Chapter 22: The Resurrection!

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Henry had his restaurant remodel project partially done. The kitchen was still a long way off but tonight was a SURF & TUTF served in a Buffet. Sockeye Salmon and Prime Rib Buffalo Both from Little Funston. His main dining room could be as small as 400 seats or as large as 1600 Seats. Plus, his backroom was now as small as 100 seats or as big as 800. The total capacity was 2,400 Seats. He was going to try it out on the Cadet’s Party for winning the war with the spiders. Doors were open at four.

He allowed anyone of the locals to sit in the back so that they too could enjoy the party. He had around five hundred take him up on the invite. The 105 Marines arrived at three and enjoyed the first go on the SURF & TURF. They would be pulling guard duty tonight. There was a security force from the Space Cadets (Fourth Division) of another 98. They too tried out the Surf & Turf. The Cadets would have thirty-two ships overhead. John Taylor and his party showed up at 4:01 with General Bob arriving as John and Jenny were entering. Gail and Gaia were both with them. Bert was with Jimmy Yellow Hair at the West Seattle Cadet Center.

By ten to five, the place was rocking and many of the locals called up friends to come to see what was going on. Henry charged a flat rate of $4.50 per person and 16 and under at $2.50 each with 7 and under free. Some nice music was going on in the background.

Seven young men and three girls came up to Henry, “Mr. Henry you are out of Cadet Applications at the front desk.”

“You are Wilber. Am I right?” Henry asked the leader.

“Sir, I want to go by Will from now on. Okay?” Wilber asked.

“Yes, Will. I got some brand-new hats. Come with me.” Henry had two boxes just opened. He reached into one then shook his head and pulled out ten blackcaps from the other. On the front “WANNA BE A SPACE CADET” On the sides were “GOING to FLY PAST the MOON!”

The ten young people all laughed and fitted a cap to their heads, “Will, go find one of those Generals with two or three stars. They’ll fix you up.” Henry laughed with the group, “Tell them Henry needs some more applications at the front desk.”

“Yes, Sir!” Will said with a salute.

The group left. Another customer came in and Henry told them about the Surf and Turf and that tonight they had a Space Cadet Celebration, and they were welcome to watch while eating. The people were eager to be part of it. Audrey took them to a table in the back. The Chinese Delegation came in. Four Marines escorted them to their seats in the back room. Gaia came up, “Mr. Henry can I have one of your WANNA BEs?”

“Gaia, do you need another one?” Henry saw her continue to look at the stack of hats.

“My brother is only two, but...” Gaia started then said, “Thank you, Sir.” Henry got another salute and a big smile.

The sound on the video quitted, “Thank you Father for our home. I’m Father John Taylor. We welcome one and all to our celebration. We have a final number. I’ll wait until everyone is sitting down. Welcome, President Pusin from Russia. We are most pleased that you could come tonight.” John looked to his left and saw the big kids, “Lord Heat, Lady Ada, Lord Sky, Lady Eva and Lord Turk and Lady Atta. We welcome each one of you to this event. Without each one of you, this planet might have become infested and unlivable.

“We have a final number. The number of rounds of the anti-mater shot at the spiders and their allies totals 749,458. Everyone jumped and applauded. The computers tell us we missed six times, but each of the six rounds found another ship and blew it up. The lame ducks were put out of the fight by our lasers. There must have been sixty or seventy thousand lame ducks. Lord Sky blew them all up with his magnificent Medium Destroyer. Again, the crowd roared. We left a debris field that spans twenty-four thousand light-years with a large mess between four and five light-years from here. We along with Lord Heat and Lord Sky and their forces fired at the enemy over 947,521 times.” The noise was deafening. Bert ran to his mother and Jenny pulled out some noise-canceling earmuffs for a young person. She got them on Bert, and he hugged her for the longest time.”

Carol had Gail and she was also complaining, even with the Baby earmuffs already on her.

We had two young men. Brothers that in all the times they came up against the spiders or the Blue People they hit over 3,000 of the enemy ships. We have over 200 pairs of gunners that have fulfilled this feat. Will Robert and William Thompson please come forward? Bring your father, grandparents, and General Susie too. Bring your uncles too.

“Cadets, this started with General Susan Delaney. She took her family around the moon then out to Jupiter and Saturn. They ran into 401 Spiders Ships. The spiders even invited them to dinner. They did mention that we humans would be the main course of this dinner. Now we have three generations of this family involved in the Cadets.

“One more story. I have many memories of that time when the man named Jesus died on the cross then came back. My wife and I have learned to disagree from time to time. She believes this book that I have written this last year should have a title with something other than Rapture. Maybe Resurrection would be a better title. Robert the third and William, what would you do if you could have your mom back forever?”

