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Chapter 05

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Week 05

Day 29 - Friday

Waking up at 5:30 a.m. John continues to lay there cuddling Wendy as she wakes up, followed by Brooke. A few minutes before 6:00 a.m. they stand at the window and watch as Marcia gets the papers. When James arrives the building workers who were busy getting set for the day stop and make themselves comfortable. Marcia strides out and gets the papers, nodding at the men like a queen acknowledging her court. As she’s walking back to the house and the men are now buying their papers one of the men walks up and speaks to her, she laughs and bows to a group of men standing around the driveway. John and Brooke start the baths, and when it’s Marcia’s turn she tells them, “One of the building workers said my mode of dress qualifies for the top ten best dressed women of the city.” They all laugh.

This morning the workers head off in two cars with Liz, Mary, and Janice in one while May, Nadia, and Nora take another. A little later the school group head off, but without Carly. John goes with them on the bus for the morning kissing routine which now includes most of the girls from the party as well as Bernie and Rosa. He sends a note to school about Carly being late due to having to visit the Welfare people. Then back home and off in the mini-bus with Fred driving.

John takes Carmen, Paris, Iris, Marcia, and Isobelle as well as Carly when they go for their appointment with the welfare supervisor.

They’ve had time to look into Carly’s circumstances since he rang to report her being with him. At the welfare office they’re met by the same woman who helped with Wendy. She’s surprised to see such a large group and smiles on reading the necklaces. They go into a conference room and she completes the forms before talking to everyone about how well Carly is fitting in at the Smith residence. She then takes Carly to another room and speaks to her at length about why she left home and how she finds John’s unusual lifestyle. From there it’s a short trip over to see the judge and get a court order placing Carly in the care of John and Gwen with supervision by the welfare service. Carly is very happy with the outcome. After dropping the welfare service woman back at her office they drop Carly at school with a copy of the court order and the details of her old school, then they go off to do some shopping.

They go back to the shop they bought the new beds at and place an order for another sixteen of the king plus single bunk beds. When it’s all finished they’ll have thirty-six bedrooms, other than John’s room, each bedroom will have a king sized double bed with a single bed above it. That’ll be plenty of room for everyone and guests. The special bed for John’s room will easily take four people comfortably and the upper bunk bed is an over long queen size bed to maintain the ratios. So they’ll have beds for one hundred and thirteen people in comfort, and they could easily fit in another thirty-six without squashing, just by putting an extra body in all of the big beds. They figure they’ll now be right for a long time to come. Everyone will have their own room, although John doubts they’ll live in separate rooms, but they may store clothes etc. in an assigned room. The store also sells other furniture and John orders a dozen three seater lounge chairs with a water proof covers to go in the pool area for extra seating so they don’t always have to sit on the grass. He also gets more small tables and single chairs for around the pool, and some funny little floating tables for in the pool. He’s told his special bed will be ready next week.

Next stop is an electronics store a few kilometres away for a better quality projection television system and screen so they can continue to watch television and DVDs on the side of the house since the rental one was returned yesterday. He buys one with it’s own integrated high quality sound system.

A visit to the store next door to collect the personal communicators Steve ordered, they did a bulk buy of fifty as that was the smallest number they could get with their own unique built in auto encryption system. It also includes a base station for installation in the house. Everyone in the bus is given a radio and they start using them. They’re very much like what you see the spies etc. use in the movies, just a small earpiece and a small microphone with a pocket transmitter unit that includes the encryption chips and batteries.

They pop over to Preston Industries and John has Mary install one of these radios in his chest, hooking it into the existing radio unit. When she did the last lot of software changes she knew this would be coming, so it’s just a matter of making the link. John can select this unit the same way he selects a band on the other unit, the encryption is all done inside the new radio so it’s just a standard audio link to the main radio. The one drawback with the radio is it requires some sound by John for him to transmit it, so he has to speak. But he has the option to turn up the pick up and whisper or speak normally when using the radio. John leaves one of the units with Mary to use and he gives another to Janice for her use.

