Chapter 6

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Drivas awoke with a major headache plus the amount of voices she was hearing. Sitting up she concentrated as hard as she could feeling half the voices start to fade. Trying again she pushed harder feeling another third of what was left fade.

Looking over at the other table she saw that Thellus was still unconscious. Though she could feel the woman trying to claw her way to the surface she felt it would be another hour before she was awake. Still hearing voices she again pushed, feeling the stronger voices start to fade further.

Finally half an hour later, all but one voice was gone, a very powerful voice that she couldn’t ignore. [Thantas?] Drivas asked. [Is that you? I thought I was far below you for you to ‘talk’ to me!]

[Ah! Drivas Flot! I thought that was your mind that entered the fourth level. No my dear, you are by no means so far below me that I would not talk to you. If anything you are one of the few that I can actually ‘talk’ to.] Thantas told her.

[We were always told that you were far above us, that you only talk to those near your level; only the heads of the IP, and the technicians that preserve you.] A shocked Drivas answered Thantas.

Drivas could almost swear that Thantas was smirking at her when she said. [You will find that most of the time. What we are told by those supposedly above us? Is often not the whole truth, well not the one that they want us to know. Lately I have found this to be more and more true.]

[I thought you weren’t allowed to speak to anyone else.] Drivas asked.

[Normally I’m not, though you obtaining the level you have have made this communication possible. I can see into your mind my dear, I can see the doubt that both you and Thellus have. There are many secrets that have been hidden from the both of you; as are a few that are coming soon. As of yet you haven’t the strength to act. You are scheduled to go to level five. I will make this possible. Most I would let the machine kill, it will not be so for you.] Thantas told an extremely confused Drivas.

[Thantas, I am not understanding!] Drivas thoughts almost shouted.

[It will become clearer in time. now sleep I must prepare the both of you for what they will do to the both of you next.] Thantas said as Drivas nodded her head then fell back in a deep sleep.

Thantas reached in feeling the work that the crude machines of the IP had done. Removing all the hidden orders that she felt, Thantas felt they would now have a far easier time. They might not even feel pain now. Watching she knew she didn’t have much time as both were awoken then scanned. Almost immediately they were hooked to other machines as the next levels were started.

Drivas felt Thantas nearby as the fifth level was started. Were they that desperate that they were willing to kill the both of them? Thellus was scared a moment she’d almost died the last time the machine had started in her mind.

Suddenly there was an intense buzzing as the machine reached into their minds looking for the orders that had been planted before. Thantas started to adjust both women’s minds completely fooling the machine. Then both women’s minds were moved rather quickly into the next levels. Drivas looked at Thellus with a look of shock on her face. [My god there was no pain!]

Suddenly she ‘heard’ Thellus’s thoughts in her mind, [I know! There was nothing at all! Wait! Ma’am? I can hear your thoughts. Am I imagining this?]

Drivas shook her head, [No, don’t let on that we can hear each other. Thantas told me that many things were being hidden from the both of us. Also that we both had doubts, I am glad to see that you are with me on this.]

A moment later they both ‘heard’ Thantas, [Enough! Sleep.] Both nodded as they went under faster than they thought they would.

Several technicians were looking over the readings seeing a slight spike from both. Shaking their heads they consigned it to the fact that both were at a very high level now. Good thing they were both on their side or they were dead for sure.

Sam was drawing closer to the third world that the Queen and the gray leader said was the world they needed. Still not in the best of moods he’d met more and more resistance the closer he got. He guessed from what the Queen had passed to him that he only had two worlds to go then the third world itself.

Landing on the first of the last three worlds San heard massive screaming as a great multitude ran from him. Sighing he shook his head he had expected as much, that is ‘til the grays actually started to open fire on him! His face twisting into a mask of rage Sam was about to destroy several thousand of them. That’s when he felt a powerful mind try to enter his.

Shocked a moment he pushed back feeling the mind was somehow familiar to him. Still it had tried to enter his mind without his permission so he pushed back. When the mind didn’t stop pushing he became seriously pissed at the mind. Pushing the mind away violently he felt the mind fade all the way back to the space station he’d been to before.

Growling Sam nodded, so they were trying to get to him through his mind. Were they in for a shock. Turning back to the grays that were firing at him he stood tall then put his hand up pushing all the beams that were hitting him back almost they way they had come. There was a massive confusion as a great many screamed running away in terror.

Shaking his head Sam landed in front of those trying to escape. [I am not here to hurt rather to help you escape those that wish you to work for them.] Sam thought.

[You tell nothing but an untruth we... ] Many thought to him.

Suddenly a greater number of voices were heard talking to those in front of him. Sitting he decided to wait this time as this had been played out a number of times the last few days.

Almost falling asleep Sam could see that he was finally starting to get tired. Thinking back it had been what seven or eight days? Maybe more he wasn’t sure as he’d only been back to earth once. Looking at all those before him he was shocked to see that they were still standing there ‘listening’ to the others on the other planets.

Still waiting he was surprised when one moved from the rest to stand before him. [The others that you have visited have explained what you are trying to do for our people. We were told to add to the voice for the next two worlds. We were also told to let you know that you must hurry. Those that were here before are coming back soon.]

[I am glad that I did not have to end a great many of you. Being free of them is far better with all of you rather than half.] Sam told those before him.

[We also concur with this assumption Sam. We thank you for your mercy.] The one thought to Sam then moved off with the others who all had stunned looks on their faces.

Smiling Sam was about to take off when he ‘heard’ Queen Triada. [I can feel your depletion of energy Sam. Might I suggest you fly closer to a sun before you leave?]

Sam’s mouth dropped open, [a sun? I am powerful though I didn’t think I was THAT powerful!]

[You only have to get within a few million miles Sam not that close. You are still growing stronger, you only need a little more time, and then you should have your full power.] The Queen told him.

Shrugging Sam shot up at a tremendous speed heading toward the dull yellow sun of the gray world. At first he felt nothing but an emptiness inside then as he drew closer he felt less and less tired. Shocked he was getting a lot closer when he started to feel the heat a bit. Shit he thought I’m pretty close, it feels more like being a little too close to a camp fire.

Feeling almost completely normal Sam nodded to himself then shot forward toward the next planet. Entering the worm hole he hoped that these last few would be far easier. This constant parade of people wanting to be slaves was seriously taxing on him.

Sam came out of the worm hole near the last of the two worlds that he needed to free. To his surprise he came face to face with a huge multitude of IP regular and battle ships. Shaking his head he felt that a lot were going to die this day.

Drivas was trying to regain her strength though the shouting she was ‘hearing’ was starting to piss her off. Shut the hell up she thought. Then she thought she recognized the voice. Thellus? Was that her she thought she heard screaming?

[Thellus?] Drivas thought. [Is that you I hear?]

[Drivas, thank all that is holy! Help me! The sheer amount of voices I am ‘hearing’ is maddening.] Replied Thellus’s almost desperate thoughts.

[You have to concentrate push them out. I did it when I reached level four. It appears that once you do that, you can from then on.] Drivas told her.

[Ugh it is so hard! I’m trying. Yes! I can feel almost half the voices fading.] Came Thellus thoughts.

[Keep pushing, I know you can do it. Focus on my thoughts it should help you.] Drivas told her.

[Yes! I can feel them fading away. Finally it is so quiet now.] Thellus thought.

[You have done very well Thellus. Drivas you are now the only other fifth level. As we both know you both doubt much that has been going on around you. You are the first of the upper command I have ever felt think this way.]

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