Power Tool ~ Revised 2021 ~
Chapter 02

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Week 03

Day 15 - Friday

Waking at 5:00 a.m. John wakes Carmen and Carly by fondling their breasts. They wake up and smile at him. He has them slide to the sides and he gets off the bed. He tells them to wait there. Going to the en-suite he starts the water running on low and he heads downstairs. Finding Brooke’s bed roster in the lounge room he scans it and finds the bed number he wants. As he walks amongst the beds he informs those who are awake that baths will be starting soon. Finding Candice he kisses her, she’s only half awake as she wraps her arms about him and kisses back. Once fully awake she breaks the kiss and smiles at him before rolling over to her bed partner, Helen, to kiss her awake. They get up and follow him upstairs. In his room he takes Helen’s hand and leads her toward the en-suite saying, “Candice, please show Carly how to kiss properly.” With a grin she heads to the bed as Carmen makes room for her as she’s tried out Candice’s kisses and is eager to see how Carly reacts. Carly can’t understand the fuss, but she accepts Candice’s embrace and enters into the spirit of the kiss. Very soon her arms are waving as her eyes are rolling and she’s gasping for air when Candice breaks the kiss. John takes Helen into the en-suite and starts washing her.

Brooke soon turns up to dry her as Carmen gets in and Candice holds Carly up as she waits her turn. The women and girls wander in and line up for baths. Liz, Mary, Janice, Belinda, Gwen, and Beth arrive at their normal time. Many of the washed girls hang around in the hall to give the neighbours their regular tit show thrill. Although the boys are welcome in the pool at any time they still enjoy this flashing tit show almost as much as the girls enjoy putting it on. Amanda is sent out for the papers today and she gives him a quick kiss on the lips, he blushes as his erection vanishes. He leaves smiling. Everyone is soon bathed and dressed for the day’s activities.

Over breakfast John chats with Brooke about what to do with Carly. They decide they’ll have to keep her with them and enrol her at the school when it restarts. After breakfast John walks over and gives Mr Bellingham the spare key to the house while explaining they’ll be out shopping for most of the day, so they can clean the pool any time before they get back around 4:30 p.m. He also asks him to provide a list of what cleaning gear John should get, and Mr Bellingham nods his agreement.

The buses arrive at 9:45 a.m. as they’d been taken to the depot on Wednesday to do a full inventory assessment for the sale, and they all climb aboard. Driving slow as the drivers are sort of under instruction while getting used to these buses, they reach the mall in thirty minutes. They take their time getting off the buses and forming up into shopping teams before entering the mall. They’re surprised to find the first shop is a swimwear shop, but they’re happy to select outfits.

John has Carly and Carmen served by the manager so he can have them served first and do some other shopping. By 11:00 a.m. John is leading the two to Victoria’s Secret. Carly is surprised and happy when he tells May to outfit her with four sets of daywear underwear, two sets of going out underwear, and two dresses. Daisy helps Carmen with four sets of daywear underwear, two sets of going out underwear, two real fancy dresses, and a simple dress for court. While they’re engaged in playing dress up for real he’s happy watching the show and talking to Elise about setting up an account for his ’family’ members to come shopping and charge things. She smiles as she does the paperwork. He also arranges for her to charge him for the orphanage girls to get three sets of daywear underwear, two sets of going out underwear, a nice dress each, and four sets of underwear for each nun. John is surprised about how happy this makes her so he asks why. She says, “I know how much the girls will appreciate this gift. I grew up at that orphanage.” He smiles as he’s glad to be making so many people happy.

Both Carmen and Carly wear one of their new outfits as they head back to the main group. On the way they stop at the shop specialising in school uniforms and he has Carly measured for a full set of uniforms. When she asks why he says, “You need to finish your education. I figure you don’t want to go back to your step-father and I’m not going to let you go back out on the street. So that leaves you staying with us while you go to school.” Her eyes go wide and she hugs him. “Can I take that to mean you agree?” She nods. They rejoin the group in time to go to the restaurant for lunch. Both of the shops arrange for staff to take the other clothes to the buses.