When John drops in to visit Liz and give her a radio he finds she’s deep into some paperwork. Seeing him walk in she says, “John, I’ve learned to love you. But there are times when I hate you. You saved the company and buried me in paperwork. Luckily most of this is once only stuff for the government.”

He laughs and hands her the radio while saying, “Have you had someone speak to the proper officials about what they want in a body for the corrective services people to use in prisons yet? And how about a modification for the fire service with an internal oxygen cylinder and an external feed to supply to masks for those being rescued?”

She looks up, “One of us has a serious memory problem as I don’t remember us discussing those subjects.” She hits the intercom and passes the data on to Diane with a request for her to give it to the proper research and design staff. Looking up, “You know that’ll probably be the difference that gets us into the emergency services and police markets. I don’t want you to stop coming up with useful ideas for sales, but please slow down until I get on top of the paperwork again.”

“What say I help you out a little bit and let you borrow Paris and Isobelle for a while as a gopher and personal assistant. I think they’ll be good at those roles. I’ll just take them for suitable clothes and drop them back around lunch with a lunch for you.” She smiles and nods.

As they leave on the way to Victoria’s Secret John tells the two women what he wants them to do. They both nod and smile at the thought of good work.

Elise and May are happy to see them and provide advice on what the well dressed junior business executive should be wearing. Four mix and match executive outfits each, and off for lunch. They eat in the mall and get some takeaway Chinese for Liz and Diane. As they’re leaving the mall they run into Bonnie and Nat again. Both women are happy as they’ve been told they got the jobs. The person doing the hiring was very impressed that they turned up in new outfits from Victoria’s Secret for the interview, and that was it, they’re hired.

John sits them down and buys them a congratulatory lunch while Fred escorts Paris and Isobelle back to Preston. Iris, Carmen, Marcia, and John have drinks as Bonnie and Nat eat. Then John insists on taking them back to Victoria’s Secret for two more outfits for their new work. Making them both very happy, as well as Elise. This time Daisy serves them as May and Nadia are busy with other clients.

Again Bonnie and Nat are surprised with just a kiss on the cheek after being bought expensive clothes, but they now understand he’s just being helpful, not trying to buy their bodies. They smile and get his address with promises to pop around to visit some time soon. As they walk away they discuss ways to thank him.

Fred returns to pick them up and they go home.


Gwen is glad to see John arriving back as she needs him to make decisions on the renovations. One of the fallouts from a certain bribe taking clerk resigning is the replacement staff actually study the plans for full compliance with building codes. The original development plans submitted were for two levels of bedrooms, but build only one level of bedrooms now. With the decision to build both levels now the plans have to go back through the approval process and the clerk in charge has denied approval for the second level of bedrooms until a large bathroom is added on the top floor. This requires amendments to the plans and the builder needs approval of options which Gwen wants John to look at first. They discuss the matter at length.

The house currently has the lower level larger than the top level as the attached garage is only one level and the bottom level is deeper than the upper level. The original plans were to add a level over the garage and bring that up to the same height and have the backward extension match the new height. The extra bedroom level would be a new height above and behind the existing building. Putting another bathroom area into that level will reduce the bedrooms and cause issues with the plumbing as the current plans use the existing water and drain pipes. The builder can’t see a reasonable way to add the extra bathroom. Although attached to the house the garage isn’t an integral part of it. After asking more questions on existing walls and pipes John proposes a major change that they all think will work well.

