The Maintenance Man Book 1
Chapter 8

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Mark could only stare at his beautiful sister spread like an offering on an ancient altar, Oh my god! She was the most gorgeous thing he’s ever seen! Sighing, Mark had missed too much of her life and from the look of her now she wanted to be more than just a part of his life again. “Sam,” Mark sighed out, “You know we can’t do this, it’s incest!”

“No, not really on earth any more, especially for our family,” Sam replied.

“What!” Mark was a little taken aback, “our family? What the hell does that mean?”

“Mother and Father are such well known and famous people that we as their offspring are afforded special, uh ... allowances of certain behaviors,” Sam breathed out becoming more excited by the massive bulge in her brother’s pants.

Mark had to admit she was just as desirable as Nissie and god only knows he was horny as hell just looking at his naked sister. “What do you mean allowed special allowances of certain behaviors?”

“Like I said before, Mother and Father being as famous as they are, you and I are now more likened marked targets.

Therefore we are allowed to teach and love each other, so that while we’re inexperienced we can learn with someone that truly loves us and we can trust. See so by law we are allowed to love each other,” in a lowered whisper, “and maybe screw each others brains out.”

Mark must have had a shocked look on his face because Sam and Nissie both reached for Mark and gently began to undress him with surprising lightning quick speed. Sam swallowed hard when Mark’s hard 9 inch member sprang forth from his pants.

“Oh my god! Look at that beautiful thing!” Sam panted out. “Now Sam, remember what I tried to teach you, slow at first you don’t want to get injured from it. You’re still a virgin and at his size it will hurt more than usual,” Nissie advised her.

“I remember Nissie, but it’s so beautiful! Can I taste it?” Sam said moving closer to look, Mark had finally snapped out of his stupor and though still a little shocked, decided maybe it was time he participated.

“If you’re sure of this Sam, I don’t want to hurt you, as Nissie said you aren’t used to a cock yet, we need to go slow.”

Sam just shook her head staring unwavering at her brother’s cock. Tentatively she reached her tongue to the tip, finding she liked the taste she began licking till she had the tip in her mouth. Looking back at Nissie, “Oh my god, he tastes so good!”

“I know,” said Nissie, “I remember the first time I tasted him.”

Mark had started to gently rub her slit and clit, Sam’s senses seemed to explode she felt pin pricks all over. Then Mark began to slowly slide a finger in and out of her vagina.

Sam’s eyes opened wide as a new feeling began to wash over her. Oh my god, she thought, what is he doing!? Mark felt her woman’s fluids flowing heavier, bending down he got his first taste of her, a sweet nectar he never thought to taste. Sam felt his lips close around her sex, an even more intense feeling began to flood her senses as her body stiffened and she felt tingling all over, a head rush and an intense throbbing between her legs.

Nissie smiled when she heard Sam begin to orgasm, god she knew how Sam was feeling, Mark might not be the best lover in the world but he more than made up for it with his enthusiasm.

Plus the fact that he loved to please his partner as much, if not even more. A few minutes later Sam’s breathing slowed sighing she released Mark’s head she had clutched closer to her womanhood with her hands and her legs.

Panting slightly she asked Nissie, “Is it always like this?”

“Only when you have a partner, that cares as much for you and your feelings as Mark does, obviously we are extremely special to Mark.” Nissie smiled down at Mark a look of love on his face for both of the women.

Mark arose from the bed, “Later when there is time we will explore this more, please don’t be in too much of a hurry Sam.”

Sam in an almost dream like state, just nodded her head, rolled over and fell asleep. For the next few days Sam was treated to repeats of the same treatment with Mark using his tongue, among other things to get her vagina more used to something being in it. Finally they arrived at Mark’s next contract. Looking over everything, Mark saw that even the space port was unsafe and they had to take a shuttle down to the surface. Mark had just unloaded when he looked around, ok, he took back what he’s said before, THIS was the worst he’d ever seen, nothing electrical worked at all.

Everywhere he looked there was massive disrepair.

Sighing Mark knew that this time he had his work cut out for him. The strangest thing he’d ever seen, a speeder converted to wheels pulled up drawn by a horse like creature. A man identified his self as the one sent to pick them up, stepped down and began to load their bags, equipment, then helped the two women on board. Mark was surprised that the man was as knowledgeable as he was about the situation on the planet. Pulling up to a massive building another man escorted them inside along a long hallway then into a well kept and orderly throne room.

