Chapter 1

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Samuel Ray walked out of his house waving to his neighbors. Getting into his car he stretched his six foot frame out behind the wheel. Moving away from his house and neighborhood, little did he know it would be the last time he see either of them.

High in orbit above the earth, an unearthly craft was hiding among the satellites. It’s sleek black skin absorbing all light and energy that came near it.

A tall, blonde, human looking male nodded at the read out. “I think we’ve finally located the one on this planet that was giving off those energy readings.”

“It’s about time!” A smaller in height and frame female replied. “I want all bio-scanners on this one this time. No mistakes like last time.” The female hissed. “I’ll remove more than an ear this time!”

The male, a hand to the stub like projection from the side of his head, nodded. “All scans now active, directed at the subject.” The male said as clearly as he could.

The female stood, walking up behind the male. “Hmmm, this one has more markers than any we’ve seen before. I’m so glad I suggested we come to this primitive place.”

The male hid his face as he rolled his eyes. Her idea? Slightly shaking his head he wondered how she’d go on without him. Most of her ideas were actually his.

A slashing to his back let him know he’d not heard the last thing she’d said. “You worthless piece of scum! I told you to get him!” The female growled.

“I will mistress as soon as he stops moving! We don’t want a repeat of last time like on penal-one.” The male said as he wrenched at the pain across his back.

“Hmmm, you’re right that cost enough to fix, plus we only got half of him. There was barely enough left alive for me to consume. Alright then, as soon as possible,” the female said with a smirk.

Arriving downtown, Samuel had just parked his car and moving as quickly as he could away from his car. A sudden crunching sound behind him caused Samuel to stop, turning his mouth fell agape. The front half of the very car he’d been in was gone! Looking closer Samuel saw a blue glow coming from the rest of what was left of the vehicle.

Turning back toward the building, Samuel took a step to run; suddenly he was enveloped in a reddish light. Blinking his eyes hard he saw that he was somewhere else! Two tall, well muscled women in strange uniforms were pointing strange guns at him. Both had startled looks on their faces that quickly turned to anger.

“Inona! Iza io?” The tall, blonde haired woman of the pair said.

“Tsy azoko antoka.” The tall, Auburn woman next to the Blonde replied.

When Samuel only stood there with his mouth open, The Auburn woman touched a button on the console. Just as quickly a strange beam shot out of the bulkhead. “What the hell!?” Samuel almost shouted as he jumped back the beam following him.

“Ah! Much better!” The Auburn haired woman said. Pointing her gun straight at Samuel’s chest, unwavering, she started. “Now just who are you? Where is the criminal Mellos Thymp?!”

Shock registered on Samuel’s face as he swallowed hard. “Look lady I have no idea what you are talking about!”

A frown came over the Auburn woman’s face. “I am not one of these ladies that you speak of. I am Thellus Wron of the Intergalactic Patrol. This esteemed one,” Thellus said indicating the Blonde. “Is our sector Commander, Drivas Flot. You WILL refer to her as Commander!!” The Auburn woman pushed her gun barrel into Samuel’s ribs to emphasize her point.

“Sure! Whatever you say lady,” Samuel said as he raised his hands and arms.

With a low growl Thellus backed a foot from Samuel. “Lower your arms now! You will be destroyed if you make an attempt to take my weapon! Now then identify yourself,” this last coming out as a rigid command.

Swallowing hard again, Samuel replied, “I am Samuel Ray, I work at the World Bank downtown.”

Thellus’s face hardened as the grip on the weapon tightened, “I know not of this planet downtown, stop lying...”

“Enough Thellus! Tell me Samuel Ray, is the name of that planet downtown, or has it perchance another name?” The blonde Drivas asked indicating the blue and green planet on the other side of a huge window that dominated the wall.

“Oh my god!” Samuel said as he fell to his knees. “There’s no way!”

Drivas shook her head with a sigh. They’d have to wipe this one when they were done, a most unpleasant duty. “So you know the name of your home good. I’m sorry you’ve never seen it before. I apologize...”

“Huh? Of course I’ve seen it we all have. It’s just rare that anyone but military gets to see this much of it these days. An almost exasperated Samuel told Drivas.

“Ah! So your people are much further then. Perhaps a wipe is unnecessary. So, please what is the its name?” The Blonde smiled at him. “We call it earth.” Samuel replied.

A shocked then worried look crossed the Blonde’s face. Stunned she turned toward Thellus yelling at her. “Send him back NOW!” Drivas’s voice getting louder with each word.