The revised plan is to remove the garage and strengthen the foundations to take a three level building as the main house fittings are strong enough already. The new construction will include a new garage with an office area for John beside a stairwell at the back of the current garage area that goes up to both new levels, giving two stairways to the top level and three to the middle level. Above the garage will be the large multi-bathroom as planned with another one above it for both to use the same water, sewage, and drain pipes. A bedroom on the middle level will be plumbed as the hair salon. This’ll keep the bedroom numbers the same and add another multi-bathroom. This’ll mean extra work, but it’s all doable and it should be able to be done within the existing time frame as it simplifies the work above the garage. Instead of being careful with the garage they’ll knock it down and build a new one. The builder is so sure this’ll get approved he organises to have the garage emptied and removed while the architect is working on the new plans. After this meeting it’s time to go collect the girls from school. Rosa is there to be collected as well, and without being told to be there.

When they get to the house Rosa is surprised the girls sit down and do their homework first. Although only those with homework due Monday have to do homework all of the girls do homework as they don’t think it’s fair for some to play while others can’t. Those with homework due aren’t residents. Rosa undresses and is about to go for a swim when one of the girls asks her advice about where to go for more research on their history assignment, Rosa teaches English and History, since the girl asking isn’t one of her students she gives some advice which is listened to by all who have that assignment. Instead of swimming she stays to help some others with their homework as well. When Brooke is happy with their homework status they all strip to go swimming after putting their books away in their bags.

Rosa is surprised when Rachel asks her if she’d like to join in on a mini-orgy and get double teamed by Max and Barry. Gulping, she nods and follows her upstairs to a bedroom where the boys are waiting with Sera and Tina. Rachel has Rosa stand beside the bed while Tina eats her pussy and Sera kisses her as Rachel rubs against her back while the boys watch as they put on condoms and dick clamps. Rachel waves them forward as Max coats his dick with KY.

Moving in front of Rosa Barry takes over kissing her as Sera moves around to rub her side and Tina takes hold of his dick to rub it against Rosa’s clit. A moment later she feeds it into her pussy as he moves forward. Rosa moans with the entry as Rachel plays with her arse. Rosa leans on Barry as he thrusts in and out a few times, then he stops and holds her to him as the other girls wrap their arms around Barry and Rosa. She’s wondering what’s going on when she feels Max holding her arse cheeks apart as he probes her rear with his dick, she’s not real happy with this idea yet, but she finds the four way hug means she can’t move at all. After another minute she feels a little uncomfortable with Max in her arse and Barry in her cunt, both balls deep. Tina rubs her clit and she stops worrying about anything except her pleasure. Sera calls the cadence as the boys move in and out and the girls loosen up. Rosa soon starts coming, after another few minutes the girls need to hold her up as she moans while the boys are fucking her senseless. Tina signals time and both boys pull out. They help lay Rosa on the bed. Sera and Rachel lie beside her as the boys change condoms to fuck their ladies while Tina lies on Rosa and kisses her.

A little later Rosa is back with them as she looks at the fast fucking going on either side of her as Tina sucks her breasts. She taps Tina on the head and says, “Thank you. Now slide your pussy up here and tell me how to eat pussy properly as I’m not too experienced at it.” With a big smile Tina moves up and starts to teach her teacher pussy eating.

About thirty minutes later Gwen is wandering around gathering everyone for dinner when she finds the six way pile up in bedroom four. Smiling at the sleeping group she wakes them up and sends them for a quick swim to clean up before dinner. As they walk out of the room she notices Rosa is a lot more relaxed than she’s ever seen her before. She makes a mental note to talk to Brooke and John about finding a partner for her, one that’ll appreciate her properly as a person.

After a dinner of grilled steak with vegetables and chips, a rather mundane choice compared to the many exotic mixes they had during the holidays, everyone heads for the pool again except Rosa, John’s new slaves, and a small group of instructors. Brooke leads them up to bedroom one and starts them on the sex education course. Since there’s only seven students in the class each of the instructors can give them personalised instruction and testing. The trainees pass all of the tests, including Candice training. They’re ready to put the knowledge into practice so Brooke leaves them to play until bedtime.

