Power Tool ~ Revised 2021 ~
Chapter 01

Copyright© 2021 by Ernest Bywater

Week 02

Day 08 - Friday

At 5:45 a.m. John is alerted to Wendy entering his room. She climbs on the bed, slips under the covers, and sucks his dick. She’s soon mumbling under her breath since his dick is still limp. John giggles as he pulls the covers back, “Thanks for the compliment, but nothing will make that stiff except an electrical signal initiated by me. You forget it’s mechanical.”

Looking up she blushes, “I did forget, it feels so real and you’re so human I have trouble accepting you’re not flesh and blood any more.”

Getting out of bed John places Wendy on the middle of the end of the bed with her legs spread. As he goes to a 3M Liz leans over and kisses her. Both ladies enjoy the kiss as they fondle each other’s tits. John lifts her hips as he places pillows under them and slides his stiff dick into Wendy’s wet pussy until his groin is touching hers, she moans into Liz’s mouth. He gets into position and he thinks, ’Dickman slom 3M, 2M, 10R, 600S.’ His dick starts shrinking and lengthening ten times a second and will do so for the next ten minutes like a good hard, fast fuck. At the same time he reaches forward to pull Liz’s legs toward him and spreads them as he lifts her hips up off the bed. Lifting her pussy to his mouth he thinks, ’Dickman stong.’ He slips his long tongue in and tickles her pussy. Liz and Wendy keep kissing. By the time his tongue is all the way in Liz’s pussy Wendy has her first come of the day and Liz is only seconds behind her. He’s standing at the end of the bed with his dick in Wendy as she comes. He has Liz’s thighs around his ears with his tongue in her cunt tickling her G-spot and anything else he can reach with its tip. Most of Liz’s weight is in her breasts, shoulders, and mouth where they’re in contact with Wendy’s breasts etc. so it’s almost impossible for them to break the kiss due to gravity. Their sensitive breasts are rubbing against each other and being stimulated by the few small movements caused by their orgasms. Both ladies spend several minutes having orgasms. When the program ends he curls his tongue up with the tip touching the side of Liz’s vagina and returns it to normal as he comes three times. His tongue withdraws into his mouth, tickling Liz’s pussy on the way back as he fills Wendy with sperm. As he lowers Liz to the bed he notices most of the family are in the room watching, with very wet pussies and damp hands. Laying Liz on the bed he pulls out. He walks around to drag Wendy and Liz up to place their heads on the pillow. He has to wait a moment before he can get off the bed because Stacey is sucking his dick clean. He smiles when he sees Sera and Tina advancing on the bed licking their lips. A lusty Sera says, “The cream pie is mine.” Everyone laughs. Liz and Wendy try to move, but they have no energy. In seconds they’re both moaning in response to the girls’ tongues in their pussies.

John leads the line into the bathroom to find a smiling Brooke running the bath. Everyone enjoys their bath, even Wendy and Liz, despite being only semi-conscious at the time. After their baths he puts them both back to bed. Picking up Wendy’s arm Brooke lets it go and watches its limp fall to the bed. Looking at John she shakes her head while laughing and saying, “Tch, tch, tch, Uncle John. You should take more care. You can’t go around breaking all of your toys like this.” They put the covers over them and leave.

After breakfast everyone goes to the lounge room to get dressed. A smiling Sera struts to the middle of the room and puts her silk underwear on, caressing her body in the process. She’s becoming much more self-confident. She’s just putting her blouse on when Brooke says, “Just a moment, Sera. You missed a wrinkle.” Stepping forward she smiles at John as she runs her hand over Sera’s breast and fondles it. Sera sighs as Brooke says, “Sorry, I can’t feel a wrinkle, it must have been the light. It sure looked like one.” Everyone laughs at the ’error.’

