The Maintenance Man Book 1
Chapter 2

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Mark awoke the next day to a strange feeling, his member was being bathed in a warm, wet, suction feeling, it felt wonderful unlike anything he had ever felt. Then suddenly he had a feeling not unlike having to having to take a piss. Then he felt as is he was pumping pee out but not quite it had a more wonderful feeling than that then as suddenly as it started it was gone. Not thinking too much on it as he thought it was a dream he drifted back deeper into sleep.

Stirring awake a few hours later Mark looked over at Nissie, What the fuck?!!!!! She was stark naked! Mark scrambled out of bed and tried not to stare at the naked woman in the bed but try as he could he could’t seem to take his eyes off her breasts as she breathed. Looking over her whole body he didn’t see a blemish anywhere, the skin was smooth her nipples rose proudly from her 34 c breasts, her stomach was flat, her muscle tone was that of an athlete, her proportions were almost perfect. Mark had to admire the way she was put together, her design was such that she got optimal use of all her parts.

Nissie stirred and rolled over reaching for Mark it was the first time in years she had had anyone in her bed, she had missed having someone to snuggle up next to. As she reached all she found was an empty side of the bed. Startled her eyes snapped open as she scanned the room for Mark. Ah, there he was but that look he had on his face almost as if he were analysing her as he would a machine. Propping up on her elbow she stared back at Mark as he took in her whole body.

“Do you like what you see?” she started.

“You are well put together it appears that you have very good tone to your body.” he replied as he couldn’t believe he was talking to a naked woman let alone one who said that she belonged to him.

“I don’t bite you can inspect me if you wish I am yours after all” she said shly.

Shaken Mark looked at with a look of pain on his face, “I told you yesterday I do not want a slave”

“I realise that, but by the king’s orders I am now yours, I have no say in it and as a citizen of all empires and kingdoms you can not refuse, I looked into it before I agreed to this when I brought it up to the king” she stated matter of factly. Mark was at a loss for words she was right he had also looked it up and then beyond looking for anyloop hole to get out of owning another living being.

Sighing Mark took her hand, “I want you to get dressed, we are going to see the king, you will tell him all that I have to say, since you are now my assistant.”First, I want him to know I am angry at him for all this.” Mark held up his hand to quiet her, “I know why he did it I can appreciate why, I don’t have to like it but I can appreciate it. He and you” Mark looked directly at her “should have made provisions for this before you entered into a contract with me. Second, I am still expecting payment from him and am using you as collaterial until such time as he has it. Third, you are not my... ,” Mark paused here to get his words correct, “slave per say you are my ... personal assisstant to take care of me and assisst in any thing I do. Fourth, I will NOT stay here I have contracts with nearby systems and I will not break them, I have the repair bot working and all protection is in place, plus a few surprises I added.”

Mark took a deep breath, his jaw was tired he wasn’t used to talking this much and he didn’t think he would ever get used to it. Nissie jumped up as Mark eyes her as she smoothly moved about the room getting dressed Mark admired the way she flowed about the room. Making their way to the now almost new looking throne room. Mark stood back as Nissie told the king all of the things that Mark had said in her bedroom. At first the king was not happy but one look at Mark, plus the warning from Nissie about the removal of either the kingdom or all the repairs that Mark had made, quieted him very quickly. Setting his Jaw he reached for Mark’s hand, “I wanted to apologise for earlier this week, I was unaware at that time that there was a difference between an engineer and a maintenance man, please forgive me,” as he bowed to Mark and Mark’s mouth dropped agape and he in turn bowed to the king to show his appreciation for the king’s heart felt apology.

Leaving the small palace Mark looked back as he saw that indeed it looked 1000 times better it actually had started to look like a place that royality would live in. As they walked on he saw that the surrounding area was also starting to look better as he had the bots slowly move out from the palace repairing everything that wasn’t dangerous or a weapon. Making their way to the space port, Mark had already booked a room on the liner (It was offered for free as long as he looked at everything before they left orbit) and was led on board through a little known entrance. After inspecting everything and repairing a small junction that was about to go bad he was led to a master suite and left there with Nissie who had been taking notes the whole time.