In the meantime John, Harry, and Steve have labelled all of the gun safes in the armoury with people’s names and taken people down, one at a time, to set the combination on their safe to something known to them, with a copy of the combination in a sealed envelope. They all put their cleaning kits in the gun safes and some put one of the guns away as well. the Preston test equipment is put in a safe with a combination set by Mary that Liz knows as well. By 11:00 p.m. everyone except the trainees have set their safes, so John goes and brings them down to do theirs.

By the time that’s finished it’s 11:35 p.m. and time for bed. John is down to sleep with Rosa and Captain Miller. So he goes looking for them. He finds them in his bedroom with Captain Miller secured to the bed by the restraints while Beth fucks her with a Big Boy as they both come. Moving closer he can see a condom covered vibrator in Miller’s arse as well. Rosa is standing to the side and smiling. When John looks at her she whispers, “You should have seen the look on Miller’s face when Brooke asked ’Mistress Beth to take Miller away and enjoy her until Uncle John arrives.’ It was priceless. This little exercise has been good for Beth’s self-confidence and Miller’s humility, and I’ve really loved watching it too.” John smiles as he walks over to tap Beth on the shoulder.

Beth looks over her shoulder and smiles. She dismounts from Miller and takes the Big Boy off as John mounts Miller. He slides in and thinks, ’Dickman slom 1M, 3.5MP, 8R, 600S.’ She’s just starting to focus on him when the program starts. She can’t work out how he can lie on her unmoving while his dick is fucking the hell out of her, but not for long as she’s soon coming very hard. By the program’s end she’s almost unconscious from the auto fuck and he comes in her as he pulls out. He signs Beth to enjoy the cream pie as he removes the restraints. After getting Rosa to suck him clean he moves behind Beth and slides into her, and thinks, ’Dickman slom 1M, 3.5MP, 8R, 300S.’ She soon moans with her orgasms and collapses on to the bed. Rosa is gulping as she looks at the two exhausted women when he turns and waves her to the bed beside Miller. She walks over and lies down as he picks up Beth and carries her off to her own bed assignment.

He returns and has Rosa practise her cock sucking before he has her mount him as she pulls the quilt over them all. Once she’s well seated he pulls her down to his chest and kisses her as he holds her tight and thinks, ’Dickman slom 1M, 3.5MP, 8R, 600S.’ His rapid fire auto fuck while holding her tight makes her eyes pop as she starts to come. By the program’s end she hasn’t the energy to move a finger. He smiles and cuddles her as he goes to sleep while still in her and holding her to his chest.

Revised Renovation Plans

The architect is fast to complete the revised plans for the renovations and gives them to the builder who immediately takes to John to approve. John has everyone in the house review the plans and hands them back to the builder within a few hours so he can get them officially approved so the work can go ahead.

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New House Plan First Level

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New House Plan Second Level

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New House Plan Third Level

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Day 30 - Saturday

John wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and kisses Rosa until she wakes up. She wakes up with a start as she realises his stiff dick is still filling her pussy. He goes limp and she dismounts so he can roll over and wake Miller. With them all awake he takes them into the en-suite and runs the bath. Climbing in he has Miller join him and he washes her. She gets out as Brooke arrives to dry her and Rosa gets in. John says, “I don’t know who’s turn it is, but I want Slave Miller to get the papers today. Please arrange it while I wash Rosa.” Brooke nods and leads Miller out as John washes Rosa. When finished he lifts her out and dries her before having them dry him. They both go and stand in at the window to watch the paper delivery today.

The building workers are on hand and waiting for the papers when James arrives. He stops and stands there as Brooke leads a very red faced and nude Miller out to buy the papers. Some of the workers recognise her and whistle at her. When she leans down to kiss James and hold his dick as he comes she goes even redder. Rosa is giggling all through the episode. John returns to the en-suite and gets ready for the rest of the morning baths as the girls wander in.

