Chapter 2

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Samuel had been following the energy trail for over an hour now. He had already passed through several solar systems getting further and further from earth. Shit he thought, I just hope I can find my way back!

Pulling up short he saw that he’d arrived at a huge space like station. It appeared to bear the insignia of the Intergalactic Patrol that he’d seen both of those women wearing. Shaking his head he looked at all the ships that were there. Nodding he saw the one that the two women had been on. Good he thought at least one friendly face!

Going closer he suddenly ‘heard’ a voice in his head. [This is a restricted area, unless you have an appointment with Intergalactic Patrol personnel it is suggested that you depart this area. You are being bio-scanned now. Know that deadly force will be used if you persist in your actions!]

Concentrating Samuel thought back, [I suggest you speak to Drivas Flot before you do something you will regret. I doubt you have anything that can stop me, though you might piss me off!]

There was a moment of silence then many confused thoughts came back to him. Grabbing his head he concentrated as hard as he could. Finally the voices started to thin ‘til he heard Drivas and another male.

[Is this the one you saw?] Samuel heard the man say.

[Yes sir, he is even purer than the criminal Mellos Thymp. We were unsure of him so we came back to report. As of yet we are unsure of what abilities he has.] Drivas said.

[You know, it is rude to talk about someone when they can hear you.] Samuel broke into their conversation with his thoughts.

Samuel could feel the shock that both were feeling. [I apologize. It has been a long time since a humanoid with your abilities has been seen. Though as you can see all are trained to handle almost anything. Please come aboard so we can discuss this in a more relaxed setting.] Returned the man’s thoughts. Samuel was nodding though he was feeling a lot of deception from the man.

Samuel drew closer to the station then suddenly vanished appearing in the same room as the man and Drivas. Sitting when the man offered Samuel felt as if there were a thousand eyes on him.

“I’m sure that Drivas has already made a full report to you. I also know that you are broadcasting this meeting to talk that you can. I’ll tell you as I told Drivas and Thellus. Don’t come after me, you really got nothing to fear. Piss me off? Well I don’t think you want to see what I can really do.” Samuel calmly told them.

“Sir we don’t...” The man started then was quiet when Samuel held up his hand.

“Please, don’t insult my intelligence. I am former military, I recognize a military installation. An independent civilian operation? I think not. So, would you like to talk to me straight forward? Or would you prefer for me to just leave?” Here Samuel spread his hands in a gesture of unconcern. Samuel’s eyes narrowed as he suddenly heard more thoughts. “Unless you want people to be hurt I suggest you tell them to stand down, NOW!”

The other man nodded as he spoke into a communicator. Turning back to Samuel he asked, “If you aren’t here to conquer then why?”

“I want to find Mellos also. She has a hell of a lot more information on me than I can get from asking.” Turning to Drivas he stated. “When I asked for the information on your ship, I gleaned quite a bit; problem is hardly any of it makes sense. It’s in another language one that your beam has had no success in deciphering. I know that the patrol is after her also, that’s fine. She tried I believe, to kill me, unsuccessfully as you can see. I’ll go now I just thought I’d tell you what I was going to do.” Samuel stood to go then turned back to the two there. “Remember Drivas,” Samuel tapped his head. “I still had them when I was back on earth.” Drivas’ eyes went large as she slowly nodded to a smiling Samuel. With that he vanished, appearing outside the station then speeding away.

Drivas sat with a thud, as did the sub-commander of the Intergalactic Patrol. “You believe him?” He asked of her.

Swallowing hard she looked at the male. “A lot of what he said I do. As of yet he has made no aggressive moves against the Patrol. Even when Thellus discharged her weapon at point blank range.”

The Sub-commander was nodding this was good if they could use him in their quest then this would be worth it. Touching a panel he asked, “Did you get enough of a scan to confirm?”

“Almost a complete scan sir. We are comparing the data to that of the first scans. So far they are showing no deviation from the pattern of those that were recorded over five centuries ago. All readings indicate that he is FROM Owt Los! Sir I thought that was impossible! They were all destroyed in...” Came the voice.

“Enough! This is not a secure channel. You will store all you have gotten under the self destroying section. You and all that are there are to report to the expungement center immediately!” The male said then he turned to Drivas as he clicked off. “I know that the both of you are class elite thought warriors. Though as I saw he was through her defenses in no time. We need to up the status of the both of you. It appears he has somewhat attached himself to the both of you. Pray that doesn’t change.”

Drivas again swallowed as she thought of the ease that Samuel had entered her ship. They’d had the shields at full when he teleported in. Shaking her head she thought that he’d done this as easily as walking into a room. Here he was just starting to emerge. The sub-commander was right they had to turn him to their side.

“Sir,” Drivas said coming out of her musings. “Do you require Thellus and I to continue to monitor him and any interaction he has with Mellos?” The male was quiet a minute as he thought about it. “I think that would be a good idea. I also think that the both of you should be promoted to special field agents for the duration of this mission. I have already sent the request to central.”

The door on the far side opened as Thellus walked in nodding to Drivas. Drivas had thought they might be given this assignment. She’d already got her requests in a head of time. It was after all what had gotten her the Sector Commander position, the youngest to date. Smiling she had to say a thanks to Samuel the next time they were face to face.

“Alright special agent Thellus and special agent Commander Drivas. As soon as you both have been escalated to the next level of thought warrior follow him. As little contact as possible. Also stay as hidden from him as you can.” The sub-commander told both the females. “You should know the next level is painful. Not much but painful. As of right now there aren’t many thought warriors at the level two. Far less at three, and four. Level five well, there is only one Thantas is a force to be reckoned with.”

“Thank you sir.” They both said as they started to exit the room. “Oh! Commander all your requests have been filled including a few others that Thantas thought you might need. Good luck, good hunting.”

Both females left heading to a little used section of the station. Entering a door both females watched as several guards took up positions on either side of the door. Five minutes later the guards cringed as the screams of the females started.

Samuel had turned back toward what he hoped was earth. Problem was nothing looked familiar. Damn, he wished he’d paid closer attention in science class. Stopping a moment he thought a moment then shrugged. Where is earth? He thought then waited. Ah come on! This had worked last time. Waiting a moment later he felt his eyes start to shift then he was seeing a path through space beside him. Shrugging again he turned heading that way. I really need to get back faster he thought. Suddenly his speed began to pick up then a tunnel opened it front of him. What the hell?

Flying in it he was only in it for what felt like a few seconds then he was coming out not far from earth. Ok now that was a neat trick and I have absolutely no idea how I did it. Shaking his head he decided to not dwell on it. Looking around again where Mellos’s ship had been he began to again run through the spectrums. Growling he started a second time this time slower, he had to be missing something.

Frustrated he was about to go through them a third time when he notice an extremely faint energy trail. It was so faint that it was almost blending into the darkness of space. Smiling he started to follow it then he thought again I need to go faster. Again his speed picked up then another tunnel opened as he flew into it. This time it seemed more like a few minutes rather than a few seconds.

Emerging this time into the darkness of space Samuel began to look around. The trail was just as weak here though it seemed to be going slower. It was thicker meaning they weren’t in the tunnel? Whatever, he thought as he started to follow the trail. A few minutes later he arrived in front of a solid blue colored world. Funny he thought what was that grey patch that seemed to be growing on the surface. Looking closer he had to do a double take. There was no surface? Descending he found that what he thought was water was actually gas.

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