Janice and Mary leave for work, Mary will tell them Liz will be very late in, if at all. Gwen writes a note for Wendy’s absence and the girls will arrange class notes etc. for her. They leave Stacey to keep an eye on Wendy and Liz. The rest pile into the mini-bus and leave with Gwen driving, only stopping for the Masters girls. John has Peta sit on his left with Rissa on his right. He fondles their breasts all the way to school. At the school they follow the routine of John giving each girl a thorough kiss as they get out. Jessica, Nataly, Rachel, Mandy, Eliza, Kira, Vera, Anna, Helen, Miss Stoner, and four girls John doesn’t know join the line for their kisses. Reaching the new girls he shrugs and takes them in his arms to kiss them. At the same time he slips his hands under their skirts and into their panties. His left hand is squeezing their bum while the right reaches through to slip between their labia and tickle their clit. They jump and their eyes go wide at the contact, but they continue with the kiss. When he breaks the kiss each of the new girls smiles at him before walking away. Nearly the whole student population watch the show as it’s now the most popular morning spectator sport at the school. Before walking off Brooke says, “Looks like we may have four more for the party, Uncle John.” The girls all laugh as they head to class.

Gwen takes John home. Together they work out a shopping list for the weekend. Gwen rings some people about domestic work, they’re leads the gang gave her last night, while John collapses the seats in the mini-bus to the make it a van with more space for the groceries. Gwen and Stacey leave to do the shopping. John rings a restaurant to make a group booking for Saturday night, thirty to seventy, numbers unsure until Saturday afternoon. They’re happy as the first full day of the school holidays is usually slack due to people going away and the tourists aren’t yet in town. He checks on the sleeping beauties and he lies down fully dressed in bedroom six to think over what he knows about the fires etc.

Morning Exercise

At 10:45 a.m. John hears a noise in the yard and looks out the window to see a man picking the lock of the pool doors. He looks about the room for something to throw. Picking up a round pottery vase about the size of a baseball he checks the weight, heavy. John opens the window, takes aim, and throws the vase at the man very hard. It takes an almost flat line to hit the fellow on the right shoulder, and it shatters. The man falls to the ground with a yell. He struggles to his feet and he runs toward the front of the house. John turns and jumps across the room to go out the door. He steps into the hall and opens a hall window. He slips out and slides down the roof of the lower level. He jumps from the gutter to the lawn as the man crosses the lawn at an angle. Hearing a vehicle start John looks to the noise. The driver is aiming a pistol at him. By instinct John drops to the grass as the pistol fires, the bullet misses. Grabbing a small fist sized rock from the rock and flower garden in front of the house he rolls over and throws the rock at the driver. The running man grabs the rear passenger door handle to open it as the rock flies in the front window to smash into the driver’s face. The driver’s head jerks sideways and his foot hits the accelerator. The van leaps forward and whips the runner off his feet to smash him against the side of the van. His left leg falls under the van and is run over by the back wheel. He screams as the van breaks his leg and drags him forward four metres before stopping by crashing into the back of the neighbour’s car.

John races over and goes around the van. He leans in and turns the motor off. He sees the driver is dead. As he comes back to check the running man a neighbour crosses the road while saying, “I heard the shot and called the police.” John nods as he checks the runner. He’s alive with a broken right shoulder, broken left leg, and broken left arm.

John says, “Who were you sent to kill, and who sent you?” He stares very hard into the man’s eyes.

The sweating man looks at John and says, “We weren’t sent to kill anyone, just steal the Preston electronics kits. Don’t know who for, I just do as I’m told by Big Jim. I do as Big Jim says, I’m just a thief. I don’t carry a knife or a gun.” The neighbour is surprised as Big Jim is one of the more vicious members of the city’s criminal society and most are really scared of him. But this man is more scared of John than Big Jim, else he wouldn’t have spoken. Sirens fill the air as the police and ambulance arrive. Steve isn’t far behind as he’s now told of any problems near here.

John and the neighbour give their statements. The detectives and Crime Scene Investigators are called, a death means the homicide unit too. As John talks to Steve he sees Steve is a little distracted. Following his gaze he sees he’s looking at John’s bedroom window and the four bare breast of the two ladies looking out. John waves them back from the window and he invites Steve inside. They’re met by Liz and Wendy. He tells them to get dressed as the police will have to come into the house. They leave to get dressed while John makes a large pot of hot chocolate, he doesn’t make any coffee or tea as he doesn’t drink it because they all prefer the nice taste of hot chocolate.

