Chapter 1: Taylor’s Bank?

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Rowland joined the Space Cadets, Watchers Platoon just before Lieutenant Lloyd got a handful of ships. Rowland had become a second Lieutenant in the Space Cadets at 13 years old. He was the fourth one that joined the Watchers Division. He had been putting in 48 hours a week since the little Greys attacked almost five years ago now. He felt his Captain Bars on his collar. He wore two sets meaning he was considered full-time. Delilah joined him yesterday. They both had done very well at school. Rowland had two bottles of sparkling soda in a plastic lunch box full of ice. Delilah had brought a large German Double Chocolate Cake to add to the celebrations. Ralph and Sheela were on the ship with them. Ralph was a Sergeant. He was one of two partners for Rowland. The four of them had graduated. Both Ralph and Sheela had graduated in the top 10% although they did not want to go to college.

His mom Molly took off again and his Aunt Beth took care of the four younger ones. He was smart. His grades were the best in his class. He found early on people left him alone. His mom often said he was way smarter than she was. If she asked him to do something like taking care of his four younger brothers, he would tell her he had studies to do, and she would leave him alone. The last time he agreed to take care of his brothers she left for six days. He didn’t hate his mother, he just thought she needed to do a lot better than she did. The only grade for parenting he could envision for her was an “F”.

Grandpa was made guardian of all the boys by the state when Rowland was ten. He had some pull around this area of Georgia. Aunt Beth didn’t like men. Maybe, just maybe there was a reason. Rowland knew of a time when Grandpa came home to find his wife knocked unconscious and maybe Aunt Beth and his mother getting raped. Rowland had heard bits and pieces over the years enough to lead him to believe that was when grandpa drowned a man in the Ocmulgee River that ran on the north side of this chunk (8.6 acres) of land the two houses were on.

His mom had been with dozens of men. She had slowed down since little Jeffery was born almost eight years ago. Rowland would be 18 in July. Then there was Paul who would be sixteen this year then Ronald at thirteen and James at eleven and Jeffery would be eight on July 1st. Aunt Beth was only thirty-one and their mom was thirty-four. When mom left town, she convinced the bank that the family was moving so she closed out her account, the house account, and all the bank accounts for the boys and took the quarterly investment check with her. The bank only gave her one-third of the proceeds in way of a cashier’s check. The other two-thirds belonged to Beth and the boys.

She had Jud with her. He had just gotten out of jail and the banker said she and Jud got off with almost sixty thousand dollars in cash and Travelers Checks. Mary Lou closed out all the accounts she could but had to get Mr. Jackson involved for the quarterly cashier’s check of over $11,400. He wisely wrote her a bank check for her share of $3,800 in exchange for the bank to hold the investment check.

Mary Lou the cashier and friend of mom’s suposidly got fired and Rowland got Grandpa’s Lawyer involved and Mr. Jackson put the check-in escrow leaving Rowland and Beth high and dry for cash. Thank God for small blessings, his monthly pay hit his now-closed account after dear old mom left town three days before. That took one very long day to get straightened out. Mr. Billings of the Credit Union that the Space Cadets used in DC got him a Credit card with a limit of $1,000. With four weeks of food in the pantry and $1,000 of credit and his paycheck, the six of them would not starve anytime soon.

He didn’t have enough to pay for school. First time in his young life he wanted to kill somebody. He would be reimbursed by the Space Cadets but that would take maybe a month or two.

He and Beth forgot about the annual investment check. Mom didn’t forget. She and dear old Jud went to Atlanta and picked up over ten thousand in a check. They bought a year-old Corvette with all the fancies for over $7,000 then took off for Los Vegas.

It was ten in the morning when Rowland knocked on the door of the little house. Beth answered the door, “Come in Rowland. Want some coffee?”

“Yes, please. Aunt Beth, we need to talk about some things.” Beth led Rowland to the dining room table.

“Del is going to join us in a little bit.” Rowland shared.

“Rowland, did you get school straightened out?” Aunt Beth asked.

“NO! I’ll start in January for the Winter quarter. Mom’s little vacation just keeps paying dividends.” Rowland was still angry.

“What if you go in and tell the Dean of Admissions what happened and at least get a half load for next fall?”

“I’ve agreed to set up a company at the high school for Space Corp. If possible, a Battalion.” Rowland said, “If I can do that then in a year, I can be a Full Bird Colonel. With four dependents and housing and $40 a month for flight pay, I’ll be bringing in over $14,000 a year and loving it.”

“Well, I’m not loving it.” Beth spits with a lot of anger.

“I’m sorry about the live frogs in the fridge.” Rowland shook his head, “I would have paid to have seen it.”

“It was pretty funny with twelve big bullfrogs jumping all over the kitchen. They could not have been in the fridge for more than a few minutes.” Beth started to laugh. “It was the last thing in the world I was expecting to see.”

“Jeffery said it was their last hurrah before they had to be good Space Cadets.” Rowland shared.

After the two wiped eyes of happy tears, “Rowland, how long are you going to be gone?”

“Two weeks.”

“What about the boys?” Beth asked in alarm.

“I’m taking them with me. I’m putting them to work. Will you sign their applications?”

“For what?”

“They have agreed to become Space Cadets.” Rowland smiled, “This spring all of them have flown two million miles as pilots, one million in the spaceship model 445 and another one in the spaceship model 335. They have certifications to fly. All of them did above 95% on the oral and written exams. That’s why I’m taking them to Seattle with me. Delilah is also certified to fly, and she is going with me.” Rowland said as he pulled out of his satchel five applications for the Space Corp. With them was a signed document regarding relationships within the Corp. A General Lucy Taylor suggested Rowland have one in his file.

As Beth was reading the Personnel Policy, “I saw a stone on Delilah’s finger. Is that...?”

“Grandma gave it to me the day before she died. Grandpa witnessed it. He gave me the original box it came in.” Rowland was about to cry, but he continued, “He told me never to look at it until I was ready to give it to the one, I wanted to make a life with. Then I was to place it in her hands still in the box, place my hands around her hands and say the Lord’s Prayer and then tell it what we wanted to do.”

“Dad gave me a ring that belonged to my grandmother with a beautiful stone on it. He told me, the same message for me or any of my children who wanted to use it.” Beth got up, “I’ll be back.”

It took about five minutes, but when she returned, she had a three-ring notebook that must have been eight inches thick, with more than a thousand pages, “You know when my birthday is?” Beth asked Rowland.

“August 12th?” Rowland asked.

“Close enough. I was born at 11:45 P.M on the 11th. I want this back on or before my birthday.” Beth waited until Rowland agreed.

“Okay, on or before your birthday.” Rowland nodded his head, “What is it?”