The king him self greeted them though he did get too close, had them sit before he began.

“I am king Ralphus, I am the one who arranged a contract with you. We are one of the farthest of the empire’s world’s that still posses technology, though as you saw, none of it really operates now. We are hoping you can repair and don’t have to replace, you see it’s been over 100 years since anything really worked here, and yes, I believe we have the money necessary to pay you.”

Mark whispered to Nissie, “Mr. Mark wishes to get started right away, to assess exactly what will need to be done.”

The king smiled, “direct and to the point, good I see you are far better than I heard you were.”

Mark looked a little confused for a moment and again whispered to Nissie, “Mr. Mark wishes to know how and what you heard about him.”

Again the king smiled, “Although nothing has really worked here for a long time, we still have a freighter in once a month to export. A man mentioned that there was a real maintenance man in a nearby system so I contracted you, we haven’t had to use much of the credits we receive so I have a stockpile now.”

Satisfied Mark had Nissie thank the king before they headed out to the comp room. Mark’s mouth dropped agape when he saw the old city comp, it looked to be one of the first and extremely easy to work on. Looking it over he saw that there was no power going to it, sighing he asked to be taken to the power plant on the out skirts of the city.

Sighing, Mark look at the old plant, though nuclear capable it looked to have not been run in over a century.

Sending a message to the king, Mark told him the price was now double almost 100,000 credits. The king answered and said it was fine, Mark pulled all his scanners and went to work, Nissie and Sam close by writing orders for parts.

After 6 hours Mark found that the reactor was in fairly good shape, just a few seals that he could order, then they’d have it up and running again. Returning to the huge building Mark looked over the comp, finding he was able to upgrade quite a bit of it he set to work. 16 hours later he was certain that after he had the comp online he could have it build repair bots.

The king listened to all that he’d done and was going to do, giving Mark complete access to all the metal plants, Mark gave them all the specifics to build the parts to the repair bots. Now came the hard part, somehow mark had to get fuel rods for the reactor once he had all the repairs finished. Looking around a few days as it would be a week before the freighter came in, Mark put all the knowledge he had to work thinking up a way to create the rods.

With the help of all the metal workers in the city, Mark finally had 2 feasible rods to work with. It had taken all week because of the safety precautions they had to take. Finally the freighter pulled into orbit, Mark contacted the Captain surprising him.

With parts in hand, Mark and several people worked sealing the reactor, starting it up was another thing.

With all the repairs the configuration had to be adjusted. Two weeks after they had landed the first power to be generated on the planet was flowing, Mark was back in the comp room within an hour. Having made sure everything was up to par, Mark finally started the comp slowly.

As ancient as it was Mark remembered that this particular model had been the toughest ever made. Bringing it on line to Mark was almost a joke, he’d surveyed the lines to the comp finding them old but still serviceable. Though not many places were connected to the comp after years of neglect, the few that were began to come to life. Each of the 10 places that were online were checked by Mark before he approved them to be used.

The most impressive, last and hardest he approved was the factory they manufactured their main export with.

Next Mark worked on one of the two repair bots, he had all the parts to. 24 hours later, hardly any sleep, he was ready to test the first, he started it putting the second together. Within an hour it was done and the two started around the huge building. Mark had worked almost 2 days straight programing and putting the first together, he’d only set it for the king’s place as he needed sleep. The next day Mark awoke to an almost new looking, spotless, he guessed you could call it a small palace.

The front was done and the bots were on the back side with only 2 it took all day just to do half of anything. Everything worked the lights were a welcome treat for all there. Unknown to Mark the metal workers had been working also those 3 days and had enough parts for 4 more. The 2 bots started and 2 hours later there were 6 bots, not an army like Mark would like but for this planet this was a enormous work force. The 6 bots had the palace done within a few hours, Mark then got with the king and they outlaid the plans for the rest of the city. With all the improvements Mark completely forgot to mention that the king now had communication with the neighboring planets. Mark looked at the work done so far, the palace was finished and the bots had started to spread out on each side working on the power lines before anything else.

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