By the time the detectives arrive the ladies are dressed and the four of them are enjoying a snack. He locks the front door and he takes everyone upstairs to show them the room he was in. He explains what he heard, saw, and did. He takes them across the hall to show them the window he jumped out, then downstairs and outside to show where he landed. He points to where he grabbed the rock from and where he thinks the bullet went. It takes the CSI people about thirty seconds to find it once they know the rough area to search. The chipped brick is a bit of a give away. They walk around the back to examine the door and the broken vase. While checking the vase one of the CSI people says, “You threw this and it broke when it hit him?” John nods and she says, “That explains the broken right shoulder, I bet you have a mean fast ball.” They all eye the distance of the throw.

Not wanting to disturb the door they go around the front to enter the pool area from the house. John repeats what the man said and he shows them the Preston electronics gear. After checking the detectives see no need to examine it John gets Liz and Steve to help him take it inside to place it near the stairs.

One detective says, “It’s unusual for any of Big Jim’s people to talk, let alone acknowledge their connection, how’d you manage that?”

Steve says, “Oh, John can be very persuasive when he wants to be. He has a mesmerising personality.” The police laugh as Liz turns and stares at him. She leaves them and goes upstairs.

After showing the police out John goes upstairs. He finds Liz in his room reading the information under the big photo of a Hamadryas, a King Cobra, he has. Turning to John she says, “You really can mesmerise people, can’t you?”

“Yes and no, more a not really. If someone is weak willed like Missus Ruiz or that petty criminal or they’re scared out of their mind I can usually force them to speak the truth or to do something I tell them to while I’m there watching them. But I can’t hypnotise them into being themselves and doing something later. It’s more like I can force them to subjugate their will to mine. I have to focus my mind on them and what I want. I have to have eye contact to do it. Yes, it still works with my mechanical eyes, so it must be a brain related thing using the eyes for focus. It was because of this ability they called me Cobra when I joined the gang. They really got off on watching big bad guys wilt and spill their guts before a six or seven year old kid.” This isn’t quite the truth.

“You realise this is a clear demonstration of telepathy?”

He nods, then he shakes his head. “Yes it is, but no science labs as a guinea pig for me. Won’t work. They try, I subdue them, fuck their brains out, and leave. Now help me hide the testers.” Downstairs he opens a concealed room under the stairs and he removes a few boxes to lift part of the floor. Grabbing a tester he steps in and walks down a set of stairs, Liz and Wendy follow. In moments they have all five units in the basement, it’s only six metres by twenty metres, but it has thick walls and doors. “The original owners wanted a hidden atomic bomb shelter, this is it and it doesn’t even show on the plans.” They leave and close the concealed entrance behind them. They arrive upstairs to see Gwen and Stacey walking through the house with groceries, so they all join in to unload the mini-bus.

John comments about them buying the store out. Gwen gives him a sad look as she shakes her head, “Sixty plus girls in a sleep over, we’ll be lucky if this lot lasts to Sunday morning. I’ve organised for pallets of drinks to be delivered by truck.” They laugh at his shocked expression. “Never hosted a sleepover before, have you?” He shakes his head, and all of the ladies giggle, “Oh, this is going to be fun watching you learn.”

He volunteers, “I’ve booked a restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. I figure to eat out while everyone is dressed up. I thought the girls might like a chance to show off their new sexy gear.”

Gwen smiles and says, “Well, that was very good thinking. He must be a genius after all. He did that one all by himself, girls. He only has a few experience problems.” All of the ladies laugh again.

They load some rubbish into boxes for weight and carry them to Liz’s car. There’s sure to be someone watching, so they want it to look like they’re moving the gear back to the lab. John calls Steve and he asks for a police escort to get the gear back to the labs. That goes over the radio for a local car to do the job. The police follow her into the Preston car park. Once there she has staff load the boxes onto trolleys and take them up to the lab. Later that day she and Mary transfer the contents into smaller boxes and they’re taken to the refuse bins.