At the restaurant they find the other invitees waiting for them with the orphanage group are a single block. As they enter John and Bernie check everyone is there. The banquet is smorgasbord style so they enter and select food. They’re all soon seated with Brooke making sure to mix them up, to the consternation of the nuns. John has Mother Superior say grace before they eat. He’s not sure who’s more surprised by this, Mother Superior or Brooke. Drinks are served by the staff and extra food trips are up to the individuals. They take their time over the meal as they chat while eating and drinking. Near the end of the meal John announces the inclusion of popcorn, lollies, and drinks are in the theatre deal. He takes time to walk around the group handing everyone their tickets with a five dollar note each in case they want another drink or something. The Mother Superior is surprised about his largess and very concerned about what his motives are. She stops wondering when another nun speaks to John.

One of the younger nuns asks, “John, I know you’ve always liked helping people, but how come you can afford to do all this?” She went to school with him and she doesn’t think he can afford it.

“A few months ago I was murdered at work and I got a good payout. I’ve a new job with that company and I’m on commission, I earned over ten thousand dollars last week alone. Plus a big reward for helping to break up the large crime network that murdered me. I can now afford to indulge myself by helping others.” All the newbies go wide-eyed with the comment on being murdered, but they realise medical intervention must have been swift. He turns to the Mother Superior, “Mother Superior, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve made arrangements with Elise for your girls and staff to visit her shop and select new clothing at my expense. Go when it suits you. She suggests today after the theatre.”

The Mother Superior is stunned and she replies, “But doesn’t Elise run that expensive shop called Victoria’s Secret?” He nods in reply. All of the orphanage girls smile. Underwear from Victoria’s Secret - never in their wildest dreams did they think they’d ever shop there. While gulping she nods her head in wonder, “I’ll speak with her after the movie. Will you be going with us?”

He shakes his head, “Much as I’d like to, no. I won’t even be making the movie now. After I saw you yesterday I got a message from my solicitor about a court case I’m a witness in. The case is Tuesday and I have to see the solicitor this afternoon about being prepared for it.” She nods to show she understands, and smiles at everyone as she lets the girls know they’ll go do the shopping after the movie.

They finish eating and chatting at 1:45 p.m. They leave and make their way to the theatre. John helps coordinate everyone getting their popcorn, sweets, and drinks before they enter the theatre - even Carly, as she’s going instead of Carmen. John gives his ticket and five dollars to a girl they meet on the way to the theatre. Once everyone is safely inside with Steve and Fred sitting nearest the entrance John and Carmen head to Hedly’s offices which are just down the street.

After going over how to present the little they’ll be presenting on Tuesday John and Carmen are finished at Hedly’s well before the film is over. So he heads back to Victoria’s Secret and buys some more outfits for Carmen. They all have fun during the selection and fitting process. They finish shopping just before the movie ends. They go to the theatre to wait for the rest.

Afternoon Activities

Bus Ride

It’s 4:30 p.m. before they reach the buses and head home. Twin twenty-two year old boys are driving the buses while their twenty-four year old sister, Marla, is there to make sure the account is paid to them, she’s the company money person. She’ll ride home in the bus. John boards the bus and heads for the back seat. He sits right in the middle with Carmen and Wendy beside him. Before sitting down he takes out the money for today’s bus hire and he hands it to Wendy to hold for him. With everyone seated he puts one arm around Carmen with the other around Wendy as he slides a hand inside the top of their dresses and cups a breast in each hand. Marla first seeks payment from Harry who’s on the front bus. Harry walks to the back bus and points out John. She grins when she sees Marla’s stunned expression caused by John’s happy position. Walking down the bus Marla says, “Do you always sit on the bus playing with the girl’s tits?”

