Chapter 3: Sam Sounds Like a Young Lady!

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“General Rowland, this is Lieutenant Sam with 24 new 555s on a nighttime training mission out of DC. All positions and guns are covered and ready.”

“Lieutenant Sam go to cloak and shields on max. Follow us to the backside of the moon. General Lucy will be there. We have Colonel Natasha King of the 3rd Division on board as an advisor.”


“Sam sounds like a young lady.” General Doug Franks smiled.

“General, each of those 555s has a combat force of at least 9. That adds up to 216.” Delilah said.

“Need anything Rowland?” Delilah looked to General Franks, “Or you sir?”

Rowland, pointed up, “Heidy, bring one coffee with one cream.”

“Heidy, make, that two coffees please.” General Franks added, “Each with one cream.”

“15 seconds.” The speaker announced.

The nine first and second Lieutenants were sitting around the control watching the action. Several were behind guns or lasers.

“Delilah, you need to get your men on the guns ready.” Lieutenant Colonel Natasha King said, “We are very likely to be going into battle, “Call me Natasha.”

“Yes, sir,” Delilah said as she jumped up to get everyone ready.

She signaled for Paul to sit behind one of the railguns. She did the same to Ronny Taylor to fill the last empty seat on the other railgun, “Paul we need to be ready to fire this. You too Ronny. The others looked at Delilah and she said, “All of you get ready.” All of them put on goggles with crosshairs over the right eye and the left with a lens that was adjustable for long-distance. It looked to them as if their controllers were built by Nintendo or PlayStation. They felt at home in seconds of putting on the goggles. Natasha worked with Paul and Ronny on the care and feeding of their two Rail Guns. Delilah worked with James on the Plasma Cannon.

The coffees were delivered to Rowland and Doug. They saw the action regarding weapons, and both smiled.

Tom was piloting the ship. This ship was set up as a command center. The left two seats of the captain’s line each had a full control panel. General Franks was in the captain’s left seat. Rowland was in the #2 seat and Delilah was in #3. Colonel Natasha King from General Lucy’s command in D.C. was in Seat #4. Beth, Doug’s wife was in seat #5.

Doug looked at his phone. Surprise, surprise it had 2 bars of reception. He called John’s phone.

John was surprised, “General?”

“Ceca told me she asked for a phone tower in the new Happy.” Doug laughed.

“I’ll tell her it works.” John shared.

“We think we can see them. Their clocking does not transfer lights from stars.” Doug said, “They seem to be lined up with the moon showing as a new moon, with it between the Earth and the sun.”

“Look it materialized. Two more Escapees are loading onto the bigger ship.” John said then screamed, “WHAT was that?”

“That came from the moon. The mother ship got hit by the automatics from the moon.” Doug said.

“Ceca, where is Happy located at?”

“We are at the top easing back closer to the midway point,” Ceca said.

We are on the right side as we see the moon from Earth. We will also ease back a bit.” Doug was sharing his phone with Rowland. Rowland jumped up and had Tom also move back partway to the midpoint.

“Doug, let me see if we can have a three-way call. Hang on.”

“What on Earth?” President Dar Tripp asked.

“Dar, it’s John and I have Doug hanging. Hang on and I’ll bring Doug onto the line.”

John tied the two lines together. “Hello.”

“Dar here.”

“Doug here. Gentlemen, we followed one of the escapees up here.”

“General, why are they called Escapees?” The President asked.

“They are different than other visitors. They have an agenda and that is finding out about the strengths and weaknesses of not only the United States but the whole world. Some of our Alien friends stop by to take on water, some even love our salt. Sometimes a farmer, losses a cow. These guys appear to be looking for a place to land then defend that land. We are finding Australia having more sightings than the rest of the world combined. When this bunch gets ready to leave, they simply put the pedal to the metal and scat off Earth at full speed.” Rowland said.

“Talk to them, General. Let’s see what they want?” The president suggested.

“Rowland, go ahead, talk to these guys.” General Franks ordered.

“Yes, sir, I can ask.” Rowland was just about to ask for an open line when two unthinkable things happened. The big ship, as big as an NFL Stadium fired at the moon. Two small ships in front were preparing to load into the alien vessel. The moon’s big cannon also fired at the smaller ships, hitting one. Two particle beams from the moon also started cutting wandering lines in the big ship. The big ship continued to return fire at the moon. The moon had an automatic shield that covered the guns. One of the little ships had exploded from one of the hits by the moon’s big gun.

A stadium. The size of the spiders “Stadium Size Ships”.

“Alien Vessel, who are you, what do you want, and why have you come here.”

“I am slasjdfh of the Hwrtus. We have come here for the food. The man at the Galactic Capital told us you have too many people.”

Heidy informed, “Elstout from the planet Zankels.”

“The Translator messed up your name, does it sound like Elstout?

“Yes, that is similar. Yes, Elstout will do.”

What man at the Capital told you we have too many people?”

“He has blue skin and goes by The Shadow. I have been told blue skin does not taste good. He also told us about The Planets Nanux, and Funston.

John heard Nanux and Funston. Are they alright? He got a very strong Yes. So, the Shadow was the nephew of the man that lost the bet to Amen Bible many years ago. The man now had shown he could not be trusted.

On Nanux the Nanux Guard led by Colonel Si was there protecting the population and helping Diane trim 100,000 fruit trees that produced fruit for the first-time last year. They now have a Fruit Tree Nursery of ten million little trees. They also have four 885s and four 995s with a command ship being a 775-D.

“Any other planets?” Rowland asked.

“Yes, two near the Capital, Hemsty and the Garden. Why is your moon still shooting at us?” Elstout asked.

