Chapter 17: More Uninvited Guests

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In the skies over Earth, on the Stan:

At 2:00 PM Teresa asked, “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing fine. I think I’ll be fine for the long run.”

The bells rang again.

“Stan, please turn off the bells and tell us what’s going on?” Quiet again, Bob took a deep breath.

“The Russian Cadets and 2,000 ships of the Indian Cadets are fighting several thousand large Spider Ships out near Mars.” The AI reported.

“Do they need help from us?” Bob asked.

“I will send an e-mail from you asking that.” Stan the AI advised.

The Bells went off again.

“Stan, what is it? And please stop the Bells.”

We have an incursion directly overhead out near the Pluto Ring. First Estimate is four thousand large ships.”

“Let’s go,” Bob announced. He took hold of Teresa and followed the rest out of the conference room.

Teresa moved towards the Duty Desk, “We’re going to face this new incursion directly overhead.”

“Good Luck Captain.” The Duty Officer said.

When they passed one hundred thousand miles three thousand ships of the Indian Cadets pulled in behind the almost five thousand ships.

Just passed the Jupiter ring, Stan the AI announced, “Sir revised count on the incursion is twelve thousand large ships. The incoming ships have come to a stop.”

“Can you give us a Tactical Display?”

“Yes, Sir. Coming now.” Stan advised. It covered four pages with the enemy covering the center fourteen-inch circle. Sixteen thousand Stadium Size ships along with a thousand Super Stadium size ships. All of the Stadium Size ships were in the process of offloading their twenty-four black boxes.”

“Stan put everyone in position. Open line Stan. “When Bob got noticed the line was live, “Spiders, you need to leave this space now.”

The Earth Ships were cloaked. When Robert the third asked, Bob nodded, and the Holograph ship was shown.

“You cannot stop us. We are going to harvest the Planet Earth.” Horrible English but it was enough. The numbers were over thirty thousand and climbing, “On three. One, two, three, FIRE!”

Bob noticed that the Indian Cadets had fired their 995s. Bob took a big breath of air and let it out slowly. He checked the Tactical then looked out in the direction of the Mexicans. They too as Lord Heat said of his Cadets, earned their steak today. A Bell went off, “What is it, Stan?”

“Incoming of another twelve thousand ships from above.”

“Open line,” Bob said. Teresa was over with the guns, “All lights turn up and meet the new threat.” Bob saw they had a few seconds. The incoming ships had uncloaked, then he realized someone had their radar on. The two rail guns were firing four rounds a minute each. The two lasers and particle beam were firing many times a minute. The Holograph was gone, and the ship had been hit five or six times. Most of the hits had been glancing blows. The two boys were moving the ship around and keeping the enemy from getting good shots. The new ships had been all Black Boxes or as the Watches called Escapees.

Seven minutes passed and everyone was 100% involved. Then as they passed the eight-minute mark a few of the lights reengage with the Stadiums. At nine minutes a few more moved back. Bob heard all this on the open radio as commanders directed their ships. At ten minutes the overhead threat had been dealt with. All the lights were back to firing at the large ships. The big ships were trying to move away. A super Stadium ship blew up. A few hundred of the Stadiums were floating and not shooting in a searching way anymore. The lights were being told to pull back and let the heavies handle the final destruction. Bob added to that, “Let the heavies with their Anti-mater guns that make their rounds finish. All 775s move away with the lights. Check your ships for any damage and do a weapon’s round count.”

“Stan, how many did we get?”

“Thirty-four Sir.”

“Stan, a chocolate donut and an Irish Coffee please?”

“Make that two Stan!” Teresa had heard the request that Bob had made.

These kids, I wish I could give them all master’s degrees in military tactics.” Bob said to Teresa quietly.

“That was easy wasn’t it,” Teresa said.

“Stan, did we lose any ships?” Bob asked.

“One thousand seven hundred 67 were hit including this one. Eight hundred 43 were restarted Seventeen are still in the process of a restart. Because we were moving so little, we have only four injuries and those are being attended to.”

Robert the third said, “That sounds good Grandpa.”

“Do you like a chocolate milkshake?” Teresa asked. They had spent a night adding things to the menu that they thought would be delighted after a good win.


“Ask, Stan.”

“Stan what flavors of milkshakes do you have?” RJ-3 asked.

“Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and a Rocky Road.” Stan rattled off.

The Irish Coffees and Donuts were delivered. The two toasted each other.

Milkshakes and fruit were being consumed all-over control.

“Was this like what you used to have?” Teresa asked.

“This is not like any other war or battle. Today we went up against thirty thousand ships.” Bob thought for a minute, “The enemy made a misstate by separating the big ships from the small ones.”

“Sir, there are three big ships about 100 miles from here. I think they have watched the battle.” William said.

“William, have Bobby take us there cloaked. I’ll tell you when to start.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Security we have some visitors about 100 miles from here. Please line up with me to find out who they are. Let’s go cloaked. Delaney out.”

It took ten minutes or so to get within hailing distance, “Hello, who goes there in three ships?” Bob waited a minute, “This is General Delaney of the Earth’s defenses. You are in a controlled area. Respond or we will assume you are an enemy to the planet Earth. You have ten seconds ... nine ... eight ... seven ... six ... five ... four ... three ... two...”