At 12:30 p.m. two trucks from the bedding store arrive with the new beds. Gwen has them go around the side and unload into the pool area. John pays the delivery men one hundred dollars cash to each of them and their helpers to help put the beds together and line them up along the wall. As each is finished Gwen and Stacey put the linen on them. One of the men spends a lot of time looking around the area. John mentions this morning’s problem and having sent the gear back to the lab for safe keeping. As they drive off the supermarket truck turns up. John has the fellow drive around the back and unload the pallets into the pool area as they’re drinks and nibblers for consumption in this area. The driver helps them clear the pallets and stack the cartons against the house so he can take the pallets back with him. John is shocked, ten pallets of drinks, nine pallets of nibblers, one pallet of garbage bins and bags by the box load. After the truck leaves they strip to be more comfortable. An hour’s work to have it ready with fifty new large plastic garbage bins spread around the house and pool area. It’s clear he knows nothing about teenage girl sleepovers. They laugh when he says this. Soon after this a truck arrives and drops off some skips for waste over the holidays, different ones for the general waste to the recyclable materials. They’re placed outside the pool’s side entrance.

Gwen is often away in the kitchen interviewing hopeful domestics. Their final test is walking them around to talk to John as he, Stacey, and Wendy are setting up for the party while nude.

Gwen and John agree on one woman as a housekeeper, Belinda, she’ll be the senior domestic doing some cooking and some cleaning. They still need a full-time cook and a full-time cleaner to work under Belinda. Gwen has one more interview in thirty minutes at 3:00 p.m., the time they usually leave to get the girls. John refuses to ask how she intends to manage both. It’s clear she’s worked it out and is waiting for him to ask. In the end she says, “You’re not going to ask, are you?”

He shakes his head while saying, “I gave you the responsibility and authority so I trust you to deal with it. I figure you’ve worked something out.” He stops at the sound of a bus stopping outside. Putting on a tracksuit he walks outside to see two coaches parked at the kerb.

Bus Rides

The drivers, a man and a woman, get out. Gwen meets them and the man holds out his hand. She says, “John, please go with these people. Show them the school and get them one thousand dollars. That’s for today and tomorrow afternoon. But I was looking at being back here by six, they may want more if it’s longer. Sort that out, please.”

Snapping to attention he salutes, “Yes Ma’am, as you wish, Ma’am.” She leaves, giggling.

Turning to the drivers he says, “OK, today I changed the plans for tomorrow. We’re leaving here mid-morning for lunch at McDonald’s and shopping in the mall until three p.m., followed by Victoria’s Secret until about six p.m., then dinner at the Fatted Calf. Getting home between nine p.m. to ten p.m. How much damage for the new plans. The woman looks at the man, he shrugs.

She says, “I thought VS closed at three on Saturday afternoons.”

“They do, but we’re having a special session and the girls will be modelling the gear, so it’s after normal hours and we’ll have the shop to ourselves.”

Wide-eyed she says, “You’ll be watching some fifty to sixty teen girls in sexy underwear?” He nods, and the man’s jaw drops. She says, “We come in too and join you for dinner, same price.”

“Good offer, unacceptable. You come in, select and model one whole outfit, getting changed right there like the rest will. You wear the outfit to dinner. Same price. You want to give your friend here a free peek at sexy girls, so you have to join the line up and give us a good show too.”

She stands there gulping, the man says, “First time she’s ever been at a loss for words. It’s a deal. Come on, Sis, let’s get going, I’ll even make the split forty / sixty in your favour.” Blushing and gulping she nods as they get in the buses They drive to the bank for John to get out five thousand dollars, he pockets most and gives the man one thousand. The man pockets four hundred bucks and he hands the rest to the woman.

On the lead bus John says, “Sorry, I thought you two were lovers. I wouldn’t have pushed so hard if I’d known your were siblings.”

The smiling man laughs, “Don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’ve seen her tits or pussy. We used to go skinny dipping a lot. But it’ll be the first time I’ve seen her in sexy underwear.”

“How long a drive do you guys have to go home?”

“About forty minutes, why? By the way, my name is Fred and she’s Harry, only Mum can call her Harriette. The business is Fred and Harry’s Bus Service. It’s a real shocker for some when Harry turns out to have tits. But it gets us a lot of work for girls’ school excursions.”

“We’re having a two week sleepover pool party for my niece’s eighteenth in our enclosed pool. If Harry agrees, you may want to stay overnight if you have no other plans or work. Also, the whole house and party will be textile free. No clothes at all allowed inside. All sleep over people are available to me for sex. A lot of the girls will probably want to have sex with you as well, if you stay with us.”