“Our Family History. Slowly over the years, I have gone through all the stuff that was stacked in the attic. I found out the little house was built first on this property then the big house. My mom kept a diary. Rowland, both your mom and Delilah’s went to a party. Twenty-two men and only eight girls. Every time a girl played with a guy, they had to hang a clothing item on a hook with their name on it. Your mom won $500 for being the first one without clothes. Brigette, Delilah’s mom won $200 for being second without clothes. Everyone else got $40 when they hung their last garment up. The men all paid $100 to attend with the promise of all the loving they could handle.”

“That’s why we have birthdays within five days of each other.” Rowland meant he and Delilah. Both under the sign of Cancer in July with Del’s on the 15th and his on the 20th.

Rowland was looking in the Family History Book, “Hanger Taylifer? Who is he?”

“OUR 20TH Great Grandfather. The original name was Taillefer!”

“What’s the meaning of Taillefer?” Rowland asked.

“We have an ancestor who use to be Count William of Angouleme in like 900 AD. He made his sword and killed a Viking Sea King by cutting him in half. Rowland the story has it the Viking was wearing chainmail. The cut was made diagonally across his chest. Taillefer is French for hewer of metal.” Beth said with pride.

“Good, I was always concerned about finding a Cloth Merchant at the top of our Family Tree. Maybe someone with a bail of cotton and a dozen slaves.”

“Rowland, our 33rd or 34th Great Grandfather is Charlemagne,” Beth said as some of Rowland’s coffee came out through his noise., “First wife, they had a daughter named Rotrud. She married a Count, and they had a little boy. From there it is all a male-only line down to your mother.”

There was knocking at the back door with the door pushed open, “Hello can I come in?” Delilah asked.

“Yes, join us in the dining room.” Beth said, “Do you want coffee?”

“Yes, this is certainly a three-cup day,” Delilah said trying to make herself sound cheerful.

After Delilah got her coffee, “I got my report this morning from Ancestry. We are not brother and sister.” Delilah was smiling as she gave Rowland a kiss and a hug.

“You want to get married this weekend,” Rowland asked for the thousandth time in ten years.

“What’s your hurry?” Beth asked.

Delilah turned to her, “We haven’t had sex yet. We’ve learned to kiss pretty well.”

“Row, there is another Rowland Taylor. Reverend Rowland Taylor, Ph.D. died in 1555 he is your 12th Great Grand Father. He was the personal minister for the King before Queen Elizabeth I. He angered some of the higher-ups by purposing a Bible for the common man and got his head cut off. King James had the Bible translated and that was completed in 1611. He could be part of the reason why we have a separation of church and state.”

Beth took a deep breath, “John Taylor landed in Virginia in 1635. His son James Taylor was born about then in 1635 and his grandson James was born in 1674. The Grandson was a land Surveyor and at one time had over 30,000 acres of the Shenandoah Valley under his control.”

“I wonder what happened to all that wealth?” Rowland frowned.

“He had thirteen kids and most of the kids all had twelve or thirteen kids.” Beth smiled.

“Any Presidents?” Delilah asked.

“James Madison, Zackery Taylor, James Tyler, James Poke, and another one I forget.” Beth listed.

“Can I share?” Delilah asked.


“Mom is terrified that we are brother and sister. She doesn’t understand DNA and won’t listen to me. They forbid me to marry you.” Delilah was near hyperventilating with tears in her eyes.

Beth cleared her throat.

“How much do you know about this?” Rowland asked his Aunt Beth.

Beth turned to Delilah, “They went to a party nine-plus months before the two of you were born. Your dad can’t have kids. I don’t remember if he was there. Molly and your mom were two of eight girls and there were twenty-two to twenty-four men. The Shariff, the Preacher, the new banker another Taylor, I think, a couple of deputies, several young men from college, plus many more. Molly was just sixteen and your mother was just twenty-two. Molly earned $500 and your mom came in second.”

“What did they do to earn the money?” Delilah asked, “Or do I want to know?”

“Each of the girls had a cloths hanger with their name on it. As they gave a guy a good time, they got to take something off.”

“Jeepers!” Rowland whispered shaking his head, “Great.”

Beth wanted to change the subject, “Rowland, from what you told me, let me share something,” Molly said. The two girls hooked up with a distant cousin to the Taylor’s and his cousin was an Arthur Deming that has an auto parts store in Atlanta.”

“You’re thinking I have Taylor’s on both sides?” Rowland asked.

“When you were showing me your DNA Report, even you said, I seem to have a lot of Taylors.” Beth said, “You even said, why don’t we know some of these Taylors?”

Rowland was thinking about it.

“What if Deming and his cousin have a grandmother that is a Taylor?” Delilah suggested.

The back door opened, “Rowland, Aunt Beth we need to see you NOW.” Paul said.

“Come on in. What is it?” Rowland said. He was looking at his four brothers and two official-looking men, “How can we help you?”

“I’m Deputy Riches and this is Attorney Sam Ekes. We are from the City of Vegas. Can we sit down, we have some bad news to share with you.”

“What is this ... Wait, this has to do with Molly Taylor, the mother of us five boys here. This is Elizabeth Taylor, Molly’s sister and this is my Fiancée Delilah Barnwell. I was to start college in the fall and Delilah, and I were planning on getting Married this summer before dear old mom emptied our bank accounts and skipped town.”

“We will need to see some ID later because of some money issues. I’m sorry to say your mom and the man that was with her were both killed about five days ago on the twelfth in a car accident.”

After all, was said and done, the money and price of the Corvette that Deputy Riches had were only $21.93 short of what Beth and Rowland came up with.

Jeffery’s account $2,965.13 James Account $2,724.96 Ron’s account $2,764.92 Paul’s account $2,759.44 Rowland’s Account $24,765.72 Beth’s Account $3,946.72 Molly’s Account $57.47 House Account $4,230.69 Annual Trust payment $10,976.55 Quarterly Mineral rights payment $3,800.00 Cash Box $700.00 Total Taken by Molly and Jud. $59,691.59 Money being held by banker Jackson. $7,600.00 Total funds missing 67,291.59.

Cash, checks, and receipt for the Vette plus money at the bank $(67,269.66) Difference $21.93.

The Corvette had a total cost with taxes and licenses of $7,258.33.

Rowland was looking at the numbers when he looked up and there across the table from him, “Grandpa!”

“Good, you can see me. If you can hear me raise your hands.” Grandpa lifted his right hand to give an example. Everyone raised their right hand.

“Attorney Sam Ekes and Deputy Riches, this is our grandfather and Beth’s Father. Grandfather, these men are here to tell us about mom’s dying.” Rowland said.

“There were no bodies found were there?” Grandpa asked.

“No sir, we had not talked about that yet.” Deputy Riches said, “No bodies Sir, only their clothes and shoes.’

Beth had gotten up and was hugging her dad, “How can that be dad?”

“They went back to the third dimension. Your mom onto another planet and Jud into the sun.” Grandpa chuckled, “Your mom realized what she had done and judged herself so harshly that she kicked both of them out of heaven. The Rapture continues and may for a hundred years.”

