Clinging to Hope as the World Falters
10: Shared Experiences

Copyright© 2016 by Vincent Berg

Despite David’s new awareness of everyone’s feelings about him, he managed to ignore it and graciously accept their teasing, even as he tried to reinforce that he was committed to Ellen. It seemed to work, though it was certainly no guarantee that someone else wouldn’t show up in his shower.

The rest of the week progressed just as the beginning had, each day they trooped out to help the local community rebuild, though each day it was less dramatic than the previous one. David saw this effort as a positive influence, not just because it got everyone out of the house, but also because it got them focusing on others. He saw it as a ‘teachable moment’ for the girls, and he was proud to demonstrate to them just how rewarding a little selfless help can be.

The girls, both Alice’s friends and the older women, seemed to soak it up, as well. They worked hard, applying themselves to each task, no matter how minor it might be, even Caitlyn and Erica. Erica took to carrying things for the others, bringing them whatever they needed, since she was still too small to do much work on her own. Caitlyn got over her preoccupation with her hands and hair when she noticed how many handsome young men were hard at work as well. She figured out that they took her much more seriously the harder she worked. Which was strange, because her focus was, like the rest of the women, on David; but knowing the other guys found her attractive reassured her that she was attractive to David as well. She knew he was unlikely to act on it, but it still reassured her when he’d smile and encourage her.

As always, David and Maggie were the hardest workers, having had the most experience, followed by Ellen, who simply put in the extra effort. Amy took to palling around with Alice more, as they both reveled in their tomboy roles. It seemed that Amy still had images of being a superheroine in her own life. Julie even got in on the act, explaining the construction techniques the men in her family employed whenever she noticed how they differed from how the locals did it.

Everyone felt good about what they were doing, and they were thankful they’d managed to escape so unscathed, despite the few injuries they’d suffered amongst them. Each night they’d return, feeling good about themselves. They’d usually spend the evenings talking about their days, and about what was likely to happen in the future. Music and games replaced the movies and television they’d always relied on in the past. In fact, Bobby broke out his guitar he’d stowed away when he came to the house, and he both entertained and helped train the others. David went out the next day and bought a second hand guitar for them to use.

Just as Ellen had assured David, Flora behaved herself. Sure, she’d continually tease him, but he’d gotten used to it and it no longer bugged him so much. He just didn’t like surprises, especially the kind of surprises that could destroy what they’d managed to build there. For once David no longer thought of himself as a loner, and he began to think of himself as part of an extended family. In fact, he told everyone that they were welcome to visit anytime they wanted once things got back to normal. Caitlyn asked him if the welcome covered whomever they might bring with them, to which he replied as long as they didn’t bring any more women with them. That produced a few smiles, as they all felt comfortable with the group they had at the moment.

The most upsetting thing is that they never heard from Betts. She’d suggested she’d try to return in a day or two, probably bringing more people with her, but she’d never shown up. Everyone said they understood how things could come up, and that she was probably helping her husband and the other families make repairs, but it didn’t help to alleviate everyone’s unease. No one minded her being busy, but they all held the same fear that she may have been set upon by someone seeking to take advantage of the lack of societal controls. They felt better when Ellen suggested the roads and bridges may have been closed when she attempted to return, though. That sounded better than what their imaginations suggested late at night. Sara, though, was driven to distraction about it.

As a result, she took to spending even more time with David and the others, and it became a common occurrence for David’s bed to become crowded at night. Sometimes they just came in to talk before going on to bed, but more often they took up Alice’s habit of waiting until he and Ellen finished making love, then asking if they could come in and never leaving, just curling up and sleeping in a crowded bunch.

David and Linda got together a few more times, and each time she seemed enthusiastic, but it didn’t have the same heat as their first encounters, since the stresses that threw them together had lifted. Still, she saw him in a new light and wondered again why she’d ever let him go

Bobby continued to give them the lowdown on what was happening around the country, though the information was still quite scarce. The most interesting news came from Ma every night. She reiterated that the hospital staff was annoyed that much of their time was taken up by malingerers who appeared to have nothing recognizably wrong with them, when there were so many injuries and people with serious conditions. The staff continued to assure them these ‘problems’ were simple stress illnesses, but they continued to turn up. Not only that, but the symptoms began to worsen as well, to the point that it was no longer as easy to dismiss. There never seemed to be any consistent thread, but people would come in with spontaneous bleeds of the nose, the skin or vomiting blood, but there was never any explanations. There were also cases of sores, blisters and fevers. But what got the hospital’s attention were the episodes of anaphylactic shock.