Brooke soon returns and brings Miller with her. John looks at Miller and asks, “I see you’re feeling very embarrassed about that little task.” She nods. “Now you know how experienced officers like Steve feel when you try to tell them how to do their jobs. If they didn’t already know how to do them very well they wouldn’t have been promoted. Many sergeants and senior constables don’t go for higher promotion because they’re street cops and they want to stay on the streets. It’s where they feel they can do the most good and do the job they signed up for. They don’t want to do the paperwork. In future I strongly suggest you think about their street knowledge and how you just felt whenever you feel compelled to talk down to them.” She looks at him for a moment as she thinks and nods her understanding of the lesson. “What’s your mother call you?”

I takes her a moment to realise he wants her first name, “Ophelia, as she was very much into opera.”

John groans, “I could easily understand if you killed your Mother. What a name to foist on a girl in today’s society. OK, mind if we call you Lia. I’m not going to use Miller or Ophelia all of the time and Ophi just sounds totally wrong too.” She half smiles and nods approval. “Right, Brooke, next time Hilda is here I’d like her to spend some time talking with Lia, please arrange it.” Both nod. While this conversation is happening John continues with the morning baths. At 8:30 a.m. he’s finished and in the kitchen having his breakfast.

A little later he’s outside checking on the work in progress when the builder arrives. Shaking his head he walks up to John and says, “What is it with you John. I’ve a dozen projects in hand at the moment. Some started weeks ago. Since the Aryan Arse Hole left the paperwork has flowed a lot faster, but my other projects take days for the paperwork to get through the council while yours is different. I walked in late yesterday to give them the new plans while expecting to get them back late next week, and I get hit with, ’this for John Smith? Come back in an hour.’ And an hour later it’s all approved.”

John smiles, “I’ve noticed that myself. But I’m not exactly sure who’s pulling what strings. I’ve been helping the state and federal police to close down the Di Georgio crime network. In the process I’ve been involved in a few shoot outs with bad guys, putting about fifty of them in the morgue. Also helping with this is our local crime lord, Guy Franks. He has a lot of respect for me and I’m the liaison between him and the cops. They’re all happy with what I’ve done to Big Jim and Franco Di Georgio and they’re doing everything they can to make me happy. So this pressure could be coming from the state or federal powers or Franks, I don’t know or care. I’m just making good use of it while it’s there, and I’m thankful for it.”

The builder laughs and shakes his head, “It’s a good thing I now know you have all those connections. I’ll make sure nothing is shorted on this job as it could be hazardous to my health to upset you.”

John laughs, “I wouldn’t harm you if you made a mistake. I’d just sue your arse off and sell you as a sex slave to a dominatrix I know so she can take it out of your hide one painful fuck or whipping at a time for a long time to come, which you won’t do.”

He laughs at the picture John paints while he wonders how much of it would be true. He settles for getting on and doing what he does best, supervising residential construction and renovation work. He leads John around the site examining the work so far and explaining it. The new driveway is drying, as is the foundations and the concrete floor of the back part of the house. Saul let them put the gear from the garage in his almost empty garage. The garage has been removed and the existing lightweight concrete floor is having holes cut in it for the new footings. They’ll leave the bulk of the floor in place and just pour a new one over it as the main thing they need to do here is put in deep large footings for the new walls. Monday morning the pallets of bricks will be delivered and the actual construction will start.

The builder explains they won’t cut the holes for the connections to the house until they have the exterior walls of the new buildings in place. The way the work has been designed the majority of the interior walls aren’t load bearing, so they’ll put them up as shells with the floors and connect into the existing brick work as they put the wall up. The materials for the interior work will be placed inside the upper floors before they put on the next level and the roof. With the work area weather proofed they’ll cut their way into the house, build the connection areas and do the interior fit out to finish the new work before they remove the roof and strengthen the walls for that area. Once all of the additions are finished they’ll do the remodelling in the house while everyone lives in the new building. John is happy they’ve got it all sorted to minimise disruption of the family. The only major disruption will be for the three days when they put the balcony and emergency exit in John’s room, as that will involve closing off the pool area for safety reasons for the three days. The rest of the internal work on that level can be done without disturbing the family on the ground floor. John takes one copy of the approved plans from the builder to place in the dinning room so everyone can see what it’ll look like when finally completed.