The boys were around their grandpa giving him hugs and just feeling like a real person. Delilah sat there beaming with an ear-to-ear smile.

“Where are you at now dad?” Beth Asked.

“I’m in the fifth dimension with your grandmother. We wish for something and it’s there in a heartbeat. When I want to see any of you, I think about you and your face appears and I can talk with your higher soul. You can see me because you have had an emotional hit. That is why Human Sacrifice was done by past civilizations to raise the etheric body sufficient to see beyond the normal senses.” Grandpa said, “The Vikings, and many of the ancient societies did that in South America.

“Can you give us an example?” Rowland asked.

“Ask Reverend John Taylor about his Vision Quest as a teenager.” Grandpa answered, “With that, you just had an emotional expansion of your etheric mind with your mother’s death notice.”

“Will it last?” Jeffery asked.

“No.” With that grandpa faded from view.

“I’m sorry,” Jeffery said.

“Now think of something funny like frogs dancing in the kitchen.” Rowland giggled.

“I can see him AGAIN!” Jeffery almost screamed.

“Be of a positive mind and spirit will be with you along with Grandpa.” Delilah giggled.

“I’ll see all of you again. I love you.” Grandpa faded from view.

All said, “Goodbye Grandpa/Dad.”

“How about some lunch,” Paul suggested, and Delilah and the boys all jumped to the task?

“Sorry for taking up so much of your time gentlemen,” Rowland said to the Deputy and Attorney.

“I wouldn’t have missed that for the world. One question though, what are frogs dancing in the kitchen about?”

“I asked the boys to get me two dozen frog legs. I was going to fry them up and make some southern-style potato salad to go with them for a nice lunch. They put a dozen bull frogs in a large pan with a light lid on it. The frogs hit the lid hard enough to clatter inside of the fridge. I heard the noise when I entered the kitchen. When I opened the fridge, this enormous FROG jumped at me, I screamed stepped back and his eleven friends followed him out of the fridge. The boys did exactly as I had told them, only I assumed the legs would not be attached to live bullfrogs.” Beth was laughing with tears running down her cheeks.

The two men were standing gathering their papers, “May we share the Frogs dancing in the kitchen story?” Deputy Riches asked as he wiped a tear from his eye.

“Yes, by all means.” Rowland was also laughing.

“The boys said something about becoming Space Cadets before we came in?” The Attorney asked.


“Any enemy of ours is in trouble. They may die laughing.”

Beth whispered, “Jeffery said it was their last hurrah before becoming Cadets.”

“It is things like this that will bring about memories that last many generations.” Deputy Riches shook hands with Rowland.

The gentlemen were walked to the door with handshakes and goodbyes, soon enough they were gone never to return leaving the Corvette in the driveway.

While the group was eating lunch, “What’s your plan, Rowland?” Beth asked.

“We finish loading up the 445 and take it to the park. We then go and see Dear Old Dad at the bank and tell him about Mom. We give him a certified death notice and trade the $3,800 check for the $11,400 check. Once that is done then I ask him if I am his son.” Rowland smiled, “I would also like to know what his beef is with me. Every time I have had anything to do with that bank it feels like I get treated as an undesirable.”

“Row, I remember something about the sh@t hitting the fan when Molly and you came home from the hospital when you were born. I think your dad was here screaming at my dad that he could not have a b@st@rd son with his name and be able to run the Taylor Bank.”

“Yes, I could see that being a problem especially if he just married or promised to marry, another woman,” Rowland said.

“I seem to remember dad, your grandfather asking your mother if Rowland was the father.” Beth shared, “There was a lot of yelling that day. I think my dad made your father change his name.”

They landed in the park across the street from the bank. Rowland put an “I went around the Moon” black cap on each of them with his 4th Division Watchers cap with his Captain’s Bars on his head. They went to the light on the corner and waited for a walk signal. It turned green and seven of them marched across the street. A young lady held the door for the troop. As she smiled at Rowland, she flashed her eyes.

As Delilah walked by the lady, she held her engagement ring near her face and said loud enough for the young lady to hear, “He’s mine darling.”

“Oops, sorry!”

“Thank you for holding the door open.” Delilah smiled, “He’s worth fighting for.”

“Did all of you go around the moon?” The young woman asked Delilah as she looked at the cap Delilah was wearing.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” Delilah said. As she followed Rowland, Beth, and the boys into the bank. When Rowland told the column to HALT, fall out and sit, Delilah told him, “I need to go talk with that young lady. We may have a recruit.”

Rowland looked in the direction of the door, “Take her for a ride if you want. Looks like dad is busy.”

“Ten minutes should be enough,” Delilah said. Rowland nodded and Delilah returned to the young lady by the door, “Hi, I’m Delilah Barnwell about to become Delilah Taylor.”

“I’m Molly Jackson, wait a second. You are marrying Rowland Taylor. That’s Rowland Taylor and his five brothers.” Molly’s mind was putting all the clues together, “This morning on my Ancestry DNA Report, Rowland is my half-brother.”

“Molly, Rowland only has four brothers,” Delilah said.

“No, I mean yes, but there is another half-brother out there that I know of. Maybe more.”

The two girls had made it back to the ship.

“Mac, open up, Rowland wants me to take Molly Jackson on a quick trip.” The door opens, “We only have ten minutes or so.

Inside the bank at the #1 teller. Mary Lou Styles graduated with honors and was fifth in academic achievement. They also had her give a speech at graduation then handed her the “AA” degree in business from the Community College. Last summer she got to intern here for 10 weeks, then two more weeks at Christmas Break. When Mr. Jackson called her two weeks ago and said he was looking for a bank teller with at least twelve weeks of experience, she started to cry.

She had no idea how it was connected to Rowland and his four brothers from a month ago that showed up on her relative list on Ancestry. Then within the last 72 hours first a Molly and a Delilah this morning a Phillip Bennett showed up. When Molly showed up on Ancestry her father did too because she had him listed that connected them all. Ancestry made the connection and posted Ron Jackson as the father of all the brothers and sisters.

“She had just cashed Phillip Bennett’s first check from Walmart. He was working at Walmart this summer, no benefits, no vacation, just minimum wages. Mary Lou recognized him from school. She had her laptop opened on her desk. He would be a senior in the fall.

“See my name and picture?” Mary Lou asked, “See, I’m a half-sister to you. Same dad, different mom.” Phillip was sitting at Mary Lou’s desk with Mary standing behind and leaning over his shoulder.

“See the name, Molly Jackson.”

“It says she is a half-sister.”

“Click on her picture. See the leaf, that will tell how you are connected.”

“Ron Jackson is the ... then ... then ... that’s my dad too!” Phillip started to get up.

“Where are you going?” Mary Lou asked.

“To kill him,” Phillip said.

“We are in heaven, you can’t kill somebody, you’ll go to hell.” Mary pulled him back down, “Oh look there’s Freddie Lighting.” Mary Lou waved Freddie over to her desk, “What are you doing here?”

