Power Tool ~ Revised 2021 ~
Chapter 03

Copyright© 2021 by Ernest Bywater

Week 04

Day 22 - Friday

When John wakes at 5:30 a.m. he wakes Carmen by kissing her, and whispers to her. They change positions and she cuddles Helen as she fondles her breasts. Helen wakes up to someone kissing her neck and fondling her breasts; she tenses until she recognises the feel of breasts against her. Opening her eyes she sees Carmen and reaches up to pull Carmen’s mouth to hers. As they kiss she looks past Carmen to see a sleeping John. She knows he’s a cyborg who doesn’t need much sleep, but it doesn’t register because she’s used to thinking of him as a normal person. In her current state she lists him as being sound asleep when he’s lying there with his eyes shut. He’s aware how scared she is of genital male / female sex and he knows she wants to be fully sexually active. But this conflict has been playing hell with her for the last few weeks and he’s held off with her while hoping she can sort it out. She hasn’t and he has to act before the conflict drives her crazy. Carmen and Helen become more aroused as their hands wander all over each other as they kiss and cuddle. Carmen has Helen panting toward an orgasm. John senses it’s time for him to get involved so he glances at Helen, her head is back and her eyes are closed as Carmen’s hand works on her clit. He slides off the bed to move between Helen’s thighs. Once in place he eats her pussy while sliding two fingers in and out as Carmen leans away from Helen. After her third orgasm John kisses his way up her body to her breasts. Rising from her breasts he has Carmen lean in to kiss her way up to Helen’s mouth and rub her breasts against hers while he plays with her pussy. Helen can feel Carmen’s breast against hers and thinks it’s all her.

John soon has Helen’s legs spread and is ready to enter her. She starts another orgasm and he slides his stiff 2M dick in while he rubs her clit. She comes twice before his dick is halfway along her vaginal sheath. During the orgasms she can tell it feels different, but she’s too distracted by her pleasure to analyse what’s different. A moment later she realises the difference is the feel of something in her vagina so she thinks Carmen is using a ’Big Boy,’ she’s already had a few nice encounters with them and she liked them being in her. Her eyes fly open as she remembers Carmen hadn’t booked out a ’Big Boy’ last night, and she looks up into John’s eyes just as his groin meets hers. He smiles at her as he starts a slow thrusting action in her wet pussy. As she comes again she realises her fears of her first proper fuck are needless as she’s already come a couple of times during it. She goes back to kissing Carmen as she lets her body take over her mind while she concentrates on the pleasure signals. About ten minutes later he thinks, ’Dickman slom 1M, 2M, 10R, 300S.’ She starts a continuous orgasm and goes into sensory overload. After the program runs out he withdraws and smiles at her almost comatose body while he moves behind Carmen to slide into her from behind. She starts to come as he enters her and thinks, ’Dickman slom 2M, 5M, 10R, 300S.’ She has many orgasms during the program and smiles at him as she flops on to her side after he withdraws from her. He smiles back as he pulls the covers over them and heads to the en-suite.

He enters the en-suite to find the bath ready and a smiling Brooke waiting for him with his first few bathers. Returning the smile he starts washing people; he’s not going slow nor is he rushing the process to make people happy by being pampered while washing them.

Everyone is washed, with Carmen and Helen last, and down to breakfast for 8:30 a.m. As Mary, Liz, and Janice get ready to go to work John asks, “How’d the papers go today, or have you let up on him?”

A grinning Mary replies, “We felt we needed to let up on the poor boy a little, but still give him a new thrill. You’d think he’d never seen large breasts before because he came in his pants when my tits brushed his chest as I leaned in to kiss him. He did seem to like admiring a mature woman as much as the young girls.” John smiles as he wonders how the boy will feel once the holidays are over.

With a wide grin Brooke says, “I think once the holidays are over there’ll still be enough of us living here to justify continuing to give him a thrill as we get the papers, don’t you. But we may cut back to just hugs at times. I better take time to tell him next week.” They all grin as they’ve all become used to teasing the poor lad, and he seems intent on helping them tease him too.