“But Commander shouldn’t we first...” a confused Thellus started.

“NO! NOW! Send him now before he emerges!” Drivas was now screaming.

Thellus nodded as she immediately pressed another button on the console. Another reddish beam enveloped the man who stood there a moment with nothing happening. Looking down at his body he noticed a golden glow coming from his body within the red beam. Then just as suddenly he was standing back in the parking garage.

Shrugging Samuel turned toward the elevator. Taking but a step he was again enveloped in a beam though this time it was blue. Again he shook his head then rolled his eyes as nothing happened this time! Waiting a moment more he again shrugged and stepped out of the beam! Then he just easily walked away from it.

Mellos Thymp cursed as she kicked the male off his feet, then hard into the bulkhead. Landing with a thud the male crumpled into a heap. “How dare you miss the target!” Mellos raged.

“Mistress Mellos I didn’t miss!” The Tall male protested. “My god! He’s reading almost the same make up as you!” The male said as soon as he limped back to the panel.

Quickly snapping her head around, Thymp looked at the reading on the panel. Her eyes flew wide as she whispered, “My god he’s reading more pure, if not more than myself! We must capture him at all costs!”

“Ma’am!” The tall man shouted looking at another reading. “I’m reading an Intergalactic Patrol command ship nearby!”

“Damn it!” Mellos said as she tracked the other ship. “So! It wasn’t your fault after all! Hmmm, I might have to reward your efforts after all. Don’t count on it,” here she sneered at the tall man. “Though we’ll see.”

The Tall man nodded shivering at the promise of a reward. If it was anything like the last time it would be well worth it!

Samuel looked at his watch, damn it! That little delay was going to make him late! Opening the stair well door when he saw that the elevator was at the top of the building, Damn! Twenty five floors!

Taking a step into the stair well, Samuel was suddenly staring at the twenty fifth floor’s door! What in the hell was going on?

Grabbing the door handle Samuel pulled it in a hurry seeing that he had a few more minutes before he was late. Suddenly gasping when not only the door but the frame also came away from the wall in his hand! Crap! This day was getting stranger and stranger! Putting them aside Samuel was glad he was at the back of the room where no one else was.

Several people stared then snickered when they saw him pass them on the way to his cubicle. Staring hard Samuel sat with a thud when he saw that almost the space on his desk was taken up with huge stacks of reports piled on it. Shaking his head Samuel thought there had to be a least a week’s worth of work here!

His boss walked up at that moment, “Samuel I need you to read, comment, then do a complete write up on each of these.” Samuel groaned as the man started to walk away, then the man stopped returning to Samuel’s desk. “Oh yeah, expect to stay after since you were the last in. You best have them all done when I come in tomorrow. I’m presenting them to the CEO.” With a snide laugh the man walked away without a thought to what he’d just done.

“What an ass!” Samuel whispered under his breath. Staring at his boss as the man walked away as if the man had lost his mind! With a sigh Samuel shook his head reaching for the first report and a pen.

Thirty minutes later Samuel put the last down then wrote a comment. Reaching for another Samuel was surprised when there weren’t any more! Blinking looking up Samuel saw that he was completely done with all but the last’s write up.

Again shaking his head, he thought about what he’d just read. Turning to his keyboard, he started to type at a furious pace. A mere two minutes later he blinked again when he saw that he had eight pages done! Saving everything he could only stare at all the work he’d finished. What in the hell was going on?

Thinking about the events of the day, he remembered the blonde Commander saying that he was emerging. Wonder what the hell that had been about? Too bad I can’t ask her Samuel thought.

[“Who the hell is this?”] Came the sound of Drivas thoughts in her voice.

‘What the hell?’ Samuel thought ‘just what was that?’

[“I will have you locked away! This is illegal telepathic communications to a commanding officer of the Intergalactic Patrol! Identify yourself or be prepared for immediate incarceration!”] Drivas’s thought said.

Shrugging Samuel thought might as well. [“This is Samuel Ray, I have a question for you.”]

[“Samuel Ray?”] Samuel swore he could almost feel Drivas swallow hard. [“I ... I will allow you one question.”]

[“You told Thellus that I was emerging ... What exactly did you mean?”] Samuel asked.

[“What!? You mean you don’t know? Then I am afraid that I am not allowed to tell you. The patrol has been trying to find others like you for almost four hundred years. At present there are only two left alive, yourself, and the criminal Mellos.”] Drivas explained.

[“Only two like me? What do you mean?”] Samuel asked.

[“I’m sorry, I’ve already told you far too much.”] Came Drivas’s panicking thoughts.