He has a huge grin, “Sounds lovely, but you’ve got to talk Harry into it. She’d rip my balls off if I tried. Fifty or sixty naked schoolgirls, sheet, if I’d been told that at the start I’d have offered to do the job free just for the show.” John is still laughing when they pull up at the school. They park then they open the doors and the storage bays.

On seeing John many waiting women walk up to place bags on the lawn in front of the buses. John walks back to speak to Harry, arriving at the same time as one particular woman. She puts down a bag and asks, “John Smith?” He nods. She puts out her hand and he shakes it. “I’m Jane Manning, Vera’s mother. She told me what happened yesterday. I’ve come to make a complaint. It’s not to happen again, understand? Next time you touch my daughter with your dick you better fuck her brains out, or else. If she rings me in the morning and says she’s still a virgin I’ll shoot you. Do you understand me, mister?” Harry is wide-eyed as she’s complaining about him not fucking her virgin daughter.

John grins, “All she had to do was ask. She has no self-confidence. We’ll fix that over the next two weeks. She’s staying the full time, isn’t she?” Jane nods, “I promise she’ll be returned to you with a very much improved self image and well fucked, but it won’t be tonight. I want to boost her self image first. If you’re not happy with that, bad luck. Right?” Jane nods her agreement before turning and walking away.

Turning to Harry he sees her staring at him, “I’ve been speaking to Fred. I suggested you guys should stay overnight to save yourselves the drive and fuel. He said it’s OK with him if you say it’s OK with you. He seems to think his judgement in this may be warped. Oh, sorry, I thought you two were lovers, I wouldn’t have been so forward if I’d known he was your brother.”

Smiling she says, “We skinny dip a lot, so he’s seen me nude before. You just caught me off guard, that’s all. If you’re prepared to pay for a VS outfit for me to get a peek at my body I’m prepared to flash it. OK, staying overnight would save us trouble and money, but what’s the catch, because you’re grinning way too much.”

“At VS I don’t expect to get a peek. I expect to see you really strut your stuff after I get to check the fit. Got to see it feels right and is wrinkle free, as you have to make sure silk is wrinkle free.” Her eyes go up at the insistence upon silk. “As to staying overnight at the party, well the deal is this: no clothes in the house, none at all, and anyone in the house after nine p.m. tonight is available to me for sex if I want them. Anyone at all.” Her eyes go wide at the terms.

She says, “Let me get this straight. We’re here to pick up two bus loads of schoolgirls who’re going to your house for a two week nude birthday party for your niece and they’ve all agreed to let you fuck them when you want. And you’re now asking me and my brother to join the crowd.” He nods and she shakes her head in wonder, “Who do you think you are, superman or super dick?”

“I don’t think I’m special. But some members of my extended family are positive I’m superman and others are sure I’ve a super dick. If you stay tonight you’ll have sex with many people as all of the girls in my extended family are dual current, and some are very high voltage. We have a specific pecking order which will be set out after arrival, but I’m at the top. If you want you can stay until dinner time and decide then.”

She goes off to speak to Fred. They talk for a few minutes. She comes back, “Fred says he’d agree to stay and look at any schoolgirl’s pretty titties. He’s left it up to me. I’ll talk to some of the girls first.” They stand there in silence for a few minutes while they wait for school to end.

When the final bell rings the students explode out of the school and a wave of teen girls heads toward John. Peta takes a running leap at John. She drops her bag just short of contact. He catches her and her four limbs wrap around him as they kiss, playing tonsil hockey. Smiling she says, “Mother said we can go straight to your place today, Uncle John. She’s also promised to visit for a while as she’s missing her master. I think she’s really missing her master’s dick.” Harry’s eye bulge as he lowers Peta to the ground.

A large group of girls are standing around waiting to be assigned seats. Brooke has them match up with their bags and form four lines. Many of the mothers are still standing around watching.

Turning to Brooke John says, “Has everyone been told the terms?” She nods, “Do their mothers know the terms?” She nods. Turning to the waiting girls he raises his voice, “Have all of you been told the terms of this party and explained them to one of your parents?” They all nod. He says, “So there’ll be no trouble if I reiterate them now?” One girl raises her hand and he walks to her.