Going back inside John goes for a swim. As he walks into the pool area he finds a woman sitting on one of the chairs wrapped in a towel and staring at the pool. She’s very diminutive and timid looking as she sits there. He doesn’t know her and he wonders who she is. All of the regulars and many of the party visitors are in the pool playing various pool games or chatting or swimming.

Visitor Introduction

John walks up to the woman and she jumps when he says, “Good morning, I’m John Smith, the owner and manager of this asylum for the clothing challenged. Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

She turns to him and smiles as she holds out her hand while saying, “Oh, good morning. I’m Roberta Mills, please call me Robbie.” He takes her hand and shakes it. The movement causes the towel to fall away and he can see her well formed small breasts. She notices the loss of cloth and blushes as she grabs for the towel.

“Hello, Robbie. How old are you and why are you here? I ask, as I don’t think I know you.”

She blushes again, “I’m twenty-three and live only a few minutes walk away. I moved to this end of town five months ago after living my life about twenty kilometres away across town. My doctor says I need to swim for health reasons and I don’t like going to the public baths. I was told I’d be welcome to come for a swim here any time and that it’s enclosed and warmer than the public pools. So here I am. But I didn’t know about the clothing rule until I got here. I’m embarrassed about swimming nude. I’m sorry, I’m intruding on your family and I’ll leave.”

He smiles, “You can’t do that now. It’s too late. We have a number of fun house rules here. Number one is the no clothing rule. Number two is kissing and playing games of squeeze tittie, everyone must actively cooperate and play by kissing anyone who wants a kiss and let them caress your body and fondle your breasts. Girls get to grope us guys as fondling our breasts isn’t as much fun.” Her eyes go wide with this. “Number three is no sexy woman is allowed to visit this pool and leave until after I’ve seduced her and made her almost faint from sexual exhaustion. Number four is no sexy woman is allowed to visit a second time until after I’ve taken her to Victoria’s Secret and watched her select and dress in a new outfit with silk underwear. Number five is anyone avoiding the water gets carried in by me. And last is number six, everyone must be happy and enjoy themselves. The only exceptions to the above rules are visiting workers, which you aren’t. So it’s now time for me to carry you into the water and kiss you while I play with your beautiful breasts.” She gulps as she goes a much deeper shade of red. Her eyes dart around like a frightened fawn caught in the headlights of a car. “Since you seem to be surprised by the rules I’ll give you a special dispensation to take up to a week to meet the criteria of rule three about being seduced by me and I’ll stay with you for a while to protect you from the others. Those girls can be positively predatory at times. Sadly, that means I’ll have the fun, err responsibility of spending a lot of that time fondling your breasts for you.” She giggles at the ’slip’ of the tongue and her blush lightens.

John reaches down to open the towel and her blush deepens again. Smiling at her he picks her up and carries her to the pool. He walks in until the water is halfway up his chest and lets her go. As she moves her feet to stand on the bottom of the pool he places his arms around her and draws her to him as he initiates a kiss. She resists at first and then relaxes into the kiss. After a moment her arms make their slow way around his upper body and she pulls herself closer to him. After a few minutes of kissing he breaks the kiss and she leans back, sighing. He slips one arm down and under her knees and the other across her back as he picks her up again. With his right arm across her back and reaching around to fondle her right breast he holds her to him with her head on his shoulder as he moves across the pool to where Gwen and Brooke are with Rissa, Stacey, Mel, May, and a few other girls. Robbie smiles at him as she keeps her left arm across his back and her right hand strokes his chest. She’s no longer blushing.

Walking up to the group John says, “Hey ladies, look what I found. It’s a sexy Robbie doll, and it’s all mine.” The ladies turn and look at them, seeing Robbie they smile at him.