He smiles, “Usually, but not always. Sometimes I do this.” He pulls his hands back and brings his arms in front of the girls to slip them under their dresses. Lifting the hems to their waists as he slides his hands into their panties as he plays with their pussies. Marla goes bright red, and brighter still when Carmen writhes in her seat and moans as she comes. A smiling Wendy reaches out with her right hand to give Marla the money. When the bus moves off Marla watches them as she puts the money in her purse and writes a receipt. She watches Carmen have seven orgasms as Wendy has four. She hardly moves as Vera, who’s sitting beside where she’s standing, reaches over and slides her hand under her dress and into her panties to play with her pussy. Marla soon moans with her first orgasm. From the seat on the other side of the aisle Patrice reaches over and lifts Marla’s dress skirt up to her waist as Candice kneels behind her and slides her panties down. Slipping them off her feet she spreads her legs apart. The back two rows now have a clear view of Vera’s hand in Marla’s pussy. Candice undoes the top of Marla’s dress and slides her hands in to fondle her breasts. Marla leans back on Candice as she comes again. Marla locks eyes with John as Patrice slips out of her seat and starts sucking on her clit. Patrice is Candice trained. As Marla comes again they lower her to the floor. She’s lying on the floor with her dress around her waist while Candice and Vera suck her breasts as Patrice eats her pussy. Her eyes are locked on John’s as she experiences numerous orgasms. She’s very embarrassed to be exposed to this man she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want the girls pleasuring her to stop. They keep her coming until they reach the house. The bus stops and her brother stands to look down the bus. His eyes pop out and he comes in his pants as he sees his sexy sister exposed and coming at the mouths of three sexy schoolgirls.

John says, “We’re home, let her be. Time to get off.” They stop all actions. Vera kisses Marla, then Patrice, followed by Candice. She comes again during the kissing. John kneels beside her and sits her up. He pulls her dress up and fixes it. He lifts her up and holds her while Wendy puts her panties back on before fixing up the lower half of her dress. John sits her in one of the empty seats so those on the back of the bus can leave. Looking at her he says, “Marla, I do hope you liked the way the girls showed their appreciation of such good service from your company. I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.” He smiles, and he leaves the bus. The buses drive off after everyone is off the bus and their shopping is off loaded. Marla is sitting beside the window watching them and licking her lips as she smiles at them.

John finds his neighbours in the cleaned pool. Tom gets up and leaves soon after they arrive as he has a date he has to get ready for. He’d been playing with Amanda’s breasts for the few minutes since they arrived and he walks out with a clear indication of how much he’d enjoyed the game, an erection. His mother giggles when he blushes on seeing her looking at it. His brother Theo is lying on the grass playing squeeze tittie with Kim when she winks at Patrice and leans over to kiss him. He’s just entering into the spirit of the kiss when Patrice slides her juicy pussy down on his dick. His eyes pop open and his hips automatically push up as he moans. He only lasts a few minutes before he comes. She’d only come once. Both girls get up and Patrice lowers her pussy to his mouth as they give him pussy eating instructions. He’s hesitant at first, but he soon gets into the spirit of the occasion and eats her to four comes. Mr and Mrs Lincoln watch the show as they fuck like mad. Lee hardly saw a thing as he had his eyes closed while Dallas practised her deep throat technique on him, to his great pleasure. He’s now returning the favour by eating her to her third orgasm. John gets out of the pool and goes to see what’s being organised for dinner.

In the kitchen he finds Melody, Belinda, Gwen, Beth, and Brooke discussing that very subject. Between the five of them they have seven ideas for dinner. Walking up behind Brooke he starts playing with her pussy as he listens in. Spreading her legs apart he slides his dick into her wet pussy as he says, “Why not take the easy option and call the Chicken Hut to order a heap of roast chickens for seven p.m. That gives them time to cook them just for us.”

They’re discussing this when Brooke says, “Yes, yes, fuck yes.” It’s clear she’s coming.

A laughing Gwen says, “Oh well, if you’re so in favour of this Brooke, that’s what we’ll do. After all, it’s your birthday party.” Her only response from Brooke is a moan as she comes again.

Brooke is bent over the kitchen table having many orgasms when Beth says, “May I please have a cream pie.” John tweaks Brooke’s breasts to make her come again as he comes in her twice, withdrawing as he does and coming a third time at her entrance. With his dick out Beth sucks it clean as he turns Brooke over and slides her further onto the table. Beth moves to sit at the table and eat Brooke to more orgasms.

Mary, Liz, and Janice walk in and ask about dinner. Melody fixes them a snack as they didn’t spend half the afternoon snacking while watching a movie. She sends Beth off to get something from the main pantry while a smiling, Mary takes her place at Brooke’s pussy, to their mutual delight. John takes a snack through to Carmen as well, while having a small bite himself.