“I came by to get some pictures of the Spaceship in the park. I’m chasing Rowland on yesterday’s news article about the Battalion he will be building in Macon. I need to talk to him.”

“Freddie, do you know anything about Ancestry DNA?” Mary Lou asked.

“Yes, my mom is into it, and we all have had our DNA tested. Our line joins the Taylor line at President Zachary Taylor through his wife.”

The talking around the manager’s desk had gotten to the “Need to turn down the sound” level.

“I got to join them.” Phillip jumped up and was across the lobby. Mary Lou and Freddie Lighting were on his heels.

“What in the Hell do you want?” Ron Jackson was pissed. His daughter just accused him of having an affair. She had made it sound bad, but if she knew how much fun it was. Well, maybe one day her prince would walk in, and she would see. Why was this other young man so mad?

“Sir, I just found out you are my FATHER!” Phillip screamed FATHER.

“Bennett?” Jackson asked. Phillip nodded.

“Sorry.” Ron Jackson said.

Mary Lou added, “A couple of days ago, I found out you are also my father.”

Freddie Lightning was thinking on his feet, “Four women, eight children...”

“Freddie, I have three siblings.” Molly Jackson added.

“I need to start again, four women, eleven children, one marriage. Are the numbers, right?”

Everyone was quiet for three or four minutes then, “I have a meeting I need to be at. No on your numbers, there are three more women and seven more children.” Ron Jackson stood and went towards the back door, “It’s yours, Mary Lou, make sure all the doors are locked at closing if I’m not back!”

“One wife, seven women, and eighteen children.” Rowland took charge, “Cadets find seats for all of us to sit down.” He moved to the seat that his father just left. “This bank is going to be the bank for the Space Cadets. We will provide services for the Cadets. This branch of the United States will still move people around, but as General Lucy and her two Full Bird Colonels have proven, a person does not need to move when fulfilling an assignment. Those three live in West Seattle and have started and grown third division in Washington DC into one of the best trained and most powerful divisions in the history of mankind.”

“The Space Corp and the Marine Corp are now working together. The Fourth Division will be a major player in this.” Rowland had every eye on him, “Our Fourth Division will be in the center of this while also keeping planet Earth safe from outsiders. I need some help with this. Will, you my family help me?”

Phillip started it, “I have always known I wanted to go into space. How can I join up?”

“Come to West Seattle with us.” Rowland suggested, “All of you come with us.”

“Do you have room in the ship for all of us?” Molly asked.


“How long does it take to go to West Seattle?”

“Ten to twelve minutes.” Rowland thought for a bit, “Might take a bit longer to find the address the first time.”

Many Friday afternoon customers came into the bank expecting to see Ron the likable guy but were pleased with all the young blood at the manager’s desk.

An older man came in. After his banking business, he came by the desk, “Are you, my new students?”

“Have you some experience in banking?” Mary Lou asked.

“I sat at that desk for forty-five years.” The man said, “Are any of you of the Taylor Clan?”

“Yes, and we are all related except for my Fiancée and Freddie there,” Rowland said.

Rowland had given the boys the big stack of business cards to put into alphabetical order.

“Good, then I am in the right place.” The man said.

“I remember you, sir. I used to sit on your knee and talk with you when my daddy or momma came into the bank. I’m sure you remember E.J.” Beth said.

“Little Elizabeth?” The man asked. Beth stood up and moved towards the man, giving him a long hug. As she passed the boys, “Find a card for Tobias Johnson.”

“I lost Martha. We put her in the ground today.” There was nobody but his family at the service. They had outlived all their friends. Tobias wiped his eyes with his white hanky, “Actually she isn’t in the ground, she just disappeared.”

“Del, go sit in Rowland’s lap.” Delilah did just that very willingly and Beth and Tobias sat down.

“What’s his name?” Tobias asked pointing at Rowland.

“He’s my nephew Rowland Taylor!” Beth answered.

Rowland was looking at a business card, TOBIAS JOHNSON, President of Taylor Family Bank, “Mr. Johnson how did you become President of the Taylor Family Bank?”

“My mom’s a Taylor. She was C.J.’s Aunt, you are my cousin twice removed.” Tobias held his stern look for a minute then broke out in laughter, “In all my life I have answered that question 100 thousand times. Today it sounds nice to hear it again. Have you found the shotgun yet?”

“First time I have sat at this desk,” Rowland said.

“Have you handled guns before?” Tobias asked.

“Yes, Grandpa made sure all of us boys could shoot and be safe with guns.”

“And the neighbor’s girl also.” Delilah laughed sitting on Rowland’s lap.

“Reach into the top drawer along the left. When your elbow touches the back of the drawer front you should find a hole about 1” from the bottom on the left. Press the button hard enough until you hear a ‘click’.”

It took a minute, “Click!”

Rowland moved the chair back and eased the left panel out by his leg. Then he pulled out a shortened hundred-year-old pump-action 12-gauge shotgun.

Tobias talked him through it, “Make sure the safety is on and release the slide action to remove the round in the chamber.

“It says Winchester 1912. It says this gun is number 79, made in 1912.” Rowland said.

“It’s a Model 12. They put a short barrel on it so it would fit in the cabinet.”

A pretty woman came in with three young girls. They looked to be 8, 10, and 12 years old and looked like ... Molly, “Can we help you?”

“Is Ron Jackson still the Manager of the bank?” The woman recognized someone, “Hi Molly.”

“As of this moment yes. Can we answer any questions?”

“Will he be back today?”

“I don’t think so. I’m his son, let me help.”

“What’s your name?”

“Rowland Taylor, Jr.”

“How can you be a Junior if your name is different than Ron’s?”

“He changed his shortly after I was born?” Rowland Laughed, “I think my mother was a bit upset with Mr. Rowland Taylor Sr.”

“Who is your mother?”

“Molly Taylor.”

“I’m Diane Marrow, I use to work for Ron twelve years ago as his Assistant Manager. Molly, you were named after Molly Taylor. Bank of America is shutting down all its 18 branches in the area. I am the manager of one of them. I’m looking for a new position.”

Tobias looked at the woman, “Rowland, there’s your manager.”

Rowland looked, she did have a very professional look about her and the three smaller clones did not detract from that, “Tobias or even Diane where would I start looking to find job applications?”

“Bottom right is a file drawer about in the middle is where I always kept them,” Tobias said.

“Tobias, when did you work here? And for how long?” Diane asked.

“Forty-five years. Ron took the reins from me when he came in.” Tobias answered.

A man came in from the back door. He had been looking at everything back there. He was surprised at the 300 days of emergency food supplies. Hurricane maybe? He came out of the hallway linking the employee area to the lobby. The man got a message on his smartphone, “With 19 ships on the way. Love.” That had to be from his soul mate. The man smiled.