May says, “That’s a very nice doll, Master, may I play with it later?”

Brooke says, “Now you be careful, Uncle John. That’s a fragile doll and we don’t want you breaking it like you usually do.” She turns to Robbie, “He has a bad habit of fucking someone to total exhaustion and they need several hours rest before they can even stand up. Now you can’t say I haven’t warned you. I’ve spoken to him about taking more care and breaking girls in carefully, but he rarely listens to me.”

Gwen sighs, “You be careful John, Hilda will be most upset if you hurt Robbie. She may get upset enough to spank you if you do.” Robbie goes very wide-eyed and takes turns staring at them as they speak, while she wonders just what she’s gotten herself in to.

He says, “I’ve already given her a week’s deferral on rule three. She can take her time letting me seduce her, so I now have to go slow.” The others nod and smile.

Tina finally speaks, “That’s OK to protect her from you. But that doesn’t mean she’s safe from us. I think I’m overdue for trying a new flavour. Mel and Rissa are too.” She looks at Robbie and licks her lips in a most suggestive way.

Robbie hugs closer to John and says, “What have I gotten myself into here? I’m not sure if that was a promise or a threat. Nor am I sure if I want to stop any of you from doing anything or to help you do it.”

She sounds more than a bit scared and apprehensive so John says, “Robbie, I told you the house rules. But I didn’t tell you the house laws. Law one, don’t hurt anyone except in self defence. Law two, don’t push anyone into anything they don’t want to do. Law three, help everyone to extend their boundaries, but do it safely. The house laws override the house rules. So if any of our flirting is a major concern for you and sex scares you, just speak up and we’ll back off until you’re happy and ready to move forward again. Capiche?”

Smiling she looks at him for a moment, “I think you really mean that, and, yes, I do understand. Thank you. I think you can safely let me loose to go swimming now; for a while, anyway.” He nods and he loosens his grip as she turns in his arms before pushing off him and swimming down the pool.

He stands there watching her swim off when Hilda says, from behind him, “Ever thought about taking on work as a therapist, John. I didn’t expect I’d be able to get Roberta into the water until her fourth or fifth visit. Being able to shed all of her concerns and being accepted for herself will do her wonders, but I see you’ve already started her healing process. Thank you.”

He turns, “Why did you call her Roberta, she told me to call her Robbie, and that’s what we’re calling her. At least until she tells us differently.”

Hilda stares at him wide-eyed, then lunges forward and hugs him as she kisses him. “Robbie is my eldest niece and she hasn’t let anyone except me call her that since the incident when she was badly hurt and her mother murdered seven years ago. You don’t know how happy I am to hear she’s asked someone to call her Robbie again. I’ve spent nearly seven years trying to get her to open up and live again. I told you the environment here would help some people.” They all turn and watch the young woman swim lengths of the pool at a moderate rate. A moment later she stops to talk to Lee and Theo. She’s a bit hesitant when they reach forward to fondle her breasts, and she bites her lip at first, but she lets them do it as she reaches down to play with them. She smiles at Tom and lets him kiss her breasts when he joins the group. A moment later she swims away with a small smile on her face. Hilda says, “John, I brought Robbie here this morning in the hope you may be able to help her, and she’s healed more in the last half hour than the previous seven years, thank you.”

He smiles, “Don’t underestimate the seven years of foundation rebuilding you’ve done, Hilda. We couldn’t do anything if you hadn’t prepared her first.” He continues to watch Robbie before he turns to the girls, “Mel, Rissa, please swim laps with Robbie to keep her company and to keep the more aggressive girls away from her for the moment.” They nod and move off. “Brooke, please let all the girls know Robbie is fragile goods and not to be sexually aggressive with her.” She nods and moves off to do so. Hilda smiles, and slowly nods her agreement.