While anaphylactic shock is fairly rare, usually limited to someone with a particular allergy, cases increased dramatically in the days following the cessation of the meteor shower. People would be hurried in and the hospital personal would do what they could, but they only kept so many Epinephrine injections, or Epipens, in stock, and they’d quickly run short. Not only that, but the roads were so bad that many people died before they could even reach treatment.

The hospital staff was at a loss over the rise in the incidence of the rare condition, but then concluded it was caused by the variety of elements kicked up as roads and buildings were damaged. After all, construction materials are known to have a lot of damaging materials in them. If enough different elements were in the environment at one time, there’s no telling how they might interact.

However, it was the hospital’s reliance that changed those assumptions. When Ma called, she’d asked Bob if he could find any nearby reserves of Epipens. Asking around, he turned up a nationwide shortage and multiple reports of the same things happening across the country. That triggered doctors at several hospitals around the country to question just what was happening. But at the moment that was as far as it went. The supply of Epipens was limited, especially with the current state of the roads and infrastructure. What’s more, Ma’s hospital, being a small institution far from the major population centers, was way at the bottom of everyone’s list of priority centers. The end result was that deaths, while still rare, were beginning to increase and the hospitals weren’t appreciative of that fact.

They’d also noticed that the local efforts had continued to improve. Electricity was being connected in a variety of places, but it wasn’t widespread yet due to the various downed poles, broken lines and damaged transformers. Road crews were increasing as the local governments focused their efforts on repairing the roads and bridges. However, as soon as they started to improve, more and more people started using them, each wanting to escape the isolation of being locked away inside their houses for such a long time.

There was a concerted effort to deliver supplies, though deliveries of gas and oil were limited to large institutions. The fact that it was warm helped, as no one needed to fuel their heaters, and most of the homes didn’t have enough electricity to run air conditioners. What’s more, with so few people being able to drive and with most gas stations having no electricity, most of the available gasoline supplies were lying idle. As a result the gas companies were only sending out smaller trucks that could manage the bad roads better, and they concentrated on places like hospitals, nursing homes, jails and other high occupancy or emergency value locations.

This of course produced a certain level of frustration where people felt they were being ignored. That was hardly the case, since everyone was trying to address issues on a priority basis, but that didn’t keep people from feeling frustrated. David and the others had seen several near fights and a lot of angry words over the past week, though luckily they’d avoided any themselves. But there were reports of an overall increase in hostilities, even though the police were still too stretched to be able to address it.

There was also a concerted effort to clear the roads of the many stranded cars obstructing them. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as just sending in a tow truck. Many of the crashed or abandoned vehicles contained dead bodies, and the county still had a shortage of refrigerated spaces to hold them. As a result, each tow truck sent out had to have a couple of policemen to deal with the dead, mostly to record who they were and how they appeared to have died. They’d usually bring them back, planning to dump them into mass graves, but that severely limited how many vehicles they could clear in a day. As for the other vehicles, those without bodies, they were mostly just dragged out of the roadway and left to rot on the shoulders of the road, making for a thoroughly depressing landscape. David and the girls also had to contemplate just what had happened to Sara’s mother every time they observed those abandoned cars, each knowing there was a fair chance she was even now lying in one, dead and unidentified. Such thoughts kept everyone from relaxing too much.

One of the girls’ highpoints was when they dragged David into a game of Twister. They all had fun twisting into odd shapes, especially since everyone managed to spend a lot of time grasping him in unexpected places. Even the adults joined in, switching positions. Maggie and Linda weren’t about to be left out of the fun.

They also took to playing tag-football in the evening hours, mainly as a way to let off steam. Once again, the girls seemed to concentrate on tackling David. It seemed to be an unstated rule in their games of flag-football that everyone else got tagged, while everyone piled on top of David. And frequently, while he lay under a stack of women, there’d be the occasional grope or five. Once again David recognized it, but as long as no one was accosting him he figured it was simply a matter of the girls letting off steam, so he didn’t object too strongly.

There were some problem points, though. Since Amy had taken to sleeping in David’s bed late at night, he found her humping his leg one morning at about 3 A.M. He tried to ignore it, simply rolling over and away from her amorous attentions, but there was only so much room to move in the crowded bed, and it was clear what she was thinking. He discussed it later with Ellen and she told him not to worry about it.