When he returns Liz tells John, “I’ve more paperwork to show Barbara when you want. Total sales of the off the shelf prosthetics is now one point two million dollars. Of which we’ve now shipped seven hundred thousand dollars worth.” John smiles as at this rate they’ll have Masters repaid in next to no time. He does some quick calculations. These are all his ideas and he gets two and a half percent commission on all of the sales from his ideas. That’s thirty thousand dollars income for the last two weeks, and his smile widens.

Captain’s Capers

Just before 7:00 p.m. Gwen and Melody head off for the chickens. They soon return and hot chicken is served up. The telephone rings, it’s Hedly, Miller wishes to question Carmen tonight. Hedly would like to tell her to get lost but he doesn’t wish to give her any ammunition for Tuesday’s court case. John smiles and tells him he’ll have Carmen at the police station in twenty minutes as most of it is drive time. He finds Carmen and they get dressed. He asks Katie to drive him as she’s eighteen years old and she has her driver’s licence. They soon head off. He has a plate of chicken for Katie to eat later and another plate of chicken for Carmen to eat now while driving.

At the Central Police Station, where Miller is stationed, they meet with Hedly and ask for her. Katie sits down in the supervised reception area and she has her dinner. The rest are shown into an interview room and asked to take a seat. Fifteen minutes later Miller walks in finishing a sandwich. John and Carmen just smile at her as he’d warned Carmen to watch out for this sort of trick. Hedly also holds his temper as he’s determined not to give her any opening at all. Two hours later they have covered everything that’s been previously covered and Miller is letting them go. As they stand up to go John turns to Miller while saying, “Captain, I don’t think you realise how much you alienate people with your arrogant behaviour. When you do and are prepared to apologise to me, please do so. I’m really a nice guy who helps people once they’re prepared to accept the help. You know where I live.” She stands there staring at him while they leave.

Outside Hedly asks, “What was that last bit with Miller about?”

We know she’s about to take a fall while she doesn’t. When she does her power hungry world will collapse and she’ll have nothing. If she realises what happened and why I’ll help her with an attitude adjustment and to get her life sorted out again.” Hedly shakes his head in wonder as they go to their cars and drive off.

Evening Events

Home at 10:30 p.m. they strip and get a snack of cold chicken. They reach the pool area in time to catch the tail end of a Cheetah Girls DVD. Brooke gave out the bed assignments earlier. Katie and Carmen are assigned to John’s bed as she wasn’t sure when they’d be home. Deciding on an early night John heads upstairs and both girls follow. Feeling a need to be clean again John runs the bath and they smile at him. He gets in and invites both ladies in with him, Katie climbs in to sit opposite him and Carmen says, “May I ride your rod while I’m washed, please.” He nods and provides a 3W erection for her. Smiling, she climbs in and lowers herself onto his dick. Katie is agog at the size.

Picking up the washer, he starts to wash Carmen as he thinks, ’Dickman slom 1M, 3W, 15R, 300S.’ He’s washing and fondling her breasts as this starts. Her eyes go wide as her smile widens and she soon gasps for breath while she comes. Katie stares at her. John says, “Don’t worry, Katie, I’m just giving Carmen a very thorough auto fuck as I wash her, and she’s coming. She’s my very well trained slave. All she needs is the feel of my dick to make her come, and having me fucking her sends her right over.” Katie’s eyes go very wide as she wonders what an auto fuck is. He asks, “Katie, have you tried one of the fancy adjustable dildos Brooke has for loans?”

She gulps, “No, I want to, but Brooke won’t let us borrow one unless we’ve been with you. I’ve used a ’Big Boy’ a few times with different girls, so I now know roughly what to expect.”