She’s familiar but he can’t place her, she says, “I spoke with my father, but my mother is here now and I don’t know what father told her about the party.”

“Take me to her.” The girl takes his hand and leads him to a woman waiting nearby. He knows her so he says, “Missus Black, have all of the terms of this sleepover party been explained to you?”

She sighs, “I believe so. Karen doesn’t need many clothes as she’ll be naked while in the house and there’ll be practical sex education classes, including her losing her cherry by having sex with you. I don’t know why my husband agreed to this or why he insists I allow it to happen.”

Sighing he says, “Missus Black, I promise you now, I will not take Karen’s cherry unless she asks me to. I’ll also predict by the end of the week she’ll probably have asked me to. Your husband has agreed to this as he knows he can trust me not to hurt her and to see she’s taught the truth. Give Mamba my best regards.” She nods and they walk back to the lines.

Looking at the girls lined up he says to Brooke, “Are there any extras lined up?” She nods as she points to two girls, twins. He walks up to them while asking, “Who invited you?”

They smile and say in unison, “We did, and our mother over there agrees.” They point at a woman standing off to the side. She looks a bit worn out and concerned.

He walks to the woman they indicated, “You agreed to them going to this sleepover?” Biting her lip she nods. “They weren’t invited by the organisers, that makes them gate crashers. As such, their presence is acceptable only on the conditions they stay the whole holiday period as my sex slaves and subject to my desires in all ways, even beatings if I wish. Do you agree?”

The woman gulps. She looks at her daughters then says, “They want to go and I’ve never been able to refuse them anything. If they wish to go on those terms, then, yes.”

He turns and walks to the girls while loudly saying, “Mistress Lorna, Mistress Peta, attend me.”

The girls race to him, “Yes, Master.” Many of the girls gasp in shock.

He points at the girls, “These girls weren’t invited. They may come only if they stay the entire holiday and attend as my sex slaves. I’ll assign you one each to supervise for me. When we get to the house you’ll take them aside to change their appearance to ease identification and shave off their pubic hair. Dye or cut their hair or something, they must look to be different. They have until I finish assigning people to buses to decide if they’re coming. Mistress Peta, you’ll climb on the rear bus and reserve the first six seats on the passenger side for us. Mistress Lorna, you’ll wait here with them until I send you to a bus.” They both nod and the twins are gulping. Looking at the assembled group he says, “I intend this next two weeks to be a fun time for you all, but I won’t have any trouble makers or gate crashers thinking they can get away with any trouble. In a moment I’ll assign you to a bus, one for the front bus, two for the rear bus. You’ll place your bags in the storage area and enter the bus. Sera, please come here.”

When she arrives he whispers, “Please get on the front bus. Take your panties off before taking the passenger side seat nearest the driver. Sit there with your skirt up and legs apart so he can see your pretty pussy. Once the bus starts to move off you close your legs, and when it stops for lights open them again, closing when the lights change. Will you please do this for me?” With a huge grin she nods as she turns and heads for the bus, going to the seat mentioned.

Starting at one end of the line John walks down the lines of girls looking at their faces as Brooke states their name and ticks her list. With each girl he caresses her face with his right hand and runs his hand down to fondle her breast. They all smile, and some moan as he touches their breast. He splits the regulars and newbies evenly between the buses. Finally he’s down to the twins. Placing a hand on a cheek of each he runs it down to fondle a breast on each girl, “If you’re coming, put your bags in the storage and stand at the door of bus two.” They gulp as they look at each other before nodding and walking to the bus. They place their bags in the storage and wait near the bus door. He directs Lorna to bus two and Brooke to take charge of bus one.