“She’s a young teen going through puberty. She’s got a lot of hormones to process. Personally, I’d prefer she humps your leg when she thinks everyone is asleep, than if the girls started to fool around together. Can you imagine if we had to find separate rooms for all the girls?”

So the next time it happened David simply ignored it, allowing her to continue. Instead he held onto Ellen, who was lying in his arms. She soon figured out what was happening and returned his caress, finally kissing him after Amy finished and seemingly fell asleep.

“See, it was largely innocent,” she whispered to him. “No one got hurt and now she is sleeping peacefully. I wouldn’t worry about it. But just alert me if it escalates.”

Another case happened when everyone was sitting downstairs in the evening, relaxing together. The other girls were playing another game when Erica figured she wanted to be held. David saw no problem, since she was the youngest girl he could understand why she’d still want to be babied. However, after sitting on his lap, it wasn’t long until she started gyrating, essentially giving him a subtle lap dance. He reacted by placing a hand on her jeaned thigh, trying to hold her still, but it didn’t have the effect he’d hoped for. Instead she started rocking forward and back, effectively sliding along his now strengthening erection. It seemed that little Erica was rapidly growing up, along with the other girls.

When David got Ellen and Linda alone to complain about it they both laughed about it.

“It’s about time,” Ellen said with a grin.

“Yeah, I was thinking she was developing a little slowly. I mean, she’s younger than the other girls, but she’s not that much younger,” Linda commented. “You know, David, I was talking to Alice, and she commented that the girls all trying to masturbate unnoticed at night is beginning to become a bit of a problem. Several of the girls try to delay going to bed, taking showers, but the other girls wait until they think everyone is asleep before they try anything. I suspect that’s why several of them keep coming in to visit you at night. It’s either spend time with you, or stay in their room and be reminded of what they want to do with you. It’s a fairly easy choice which one they prefer.”

“Geez, do you think I should have a talk with them?” David asked innocently.

“Good Lord, no!” they both responded.

“Everyone in the house is antsy, we’re all horny and frustrated,” Ellen explained. “Let the girls have their little escapes. If they keep busy masturbating, there’s less of a chance they’ll corner you in the bathroom.”

Linda seemed to think that last comment was quite funny, confirming for David that Ellen had apprised her of what had happened between him and Flora. Still, he decided to let that observation pass.

“Maybe I’d better hide my porn,” he said in passing, not thinking anyone was paying attention.

“Ha, you’re not always quick on the uptake,” Linda observed. “Alice has known about your stash for quite a while, and I wouldn’t doubt each of the girls know about it now as well. You’ve probably been too busy with Ellen to check on it, but I’d imagine it is a little more ‘well worn’ than it was before. In fact, the only reason they haven’t watched all your movies is because we’re always around and Maggie and Bobby sleep downstairs at night.”

David felt himself blushing, but there was really no point, both Ellen and Linda knew about his supposedly ‘secret’ stash. They weren’t questioning him about it, simply pointing out that it was hardly a secret to anyone in the house. Well, anyone besides Bobby, at least.

“Don’t forget, although there’s no internet access anymore way out here, Alice and her friends have their smart phones, and I’m sure they’re creative enough to have gotten around the parental controls. As a result I’m sure they’ve downloaded a few select movies and video clips they can now watch whenever they get the urge. Have you noticed how long they each spend in the bathroom after we return home in the evenings?”

David groaned, his image of innocent virginal girls evaporating before his eyes. “I was thinking they were just spending time with their hair and other things.”

“Oh, yeah, they do that too. But they also take the opportunity to have a few minutes of privacy for what they feel too embarrassed to do in public.”

“You know, since you mentioned the girls fooling around, do you think that’s a serious possibility?” David asked, his curiosity and alarm piqued.

“I’d imagine they’ll try it eventually, if they haven’t yet,” Linda told him. “But they’re still young, and that means they’ll be uncertain about their own sexuality, its acceptability and how the other girls would respond to it. So I think it may be a little while before it pops up, but I wouldn’t bet against it eventually happening.”

David groaned again, images of the various girls each having their way with his daughter echoing in his brain. However, Ellen took that opportunity to rub up against him, at which point she smiled at Linda, her co-conspirator, letting her know that while he was aghast at the idea, the concept still got his motor running. They both laughed while Ellen gave him a reassuring rub.