The Preston team are about to leave for work when John’s phone rings. It’s one of Franks’ boys telling him three men are setting up around the cars in the drive. John thanks them and he tells the others to stay inside for the moment. Slipping on a tracksuit he clips his Glock to the belt and he has Harry watch the kitchen door while Steve watches the front as he slips out the back door. Working his way around the garage he slips in amongst the bushes against the fence and he moves toward where he can sense one of the men. He soon has all three men spotted as they’ve spread amongst the cars. They have no guns visible and it looks like they intend to capture someone. He comes up behind the first one and he places his left hand over the man’s mouth as he hits him with a light Taser charge to the chest from his right hand. After lowering the unconscious man to the ground John moves up behind the second man who’s waiting beside one of the cars and he repeats the trick. The third man sees him and goes for his gun, only to find himself staring down the muzzle of John’s Glock while his is still only half out of its holster. He decides to leave it in the holster and he pushes it back before raising his arms. Smiling, John walks up and relieves him of his gun. He then directs him to a spot near the first man as he removes his gun and he has the would be kidnapper pick up his friend in a fireman’s carry while he takes the other man’s gun and picks him up by grabbing his coat one handed. The conscious kidnapper is shocked by this feat of strength. A moment later they’re walking in the front door under Steve’s eye.

The Preston contingent leave for work while John is securing the kidnappers arms behind them. Several minutes later all three are once again conscious and ready to be asked questions. John smiles at them as he takes out their guns and casually breaks the barrels in half with his hands while saying, “Now I know you don’t want to tell me anything, but I also know you’ll tell me everything I want to know before you’re finished. If I have to go to the trouble of using truth serum to make you talk I won’t like that and you may not survive it. So save us all a lot of time and tell me what I want to know so I can let you leave here alive. I’ll even arrange your long term survival by giving you a chance to switch to Guy Franks.” They stare at the guns he’s destroying while they listen. They talk about who sent them and what they were to do after kidnapping the three women who leave the house early. They also tell him where their current boss is and how many men he has. This is all recorded on two tape recorders as Steve goes out to find out what happened to the police guard.

He finds them in their car across the street, knocked unconscious and in need of medical help; which he calls for. The ambulance is quick to arrive on the scene to treat the officers, as is the supervising sergeant for the shift. Steve tells him he came across to have a chat and found them this way, but he makes no mention of the prisoners. While Steve is talking to the sergeant John exits the house and he walks over to a nearby car. The sergeant gulps in shock when a man he knows to be a top aide to Guy Franks gets out of the car and talks to John. He sees John hand him a tape player as they talk.

John crosses the street, smiling as ’Bags’ Gibaldi gets out of the car, he’s one of Franks’ top sub-bosses and his show of respect by exiting the car is a sign of how much importance Guy Franks must put on John. His nickname is ’Bags’ as he made his entry into the local organised criminal fraternity by lifting bags of valuables from people in the train and bus depots or hotels as he had a knack of knowing which were the best to steal. Most people now call him Mr Gibaldi. John says, “Good morning, I have a tape of some fresh information on our common foe. I’m sure you can make use of it. I also have three people who’re are now very interested in being recruited by your boss, very interested.” This elicits a laugh from Gibaldi and his boys in the car as he takes the tape player off John to hand into the car for one of his boys to listen to and send instructions out over their radio link. “Please let me have the tape player back when you’re finished with it, no hurry. And you can interview the new recruits as soon as you like.”

Gibaldi smiles and says, “Thanks, I’ll confirm some things with the boss and come over to talk to these people.” John nods agreement and he goes over to Steve and the police sergeant.

John gets out his phone and calls DC Williams, “Hello, Williams, John Smith. I’m sure you already know about what happened to your officers. I’ve made a deal with Guy Franks and he’s taking over the outside observation of the house for me as he can afford to assign plenty of people. Can you ask your people to not worry about a permanent watch and to be careful of the private watchers?” A moment’s pause, “Thanks. Please let Hedges know I’d like to come in and have a short talk with you both before lunch, if that’s convenient; if not, get back to me with a time.” Most of this is heard by the wide eyed Sergeant. John says to him, “Soon you should get word you don’t need to provide us with protection as I see no need to risk your officers when I’ve private help available. The trouble is coming from a Di Georgio sub-boss and Guy Franks’ offered protection as it helps him snare any of Di Georgio’s men sent after us, so it’s making them easier to find and recruit.” Gulping, the Sergeant nods to John before thanking them for the alert about his men, and he leaves.

As John and Steve walk back toward the house Gibaldi joins them. When he walks in to see so many lovely naked women and girls he almost has a heart attack as Steve and John laugh at his reaction. It only takes a few minutes for the three men to convince him they really do wish to swap sides as they definitely don’t want anything to do with anyone who’s stupid enough to be going after John as he kind of impressed them with his strong man act. The four men leave together.