Rowland’s first reaction was to grab the shotgun. The second reaction was to stand at attention and salute the man with a red tie and white shirt and a star on his cap that said FIRST DIVISION SPACE CADETS.

“At ease and as you were!” The man said crisply.

“Yes Sir, how are you today, Sir? Can I help you?” Rowland rattled off.

“Forgive me for coming in the back door.” He was still looking around, “Can I see the Winchester, please.”

Yes Sir.” As Rowland was handing the 12 gauge to John, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Father John Taylor from Seattle. Father John this is Tobias Johnson, Diane Marrow and this is my half-sister Molly Jackson.” John made the Winchester safe then reloaded the one shotgun shell.

“How many brothers and sisters have you found?” John asked as he handed it back to Rowland, “Can you put it away please?”

“We know of fourteen Sons and daughters and five women so far,” Molly said.

“Do you have a total?” Beth asked.

“He told us just before he ran out, of eighteen children and seven women. But we think he left Molly’s mother off and Molly and her three siblings which would make the numbers twenty-two children and eight women. That feels more correct.”

Tobias sat there smiling, “I’ve loved one woman in this life and considered that a full-time job.”

“At what point does a man become a slut?” Molly asked.

“Womanizer is the proper term here,” Beth said.

Mrs. Gloria Jackson was on them quickly as she also came in from the back end, “Who’s the Womanizer?”

Molly giggled, “Hi mother. I ask the group at what point does a man become a slut? And you heard a response to that.” Molly and her mother hugged, “Let me introduce everybody.”

“This is Father John Taylor from Seattle.”

“What brings a general from Seattle to Macon?”

“We are establishing a major cadet hub for the Watcher Division. The Watcher Division Cadets are the ones that watch over our planet for any threat from outside our world. You will also see our Commandant and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. We may also see some US Senators and Representatives. Maybe even the President.” John smiled.

John continued, “I would like to do a healing today. Can I do one on you, Diane?”

“What are you seeing?” Diane asked.

“There is a spot on your left breast that should not be there,” John said as delicate as possible.

“You believe you can remove it?” Diane asked.

“Yes. It will only take a few seconds to raise the energy. Remove it then forget all about it and go about your day.”

John had her move the chair she was in, so he or others could be on all sides of her. Rowland, stand in front of her. Molly stand behind her. Mary Lou, stand on her right side.” Diane took her jacket off and folded it and place it on another chair. “Mary Lou, bring that chair up and sit in that. You too Rowland.” John also brought up a chair to sit in. He laid several napkins in Diane’s hands.”

He led the five in the Lord’s Prayer. A few seconds passed. Rowland and Mary Lou got to see John’s right hand turn transparent with a blue haze about it. He reached in and pulled out a ball that was about 5/8” in diameter. He laid it on one of the napkins Diane had and took two more to wipe his hand with, “How are you doing Diane?”

“I’m ready. You can start.” Diane said.

“We’re done. Take a peek at the napkins in your hands.” John giggled.

“Wow. I saw it all, but he was just too quick.” Mary Lou said.

“Diane, you are healed. We have a funny story. Aunt Beth, after a healing I always have my patient laugh. Please tell of the Dancing Frogs in the Kitchen!” Rowland asked. This had brought a smile to all faces.

Beth had positioned herself to see the removal, and then the large marble size item covered with blood was removed. She took in a deep breath. I asked Rowland’s 4 brothers to get me two dozen frog legs. I was going to fry them with butter and spices for a special lunch for finishing another year of school. I came into the kitchen and heard the lid come off a pan muffled by the refrigerator’s door. I opened the refrigerator’s door and out jumps at me the biggest bull frog I have ever seen. I screamed and step back as his eleven friends all followed the big guy out.”

“The boys had all positioned themselves to see a good show. I don’t think they were expecting the frogs to jump out of the big pan they were in. The boys all jumped in to recatch the frogs. The bull frogs were in good form and jumped out of the way whenever the boys were in a position to capture them. I had my sound box in the kitchen, so I turned it on to a good beat. It certainly did look like bull frogs dancing in the kitchen with my nephews. I opened the back door and counted as all twelve bull frogs made their exit back out to freedom.

Diane was caught going from absolute fear to howling at the vision of bull frogs dancing in the kitchen!

“MY brother Jeffery said they asked God about the incident. God told them it had to be their last Hurrah before becoming Space Cadets because they would be performing important work once, they did and would have to be serious.” Rowland laughed, “Millions of people would be depending on each of them. They have understood that. I get the feeling God has a sense of humor.”

“Yes, God does have a sense of humor.” John Laughed, “Beth, how do you feel about it now after having your wits scared out of you?”

“I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. I also think the boys got surprised when the Bull Frogs were all over the kitchen. The way they were reacting they had not seen that as a possibility. They each have a big net on a five-foot stick my father made for them. They had not expected to need them, because they were nowhere nearby. Rowland, give me a break. I will continue to help you raise those four.”

“Aunt Beth, any help will be appreciated, but you have already given those four a very good foundation. Me too!” Rowland smiled, “Thank you!”

Beth hugged Rowland for the longest time.

“Father John, I would like to bring as many brothers and sisters as possible to Seattle. How many can we accommodate?”

“Rowland, we currently have over 100 empty beds at the shelter and over 400 beds in two hundred rooms not far away. Treat West Seattle as your home away from home.” John said, “What is coming here shortly is two of every model of spaceships we currently have. I won’t burden you with any of the Model “Es” at this time. Rowland, bring your aunt. If she has survived five wild boys, then maybe she would like to get paid while doing the scheduling of a 1,000 young men and women.”

Ron Jackson came in through the back door with Molly’s brother and sisters.

From the front door came Sue Brown with her three, “Why did you call me and what do you want Ron?”

“Please Sue. I will be leaving Earth in a little while. I wanted to say goodbye to you and the kids.” John had purchased Ron’s share of The Taylor Bank. John then asked Ron if he wanted to visit with God. Ron said yes and God informed Ron he was going to leave Earth for another third-dimensional planet.

Gloria Jackson overheard what Ron said.

“Sue, I’m Ron’s wife Gloria. Can I get some information from you?” Gloria Jackson asked. Molly was talking to the kids.

Then Keren Styles was there, she is Mary Lou’s mother with her sister Sandra just fifteen. Keren knew another of Ron’s mothers Linda Bennett the mother of Phillip and a fourteen-year-old boy named Rush.

Twenty ships arrived across the street from West Seattle. Another 775 ‘D” came in from Washington DC. The one ship from West Seattle that would be going back was Ceca’s Happy piloted by a ten-year-old named Willie Thompson Taylor. Willy had flown solo to Funston twice now with no problems. Willy had come out of the Foster Home System when he was five years old. He had been in the shelter about 45 days when he found out he was related to the Taylor’s through a 4th Great Grand Mother. He only shared 2% DNA with John, but it was enough as far as he was concerned so his name had Taylor added to it.