“Don’t worry, honey, how about if we both come to your bed tonight to help you work through those issues of yours?” Ellen asked in a teasing sing-song voice. However David was afraid to answer, not being sure whether she was simply teasing or was serious about the offer.

And that night, Friday evening, much to his chagrin, they both proved it had been a serious offer as he found them both waiting for him when he entered the bedroom that night.

“Lock the door, handsome,” Linda told him. “After all, I wouldn’t want Alice or one of the other girls to wander in and think this gives them a green light to join in.”

However David was too busy glancing back and forth between them to worry about that prospect. He was simultaneously comparing their naked bodies as they lay side by side, and trying to measure their intent by observing their reactions. However his eyes kept getting sidetracked by their breasts and shaved pussies. It seemed that Linda, who’d taken up the habit, had gotten Ellen to as well, having told David that was another reason they were glad they still had electricity.

“Well, don’t spend all day looking,” Ellen told him, “after all, you have a couple of ladies waiting to be rescued from the ravages of horniness.”

David knew enough to quickly strip out of his clothes, after making sure he’d locked the door. He climbed in between them, still nervous about how this was going to play out. This is the first time either one had been present when he’d done anything with the other, and David had thought there was an unspoken agreement between them to not press the issue.

Ellen solved the dilemma by kissing him deeply, pressing her naked breasts against his chest. But then she pulled back, smiled, and motioned Linda in.

“You’re turn, Linda. Let’s not give his mind time to wander, otherwise he may start imagining one of the younger girls.”

Luckily for David he could tell she was teasing, but still, he was nervous about what each was actually thinking.

Linda proceeded to kiss him while running her hand along his cock. It seemed they were both primed for action, since he didn’t know how long they’d been lying in bed waiting for him. It had taken him a little while to get the girls settled.

While he and Linda kissed, Ellen lay beside them and ran her open hands along both of their skin. Since Linda was lying on top of David, that presented much more open skin for her to caress on Linda than on him, but she was doing a good job of giving them equal measure.

When Linda took a break to catch her breath, Ellen latched onto his lips next, giving David no chance to catch his. Not only that, but it seemed there was always at least one hand on his cock at all times. Finally he had to push Ellen back a little just so he could breathe.

“Thanks, that’s sexy as hell, but let me relax a little, otherwise you’re both going to be disappointed,” he warned them.

“Oh, we couldn’t have that, now could we?” Linda teasingly asked, as she moved lower and proceeded to go down on him, showing him they didn’t seem to be overly concerned with that particular problem.

“We’re both planning on having a long ride, so we’ve planned on draining you first just to make sure you don’t go off too quickly,” Ellen explained, as she moved down beside Linda and started working on his shaft while Linda slurped on the head of his dick. David just groaned, trying to grasp someone’s head but finding the shifting heads of hair too difficult to keep track of.

“Hmm, something seems to have him enthused this evening,” Linda observed before she turned and whispered conspiratorially to Ellen. “Do you think it’s the two of us together, or the idea of the girls getting it on together?”

“I’m not sure, but whatever it is, I plan to take advantage of it,” Ellen replied loudly enough they were sure he could appreciate their teasing. “I’ll tell you what, if he starts to falter, just try imitating the girls and maybe we can get a few more miles out of him.”

“I’m not ... excited by ... little girls,” David tried to tell them, despite the fact that his twitching cock was telling a very different story. It seemed to have a tendency to jump each time they mentioned one of the girls. Neither Ellen nor Linda blamed him for his response, but they both recognized it for what it was. There wasn’t any use denying it or getting angry at it. They could, and would, do that if he ever stepped over the line, but this was a very unusual situation, and they’d both been dealing with these issues amongst themselves, long before Ellen ever brought the issue to her boyfriend’s attention.

“Don’t worry,” Ellen reassured him as Linda tried to deep throat her ex. Ellen had to admit she had the technique down pretty well. “Just like the girls are acting on their impulses, trying to address them without disrupting anyone, we’re doing the same thing. We’re playacting here. We’re letting you explore your dark side so you won’t feel it necessary to act inappropriately.”

“Uh,” David responded as Linda bobbed up and down on him, all thoughts and clever rejoinders forgotten in the moment.

“Hey, girl, don’t Jones the pole,” Ellen said, gently elbowing Linda in the side. Linda responded by spitting David’s cock out of her mouth with a little laugh.