At John’s request Katie washes Carmen’s legs and front. She also plays with her clit and John’s balls. He holds Carmen up with one hand fondling her breasts while using the other to wash her face and body. When the program ends he lifts her up to sit her on his thighs and wash her back. A little later, when she can stand, she gets up and turns around to lean over and kiss him. Katie uses the opportunity to wash Carmen’s bum and feel her up. Carmen breaks the kiss and stays like that, smiling as he fondles her breasts. After a few minutes of this he signs for her to get behind Katie. He lifts Katie up and places her on his thighs. Using one hand to hold her labia apart he uses the other to slide her up his thighs until her pussy is rubbing his dick. Keeping his arms to her sides he takes hold of her shoulders and hugs her to him as he kisses her. Carmen slides up his legs and places her arms around them both to make it a three way hug with Katie in the centre. She enjoys the feel of Carmen’s breasts pressing against her back. Breaking the kiss John holds her and kisses her neck while Carmen washes her back. Katie wriggles as she becomes more aroused. With her back washed John signals Carmen to move back. He lowers Katie until her hair is floating in the water. He leans down to kiss and suck on her breasts as Carmen washes her hair. Katie comes twice before the final rinse. John lifts his head away and Carmen grins as she fondles Katie’s breasts while washing them. John lifts Katie and stands up so Carmen can wash her bum and legs.

John turns and holds Katie over the floor towel saying, “Since you liked the show you can dry her as that’s your normal job.” A smiling Brooke walks over from the doorway to dry Katie as Carmen and John get out to be dried. They walk into the bedroom and John has Katie lie in the centre of the bed with Carmen beside her. They play with each other’s breasts and kiss when John signs for them to do so.

He turns to Brooke as she says, “Uncle John, can you have another talk with Sera and Barry, please. There’s still a lot of tension there.” Giving the girls a weak grin he makes his dick go limp.

Love Orders

He nods while asking “They still in room three?” She nods, “Find Dallas and send her to me in room three with her partner, who ever that is.” She nods again and turns to leave. He turns to his bedmates, “Sorry, I have to go do some damage control. Please enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He leaves the room. He knocks on the door of room three and walks straight in to find Barry and Sera kissing. “OK, you two, out with it, what’s the real trouble?”

Barry says, “I think Sera is still upset I won’t have sex with another.”

“Is that true, Sera?” She nods, “Why, give me the reasons in full.”

She looks at him, “I love Barry and really love making love with him. But it’s best when I’m very turned on to begin with. The two things that really turn me on are watching someone else being fucked and eating a cream pie. A video recording of people getting fucked does nothing for me, but seeing a man fucking another woman right there, well, it’s so sexy. I think it’d be mind blowing sex for me if Barry puts on a dick clamp and fucks another woman to several comes before he mounts me for a marathon session. I’d not like it to be that way all the time, but every now and then as a special night type thing. But I won’t know if that’s so until after I can get him to do it.” Barry sits there watching her with his eyes going very wide as she speaks. John slowly nods.

“I think I know what you mean. What really gets me off is watching you girls come with each other as I like it almost as much as feeling you come on my dick.” Lowering his voice he says, “Barry, tell me why you won’t do this.” This isn’t a question, it’s a demand.

“I love Sera so much I don’t want to lose her or go to someone else. I’m afraid if I have sex with another more experienced girl who gives me better sex I may leave Sera for the better sex.” Sera’s eyes go wide.

John slowly nods, “I can fix things so you don’t have to worry about that, but it’ll mean neither of you will ever be happy without the other, do you want that?” With wide grins they both nod. Brooke arrives with Dallas and Houston. She has a guilty look. “Some last minute changes, huh?” She nods. “Dallas, Houston, please wait in the hall for a few minutes. Brooke, go find the boxes from Preston and get one of the dick clamps with its control unit. Bring it back and wait in the hall with the girls, unless I’ve brought them in by then.” She nods and they leave the room.

He has Sera and Barry sit on the bed side by side as he sits on a chair facing them. Looking at Barry he says, “Barry, look into my eyes, deep into my eyes.” As he does John moves his eyes from side to side. Barry’s body starts to sway in time to John’s eyes and Sera’s eyes go very wide at seeing this reaction. “Barry, Sera is the great love of your life, her happiness and welfare are more important to you than your own. You love her with your whole being and you know she loves you the same way. The greatest sex you’ll ever have is with her, but you’ll also enjoy sex with other women, especially when Sera is there with you. You like watching her make love to other women. You know she loves watching you with other women too. Do you understand this?”

Barry smiles as he nods and he says, “Yes I do, thank you.”