To be on the safe side John puts the house on alert. Harry and Steve share their guns with Gwen and Melody while Fred goes with John as his driver and he has orders to take cover if anything happens. The girls are to stay inside and Steve is to answer the door. At 9:30 a.m. John and Fred leave to drive off in the mini-bus as John thinks if they get shot at again it means only the one vehicle has holes. As they pull out of the driveway Gibaldi waves them down and points out a car as he tells John it has orders to follow behind and keep an eye on him. The crew in it will radio in for help if they see anything starting, but they’ll stay out unless called in by John. John nods his thanks, and they leave.

Morning Tasks

First stop is another gunsmith and the purchase of four Glock 31Cs he has with ten spare magazines plus two boxes of ammunition for them. John loads the magazines as they drive away. A quick stop at the bakery to collect today’s trenchers, and back to the house.

They leave again at 10:30 a.m. and Fred now has a Glock plus two spare magazines. Belinda, Rachel, and Brooke are all carrying, as are Barbara, Julie, Deborah, and Alice; they have come to spend the day at the pool and they brought the rest of their children with them. The general idea is to have as many armed people on hand as possible. Sex isn’t on anyone’s mind at the moment, but safety is. Eleven armed people should be a reasonable force to handle anything that can get past the outer line supplied by Franks. John feels the house and the people in it are safe. Liz, Mary, and Janice will have some company armed security take them to get their certificates and licences during the day.

Fred isn’t happy about carrying a pistol, but he does carry it. They arrive at police headquarters at 11:00 a.m. and are sent to the secure car park. As they leave the vehicle a lot of passing officers wave and call out to John as he’s getting very well known here. They arrive at DC Williams office and are shown in by his secretary. Hedges is there and he greets them with, “I don’t know how the media would take it if they find out we’ve pulled police protection off a witness because the local organised crime boss can provide a better coverage?”

A laughing John says, “Announce the local police have been called off as security is now handled by a special organised crime group. The media will think it’s a special federal force and Gibaldi’s crew will wet themselves laughing. Or say I’ve organised private protection.”

Nodding agreement as they try hard not to laugh Williams hands over some papers while saying, “Here’s some paperwork, special pistol licences for Gwen, Belinda, Stacey, Melody, Fred, Brooke, Peta, Jacqui, Lorna, Paula, Rachel, Sera, Melissa, Wendy, Clarissa, Tina, Dallas, Houston, and Carly. The mayor had a fit when Commissioner Henry asked for gun licence approvals for eleven eighteen and nineteen year old girls. It helped they’d all passed the handling courses and seven are daughters of local millionaires with three others being sort of adopted daughters of one millionaire. When we pointed out the eleventh was the young woman in your recent shoot out he signed them all. Also in there are approvals for you to set up an armoury in the house and to purchase body armour for all of your staff and residents. I’ll feel a lot safer once that’s done.” John smiles and nods his thanks as this is much more than he expected to get, and much sooner than he expected to get it.

Hedges says, “My boss wants to know how come you have an in with Guy Franks, other than saving him from the Di Georgio set up!” It’s a statement, but spoken like an order.

John smiles, “Back when Guy first took over two of his crew leaders were pushing to get into in drugs. I and some friends sent Guy a strong message suggesting they stay out of drugs and a few other types of crime I objected to. Guy was thinking it over when the two crew sub-bosses started setting things up their way. I and my friends paid a visit to the two men and their senior people active in the drugs, nine in all. We sent them to visit Guy, but we used twenty-seven parcels to do it. We included evidence of their activity with what we did to them and why. Guy was smart enough to stay with the status quo.” Hedges is staring at John with very wide eyes, as is Fred, while Williams is just nodding; he’d heard the rumours at the time. “I was only seven at the time, but I was already skilled in organising things for the Snake Gang, as I was their planner and war leader.” Hedges gulps as his eyes attempt to leave his head. Fred is stunned. “Guy saw what I did to them and the Di Georgio people trying to move in at that time, especially one sub-boss sent to kill the daughter of a prominent policeman. Guy is scared of me and he knows he can’t touch me so he tries to keep me happy and safe, now that he knows exactly who I am. He’s very smart and he looks to the long term.”