Gaia had another companion and Willy, Ceca, and Ceca’s Brother Jimmy. They watched out for Gaia and got along great. Ceca took Willy on like a little brother. Like today when Ceca worked on other things, ten-year-old Willy would be pilot with nine-year-old Jimmy as co-pilot on Happy. Five-year-old Gaia was with the two boys learning all there was to know about the good ship Happy.

As Gaia held onto the hands of Jimmy and Willy leading the crossing of the street to the bank, a man stuck his head out his window of his big red Ford 350 with dual wheels on the back, “Little Girl Who do you think you are?”

Gaia stepped up onto the curb, letting go of the hands of her men. With hands-on her hips, dressed in her green skirt, white blouse, red tie with a green stylish hat, “I’m GAIA Taylor, I’m an expression of Mother Earth.”

The head disappeared then came back, “Thank you very much, Mother Gaia. Please forgive me for yelling at you.”

“Sir, are you a farmer?” Gaia asked.

“Yes! I’m Jason Lewis. I have 80 acres west of here.”

“When you return home look out at your fields in a loving manner and thank them for this year’s crop. Your beans, corn, and peas this year will be the best. Tell your fields that Mother Earth said this will be so. The water problem will be solved before you get home today.”

“Mother Gaia, are you involved with the Taylor Bank?”

“Yes, my daddy is John Taylor, he helped start the Space Cadets.” Gaia pointed at the park full of Spaceships to prove her point, “He’s come to Macon to buy the bank.”

“Thank you, Mother Earth.” Jason Lewis said from his heart with a big smile on his face.

“You are welcome, Jason.” Gaia smiled. General Frank Taylor was by her side. The two gave each other loving smiles and their hands met almost by magic. Frank and Gaia put a bubble shield around themselves. It was so strong; they could probably walk on the moon or even Mars. In five years, fourteen-year-old Frank had grown to five foot seven on his way to six-foot, 3 inches tall.

A man had retired to West Seattle near the Space Cadets. He set up a dojo to keep himself fit. He was a master of several teachings of martial arts. He believed if he had a dozen students, the Dojo would break even.

Peter and Patty Adams walked in the door of the Sun Dojo one Saturday morning shortly after it had opened. Frank and two dozen others were with the couple. A young man was attempting to break a board. Peter shifted into the teacher role and on the next attempt, the board shattered. The young man was awestruck as he looked up at the unknown man. This had been his first success out of four attempts, and it was his easiest.

Master Sun had watched the student/teacher interaction. The student was working towards his brown belt had just made a major step, “May I help you?” Master Sun asked.

“May we sit and have a cup of tea with you Master Sun?” Peter asked. Master Sun smiled. At least this young man had been trained well.

Because of Peter and Patty’s actions, Frank and Gaia had the understandings and capabilities after four years to go with their powers of the Black Lanyards. They knew how to quiet the mind. Shields became easier and quicker. They taught Master Sun and his daughter also a black belt, how to build a shield and transport to God.

A short time after Master Sun opened, he was approached by the Seattle Council of Marsal Arts with an ultimatum of joining the council and abiding by its rules or close. Like Bruce Lee before him, he challenged for the right to teach and be independent. He won all challenges. The Cadets had a friend.

Frank held the door for his little love. The two entered in time to watch Rowland receive his new ranking of Full Bird Colonel, “Rowland has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel retroactive to the war with the little Greys. At that time Lieutenant Taylor and his shipmates had figured out if they got within twenty-three point four yards from one of the little Greys ships the focal point of their cloaking on the little grey ships went to zero. The ship was visible. Lieutenant Taylor applied the Curtis kiss into the ship in front of them 27 times. The word was passed to Lieutenant Taylor’s ship about the effects of the radar settings. Once they tried the Radar Settings, Taylor put a standard 6” hole into 31 more ships as they were falling to Earth.

Lieutenant Taylor and his squad followed the Little Greys ships down, watching as they splashed into the Atlantic. Three more times, Lieutenant Taylor and his men and women faced the little Greys that day ending in Seattle with future Commandant Frank Taylor. Lieutenant Taylor put holes into over 700 of the little Greys Ships before the day was done. So, this gathering is to see Rowland become a Lieutenant Colonel. We have completed that. Now Rowland’s boss has asked for and received permission to become the Commander of what we call the Heavies for the second Division in Chicago.

“The Heavies are the 995s, 885s, and defensive 775s. They are ideal for travel within, around, and outside of our Solare system. Every day we have ten to twelve 775 widebodies, model ‘Es’ fly roundtrip 30,000 lightyears once or twice to the Galactic Capital of Funston and back. The Heavies fly with them providing protection. We are moving 6,000 to 7,000 to Funston every day and rotating 1,000 to 2,000 back to Earth.”

“This brought about a search as to who would become Commander of Operations for 4th division. I am happy to say we asked and Rowland after he talked to those around him has agreed to take it on. The promotion to lieutenant Colonel is retroactive from this date back to the day of the battle with the Little Greys. The Promotion to Full Bird Colonel starts at noon today and goes forward. We have Rowland’s Aunt Elizabeth Taylor and his newfound father Rowland Taylor Sr. also known as Ron Jackson doing the honors of pinning the new rank of Full Bird Colonel onto Rowland’s collar. I turn this over to the Commandant of the Space Cadets General Frank Hansen Taylor.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. I’m happy to say that of the top twenty officers in the Space Cadets six are women and seven are something other than white. All cadets are judged on their own merits. Grades in schools, signing up, and learning to fly at least 3 different models of spaceships and if possible, all seven of the different ships. The Commanding Officer of the Third Division located in Washington DC is General Lucy Taylor. Her responsibility is the east coast of the United States including the White House and City of Washington DC.”

“I’m the Commandant of Space Corp, the Cadets make up the majority of our service. We have had no recorded deaths to date. One of the primary rules that each cadet abides by is we bring our crews and passengers home alive. In the almost six years we have been in existence we have fulfilled that rule 100% of the time. The ships in the park are there for you to see. They are tools that we use every day. We have hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and soft drinks in the park. Enjoy, take some time. Talk to the AI, they will tell you what the ship you are in can do.”

In the audience at the bank “Mommy, that man that became the Full Bird Colonel, he is my brother.” Clarice Washburn whispered.

Her mother’s eyes were twice the size of normal and her breathing stopped. A war was going on inside her head, “BREATH” she screamed at herself “AND RELAX.” She took a big breath.

A young man came forward, “Hi Clair. Have you seen your DNA report?”

“Hi, brother,” Clair whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled.

“Are you going to join the cadets?” Jeffery asked.

“Mother, can I be a cadet?”

“Do you think she would qualify?” Her mother was still taking deep breathes while talking to Jeff.

“Clair and I are the top two students in our class.” Jeff looked around then whispered, “I’m also her brother.”

“How many know?” Beatrice (Bea to friends) Washburn asked in a low voice.