“I am Crowman of a world to the left of the Pleiades.”

“Why are you here Mr. Crowman? Are you from Hyades?” Bob asked.

“You seemed to destroy that group of ships easily. You are not to have that level of technology for hundreds of years. Where did it come from?” Crowman asked.

“Our Scientists and Engineers have done their homework.” Bob said, “Why are you here? And again, are you from Hyades?

“Sir, my station gives me the right to ask questions and to ignore yours,” Crowman informed.

“Weapons hot, all ships aim at three...

“Stop. You do not want a war with us.”


Please stop.

“RJ 3, send out the holograph and back away.”

“Mr. Crowman, last time I ask, are you from Hyades, and are you battling the Spiders, or are you in alignment with them or The Shadow?” Bob smiled at Teresa. He got up and moved over to the scanner. The Earth Ships were lined up beside Bob’s ship Stan. It appeared the Construction Battalion was above Bob and the Fireman and Mexican Cadets were above them and behind them.

The three ships disappeared. The Holograph was blasted by a dozen or more weapons.

“Two, one, fire all weapons.”

The Particle Beam was reflected back at the Earth Ships.

The rail guns appeared to be a container of milkshake that just glommed onto the cloaked ships and shorted out the shields then ate large holes in them. At the time of the shooting, they did not appear to work, but after five minutes there did appear to result in holes the size of small cars in the sides or tops of the offending ships.

The wonderful lasers did their jobs and the heard about Curtis Kiss of Death was tried again and again with wonderful results.

The Ship Stan was hit twice, and Bob wondered if he was going to see home again. The entire ship rumbled and shook each time knocking people off their feet if standing. The lights dimmed and the noise was too loud to hear one’s voice for a few seconds.

When all was said and done, once again there was a debris field in a triangular shape many miles on each side.

A laser flashed out hitting a concealed object that was in an empty spot in the debris. The laser kept hitting the object until it became visible a hundred feet above the other ships then a rail canaster hit the ship rupturing it into thousands of pieces.

“Stan, did we miss any others?”

“No sir.”

“Are there any other ships in the area?”

“Yes Sir. A large destroyer behind us Sir uncloaked.”

“Stan, outside line please.”


“Large destroyer, who are you?”

“The Director Amen Bible sends his Congratulations to the Earth Forces. I am Bubba who works for the Director and Emperor John Taylor of the Galaxy.”

“Who was that second force? Mr. Bubba?” Bob asked.

“May I ask who you are Sir of the Earth Forces?”

“I am Lieutenant General Robert Delaney.”

“I have a Colonel Susan Delaney of the Watchers.”

“My wife is Captain Teresa Delaney; Full Bird Colonel Susan Delaney is our daughter.”

“I’ll make a note that Colonel Delaney has been promoted and write your name on the Authorization list.” Bubba went on, “That was Lord Crowman of the Planet where the Blue People live. It is said the spiders do not eat the Blue People because they taste terrible. It is also said the Blue People use the spiders as a weapon often giving the spiders a planet after any large conflict. The Blue People have had some major setbacks in their Galactic Power. Have you had any losses today?”

“What is your title Sir Bubba?” Bob asked.

“I am a Captain of my ship; I am an Assistant to Director Bible. I am a spy and a watcher responsible to report and working for the peace of the galaxy. I am a true Believer that your Father John Taylor is our Emperor and will bring a thousand years of peace. My family and I will celebrate the day John became our Emperor every cycle for the rest of my life.”

“Then you and I can become best friends for life.” Bob said, “My AI named Stan says there are a few injuries that are being healed. No losses and we had about 100 ships hit with their energy cannons. We will need about 100 gallons of paint for our ships. It appears their energy cannons burn when they strike our ships.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant General, Robert Delaney. Unless you need me further then I will take my leave and call Director Bible and report my findings.” Bubba said.

“May our jobs become boring and safe. Safe for all is becoming paramount across our galaxy. Until next time Captain Bubba, have a good day.” Bob laughed.

“Until next time.” Bubba also laughed.

After a few minutes of looking at the battle site, “Stan, open outside line please.”

“Ready, Sir!”

“Young men and women let’s go home. Great Job, well done! We need to walk around on our Planet Earth to get ourselves grounded again.” Bob drank the rest of his Irish Coffee.

At the Base when Bob landed, there were ships parked everywhere. The Senior Officers saluting him then were surprised when Bob shook hands with everybody. Teresa handed Bob a portable mic. He saw a big crate that looked sturdy enough. He handed the mic back to Teresa, “Hold on to it for a minute.” He took two quick steps and launched himself onto the crate. Stood up and Teresa smiled as she handed him the mic again.

Joe was holding onto the crate, looking up at him, “Sir, we need for everybody to do the ABCs to their ships.”

“Thank you, Joe. What does the ABC stand for?”

“After Battle Check Lists, Sir.”

“I’m glad to have you on my team!” Bob said and noticed his words brought about a beaming smile on Joe’s face.

“Men and women, we all need to do our ABCs. Take your time handling the anti-mater rounds.”

“Let’s get to it. Where is my team? Those that flew with me, please come forward.” Bob asked.

“We’re here Sir.” His grandson RJ III said. Standing with him were the two Marines.

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