Hedges says, “Shit, I can’t tell my boss all that. I’ll just cut it down to he has a lot of respect for you and he likes how you set up his arch rival. That he can understand and accept.”

John smiles and nods agreement, “I needed to find out if there’s anything you need to know from any of Di Georgio’s sub-bosses. I can’t afford to let them keep taking shots at us so I’ll have to go on the offensive to stop them hurting the girls. I’ll probably have some of Guy’s people for support, or get them doing the work as they can get some benefit from it. But if you have anything specific I’ll see what I can shake loose for you.” Both nod as they start a long talk about various areas of special interest they’d like him to get information on, if he can. After another thirty minutes of discussions they start to wind it up.

As they stand to leave Williams asks John, “Is it OK if I send some people round with some files about mid-afternoon, SCIT have some cases they think you might be able to help with? They’ll bring the paperwork for casual contract employment.” John nods as he thanks them for their time. At the door John turns and asks for advice on where to get some bullet proof cars. Hedges gives him the details of two companies that convert cars with light weight plating and he tells John to get overpowered vehicles. Ten minutes later Fred and John are driving down the street on their way to a mall for lunch.

After a light lunch they head to a car dealership to look at new vehicles. With the expert help of Fred and the dealership manager John selects a thirty seater bus, several sedans, two limousines, and a van. John orders the variants with the most powerful motors possible and all of the accessories he thinks are suitable. He calls the contacts Hedges gave him to organise for them to make the vehicles bullet resistant, one is too busy and the other is just finishing a major job, so he’s happy for the new work. Arrangements are made to have the vehicles delivered to them by the car yard, and to John in a few weeks after they’re modified.

Street Games

When they come out of the showroom John looks down the street and sees a man waving, going to telescopic vision he sees it’s one of Franks’ men and he looks concerned. John lifts his hand and waves as the man grimaces and makes his left hand like a gun while pointing toward where the mini-bus is parked with his right hand before waving it about the street. John gets his message and nods his thanks to him. Turning to Fred he says, “When the trouble starts hit the ground, find cover, and shoot any armed people shooting at us.” As Fred nods and gulps John is using his sensors to scan the area. He soon picks out a van with five people hiding in it and over a dozen other armed people in the almost empty street.

Nearing the bus Fred reaches for the keys in his pocket. Four armed men approach them from the left as another four come from their right. John casually reaches under his coat with his left hand as he moves toward the closer group on his right. The eight men suddenly go for their guns. Fred drops and draws his gun. John leaps to his right as he brings his left hand up with his Glock and opens fire on the men to his left. The other dozen armed man in the street are drawing weapons and one is talking into the window of the van with men in it. The men near John are a bit shocked by his standing long jump to his right. He fires one round to his left as he jumps, another while in the air, and a third as he lands. Three of the men on his left have expressions of shocked pain on their faces as they start to topple over with bloody messes where their chests used to be. As he lands John back hands one of the gunmen in the throat, crushing it. As that man falls to the ground John shoots the fourth man on the left and grabs the next nearest man on his right by the coat. Using his right hand he throws the man a couple of metres to the solid steel pole holding up the car yard’s sign. The man’s head hits the post very hard, and his head loses the contest as it splits open, killing him.

Fred drops to the grass beside the mini-bus and uses it for cover as he takes aim around the front of the vehicle at the armed men running across the road. He fires two rounds to drop the lead pair, causing the rest to change direction a bit and spread out.

John steps forward to grab the third man from the right hand group by the throat as the man points his pistol at John and fires. This position puts John in front of and between the two men. The bullet hits his belly and ricochets into the chest of the fourth gunman, surprising both men. The fourth man drops his gun and starts to fall as John snaps the neck of the man in his hand while aiming up the street to shoot another armed man running toward them. Turning from this encounter John steps clear of the back of the mini-bus and takes aim at the van with the five men in it. The doors are opening as the men are moving out. Things have happened so fast they haven’t got out of the van yet.

Meanwhile, Fred has shot two more men crossing the street and winced as two return rounds have hit the mini-bus above him. He fires at a fifth and hits him in the chest as John fires at the van.

John uses his infra-red sensor to locate the men in the van and rapid fires five rounds through the side of the van to hit each of them in the middle of the torso, all five drop as the rounds punch through the thin van walls and rip their bodies apart. The one nearest the back falls to the ground with a M16 assault rifle in his hands, it’s forgotten as he dies. After moving further around the back of the mini-bus John opens fire on the three men trying to get across the road by using the mini-bus to block Fred’s view of them. All three are given chest renovations as Fred does the same to three men he can see charging down the middle of the road.