“We’d do the dishes every day.” Robert and William agreed. The audience laughed with the boys.

“Susan, what would you be willing to do to have your sister back?”

“I’d trade my life for her life. In a heartbeat.” Susan was dead serious.

“I’ve had nine wonderful years with our sons. I would also trade my life for her to live.” RJ was also serious.

“John, me too.” General Bob said.

“Me too John!” Teresa Delaney said.

“We agree.” The two brothers of Betty said together.

The emotion in the room was sky-high. Several years ago, we had Elizabeth Franks return. She died on an operating table when a mistake was done. Elizabeth is here tonight along with her husband the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of our armed forces. The second appearance of a returning was of a four-year-old boy. He is also here tonight along with his mother, a distant relative of mine. Elizabeth Taylor. A few days ago, we had the return of a pet of mine that died over 40 years ago. Her name is Mesha. A few minutes ago, we had another returning or resurrection.” Will Betty join us with your escorts?” First, a few then everyone stood.

“RJ your son’s mother, your wife has returned. Go that way then left she should be right there.”

Scott’s camera was filming the scene. Bishop was filming Betty from behind. There was much crying and a lot of laughing going on.

“Father John. The Indian Premier needs to talk to you.” John and Jenny went towards the meeting room set up for the Presidents and Premiers. John wondered why they didn’t include the Lords in here then thought, NAH, they are not as stuffy as this bunch. LOL

The Indian Premier was near where the Delaney Family was. RJ was still kneeling with Betty sitting on his left leg.

Tina came up to General Bob. She handed what looked like a DVD to him. Bob asked, “What’s this?”

Tina pointed to the large screen next to them, “A complete copy of that, Sir.”

Bob smiled then asked, “You want my opinion?”

Tina said, “Yes, please General.”

Bob smiled, “Show it all in the next two years, 10 to a hundred times.”

“Why?” She asked.

“We weren’t ready for that. If you subtract one unit we may not have succeeded. One unit could have been as small as the Mexican Space Force. Keep this to yourself, both General Ceca and Lord Sky were on empty when they finished their little part.”

“Premier how can I help you?” John asked.

“What is this Religion BS you are trying to force-feed us?” Premier Gandhi was angry.

“Premier, I am an independent Minister of Metaphysics I have more memories than I know what to do with of a man called Jesus. I was his servant and watched him die on the cross. There was nothing that I could do. He was my Lord and friend. I was almost relieved when the Roman officer stabbed him threw the gut. When he returned to life that joy and happiness that I felt has stayed with me down through my many lives. Your wife is coming back tonight.”

“That can’t be possible.” The Premier whispered.

“Yes, it was removed from the old teachings, but it was there once upon a time.” The young Mrs. Gandhi said, “The return of life upon the Earth.”

“That can’t mean this.” Gandhi pointed in the direction of Betty.

“Then your book is wrong.” Elizabeth Franks said in a firm loud voice.

“Premier Gandhi, this is Elizabeth Franks and her husband the head of our Armed Forces General Douglas Franks.”

The Premier shook hands with Doug, “Were you there?” He asked very delicately.

“Yes, Premier and so were these two gentlemen. All of us were in John’s ship that is parked outside.” Doug said. The two gentlemen he pointed to were President Tripp of the US and President Pusin of Russia, “If you inspect the ship, you will see it has been hit many times.”

A young woman with a scarf over her head was nearby. The Second wife had caught a glimpse of her and knew why John had mentioned it. He was trying to prepare all for the unveiling of another returning.

“Kylie, these men are your friends, not your enemies. They fought for mankind. Our children followed them into battle to protect all of us.” The woman with the scarf over her head told the truth.

“I did not expect you to be back. What am I to do? I loved you with all my heart. I cannot send you away.” Premier Kylie Gandhi was crying. The two women were standing side by side.

“I will become the second wife if you agree to be the first wife?”

“He loves you too.”

“I plan to love you as I love myself.”

The two women hugged then turned to their husband and wrapped him up with a hug.

“Thank you.” Kylie Gandhi said from his heart to both wives.

John took all that had been drawn to witness this emotional scene to God. There before God the the question was asked: “Father, will this joining of these three be allowed?


“Father, does anything else need to be done?” John asked.

“Tell the World.” Was God’s answer.

“Thank you, Father, we love you.” John said, “Your wish shall be done.”

John took all back to Henry’s. There was no notice that they had left.

The two women looked at what they had in their hands then looked at each other. They were dressed in the finest silks as brides should be. The first wife had a bouquet of blue orchids. The second wife had a bouquet of green orchids. They looked at each other then looked up to their husband. John had made it right, “Do you three take this threesome in love and respect from this day forward?”

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