He waits until Fred and Harry have locked the luggage areas and Harry is seated. He looks at the twin girls while saying, “For the party you’ll be known as Slut One and Slut Two. Slut One will belong to Mistress Peta and Slut Two will belong to Mistress Lorna. You’ll do whatever your mistress tells you to do unless overruled by Gwen, Brooke, or myself. Do you understand?” They both nod. “Stand in front of the doorway, lift your skirt and bunch it up at the waist so the driver has a very good view of your panties.” When they do he stands behind them to slip a hand around each. He slides his hands into their panties, down to their pussies, and slides a finger between their labia. For a moment he rubs their pussies and clits. Taking his hand out he grabs the front of their panties and slides them down their legs. At his command they step out of them to pick them up and hold them up as they enter the bus. They’re blushing hard as they sit down. Each in a middle seat with their mistress beside them. John and Harry check everyone is seated properly. With thirty-three people on each bus they have several empty seats. John calls Tina forward and directs her to sit beside Slut Two while he sits beside Slut One. Harry starts the bus and she signals to Fred, the buses move off.

John signals to Peta when the bus starts to move. Each takes a hold of the leg nearest them and they spread Slut’s legs very wide like she’s doing the splits. Peta turns in her seat to place her hand on Slut’s pussy to play with her clit. John undoes Slut’s blouse to reach in and undo her bra. Pushing her bra up he exposes her breasts to the world. Peta leans down to suck on her left breast while John sucks her right breast. Tina and Lorna take their cue from John to do the same with Slut Two as Tina takes pussy and tit while Lorna takes tit only. In only a few minutes both girls are moaning and humping the hand at their pussy as they come. They’re both very vocal and the whole bus knows when they reach their second orgasm, like an instant echo they shout together, “Fuck yes, I’m coming.” Harry glances over and smiles. Soon afterwards she stops at a pedestrian crossing as two school boys are crossing the road, they glance at the bus and do a double take. John nudges Peta and they lean back to give the boys a good look at Slut’s pretty titties. Harry watches this and giggles as an embarrassed Slut One blushes. Peta tweaks her clit to make her come as the boys watch. John caresses her face. He tips her head toward him and he kisses her, sliding his tongue into her mouth as she responds.

The Party Starts

When they reach home John has them let up on the twins. After parking Harry and Fred get out to open the storage areas. Gwen is there to greet them. He says, “Gwen dear, please have everyone go into the lounge room and wait until I get there. I have to speak to a neighbour as I think we should clean the pool before we start.” Gwen gives him a wicked grin with her nod. Crossing the road he knocks on the door of a neighbour whose boy helped move Wendy in.

A woman answers the door, “Excuse me, Missus Lincoln, but Brooke is having a sleepover pool party for her eighteenth birthday. I don’t know how to clean and check the pool, she said your boys do. Can they please come to clean and check the pool for me before the girls get started. I’ll pay them twenty dollars each to do this.”

Over her shoulder she yells, “Hey Tom, Theodore, Lee, John Smith wants his pool cleaned and checked, he’ll pay you twenty dollars each to do it right now. Interested.” The three boys come to the door. The two younger ones, Tom seventeen and Theo eighteen, are eager for the money while nineteen year old Lee isn’t so eager but he agrees to help. She says, “Take our gear, it’ll be quicker.”

John takes out three twenty dollar bills and he hands them to her, “Thank you, if I give you the money now then final payment by you will be after they’ve put your gear back properly.”

Grinning she says, “Now that’s a right good idea.”

He waits while the boys get the pool cleaning gear out of their garage. They follow him across the road. They enter the house and have trouble squeezing through the girls packed into the house as they carry the gear held up above their heads. The boys don’t seem to mind the contact and quite a few girls make sure of some contact. He sets the boys to cleaning the pool. They’re experienced and good at this, so there’s no wasted time or movement as they’re like a well oiled machine at work.