John turns to Sera to go through the same hypnotic routine with the same the wording, except Barry’s name replaces hers. Now they’ll both enjoy seeing their partner with other women.

A smiling Sera nods as she says, “Yes I do, Uncle John.”

John asks, “Barry, ready to try giving Sera a mind blowing time?”

With an ear to ear grin he replies, “Hell yes, what do I have to do.”

John invites Brooke, Dallas, and Houston in. He tells Dallas to suck on Barry’s dick to get it erect and apply the clamp. She adjusts it to his dick as she sucks it some more. At the same time John has Houston eat Sera’s pussy. Sera and Barry are getting turned on watching each other with another woman. John takes Brooke to the other side of the bed to lay her down. He sets to eating her pussy. She soon heaves with an orgasm, followed by another and another. She says, “Fuck yes, but, please, don’t suck it right off.” Sera looks over her shoulder at them and comes on seeing what they’re doing. John lets Brooke’s clit go and stands beside the bed. Smiling he goes to a 3M and places his stiff dick at her vagina. He slides in and fucks her. Sera comes a few times while watching them. He gives Brooke a nice fucking for many orgasms, slowing down he comes in her. Withdrawing he stands there as she sucks his dick clean. She moves up the bed and spreads her legs wide. Sera lifts Houston’s face from her pussy and moves between Brooke’s thighs to eat her cream pie. With a big smile Barry lifts Dallas off his dick and mounts Sera to fuck her hard and fast. She comes on the first thrust. After some minutes of this both Brooke and Sera have had over a dozen orgasms. John stops them. He helps Brooke get off the bed and has Sera lie on the side of the bed. He directs Houston to climb on the bed and spread her legs wide. She smiles when John motions Barry to her. With a smile Barry moves between Houston’s thighs and eats her pussy for a few minutes. Houston comes five times and Sera comes six times from watching them. She has a huge smile which widens when she signals for Barry to fuck Houston and he does as instructed. Both Sera and Houston come as he slides his dick into Houston.

He fucks her to a dozen orgasms before Sera say, “Oh fuck, please, please fuck me, darling.” Grinning, he switches to Sera and fucks her hard and fast. She wraps her arms and legs around him to pull him in closer as she comes again and again and again. Houston goes to stand up, but John touches her shoulder and waves her back to the bed.

Many minutes later Sera is exhausted and lying with her arms and legs spread wide, John says, “Time to switch back to Houston before you fuck Sera dry and hurt her.” A concerned look crosses Barry’s face as he pulls out of Sera and mounts Houston again, to her obvious pleasure. He wants to come, but is enjoying the fucking a lot. John gives them a few minutes of straight pleasuring each other then he turns to Sera. She’s recovered and coming again as she watches her man fuck her friend. John hands her the control for the dick clamp and tells her how it works. With a grin of delight she holds it near to where the happy couple are joined and waits for him to start his next forward thrust. She releases the clamp as he reaches bottom. He starts to come, and he thrusts harder. Houston comes. Sera comes. He holds Houston as he comes in her, with his deflating dick leaving a trail of sperm along her vagina. Spent he withdraws. Sera pushes him aside and dives on Houston’s cream pie, eager to taste her first cream pie made by her man. Brooke pushes Dallas to Barry and has her suck his dick clean. He looks over at Sera eating his sperm out of Houston and gets another erection. Picking up the dick clamp control, John explains its workings to Barry, who makes sure it’s in place and clamps it tight on his new erection. With an ear to ear grin he moves behind Sera and mounts her. She screams an orgasm into Houston’s pussy and causes her to come as well.

Turning from the bed John looks at where Dallas and Brooke are playing with each other’s pussy and points at his stiff dick, “Dallas, care for a ride.” With a wide grin she darts over to him and places her arms around his neck as she lifts herself up to his chest before lowering herself onto his dick, sighing as she does so.


She says, “Uncle John, Slut One is always ready to be fucked by her master and do what he wants. But Dallas is very eager to be fucked by her Uncle John and eager to do anything he wants too. Slut One is ready to have her master’s baby when she leaves high school. But Dallas is eager to have her Uncle John’s baby now. This is because Slut One is the silly arrogant bitch who forced her way into your house while Dallas is the smarter girl who’s learned from Slut’s mistakes and loves being welcomed to your home.”