“Don’t worry, he seems like he’s ready to play tonight. He’s already lasting a while, and I’m sure once he’s let off some tension he’ll last for a good long time.”

Just then they heard something, so they each stopped what they were doing temporarily.

“ ... ing at it. I think ... starting, so I don’t ... long,” they heard. They weren’t sure who was speaking, since the voice was so garbled by the closed door and its whispered origins, but they could clearly make out who responded to it.

“ ... be a while. He always seems ... But are you sure he’s with both of... ,” Alice’s anxious whispers drifted into the room.

Their reaction to overhearing this was an interesting mix. David felt himself deflate a little at the idea of his amorous actions being observed by his daughter, but Ellen and Linda quietly laughed at it. Noticing his response, Linda leaned forward to whisper to him, even as Ellen went down on him for her turn.

“It looks like your fan club is waiting outside,” she said in a spot-on imitation of her daughter. “You realize that Alice is just as confused as the other girls. She sees you as the sexy alpha male the rest of us do, but she’s turned off at the prospect of seeing you as a sexual being while also being excited by it.”

“We’ll be about another half an hour, at least,” David called out, hoping to circumvent the girls’ eavesdropping. The last thing she needed to overhear was an analysis of what she was going through.

“OK, we’ll get some hot chocolate to keep us entertained while we wait,” Alice playfully responded.

“You do that,” he answered, before putting her out of his mind. They could hear the girls’ laughter fading into the distance.

“Look, could we keep Alice out of our sex play?” David whispered to Ellen and Linda.

“OK, that’s fair,” Ellen responded. “How about if we include Caitlyn?” she concluded with a wicked smile.

“Look, I’m really not interested in anyone that young.”

“Ah, so the mouth says, but I daresay his penis tells a different story,” Linda responded, as she snaked a hand down to emphasize her point. “Just picture Erica sitting on Caitlyn’s face,” she suggested, then laughed when David’s cock instantly responded to the suggestion.

“Look, how my body responds doesn’t make a difference. After all, I don’t tease you because you like romantic comedy stars,” David tried to argue.

“Oh, you don’t, do you?” Linda pointedly asked him. “I seem to remember several movies ruined by your complaining about how silly they were. Have you managed to watch any romantic comedies with him yet, Ellen?”

“Sorry,” she responded, pulling his dick away from her tongue, “but we haven’t had much opportunity to watch videos. He keeps us pretty well entertained on his own.”

“Oh, yeah, so I guess you aren’t aware of how judgmental he can be when he chooses to be,” Linda concluded. “But you’ve got a point. We’ve been pouring it on a little thick, so we’ll ease up. But it was just so much fun teasing you. Every time we talked about it, your dick would jump. So don’t be surprised if I mention it a couple of times while I’m riding you later, just cause I like the way you respond.”

“Well, if you do, just don’t mention anyone by name. It freaks me out,” David admitted.

“Will do, instead I’ll talk about nameless schoolgirl’s wearing their uniforms when they sit on each other’s faces. One girl, who I’ll call ‘girl 1’, has a build amazingly like Erica’s. The other, who I’ll call ‘Broken Arm girl’, looks surprisingly like Amy.”

“No, no,” Ellen corrected her. “The name is ‘Thing One’, and she looks like Sara. Caitlyn was ‘Thing Two’.”

“Look, could the two of you talk a little less and fellate a bit more, cause I feel a sudden desire to think a lot less right now,” David suggested. Ellen took up his offer and proceeded to bounce up and down while Linda took pity on him and made out with him. Whether it was due to her own skill, the fact he was involved with a threesome, or the teasing they’d given him, but he didn’t last long, blasting his load into Ellen’s eager mouth.

Linda quickly moved down, hoping to get some herself, although she missed much of the action, but David managed to look down in time to see Ellen showing his ex that she still had a mouth full. He then watched as she offered it to her, and Linda actually kissed her open mouth while they swapped his semen between them.

That simply blew David’s mind. Never in the entire time they were married had Linda ever intimated she was interested in another girl, yet here she was kissing one, clearly using a lot of tongue in the process. Despite having just shot his load, his poor cock once again turned on him, twitching again at the display.

“Me think someone likes,” Linda responded, pulling back to tell Ellen before turning to show David her own mouthful of his cum. “Me also thinks someone likes this as well,” she said before kissing Ellen again. Mind you, the delivery wasn’t all that clear, as it’s difficult to talk around a mouthful of cum. However they both kissed for a while, showing they each seemed to enjoy it equally.