Sighing Samuel was starting to get more than a little pissed. [“What the hell! Just tell me!”] Samuel’s thoughts said somewhat forcefully.

[“You don’t understand I can’t ... I’m sorry I can’t it isn’t...”] Samuel could feel Drivas’s thoughts and mind struggling as she fought to keep her thoughts within. He could feel her trying to keep the information hidden but the reasons why also. [“NO! STOP! I can’t! I ... I ... Your readings indicate that you and she are the last two pure form Cliveastones”]

[“Cliveastones? Never heard of them I am afraid. What... ?”] Samuel started to ask.

[“They were once a race of super powerful beings that were thought to have been destroyed well over five centuries ago. All readings indicate that you are ten percent purer than Mellos. The purest in fact to be seen since the planet of Owt Los was destroyed. It was rumored that they seeded thousands of worlds in case such as this happened.”] Came Drivas’s struggling though somewhat numb sounding thoughts.

[“What were your orders concerning those that are supposed to be like me?”] Samuel asked.

[“We were only supposed to find and report any that we found. I’, ... I’m sorry we awakened you. It was never our intention to do so. May I ask what your intentions are?”] Came Drivas’s concerned thoughts.

[“As of right now...”] Samuel started.

Another set of thoughts broke in. [“Release the Commander this instant or...”]

Samuel turned toward the new thoughts, [“you weren’t asked into this conversation!”]

[“I have to protest...”] The others thoughts started.

[“SHUT UP!”] Samuel thought getting angry.

[“I am a thought warrior I will not ... Stop! NO!”] Came the other’s terrified thoughts.

Samuel felt the other back off so he eased the pressure. [“I told you to shut up. Try that again, I may not stop ‘til there isn’t much left.”]

[“Yes sir.”] Came the slowly relaxing thoughts.

Turning back to Drivas’s thoughts Samuel continued. [“Now as for my intentions. I mean no harm to any, though I will defend myself.”]

Thinking of the patrol ship Samuel appeared far above the outside of the building he’d been in. Looking up he then shot skyward at tremendous speed to where the patrol ship was in seconds.

Samuel’s eyes went wide when he found he really didn’t need to breathe stopping outside the patrol ship. Reaching for the ship Samuel vanished appearing before a shocked Drivas and panic stricken Thellus sitting on the floor her gun drawn.

“I will not allow you to harm the Commander!” Thellus said as she discharged her gun. The energy beam struck Samuel in the chest. Furrowing his eyebrows Samuel looked more annoyed than angry as his body absorbed the blast.

Sighing Samuel snapped his fingers making Thellus’s gun vanish. “There that’s better!” Samuel said which caused both Drivas and Thellus to stare at him in shock.

“You know nothing of your origin yet you can do this? Why ask if you have such command of your power?” Drivas asked.

“Apparently I learn them as I need them. Ok so, one last question.” Samuel stated.

“Please sir, I am already in enough trouble as it is. If we answer we answer any more we can most assuredly look forward to being executed.” Drivas pleaded.

Sighing Samuel thought a moment. Looking at both females Samuel wondered if it was really that easy. Thinking carefully Samuel carefully formulated his desire.

Finally Samuel decided he was ready as he thought. I wish to know of these people that I have the powers of. I want to know what powers I do actually have, if I will gain more. Why have I only now started to develop them?

Both of the women’s mouths dropped open as they watched Samuel grab his head. Sinking to his knees Samuel’s eyes were closed then suddenly flew wide as he started to scream!

“No! Too much!” Samuel screamed even louder. Then the tension and pain eased as the information started to flow slower.

Taking a deep breath, Samuel stared straight ahead as he started to go over everything that he was seeing. Most of it he knew from Drivas, though how they were wiped out caused Samuel to growl at the two women.

“So the patrol was formed because of my kind. It also appears that air like earth’s renders us powerless.” Drawing closer to the women Samuel whispered. “Too bad it appears that bringing me here? Activated my abilities. Also when you sent me back?” Drivas looked at Samuel and nodded. “I still had them!”

Both women’s eyes appeared wide in shock and surprise! He still had them!? They had to contact central as soon as they could. If he really still had them on earth then there wasn’t anything at present they could do to stop him!

“So don’t come after me and you’ve really got nothing to fear. Piss me off then well; might I suggest you don’t ok?” With that Samuel disappeared appearing outside the ship.

Now then Samuel thought, to do something about the other one. Looking around Samuel saw nothing out of the ordinary. Hmmm he thought I need vision that will allow me to find her.