“There are eight of us now with DNA reports that show Clair as a half-sister,” Jeff whispered to Bea.

Bea was standing trying to think of all the ramifications. Her husband Gil was convinced Clair was his child. They hooked up when Bea was just realizing her period was late. He fell for her head over heels. She never let on that Clair was the daughter of somebody else, “Clair, I need to tell daddy the truth about you. Do you want to help?”

“Yes.” Clair turned to Jeffery, “Can you help me sign up for the Space Cadets?”

“Let’s go,” Jeffery said.

“Mom, we are going across the street,” Clair said.

“Go ahead, let me call your dad,” Bea said.

“Tell him I love him.” Clair smiled. As they went out the double doors to the light to cross, “When did you find out about our dad?”

“You mean the asshole that sired all of us like a dog in heat in the park?” Jeff said.

“Why do you call him that?”

“He’s had 22 children that we know of.” Jeff looked at Clair, “He didn’t know about you. He’s had 23 children that we know of now with eight diffs ... with nine different women. That’s the same as a male dog impregnating all the female dogs in the neighborhood. It’s a wonder somebody didn’t shoot him.”

They came upon a ship, “This is a 335.”

“It’s so big.”

“It doesn’t have a bathroom.”

“This one is a 445.” Jeff said, “I like it the best and it has a bathroom.”

“Bathrooms appear to be important.” Clair giggled.

“Well, there are no service stations and no trees out there.” Jeff laughed as Clair rolled her eyes, “So unless you like going in a bucket, then bathrooms are important.”

“What do we do for food?” Clair asked.

“Each ship has at least one replicator.” They stood in line for the 775. Within two minutes they were up in the control, “Like on Star Trek.”

‘What’s your name?” Clair asked one of the holographic ladies.

“I have not been named yet. It takes a command-level officer of the 4th Division to name me. My generic name is Hal, but that is not a girl’s name, is it?”

“What if we give you the temporary name of Heidy?” Clair asked. Clair’s phone rang, “Hello.”

“This is your dad. Are you still my girl?”

“Yes, daddy.” Clair giggled.

“Not the other guy?”

“Jeffery, my brother calls him an asshole. I tend to agree with him. He must be a Casanova to have 23 children with nine women and counting.” Clair giggled, “He gave me a gold coin like that is going to replace having a book read to me when I was four. Daddy, please don’t leave mommy. I don’t want to be like all of my friends that have divorced parents.” Clair had started crying.

“Clair, please don’t cry. I don’t plan on leaving your mom. When you were born, I thanked God. When I was a teenager, I had an accident. The doctor didn’t think I would be able to have children. When your mom mentioned she might be pregnant, I was overjoyed and convinced her to marry me. Okay, I’m in the parking lot for the park. Someone just pulled out so I’m pulling in. Where are you?”

Clair turned to Jeff, “How do I explain where we are?”

“Mr. Washburn, I am Clair’s brother Jeffery Taylor. Clair and I have known each other forever. We are in the same class, and we are always the top two students in all our classes. We are in a 775 made by Boeing. It is one of the first wide bodies and it will travel twice the speed of light. It is in the middle of all the ships, and we are in control. The area where the pilot and Captain sit.”

“I’ll find you. See you in a bit.”

“Mr. Washburn, we gave the AI the temporary name of Heidy. She’s thinking it over. Six girl holograms are running around answering questions.”

“Dad, I want to go to Seattle tonight for training.”

“Let me think on it.”

Gil Washburn asked directions of a young man. He had an eagle on his collar, “Where are the new 775s?”

“Here is one, somebody gave it the temporary name of Heidy. The other one is behind it. It still has the factory designate of Hal”

“Heidy, that’s the one I’m looking for.”

“That’s this one. There’s the door.”

“Would it be advantageous for Clair to go to Seattle with you for training?”

“Is she good in school?”

“Top of the class, she just found out her competitor is her brother.”

“There is only Clair and Jeffery my brother up there in control.”

“Clair is my daughter. She just found out that your dad sired her.”

“I just found out this morning he is my dad.”

“Jeffery called him an asshole so Clair did too.”

“That’s my fault, I was a bit angry this morning.”

“Hi, Rowland.”

“Mam, do I know you?”

“I’m Clair’s mother. As we were watching you get promoted, Clair said you are her brother.” Bea had her arm entangled with Gil’s. She had kissed him twice as an acknowledgment. Gil was smiling.

“Then Clair has a right to call her biological father that,” Gil said.

Bea turned to Gil, “What did she call you?”

“Daddy, but she called the other guy asshole,” Gil said with a smile.

“That’s what I called him when he told me he was getting married in a month.” Bea, looked around, “Sorry Rowland.”

“I called him worse this morning.”

“Let’s go get Clair.”

“Surprise, we’re here.” Clair and Jeffery came out the door.

“Still want to be a cadet?” Rowland asked.

“Yes, big brother,” Clair said.

“You will have to salute me and call me SIR.”

“As soon as you swear me in to be a cadet, big brother.”

“DEAL!” Rowland presented his knuckles.

“DEAL!” Clair said as she met Rowland with her knuckles.

“I called you Sir when you were a Captain,” Jeffery said.

“You’ll have to mean it now,” Rowland growled.

Lucy was looking at these five as they came up to her table. They were laughing so much they walked like a bunch of drunk sailors.

“You guys haven’t been drinking, have you?” Lucy giggled.

“No, SIR.” Rowland said, “General, we just found out Clair is our sister.”

“Oh, how wonderful, family,” Lucy said.

“General, last time I saw you, you were going to go see your aunt and uncle.” Rowland said, “How did that turn out?”

Bea and Gil were busy reading the application they would sign for Clair.

My mother Jenny and our nurse Carol accompanied me. My mom makes an appointment for 2:00 P.M. on a Sunday. I show up in my normal Cadet outfit. We are ten minutes early. My aunt answers the door with three kids looking around and over her. I leave Bell our 445 parked on their front lawn. She says, “Can I help you; I’m expecting my niece to show up. She said she would be here at 2:00.”

Momma Jenny says, “She here now.”

The woman looks at each of us then she settles on my hat, “You are part of the Space Cadets. But isn’t the third division on the East Coast?” She then sees my name tag as Lucy Taylor, “Are you, my Niece?” I nod yes. She then sees the star, “Are you a General in the Space Cadets?” I nod again. “Oh, My GOD. I didn’t expect this. You’re a winner, not a loser. Kids this is your Cousin Lucy.”

“My aunt took us upstairs to meet my uncle. He reminds me of my brother. He didn’t want to meet them because he didn’t want to chance a possible address change. He was happy and my other siblings were too living with the Taylor’s at the shelter.”

So, we got into the Bell, and I asked for the oldest kid. I got “I am”. Okay, “I am” come up here, you are going to pilot. There oldest boy came up to the front, I say, “I am”, that’s a different name. He says “No, I’m James.”