David was definitely enjoying the view, and his cock was responding, even if it wasn’t quite able to respond fully at the moment, but he was also confused by the entire thing as well.

What was motivating this? He still didn’t know Ellen all that well. For all he knew, she could very well have bi-sexual leanings, but Linda had never exhibited the slightest tendency in that direction. So what could explain the about face on her part? Where they merely play acting for his benefit, effectively putting on a ‘show’ designed simply to excite him? If so, then would his reacting constitute his ‘imposing his own ideas of what’s sexually stimulating’ on others who didn’t actually share them?

What’s more, how far should/would they take this? Was this something that Linda had just discovered about herself, and if so should he encourage her to explore it? Should he try to push them together to experiment more, or try to separate them so there wouldn’t be any hard feelings later. Damn, a three-way is hard enough as it is, he didn’t need everyone involved acting out of character to make it even more problematic. But the fact of the matter is that the penis has no morals, and his didn’t seem to have the slightest qualms in enjoying what was happening before him.

Having finished their kiss, they both turned and smiled at him. Then Linda got a mischievous smile on her face and moved up to kiss him. She should have known better, after all, he’d never hesitated to kiss her before whenever she’d gone down on him, so there wasn’t much reason for him to do so now. But those moments had occurred a long time ago, and maybe she just didn’t remember. But as they kissed, she transferred a small amount of his sperm back to him, possibly trying to push some imaginary buttons he may have had. It didn’t work, of course, he accepted the offering, immediately passing it back. They kissed some more before she finally pulled back, swallowing, before she responded.

“Damn, you’re no fun. I figured you’d freak out over that.”

“Maybe you’re confusing me with someone else. I don’t think I’ve ever recoiled in the face of my own sperm before,” he suggested, immediately regretting throwing her past dalliances in her face, but she didn’t seem to respond. Instead she lay beside him on the opposite side of Ellen, who’d already established her place on his right side. As he turned, Ellen gave him a quick but soulful kiss as well.

“I didn’t think it was likely to cause you any problems, but Linda seemed to be expecting some response,” she explained.

“Just remember that what comes around goes around as well. So don’t go offering me my own sperm if you’re going to have troubles kissing me with someone else’s pussy juice on my face.”

“Fair enough,” Ellen laughed.

“I hadn’t actually considered that,” Linda admitted. “Although, you never know, I may actually find that interesting as well. You may not know this, but I’ve gotten a bit more sexually adventurous since we split up. Whereas we used to do the same basic things while we were married, I’ve broadened what I’m willing to try since then.”

Well, that at least put things into a better perspective for David. This was now ‘allowable’ in her mind, as was the teasing about her own daughter. Somehow she’d been with enough men to know how they think a little better. Before, whenever she’d had trouble with the way his mind worked, it was always his fault for thinking that way. Now she seemed to recognize how men in general thought, and she seemed to have embraced it rather than trying to fight it, or reform everyone who didn’t respond like she hoped they would. That was a positive trend, and one that he could support, which made deciding how to respond to her ‘experimentations’ much easier to handle.

“Well, despite that delicious visual treat, I’m still going to need a little time to respond, so how about I keep myself entertained. Anyone care to volunteer for a little spelunking activity?” he asked with a grin. Linda groaned at his weak humor, but Ellen responded enthusiastically.

“Me, I’ll volunteer. Just make sure you bring your scuba gear, because I’m ready and raring to go.”

David smiled at her enthusiasm. He leaned over and kissed Linda briefly, effectively asking her to excuse him this one indulgence as Ellen lay out on the large bed. He then moved down, settling between her spread legs. Glancing up at the waiting faces of the two women, he then began licking his girlfriend.

Aware that they were both watching him, he tried to make it as visually stimulating as he could, trying to return the favor they’d just granted him, so he didn’t just bury his face in her crotch. Instead he stretched his tongue out, running it up and through her slit, ending at her clit, which he circled and tried to encourage to come the rest of the way out of its hidey-hole. He was successful, though it took a couple of repeat trips, and soon he was playing with her clit with his tongue, while watching how the two women responded.