Both stop and search the area with great care as they hear two cars accelerating away from the area.

There are no more active threats visible and John counts twenty-five dead gunmen lying in the street. Both John and Fred change magazines while keeping an eye open for more. Sirens can be heard approaching, fast. John scans the area as he walks to Fred while he gets his phone out of his pocket and he puts his pistol in its holster. Williams answers the phone as John is helping Fred to his feet. He says, “John Smith here, they’re at it again, as you’re probably aware. We’ll wait here for your people as the bad guys are all dead or left now.” Williams acknowledges the call and hangs up before getting onto the radio to inform control of who’s involved. John calls Steve and tells him what happened, and Steve puts the house on full alert again.

John helps Fred walk to a nearby café to sit at one of their outside tables. He orders two large hot chocolates when the owner walks out to take their order. As the owner heads back inside John looks down the street to see the man from Gibaldi’s crew still looking up the road with a stunned expression on his face. Catching his eye, John stands and salutes him as a thank you for the warning, the man nods back. Focussing on him, John can see he’s talking on the radio and is probably telling the others how deadly John and Fred are. He soon starts walking up the footpath toward John. He stops clear of the scene when the first police car arrives and pulls up in front of him. Very soon several more police cars arrive and the police officers are securing the area.

John and Fred are about halfway through their drinks when a detective walks up and asks for their statements. John takes his drink to another table so Fred doesn’t have to move while they tell the police their stories. The officers check the serial numbers of the guns and confirms they’re two from the other day, so they have ballistics samples already. A few of the more experienced officers are shaking their heads as they glance from John and Fred to the dead gunmen while having trouble figuring how two civilians killed twenty-five gunmen without getting a scratch. John had done his coat up to hide where his shirt was damaged by the shot into his belly. The officers at the van are very puzzled how John was able to score such dead centre hits through the van walls, five shots, five dead. The general consensus is he must really know how to use a gun.

When the detectives are finished with John the man from Gibaldi’s crew approaches John’s table. The detective knows him and is surprised when he sits down while saying, “I’m Johnson. Five others got away, three jumped in a sedan down there while two more jumped in a sedan up here and they took off at high speed. Mallory won’t like that. He sends thirty men out to take down two men and he has five cut and run as twenty-five are wasted. No, he won’t like it at all. He’ll probably take his anger out on them if they’re stupid enough to go back to tell him in person.” He looks at the stunned look on the detective’s face, and he adds, “These are all from Mallory’s crews, as were the lot the other day. I suspect he thinks taking John out will see him made the new capo, if he lives that long.” Shaking his head the detective stands and walks away. As they watches him go Johnson says, “We got our second car to pick up the car near us a bit further down the block. They followed it for a while and stopped them. We’re questioning them now, but not getting anywhere. The boss asked if you’d talk to them.” A smiling John nods.

He stand and walks to the detective to say, “If you don’t mind, we’d like to leave now. Let me know when you’re finished with the mini-bus and I’ll collect it. Johnson is going to give us a lift.” The detective looks at the two of them and nods, as it’s clear there’s a damn sight more to this than is evident, but he has no intention of going beyond what he was told to do by Williams. Johnson, Fred, and John are at the gutter as a car driven by Johnson’s partner drives up to them.

Fifteen minutes later the car drives into a warehouse and stops. They get out of the car and Johnson leads them over to a brick office in the back corner. Inside the office are three men tied to chairs and two very burly men interrogating them. The men in the chairs have had a bit of a beating as they have their heads hanging down and their faces are bruised. They all turn to look at the new arrivals. After a short look the tied up men hang their heads down again. One of the burly men says, “Nothing, they aren’t talking.”

Question Time

With a large grin John grabs a chair and places it in front of the first of the men in the chairs. Sitting down he lifts the man’s head until they make eye contact. He starts to move his eyes from side to side, and the man’s eyes follow his. In a deep voice he says, “When my friends and I start asking questions again you will answer them truthfully and fully. Understand?” Wide-eyed the man nods. John repeats the procedure with the other two prisoners. With them ready he turns to Johnson and says, “Do you have some tape recorders handy?” He nods and one of the original interrogators opens a cupboard to show several. “Please set up four to record everything they now say.” The man nods again and he does so.