Grinning he fucks Dallas up and down on his dick while he asks, “Houston, do you want to stay here and play with Barry and Sera?” She nods, “You may.” She smiles at him. He leaves the room with Dallas still on his dick and Brooke beside him, “Brooke, how much input did you have in this change, and does it affect Houston as well?”

Smiling as she closes the door she says, “After you made love to Houston the other day she got to thinking about how she’s seen the different ways you treat people so she spoke with Dallas at length. They realised why you were down on them and spoke with their mistresses, confirming their analysis. Their mistresses brought them to me and we talked at length. They wish to stay here and they both think their mother would benefit from being part of our household too. I agreed to accept them into the household once you approved. But I refused to speak on their behalf until after the holidays were over or you asked me. I figured you’d ask me once you noticed their different behaviour.”

He slowly nods as he asks “Who’s your partner for tonight, Brooke?”

“Dallas once you’re finished giving her a good fucking.” He thinks, ’Dickman slom 1M, 3W, 10R, 240S,’ as he turns and heads toward bedroom two. Dallas starts to come as the auto fuck starts. She holds tight to his neck as she heaves in orgasm and moans. Brooke watches the reaction and she smiles as she realises what’s happening. “Now you know why I insist the girls fuck you before I let them near a ’John Boy.’ I want them properly spoilt first.” He grins in reply. They enter bedroom two and he holds Dallas to him until the program finishes. He lowers her to the bed and comes in her as he withdraws. His dick is back at the 3M setting.

Standing beside the bed as Brooke moves toward Dallas’ cream pie he says, “Enjoy,” and leaves.

Night Fun

John goes to his bedroom to find Carmen on top in a sixty-nine with Katie. Smiling he extends his tongue and kneels between Katie’s thighs. Pushing Carmen’s head out of the way he pushes his tongue into Katie’s vagina. He curls the tip up as he tickles her insides. He knows when he reaches her G-spot as she heaves and gurgles into Carmen’s pussy. He keeps up his tongue assault as Carmen plays with Katie’s clit and breasts. After eating Katie to several comes he withdraws his tongue and moves onto the bed. He slides his tongue into Carmen’s mouth and she comes three times during the kiss. He returns his tongue to normal. At his signal Carmen moves off Katie so John can look at her smiling face as he asks, “I gather you like my tongue action?” She nods, “Then you’re going to just love what my dick does to you.” She smiles wide and licks her lips in anticipation. She’s always been scared of sex because lots of girls said it hurts and how bad it is. Yet all of the stories on how great it is to be fucked by Uncle John, added to the comes and looks of pleasure on others as he fucks them, have made her eager to be fucked by him. “This’ll be a lot easier for you than most as you’ve already breached your hymen with the dildo. The really big difference you’re going to learn now is how having a thinking lover behind the dick can make a difference. See Brooke and try a ’John Boy’ tomorrow. You’ll see what I mean.” She gives him an odd look as he slides his dick into her. It’s wider than anything she’s used before, but it feels so good as she feels so full and it tickles her vaginal walls as it slides in. “My dick is the design model for the ’John Boy.’ That’s mechanical and does what it’s told by you, this one does what I want it to do and it can get you pregnant.” Having reached the full depth of her vagina he pulls back a bit and he starts a slow gentle fucking action. She comes on the third thrust and he speeds up. Several orgasms later he swivels his hips and he moves his dick around as he slides in. She comes again and again and again. For several minutes he thrusts in and out as he keeps her coming. When he slows down and withdraws she’s very exhausted and extremely happy.

He lies down beside Katie and cuddles her to him, Carmen smiles and pulls the quilt up around them then she cuddles up and they go to sleep. The whole house goes very quiet with soft music playing through the night, and the occasional young woman’s soft moan of pleasure.

Day 16 - Saturday

Waking up at 5:45 a.m. John fondles Katie’s breasts. She moans in her sleep. A few minutes later she wakes up saying, “Lovely alarm.” John laughs and extracts his arms, rolling over to wake Carmen in the same manner. She wakes up and rolls over to kiss him. They get up and head for the bath in the en-suite, reaching the doorway just as Brooke walks in the bedroom door with the first of the bath line.