Guessing Robbie had been raped, amongst other things, John wants everyone to treat her as normal, but to not be as aggressive as usual. However, he’s let her know sex is a large part of the lifestyle here, so he doesn’t want her to feel she’s not being treated the same. He just has to ensure the first approaches are a bit lower key than most of his crew take. Having a thought he turns to Gwen saying, “Gwen, if Hilda agrees, can you spare Beth for much of the day so she can take time to seduce Robbie.” Gwen half nods and turns to look at Hilda.

Hilda stares at John saying, “Damn, I never thought of that. Yes, Beth would be ideal, as she’d take it slow and gentle, which is just what Robbie needs after so long.” She nods at Gwen, so she leaves to speak with Beth and Belinda.

A few minutes later Robbie swims back up to them, “Aunt Hilda, have you told anyone here about my past?”

“No, I haven’t. You know I’m not allowed to. Since you started swimming laps I did tell John he’ll have to be careful with you on certain subjects, like parents. For both your sakes. His parents were murdered several years ago too, so he avoids that area of discussion as well.” Robbie’s eyes go wide as she looks at him before she gives him a weak smile and a half nod. He gives her a wry grin in response.

Beth comes up to the group, “Uncle John, who’s this pretty girl you’re trying to hide from us?”

John smiles, “Now Beth, you know I don’t try to hide anyone, it’s just that I’m so big they can hide themselves behind me. Beth, this is Robbie. Robbie, this is Beth. Robbie, please be careful when you talk to Beth as she doesn’t always understand the long words, she’s a bit simple and didn’t go that far in her schooling. Just avoid the very long fancy words and you should get on well.”

Beth smiles at Robbie and moves to her. With a bit of hesitation she reaches out and cups Robbie’s breast with her hand and fondles it. John says, “Oh, another thing, Robbie. All of the ladies in this household are bisexual who greatly enjoy playing with other ladies as well as men, and all are well versed in how to see their partner enjoys playing with them, be they boys or girls. Some of the girls were aggressively girl only until only a few weeks ago, and some, like Beth, are still discovering their sexuality as regards to women.” Robbie tilts her head as she looks at John while he speaks, and she gives him a pensive look. Beth moves closer and cuddles up to Robbie’s back as she fondles her breasts.

Beth softly says, “Robbie, your titties feel nice and look very lovely, may I kiss them?” Robbie stiffens for a moment, then she relaxes as she turns around and nods. Beth leans down and kisses her left breast while fondling the other. She then tastes the other. “They taste nice, can we leave the pool and let me taste the rest of you, please?” A hesitant Robbie takes Beth’s hand in hers and leads her out of the pool. They find towels and get dry before moving over to one of the beds and lying on it. They cuddle and kiss for some time before Beth starts to kiss her way down Robbie’s body. It takes about thirty minutes before they hear Robbie screaming with pleasure as Beth eats her pussy to their mutual pleasure. Then about forty minutes for them to hear Beth’s pleasure screams after she instructs Robbie in what to do.

Just before lunch Robbie and Beth dive in the pool and swim over to John. Robbie kisses both John and Hilda then says “Thank you both for what you’ve done or allowed to happen. I’m not yet ready to be with a male again, John, sorry. But when I think I’m ready you’ll be first.” He smiles and squeezes her shoulder as he nods to show he understands. He grins when Tina moves up behind Robbie and fondles her breasts. She looks over her shoulder and turns to kiss her. They all smile as Robbie angles her head toward the pool stairs. Tina takes her hand and leads her away to get dried and go upstairs. Everyone goes back to swimming, happy to have brought Robbie out of her shell.


After lunch John has a talk with Gwen and others after he decides to go for a visit to the play room. He takes Fred, Janice, Lia, Lee, Theo, Brooke, Dallas, Houston, Paris, and Beth. On the way down he watches as Lee is telling Theo he’s in for a fun time without telling him why, as Theo doesn’t know what to expect yet. John spends most of the walk talking to Beth, telling her what to expect and how he wants her to behave. She smiles at him as she nods to show she understands.

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