Once ready John questions the men about Mallory’s current support and possible locations. He also asks about the things Hedges and Williams want information on. After getting all he wants from the three men he takes two of the recorders, “You can trust anything they tell you as they won’t lie any more. I need a lift back to my vehicle.” All three of Franks’ people are looking long and hard at John as they nod. They know from John’s questions and the answers that the men told the truth and they’re very concerned as to how he did it. As Johnson leads John and Fred out of the room the other two men sit down and question the prisoners about things of interest to Franks.

On the way back John listens to one of the tapes and he makes a copy of edited selections on a blank tape he grabbed before leaving the room. They arrive back just as the police are winding up their tape and they’re packing up to leave.

John has a quick word to the detective in charge and he hands over the edited tape for him to give to Williams with a request for him to copy it and pass it along to Hedges. The detective looks at the tape and then at John who says, “I’ve just been having a quiet word with a couple of Mallory’s people, and this has the answers to some questions DC Williams and Agent Hedges asked me to ask if I got the chance.” The detective gulps and glances down at the tape while he wonders just where the hell John fits into things. His concern is clearly written on his face, so John adds, “I’ve been helping close down the Di Georgio network due to information I gathered. I’m also the contact point between the law enforcement agencies and Guy Franks as I’ve known Guy for many years and he doesn’t want to get me angry at him, so I can approach him with safety and he knows I’m not out to get him.” The detective slowly nods as this makes sense and he can understand it all now.

They get back in the mini-bus and Fred drives them home.

At Home

John walks in at home to find three dismayed police officers sitting at the dinning room table as two nude schoolgirls serve them snacks and drinks while others wander through the room. What doesn’t help is Brooke standing nearby, nude except for a belt with a loaded Glock in its holster. John has a hard time not laughing at their expressions. He smiles as he nods at Brooke and she leads the girls away. One of the police officers is a policewoman in her late twenties and she has a large grin at the discomfort her partners feel with the situation.

Sitting down at the table John accepts the papers they hand to him. After reading them he calls Steve to sign as a witness. When Steve walks in nude the policewoman gives him a wolf whistle, he smiles while he says, “Look all you like, but you better ask my fiancé for approval before you start anything as she’s a crack shot.” This gets a few laughs and it lightens the atmosphere.

With the papers signed they hand over the files. As they get up to leave he says, “Not much here wait a moment while I read them, please.” He opens the files and he scans them. While he reads them he also commits a copy of the image to his computer memory storage to allow him to review it again later. It only takes him ten minutes to scan the files. Leaning back he thinks about what he’s read then he makes notes. He brings back from his storage some of the information from the Sunday with Williams. He covers four pages with notes. Handing them to the officers he says, “I don’t have access to the computer systems to do this, but you need to check the records on the following businesses and people. Also talk to your Vice people about the files I mention on page two, as there’s some stuff in there that relates. I saw those files some days back and remember their contents. Once you’ve gathered the information I mention on these pages you should have all you need to properly identify which of the eight people mentioned are involved in this fraud and the evidence to get a warrant to search their systems and files. Check the areas and files with the names mentioned here, as that should give you enough to convict them.” The three officers are shocked as they’d been reading and evaluating those same files for two months without getting anywhere, and John gives them leads in only a few minutes. He stands and smiles as he leads them out.

Note: A week later they thank him as following his suggestions yields the evidence they need for search warrants. Looking in the areas and file named in his report they find all of the evidence needed to convict them. They still don’t know or understand how he did it, but they accepted the help he provided.

Williams calls to thank John for the information provided on the tapes as they’ve already used it to capture a number of criminals in possession of illicit substances and stolen goods. All of which is applying pressure on Mallory’s remaining network and reducing the number of properties he has access to as the police take control of the ones they find involved with criminal activities. About ten minutes later Gibaldi rings to let John know he’ll have the ten men he asked Johnson to organise for some work later, and they’ll be ready outside John’s house just after dinner. John thanks him and he goes for a swim.