Today he takes his time bathing them, to their mutual enjoyment, but still averaging under four minutes per wash. Sera, Rachel, and Janice are washed in the main bathroom by their beaus. Nataly gets the papers today and gives the boy a kiss in the lips. Another set of damp pants for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He must be the happiest sixteen year old boy in the neighbourhood. For most of the ladies it’s a simple wash; sit on his thighs, wash one side, turn around, wash the other, lie down, wash the hair, get out and get dried. However, he’s changed the order so Gwen, Rissa, Mel, Stacey, Wendy, Liz, Mary, and Brooke are the last ones. They get a different wash today. He feels he may have been neglecting them. With these last eight he washes their hair first then he sits them up as he lifts them and lowers them onto a 3M erection, except Mary as she gets a 5X. He gives them a two minute auto fuck by reducing in size to a 1M and back to the larger size at five times a second while he washes their front and fondles their breasts before turning them around and repeating the process. They all have a bit of trouble getting out of the bath afterwards, but they wouldn’t have had it any other way. They leave the bathroom with huge grins.

John and Brooke arrive in the kitchen for their breakfasts at 10:25 a.m. On Gwen’s orders everyone is wearing their new swimsuits today and helping with general cleaning duties. The rubbish skips are due to be replaced around noon and everything suitable has to be in them. Gwen is also organising another fair sized grocery shopping expedition for Beth and Melody, so they’ll take the mini-bus with the seats folded up. The post breakfast task assigned to John and Brooke is to prepare the bus for the trip. John will go along to pay bills. Today is a ’make and mend’ day. This afternoon Belinda and Beth will be taking most of the dirty linen to a laundromat with commercial sized washing machines to catch up on the washing. Belinda and Gwen are still investigating new washing machines and they haven’t yet decided on a model to buy.

Two mid-twenties men arrive with the truck to collect the skips at 11:30 a.m. They take their time unloading the new ones and are happy to wait for the old ones to be readied, as the girls are still tossing bags of rubbish in them while wearing some of the skimpiest swimsuits you can buy. They’re in no hurry to rush the girls as they really enjoy the waiting and the girls are enjoying the teasing. Harry and Rachel are in the doorway directing traffic. Brooke set them to that task as they have the skimpiest of all outfits on, about ten square centimetres of material together; mostly string with micro patches over their groins and nipples. Leaving the girls to their games the shopping team heads off. Belinda driving while John sits between Carmen and Beth with an arm around each to fondle a breast of each as the four squeeze in the seat.

Shopping Surprise

Arriving at the supermarket they enter and approach a supervisor. Since they’re buying most things by the case it’s easier to organise to get it from the back storage and not the shelves. The supervisors are familiar with John, Gwen, and Belinda now as this is the fourth such trip and they know why they’re buying so much. The supervisor calls one of the storage staff forward. She hands them the list to organise the order for them. They browse the specials and fruit while waiting. They’re called back to the front desk to pay for it when it’s all ready.

While they’re waiting a man at one of the checkout cashiers starts to gasp for breath and stagger. A woman in another checkout lane grabs her handbag and rushes over. She arrives just as the man falls to the floor and staff start rushing to the scene. They’re only a few metres away from where John and the supervisor are. He takes a step and focuses his medical sensors to get readings. Turning to the supervisor he says, “He’s OK, it’s a diversion, alert your security people.” She turns and looks at him for a second before turning to her desk. She picks up the phone and sends the discreet security alert. She also calls for the police. Looking along the checkout counters John sees three young men busy stealing the purses of people gawking at the collapsed man. He points them out to the supervisor who nods and directs security people to them. Walking along the checkouts John reaches one of the thieves and grabs him. He hits him with a light Taser charge. The man shakes and collapses to the floor. The supervisor directs one of the staff to secure him. John catches up with the second young man and repeats the process. The third man turns and runs through one of the checkouts while looking back at John pursuing him. He runs straight into the arms of two mall security guards as they walk in the doorway. One handcuffs him while the other walks over and asks what’s happening. The man on the ground starts to act as if recovering, while John tells the guard the story as they walk over to him. The man is leaning on the counter as he looks around as they walk up.

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