Chapter 10

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Sam looked at the huge collection of IP troops that he already had tied up. This was nothing compared to how many he’d seen on the planet when he was in space. He also had a huge pile of weapons stacked neatly not far from the troops.

Waiting he knew that more would appear soon. These guys were nothing if not predictable. A moment later he heard what appeared to be frantic calls to the missing troops. Smirking Sam thought, they won’t really be reporting in all that soon. He also knew that they’d be sending more serious number of troops soon. Then they’d know for sure that he was there.

Back in the command room a young radio operator was puzzled that no one from the sector outside the city had answered. Again he gave the ID code waiting for a reply from more than thirty troopers. Strange he thought there wasn’t anything to really block the signal what was going on? Turning to his commander he attracted the male’s attention.

“What seems to be the problem?” The commander asked as soon as he was next to the radio operator.

“Sir, I’ve been calling the troops outside the city for quite a while now. As of yet I still haven’t received an answer.

“Have they missed more than one cycle of arranged check in time?” The other male asked.

“No sir, only the first one. It’s strange sir this particular set has never missed nor failed to return a call.: The younger male replied.

The older commander stood still a moment then nodded, “ok, order a detachment out there to see if they are in need of help.”

The younger male nodded in answer as he called up the emergency response team’s commander. A few minutes later he received confirmation that they were on their way.

Sam had already collected the few life forms that he’d seen being driven to what he saw as exhaustion. They reminded him a bit like what the queen looked like only darker in color. They also appeared to be much thinner. The group of about forty bowed low to Sam then stood there.

Finally one came forward bowing again to Sam, “Sir, we await your orders. We know we are being tested, we will not fail you sir.”

Sam looked at the rest of the beings there as they all bowed staying down their heads on the ground. Shaking his head Sam was about to get angry when he realized that these beings had been subjugated a long time. If what the Queen had said was true then it would take a lot to break the IP hold on their minds and bodies.

Well Sam thought, nothing like the truth to set someone free. “Do you perhaps know who or what I am?” When the one before him shook its head no as well as the rest Sam slightly nodded. “Do you have knowledge of a race once called the Cliveastone?”

Sam sighed as the being before him shrunk back as a terribly fearful look came to its eyes. “Yes sir, we were told that they were a completely brutal and domineering race. It was said that they would decimate entire planets that didn’t bend to their will. We were told...”

Sam held up a hand to quiet the being. “Tell me if a Cliveastone were here right now would you or the IP troops be alive? I mean according to what you were told?”

The being look up at Sam blinking a moment then it answered, “No sir, I believe that all would be dead and it would already be destroying the city.”

Sam again nodded as he stepped forward whispering in the being’s ear, “I am a Cliveastone, and you have been lied to, though I expect you to not believe me.”

The being’s eyes were wide a moment then it nodded. “I can believe you, I have heard stories of how they were a kind people.”

Sam was a little shocked that it said this though held his tongue ‘til he had further proof. Better to make sure than be a damn fool about the situation.

“I had thought liberating you would help, though these few weapons won’t do much for you.” Sam stated making the being’s head snap up to look at the small pile of weapons.

“Sir, even if we had far more not many even have the knowledge to use them. Then there is the councilor that has control for this area. I don’t think it would sit still while you cleared one of its planets. It has been rumored that it is the strongest of all of them.” Shaking its head the being went on. “Even with the power you have we fear that you might fall also.”

“I am far stronger than you think. If they defeated me I don’t think that they would survive.” Sam replied to the now standing being.

“That may be so sir, though against your race was the only time they combined their power to defeat you. I can tell you have great power, though I am afraid it might not be enough. We thank you for what you did, we all have family units to think of before we can even think of doing anything like you suggest.” The being sadly stated.

“I understand though I don’t think I can allow any of these troopers to return. Be well,” Sam said as he lifted, all the troops he’d tied up in tow. Now he thought what to do with them? Flying further into the jungle like area Sam smiled as an idea started to form in his mind, hmmm, he thought it just might work.

It was a few time units later when there was a commotion near the entrance of the city. “Can you tell who they are?” The commander of the city entrance asked of his troopers.

“No sir,” the one nearest him stated. “They appeared demanding things then started to open fire on us. We awaited you sir ‘til we destroyed them.”

The commander nodded as he peered harder at the approaching group of beings. “Order them to stop once more then if nothing? Cut them down!”

A male nodded as he did as the commander said then nothing else. “Open fire!” He shouted as every one of the beings down the street were riddled with holes, many screaming as they went down. Then a second group came around the corner opening fire on the city troops. Opening fire a second time, a few of the city troops went down with the surprise attack. The commander and several of the troopers advanced slowly, suddenly shocked that all the bodies were many of their own group.

The second in command started to look around shaking a bit. “Sir? Have you ever seen anything like this? You don’t think there are more do you?”

“Never seen this before though I remember something like this mentioned in our history. I need to inform command of...” The Commander started then his eyes got large as several of his own troop started to fire upon the others. The sounds of the dying could be heard well down the street.

Sam smiled as he watched even more of the troopers start to fire upon their fellows. Shaking his head he could feel the dying start to slip from his control. It was harder than he thought the first twenty had been incredibly hard. The second were difficult though he found it had grown easier.

Concentrating harder he was shifting to different beings as one went down when he felt a strong presence. An almost blank faced female stepped out from behind the troops pointing in his direction. So Sam thought, they have a powerful one here.

Her emotionless face still blank she started to clear the troopers. Her eyes went wide when she felt others troopers slip as fast as she cleared the effected ones. Reaching out she searched for the source of what she was feeling. Her eyes went even wider when she hit an impregnable wall. Pushing as hard as she could, she was again surprised to not only be stopped, she was then pushed back! What was she up against? She was a level five! No one was stronger than her except for the Cliveastone creature they held captured all these centuries ago.

She was about to push again when an extremely loud voice in her head made her cringe. [I know not who or what you are, though I promise you will suffer greatly if you persist in this. Withdraw before I make you!]

The female looked around searching for the source of the voice. It felt close was all she felt. Advancing she had to erect a shield as those affected started to fire upon her. [Who are you?] She asked careful not to probe too far.

The loud voice returned almost making her head swim, [I am one you don’t want to take on. I suggest you leave before you are a mindless thing.]

For the first time in the last two revolving planet time units, she felt emotion, anger. Strange she thought all emotions had been removed to facilitate her great control. What was going on? Almost immediately several of the troopers around her started to get extremely angered. Then she felt another emotion, shock as the troopers turned their weapons upon their comrades.

Nodding his head Sam watched a few more minutes, and then seemed to vanish. The female was struggling to get her power under control as more and more troopers arrived laying waste to their own. Lifting slightly the female moved away from the troopers noticing that those further away weren’t affected as bad.

Sam appeared on the opposite side of the city a few moments later. Smiling he reached out repeating the same thing he’d accomplished on the other side. Then he was surprised that he could now control five more, good the more the merrier.

Mellos Thymp’s eyes were large when she saw the results of the test. What in the hell was going on? Well over half of her genetic deficiencies were gone! Thinking back the only thing different was the fact that she had, had her ass handed to her twice by that Sam being! Smiling she remembered having the male grasped between her legs. She should have been able to destroy him, crushing him with her legs.

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