Diving into the pool he swims up behind Wendy as she talks to Paris and Rissa. He slips his arms around her to fondle her breasts as he kisses her neck. She smiles as she leans back against him. Rissa smiles as she reaches down and grabs his dick to rub it against Wendy’s pussy. Wendy grins and says, “Please.” Smiling, he makes his dick stiff as Rissa pushes it in to Wendy’s vagina. He goes to a 3M and slides in and out of her. Holding her to him he walks to the side of the pool. Paris, Rissa, Julie, Deborah, and Barbara join them. Reaching it he places her hands on the edge and leans her forward as he starts a fast fuck. She has a few orgasms before he switches to a 4M while almost out of her and he slides in to contact her cervix as he comes in her. She has another orgasm as he fills her up. Kissing the back of her neck he withdraws.

He slaps his hand on the edge of the pool, “Rissa, assume the position. Paris, you’re next.” With big grins both ladies lean against the pool. He takes position behind Rissa and slides his dick into her eager pussy as he notices the Masters sisters taking up position in line after Paris as they watch him. He spends several minutes fucking Rissa to numerous orgasms before pushing against her cervix and filling her with sperm. He moves on to Paris and spends several minutes doing the same with her. Moving to Julie he notices the edge of the pool has Stacy at the head of a long line of women and girls leaning against it waiting their turn and Brooke is changing the order of people lined up, some are happy with the changes and some aren’t. He notices the younger Masters girls have left the pool area so he stops worrying about them. He smiles and laughs as he works down the line giving each woman and girl several minutes of gentle fucking as they have many orgasms. With each one he’s trying to get pregnant he stops deep in them and he fills them with sperm. He’d only intended to fuck Wendy, Paris, and Rissa, but he sees no reason to stop when the ladies are so eager. About two hours after this marathon ’love in’ starts Melody and Gwen start serving dinner at the pool. They have hamburgers being served on plates so they don’t get wet by the water beside the pool. Those who he’s already had sex with are helping with the meal preparation and delivery. About three and a half hours after starting he’s had sex with twenty-three of those present and has to get ready to go out. After withdrawing from Carly he stands beside the pool and says, “I’m very sorry, but I have to go out for a few hours. Please remember your place and we’ll return to this pleasant exercise regime when I return.”

As he turns to leave and get dressed he hears a few complaints but he grins when an unidentified voice yells out, “Damn right you will,” and it’s followed by quite a few calls of agreement.

Dressed and ready to go, John has five loaded spare magazines and a round in the breach of his pistol. The Preston ladies have come home and are armed, as they were able to collect the five of the model 19Cs John ordered. The house should be well defended while he’s out. John leaves the house and he crosses the road to Gibaldi. He’s introduced to ten men in three waiting cars, Johnson will lead the group. Because of his proper handling of this afternoon’s incident he’s being given the chance to prove himself with more authority by leading this group under John’s general direction. John nods at the others as he climbs into a car with Johnson and the cars drive off.

Evening Entertainment

A little later they pull up a few metres from the last turn into the street to the warehouse Mallory is in with the bulk of his gunmen. They leave the cars idling for a fast getaway if needed. Johnson leads the way into the corner building and is met by another man who says, “Mallory arrived about an hour ago with four cars of men. That makes about thirty to arrive since we did.” He leads them to a room where there are two monitors set up showing the scene from cameras looking down the road. The target is a large warehouse at the end of the road with open space all around it with the lake at its back.

John asks, “Is there a window where it’s safe to look out?”

The man nods and leads him to a room with an open window. The lights in the room and the last two rooms are turned off, so they use light coming in the windows as they walk through the rooms. John stands there looking out the window and using his sensors to tell what he can about the street and the warehouse. It’s too far away for him to get a good read for most sensors, but he can tell some men are set up in ambushes along the way and a couple are on the roof. They go back to the main room and John points out the rubbish skips that have armed men waiting in them near the last buildings. They discuss how to approach the building. They figure they’re using radar to detect anyone moving down the streets or across the lake, as they know they have sonar working in the lake. This is an older area and the power lines are on poles, not in pipes in the ground. John looks at the power poles; every second pole has a street light, but it’s below the power lines and stuck on the end of a post about two metres long. He smiles as he realises anyone on the power line will be almost invisible to anyone looking up the street, as the lights will blind them. Turning to Johnson he says, “I can get in there by myself without being seen. Give me a radio and wait for orders before charging down the street, and watch out for the ambushes. When I call come down the street as fast as you safely can and take out any opposition you meet on the way. I’ll need an untraceable pistol in case I have to leave it behind.” Johnson nods and one of the other men gets a pistol out of a bag to hand him, wiping it with a rag as he does. John slips it in his pants hip pocket and he does the button up to hold the flap down to keep it in.

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