Ellen obviously was enjoying what he was doing, but Linda seemed to be fascinated as well. He figured he’d have to ask her later whether she’d ever been with another woman before, or had even watched anything like this on the internet, but she seemed to be fascinated with both his approach as well as how Ellen was responding. Figuring it wouldn’t hurt to offer an innocent suggestion, he made a pinching motion with his free hand. Linda looked at him quizzically, not sure what he was saying, when suddenly the realization bloomed on her face. She glanced at Ellen, perhaps looking for how she’d likely respond, but Ellen was too busy enjoying David’s efforts to bother with nuance or subtle facial clues. Linda then glanced back at her ex, before finally glancing at the topic of their wordless communication.

Finally, working up her nerve, she reached over and began running her palm over Ellen’s erect nipple. Ellen jumped a little in response, but quickly adjusted as she moaned in encouragement. That helped Linda overcome her unease, and she started getting more involved in actively playing with her friend’s nipple. Soon, she was pinching and pulling the nipple, even as her ex was treating Ellen’s clit in a similar manner.

Waiting until she glanced at him again, David lifted his face away from the teasing dance he’d been doing with her clit, and pressed his face into Ellen’s pussy. After a couple of moments Linda figured ‘What the hell’, leaning forward and taking Ellen’s breast into her own mouth. She learned a certain universal truth, that not only are breasts designed to be played with, but that there’s a near universal appeal to sucking on a breast. Straight women are no less likely to appreciate feeding off of a mother’s breast, and evolution certainly hadn’t made the process any more difficult over the course of time as it refined the appeal of the breasts. Finding the action to be interesting, fun and just a tiny bit naughty, Linda soon started actively sucking on her friend’s breast while she played with the other one.

Ellen, observing what was happening, cradled Linda’s head in her hand, encouraging her to continue what she was doing even as she further egged her on by moaning out her responsiveness to her efforts.

But the dual stimulation was a bit much for Ellen, and she didn’t last long before she had a fairly explosive orgasm. As she collapsed, throwing her arms and head back and reveling in the experience, David rolled over and looked at Linda.

“I’m not sure I’m ready to finish her off, so how’d you like a go?” he offered. However, when she heard this offer Ellen leaned up.

“If it’s OK with both of you, would you mind if I gave it a try? I once tried to experiment with a girl back in college, but the guy we were with was a real jerk, so I ended up stopping before we got very far. I’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

Linda glanced nervously at her friend, checking with David to see what he thought of the idea. He simply nodded, telling her he was OK with it. So, shrugging, Linda scooted over, stretched out and opened herself to yet another new experience.

Ellen quickly got up and scooted down until she was in the position that David had just abandoned. David, meanwhile, crouched beside her, ready to offer any encouragement she might need.

“I think I’ve got this,” she assured him. “Why don’t you keep her distracted so she doesn’t have to focus so much on who is doing this to her?”

David could see the logic in that suggestion, so he quickly moved up and started kissing Linda, as well as playing with both her hair and breasts. With that, Ellen tried cautiously licking Linda’s bare slit. That produced a nice response in the recipient, and it didn’t bother Ellen in the least, so she tried it again, only this time pressing her tongue into Linda’s slit, hoping to taste a little more of her and measuring the difference in her response. Linda, of course, responded well to it, moaning audible into David’s mouth. Ellen once again didn’t have a negative response, actually finding the taste of her friend strangely intriguing. With that she tried first licking her vagina, then after getting a taste she moved up to see what kind of a response she could get from playing with her clit.

Ellen was interested in more than just Linda’s response, though. She was also interested in a comparative anatomy lesson. Linda was laid out differently than she was. Whereas Ellen’s pussy was fairly discreet, Linda’s nether lips were more open and her clit was more open. She couldn’t detect any differences in size, but the layout seemed to be different. She took a moment to examine it, and then traced the outline of the structure with her tongue, at which Linda moaned again, finally having to push David back so she could get enough breath.

Encouraged by that response, Ellen started sucking on Linda’s little pearl, and she was rewarded as Linda pulled her further into her pussy with her hand while curling her thighs around her. Figuring this was more fun than she’d initially suspected, Ellen went to town.

David, in the meantime, took the reprieve in kissing Linda to finally observe what he’d always wanted to see, two women making love to each other. Sure, he’d seen this in porn enough to be familiar with it, but there’s a big difference between watching a recording of two emotionally distant strangers doing each other, and watching your ex-wife and current girlfriend play with each other. There was no doubt about it now; David’s erection was back with a vengeance. So as Ellen worked on her own new experience, David fell back into an old one, wrapping his hand around his cock and playing with it as he watched the two women deal with each other.

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