmed. I am pleased to meet you Koluna of the Ori Confederation, and Brian of Tian. I am Ship. I am a Baglogi Star Cruiser. I have been home to Jem and before her, her parents and their parents for generations.”

“Glad to make your acquaintance Ship.” I said. “So that’s your name? Or do you have another, so I would know best how to address you?”

“Just Ship will do.” Said Ship.

“So Jem, how long have you been alone aboard Ship?” asked Koluna.

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