“I have a question for you” Nissie started as they were alone for the first time since that morning, “what do I call you? It is customary for all slaves to call their owners master and... ,”

“No,” Mark cut her off, “you may call me Mr. Mark I DO NOT want to be called master, I may own you but I don’t have to like it ok?”

“Yes Mr. Mark” she replied as she looked down at the floor she knew what was expected of her if it were a regular man, but with Mark he was genuinely concerned about her, wanted to know what she thought, and even took in what she said concidering her ideas to have merit, laughing she felt more like a sister than a slave to him.

The ship lifted with no problem as they were on their way to the next system. Heading to the door, Mark’s wrist comm. went off, sighing damn just left the planet and he was already calling him.

“Hello Mark, may I speak to Nissie please I have a slight problem here” Mark just shook his head and handed another wrist comm from his pocket to Nissie.

“This one is yours to help with orders and him as you were his only advisor.” Looking at Mark she was startled that he thought of her like this.

“Your Majesty” she started as she moved away.

Mark waited til she was done before he led them out to the dining room. Arriving there Mark noticed that there seemed to be a problem, walking in a waiter rushed up to them and said that the dining room was closed for now, the kitchen wasn’t operating properly. Mark sighed as he pushed past the waiter and entered the kitchen.

The cook started to ask who he was, but recognized him from pictures he had seen from the company briefs. He backed away and pushed the others out of the kitchen as Mark looked around spotting first one then 2 other problems and had the kitchen back up in less than 20 minutes.

Mark thought that this sector was stupid how in the hell did they survive out here, they couldn’t repair anything yet they had some of the more modern equipment with the programs to boot. Mark just sighed as he sat and the cook thanked him for being as smart as he was and making life better for him, Mark told him what the problem had been as the cook wrote all this down for later reference. Mark told him he needed to share all this with anyone that cooked so that they to could also know how to fix the problem. After they had eaten they were walking to their room as the captain approached them.

“I just recieved this communique from the main office at headquarters, again you have their thanks and they said that another 50,000 credits had been added to your account at central.” As he started to walk away he stopped and walked back to them. “I also wanted to thank you, the food on board has improved as the cook said this was the first time in a long time that the whole kitchen actually worked since he came on board.”

Mark just nodded as he walked past to his and Nissie’s room.”By the way I had a very strange dream the other day Nissie,” he started as he watched her reaction “I was asleep and I felt my member being washed in a warm tightness care to tell me what that was?”

Nissie blushed as she took a deep breath, “Yes that was me I thought you might want me to wake you up by sucking your morning hard on, but you were so exhausted that you didn’t wake up, you just ejected in my mouth” as Nissie got a huge smile,” “it was delicious I want to do it again but I know I will need you permission from now on.”

Mark wasn’t surprised as he thought that it had seemed more real than a dream, thinking about it for a moment, “you really enjoyed that? You want to do it again?” he asked surpried that he could ask her and not be embarrassed.

Nissie vigourously shook her head as she reached for his pants, “May I?”

“Yes, slowly this is the first time I will ever be awake for this” Nissie nodded as she undid and slid pants and jockeys off taking his 9 inch member into her mouth.

As it responded to her gentle stroking and licking of the underside Mark looked down at the beauty. She had a dream like look on her face, but was even more surprised when she took his whole length down her throat, groaning in pleasure, he felt her throat muscles begin to massage his member deep in her. Moving faster and faster he began to feel a build up of pressure, then he felt a tingling in his scrotum. Nissie looked up at him and gently squeezed his scrotum as he exploded deep in her throat as she swallowed every drop.

Mark was amazed at what had just happened he had never felt anything like it in his life and he knew at that moment that Nissie would never be just a slave to him. Pulling Nissie up to the bed he told her he wanted to learn how to pleasure her as much as she had him. Nissie was amazed also that Mark wanted to please her? What was going on? but she was his slave even though he didn’t say she was she knew she had to do everything that he wanted her to do, without question.

Shedding her clothes Nissie climbed on the bed and laid back spreading her legs as mark crawled between them, looking in Mark got his first look at a female orifice as Nissie pointed out each part and he nodded his head as she did.

“You can also taste them too,” she said as he moved closer, “not too hard gently lick and suck it will give a woman more plesure if you aren’t rough unless she wants it that way.”

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