Suddenly Samuel’s eyes could see a broad range of spectrums. On the edge of the curvature of the earth Samuel saw an odd energy pulse. Heading toward it he was shocked when it opened fire on him! Hell he thought as the beams struck him, he was actually feeling these! Wow they were tickling him!

Mellos threw her armor on when the tall male that worked for her told her the other like her was heading their way. Sighing she began to shake her head when the big idiot started to fire on their target.

A moment later a man almost as tall as the male that served her appeared a huge smile on his face. ‘Yes!’ she thought! She could feel the raw power that he was exuding from him!

Samuel more as he looked around the ship. A tall blonde man with a shocked look on his face. Further behind him, a smaller well armored jet black haired female.

“Ah! You must be this Mellos Thymp that I have heard so much about!” Samuel said as his face went from a smile to dead serious.

Mellos eyes opened wide as she nodded. “I’m afraid that you have me at a disadvantage.” Mellos said as she ever so slowly inched closer awaiting a chance to touch the man. That’s all I need she thought. Just one touch I know that his power would heal me I just know it!

Samuel bowed a smile returning to his face, “I’m Samuel Ray from earth. I was told that you were a criminal, thought I’d hear your part of the story. I also know that you tried to bring me on board your ship. Uh ... I suggest you not try that again.”

Mellos’s eyes opened wider as she moved even a little closer to Samuel. Just a little more! Then she laid a hand on him. With a triumphant smile she felt the draw start then huh? Nothing? Concentrating even harder she pulled even harder still nothing!

“So, I see that you never heard of the saying that’s it’s really bad to take that which doesn’t belong to you. That plus trying to take from someone who’s not going to let you have it!” Samuel said a firm hard look on his face as he stared down at her a look of terror starting to form on her face.

“I don’t understand, it has never failed before! You are just like me how can I not consume?” A now even more shocked and terror stricken Mellos asked.

“All I know is that I don’t want you to so you can’t.” Samuel said even as Mellos was drawing her fist back driving it into Samuel’s face.

A quick look of anger crossed Samuel’s face as he grunted shaking her punch off as easy as a piece of cloth. Shaking his head Samuel drew his hand back slapping Mellos across the face. This in turn propelled her across the deck into the far bulkhead.

Mellos’s eyes blinked in surprise, “you are one of us! So damn strong! More than I thought!” Then she slumped down to the floor in a heap her eyes closing in unconsciousness.

Staring at where Mellos lay crumpled on the floor Samuel held his arm up. “Unless you want to be the same way.” Here he turned toward the male, “with a lot of, things broken, I suggest you stop.”

The tall blonde male skidded to a stop a foot from Samuel. “May I check on her sir?” The male asked.

Samuel stepped back to allow the male to pass to Mellos. Tenderly the tall male picked Mellos up. Mouthing a thank you to Samuel he then turned taking Mellos into another room.

Samuel was about to follow when he heard a scream. A scream? What the hell? Appearing outside the ship Samuel looked around then started back down toward earth.

Landing outside the same bank that he worked at. Looking around he was sure this was where he’d heard the scream from. Suddenly his eyes were drawn to the bank lobby itself. Inside he could see about twenty men half of them moving toward the back to start emptying what they could. The rest keeping weapons trained on the people in the lobby that were on the floor.

Growling Samuel took a step toward the bank. A moment later he was facing the street with ten men unconscious at his feet. Turning back Samuel took a step vanishing then reappearing with another nine more unconscious men. Shaking his head Samuel wondered how the hell he’d missed the last one.

Sighing Samuel stepped slowly back into the lobby looking for the last. Shaking his head again what was going on? Rushing around the room he was further confused when the last one was nowhere to be seen!

Samuel rushed back outside dropping all the weapons beside the unconscious men. Hearing approaching sirens, Samuel lifted off the ground accelerating faster and faster the higher he got.

Heading to where he’d left Mellos’s ship he was astounded when he arrived that the ship was gone! Looking all around he didn’t see any sign of the patrol ship either! Running through all the spectrums he could see in, Samuel looked hard for any sign of either ship.

A few minutes later Samuel came across a trail leading away from earth. Shaking his head he started to follow it. Mellos was the only one that obviously knew about him and his abilities. She was damn near as tough as he was, rubbing his chin he thought. He’d not let on but that punch she threw had actually bruised his chin.

Well Samuel thought as he passed Pluto a few minutes later, I just have to find her. She had to know more about this than what I do now. Yeah he thought, that is if I find her. It was a big universe after all.

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