Standing at the pool doorway John addresses the girls in a loud voice, one the boys will hear. “Soon you’ll be entering the pool area to start swimming, there’s a small delay while these kind boys are making sure it’s clean and safe for you. There are twenty beds in the enclosure, Brooke will assign the beds later today, those without beds will have the blow up mattresses we have out. The beds are numbered, starting at seven as there are also six bedrooms, numbers below seven refer to a bedroom. Tomorrow we’ll be shopping and dining out. Operating rules: we have three commanders, Brooke, Gwen, and me, you do as we tell you. Plenty of garbage bins are around the house, use them as litterbugs won’t like the penalty. The drinks and food are there to be consumed, enjoy them when you want. When you take a drink replace it. No jealousy over anyone’s actions, if someone says no it means no - so accept it. The only person you can’t say no to is me. The intent is to have a good time and to learn things, please do so and experiment. Everyone will take turns to do the cooking or cleaning chores needed. This house is textile free, that means while inside you will not wear clothes, not at any time.” He stops upon hearing a splash from the pool. Turning he sees Lee climbing out of the pool while his brothers laugh and the girls giggle, he must’ve slipped. “The two favourite games in this house are kissing and squeeze tittie, you’ll cooperate with anyone who wants to play. When dismissed you’re to move into the pool enclosure to the grassed area near the beds, put your bags down, and get undressed ready to go swimming nude. This is not...” He stops to investigate another splash, Theo wasn’t paying attention and tripped over a pole. Smiling he turns back, “This isn’t our normal procedure for initiates. That’s been waved for today. Once undressed you’ll line up along the edge of the grass near the tables. You’ll be ready for my inspection within one minute of being dismissed. Party, dismissed.” Giggling and blushing girls grab their bags as they head for a spot to take their clothes off. The pool cleaning slows down. John, Gwen, and Brooke undress in the lounge room. Gwen stands inside the door watching everyone.

Fred is having a hard time undressing as he’s trying to undress while watching all of the girls at once. Harry is laughing at him. Nude, Brooke walks up to the boys to say, “I’d hurry up if I were you. If it’s not ready when he wants it Uncle John can be a real bear.” Licking their lips as they view her charms the boys nod and get on with their work. She continues, “Of course, you’ll be free to stand around catching your breath with a cold drink after you finish the work.” They double their speed. Giggling, she joins the line of girls.

Swim Time

Many of the girls give John a good once over as he goes to where he wants them to line up. The girls’ main point of focus is his dick. In the specified time they’re all nude and lined up, Fred and Harry first simply because Brooke put them there. Fred nearly didn’t make it as his erection made getting his shorts off a big problem until Nataly and Tina help out. Tina walks over to grab his dick and hold it straight up while Nataly slides his shorts down.

Brooke orders them to stand to attention. They do. John walks up the line admiring them. It takes some time and many blush. Reaching the end he says, “Over the years I’ve commanded many groups, but today, I can honestly say: Never before in history has anyone ever commanded such a fine body of fine bodies. You all should be proud of your bodies. Everyone behave yourselves in this pool, be safe, have fun. And remember, anyone found drowning in this pool will be severely spanked. Beside the lounge door are boxes of towels, when you get one out and use it make sure you know where you put it down as it’s the one you’ll be using for today and tomorrow.” Turning to the pool he sees the boys are finished as they’re standing by the drink machine with with cold drinks and solid erections. Smiling he turns back, “OK, troops, hit the water.” The girls surge toward the water, and the building is soon filled with the sounds of splashing and giggling girls. Approaching the boys he says, “If I hear that any of you say a word about what you saw today to anyone you’ll wish all I did to you was tear your balls off. Got me?” They all gulp and nod. “Good, now that’s clear take five minutes to enjoy the view then go home.” He turns and takes a running dive into the pool, surfacing a moment later behind Harry at the far end of the pool. Reaching around her he cups a breast in each hand and he squeezes as he fondles them.

She looks over her shoulder and smiles, “I didn’t believe you about the girls being both ways, and your the eighth person to do that, I do believe you now. I’m leaning toward staying. Oh, that was a nasty trick you played on Fred. He had trouble driving, and he loved it.”

Laughing he says, “Sera has a very pretty pussy and I thought he might appreciate seeing it. If you like girls ask Tina for a flavour test. She’s the state’s second best pussy eater.” He swims off.

She smiles while saying to Wendy, who she’d been chatting to when he arrived, “I suppose he’s the state’s best pussy eater.”

Wendy says, “I think he is, but then I’m in favour of anyone who can tickle my G-spot with his tongue.” Harry’s eyes go very wide.


Seeing it’s 4:10 p.m. John gathers Sera and Rachel to give them a bath before their date. As they enter the lounge room they encounter Brooke, Rissa, and Mel walking back. He stops them. Running a finger along Mel’s chin he picks up a small amount of come and wipes it on her lips. Gulping she licks it off, saying, “We did them by age, Brooke got Tom, Rissa got Lee, and I got Theo. We used different rooms.”

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