“It has an automatic sensor that only fires when it sees a ship. Make your ship invisible again.” Said Rowland.

“Why are you firing your weapons around the moon?” Rowland asked.

“You are between us, and the vast riches of your planet, and we are hungry,” Elstout said.

Rowland looked to General Franks.

“Open Fire.” General Franks ordered. There were nine spots in the stars that were searching by firing their energy weapons at and around the moon searching for the human ships.

The moon even started shooting again. About fifty of the black Escapees were out and about, “Captain Tom turn the scanner nob to #1, for a five-count. If that doesn’t do anything, then try #0.” Rowland said.

Rowland smiled as the fifty black ships about twice the size as his 775-D all became visible. One Curtis kiss in a good spot, or two in not-so-good spots, and all the air would be out in a couple of minutes. The ships did not hit the moon hard. They all simply landed.

“All 555s and 445s keep one eye on the black ships on the moon. They are out of the battle, but I don’t think we have destroyed the enemy in them yet.” Rowland said.

“Why do you think that?” General Franks asked.

“The radar only affected some of their systems. Not their antigravity or their propulsion. My guess, if they have some type of spacesuit, they will be repairing their ships very soon. Captain De.”

“Yes sir, “Delilah was in front of him.

“They seem to be very logical. My bet is there is a Command ship maybe twenty to fifty miles behind our nine ships there. Maybe a little above. If you spot it, please send Elstout two rail shots.” Rowland kissed De, “Tell him they are on the house.”

“Will do SIR.” It only took De less than a minute. It then only took seconds for the first 10-pound charge then 15 seconds later for a second 10-pound charge to hit the gigantic faraway ship.

Paul saw the two fingers with Rowland saying Anti-mater. He looked to Colonel Natasha, “What do I do.”

“See that nob. You want to exchange. Light is yellow select A-M for Anti-Mater. When green fire.”

“Second Anti-Mater round is loading. Turn the selector off. The firelight is green.”

The voice of Elstout sounded, “Rowland, what are you doing, we were not told of these weapons. Row” ... Loud Blast over the radio then nothing but static.

Paul and Natasha both looked to Rowland for direction.

Rowland got out of his seat. De was also there, “How many more rounds?

“We don’t know. Our new model “D” in DC only had five anti-matter rounds.” Natasha said.

“Fire one each into each of those two ships. Then save one just in case. How many standard rounds are there?”

“We had twenty standards on our new “D”,” Natasha said.

“Then Paul you have permission to fire eight more of the standards.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Calling Emperor John, this is Lord Heat.” Over the air, waves were heard by all.

“HI Lord Heat. How are you?” John replied.

“We got attacked this afternoon. Your Cadets earned their steak today. The battle was about five minutes long. By the time I was in the air it was over. Our little friend from Nanux had just told me they were attacked, and the Anti-Matter worked best.

There was a big light in the Sky about fifty miles from the moon. It was in the vicinity of the mastership.

“What do you think John. Not much left of that ship.” Lord Heat said.

The nine ships had also been reduced to rubble and dust by the Russian and US 995s. The 555s were doing the same on the moon. One or two of the aliens were seen walking around. Great big spider, things of nightmares.

“Thank you, Lord Heat,” John said, “Do you have time to stop by and eat Wedding Cake?”

“No, My Emperor. My Ada is home and I feel I must return. She is near to give me two more children. If I leave now, I will get there for breakfast.”

“Tell your Lady, I and the Empress send our love and best wishes.”

“I will send word with Colonel Ceca when I have more babies.” Lord Heat was laughing.

“Lord Heat we have made Ceca a General now.” John laughed.

“GENERAL CECA!” Lord Heat roared, “How wonderful!”

“Thank you, Lord Heat.” Ceca was laughing.

“Soon I will send my children to you to learn to fly.” Lord Heat said, “Now I must go home.”

“Thank you, friend, you do me great honor. Until next time, General Ceca is out.

“General Rowland, tell the other ships we are going home. Tell them who was here today watching and that we have more cake to eat and a celebration to finish.”

This is General Rowland of the 4th division Watchers of the US Space Cadets. My bride and I have some wedding cake to eat. She is Captain Delilah and commanded the guns on my 775-D and performed Excellent, excellent, and excellent. On the three 775s from West Seattle, we have the President of the United States. We have The Commandant of the US Space Corps. We have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces. We have at least five other generals of the Space Cadets. We have a Wedding party to finish. Ladies and Gentlemen in the US 995s and 555s please stay around for an hour or two just to make sure nothing crawls out of the scraps. We have seen one or two walking on the moon.”

“General, this is Lieutenant Smith from Fort Lewis, we have pictures of those creatures. We will get them to you tomorrow. We will be the last to leave in a couple of hours. Take the Generals home and eat cake guys.”

“Thanks, Lieutenant. We are heading out.” Rowland looked to General Franks and got a nod, “Take us home Tom. Find us an on-duty Watcher so we can let them know the results.”

“Yes, Sir.

“All personnel return to your seats and put on safety measures,” Heidy announced.

Tom turned the cloak off and rechecked all the other systems for green. Next was the scan screen which showed all clear.

“Heidy, outside line please.” The ship was halfway between the Equator and Seattle. He looked back and nodded to Rowland.

“Calling the Watcher Net. Please respond, this is Watcher #1.”

“This is the Watcher net, Watcher #5 Shelliella. General, did you find the source?”

“Yes, we did. Pass this along, there should be no more Escapees. We have destroyed around 50 escapee ships and 8 large, the size of NFL football Stadiums, and one monster ship as big as 4 or 5 stadiums. If anyone sees what they think is an escapee, I want to know ASAP. The threat should be eliminated for now.”

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