“James and my brother Bill look like twins. They both look like their uncle/Father. He’s twelve and wants to join the Space Cadets. So do Frankie and Jill. Jill wants to be a nurse or doctor like her father on a Spaceship.”

Ron Jackson AKA Rowland Taylor Sr. with Molly hanging close came up to say goodbye to Clair. Ron froze when he saw Bea with a man.

“It’s alright Ron. This is Gilbert Washburn, my husband.” Bea had Gil’s left arm with both of hers. Hanging on for dear life.

“Please forgive me Gilbert,” Ron asked.

“For what Ron, you gave us Clair and she is worth all the gold in the Universe.” Gil smiled, “I’ve had nine wonderful years with Bea and Clair. I hope and pray to duplicate that ten or twelve more times. You stepped over a gem in Bea that maybe would have made you satisfied. Goodbye Ron or whatever your name may be today.” Gil kissed Bea and got a kiss and a “love you” back.

Ron had his head down. He turned to his daughter Molly, “Somebody is watching us.” He looked around. He didn’t recognize the face, but he did the red hair and green eyes.

About fifteen feet away a woman with three teenagers said, “You called me, but you don’t remember me.” That red hair hid anger with a short fuse.

Ron was careful, “One container with 20 and three coins please Molly.”

“Molly looked in the direction of the twins and younger sister. She knew of the twins; one was nice, and one was truly his evil twin. The little girl would take the punishment of her evil brother then haul off and club him with a Tonka Truck. WHAM, “Now be good.” Could they be brothers and sister? She handed her dad what he requested. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she realized 10 women and 26 children. Same as Charlemagne. At that moment, she didn’t realize she would find more.

Joyce was at her wit’s end with her evil boy. He was getting beat up every day by his other brother and little sister. Maybe the cadets could bring some discipline to the family. Her third husband Earl had just tried to rob a convenience store. Dumb Sh@t!” The police were having their lunch. He could see them get out of their car with guns drawn coming to the front of the store. He ran out the door and tripped over the curb shooting himself in the gut. He died at the scene before the ambulance arrived. He also worked for Bank of America and had been laid off. As they put him on the stretcher he disappeared, leaving his clothes and shoes. It was going to take a court order to get a death certificate. Joyce repeated her “Dumb S____ name.”

Ron was standing in front of Joyce with his arms open hopping for a hug.

“What do you want Ron?”

“I only have a few minutes; I’m being kicked off Planet Earth. Here is a gift.”

“What is it, Ron?”

“Ten thousand dollars in gold coins.”

“I don’t need your dam money.”

“Save it for a rainy day then or for college for the kids.”

“No strings?” Another time and another gift resulted in their daughter.

“I promise no strings, scouts honor.”

Ron turned to the girl, “I am Rowland Taylor, your father. What’s your name?” Ron held out one ounce of gold for the girl to take. One of the twins snatched it up from Ron’s hand.

Ron grabbed his arm, “Who are you?”

“Who in the hell are you and what do you want with my sister?” The boy pulled his arm away.

“I believe I am your father.”

“Where in the hell have you been FATHER?”

The girl hauled off and hit her brother in his arm hard. She too had taken two years of martial arts, “Let him speak.” She turned to the man, “You said you are my father?”

“YES, I am your father. My birth name is Rowland Taylor. For the last seventeen years, I’ve used the name, Ron Jackson.”

“MOTHER?” The young girl screamed.

“Yes, kids. Ron or Rowland is your father. Let him give you, his gifts.”

“I’m being kicked out of Heaven.” Ron was looking at the twin that snatched the gold coin, “It’s still possible so get your head on straight. In a few minutes, I’ll be going to another third-dimensional planet to try to learn what I needed to know to deserve to be in Heaven again. God knows what is in our hearts. How you think and treat others is going to be the major deciding point on whether you follow me or are allowed to stay here.”

Reese handed the gold coin to his sister, “Sorry!”

Joyce saw the action, “Thank you, Reese.” She looked at, Jackson, “Reese, Ronny, and Joy.” As she pointed to each of her children.

Ron Jackson handed both Reese and Ronny a gold coin, “I’m sorry kids, in a few minutes I’ll be dead to you. That is my price for not being in your life. I love every one of you. Please follow the golden rule, work hard, be good citizens and love your mom and family.”

Joy started it. As their father turned away, she demanded a hug from him. Ron was the reluctant one. Reese grabbed onto his father like a lifeline, “I so wanted you in my life.” He cried tears of sorrow.

Ronny also hugged his dad. He was a bit indifferent. He thought it would be better to erect a headstone in the corner of the backyard for this man. Maybe the dog would pee on it. He was curious why his brother was so emotional.

The family of four made their way over to a pretty black girl with Eagles on her collars, “How can I help you?

“My kids would like to be cadets,” Joyce said.

“Can we take a few minutes? The father, Ron Jackson of the Commanding Officer is leaving us. I’m Colonel Mona Jackson.”

“I’m Joyce McCall. Their father is also Ron Jackson. Any connection?”

“No, just the name connects with the plantation owner who owned my ancestors probably.” Mona smiled with a giggle.

“I’m so very glad we are getting beyond that.” Joyce said, “Are you going to make General some day?”

“I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m a year away from my BA Degree at Georgetown University and ... they are already counseling me on a Master’s. I have a 4.0 so far. I love my job; pay is great, and school is priority number one, and the Cadets are paying for it.”

“One of my sons has an anger issue,” Joyce whispered to Mona.

“So did I until I flew around the moon. I’ve seen that change a lot of us.” Mona smiled, “Space Cadets have given me hope. It becomes contagious! It has given me things my real dad should have.”

John had escorted Ron Jackson to the middle of the park. There were over 100 people following them to watch the event. John turned to Rowland, “I’ll see you again when you accomplish what you need to.” The two men shook hands.

“Thank you for agreeing to look out for them.”

“As Charlemagne became the Father of European Royalty, you are the father of 26 officers that will make us all proud to be a Taylor. Thank You! We will see you again.”

It appeared to be real, not some hologram. It had to be sixty feet high and eighty feet wide. A young woman was in the hologram waving. Ron turned and waved as he headed in the direction of the young lady. She was dressed in clothes made from a leaper’s skin.

“That looks like my mother, guys that looks like our mother maybe when she was a teenager,” Rowland said.

The two met and hugged. Ron turned and waved again. His hair was no longer grey, he looked to be late teens or early twenties. The scene faded and disappeared.

Rowland was beside John. The young newspaperman was joined by two sheriff deputies. One of the deputies asked, “What did we just see?”

Rowland Taylor, also known as Ron Jackson, was told by God that he would not be allowed to stay on Planet Earth any longer this morning. He was given two options, go to Hell or go to a third-dimensional planet where one of his mates was waiting for him.”

“Who was waiting for him?” One of the deputies asked.

John turned to Rowland and his brothers, “Boys who was the young lady?”

“OUR MOM! Molly Taylor.”

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