The Radio Man

On the planet VENUS you will meet:


MYLES CABOT, a good-looking young Boston radio experimenter, who accidentally broadcast himself bodily to another world.


QUEEN FORMIS, a twelve-foot-high monster, who ruled a world from an egg-laying couch, and could conceive of no mercy for her human slaves.

DOGGO, who became Myles Cabot’s friend through a curious accident and who first showed Myles the ropes on that queer planet. SATAN, who was given that name by Myles for the unpleasant reason that he deserved it—and who lived up to it.


PRINCESS LILLA, the lovely girl with the Kewpie wings, who held the key to the throne of Venus and the key to Myles’ heart simultaneously.

YURI, the suave scoundrel who wouldn’t hesitate to sell out his whole race to get Lilla’s hand by force.

TORON, who tipped Myles off to Lilla’s private intentions in order to save himself from slavery.

BTHUH, the beautiful lady who conspired to win Myles for herself, though she had to help his deadliest enemies to do it.

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