Chapter 17

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Both Drivas and Thellus could only stare at each other after Sam said those two words. Then they both started to scan the ship and the surrounding space. Nothing, going back to Sam they began to wonder if he was only dreaming.

They both looked at each other again. Sam didn’t have random dreams. His mental powers were far too high to take anything he said lightly. Both females tried to lift Sam to a cot so he might be more comfortable. To their shock not only could they not pick him up, he didn’t even budge an inch.

Drivas shook her head, “Monitor him with every piece of equipment we have. We’ve come too far for something to happen to him now.”

Thellus nodded as she started to monitor Sam. “It is hard to get much of a reading on Sam.” She reported. “It also appears to be as Thantas stated. His body is going through some type of change. As of yet I can’t tell exactly what though he is changing.”

“I’m going through the data base looking up everything that we have on the Cliveastone. So far there only seems to be the basic knowledge. It’s almost as if all records of the race, the planet and their abilities have been expunged.” Drivas stated her brow furrowed as she tried suss out an answer.

Thellus came over to look at what Drivas was seeing. “It appears that any information that was there, was removed a long time ago, According to this nothing has been added since the data base was created. Strange,” Thellus said deep in thought. “Something as important as this should have been updated at least once a week.”

A sudden beeping from the console drew both females to it. “Damn it! According to this all scans of Sam are now being reflected back.” Both females looked at Sam, “What is going on in there?” Drivas asked, a worried look dominating her features.

Triot slowly walked toward the command center, it was taking far longer to get used to the new senses that he liked. Everywhere he looked he was seeing energy of several different aspects. Shaking his head had helped momentarily then it all came crashing back.

Triot had taken several readings feeding it into the massive comps that were in the room. As of yet they hadn’t given any answers yet, though he knew they would soon. Perhaps even a new direction to go in.

Triot knew he had to go carefully; the Lord Doctor would make very short work of him if he found out. It was bad enough that he’d felt Triot when he first woke up. Now the Lord Doctor would be hovering not far away with the feeling of a new bigger power.

Triot shook his head again, no, he had to keep this hidden as long as possible. There in laid the problem, anymore advances the Lord Doctor would surely detect. Then again Triot thought, why hadn’t he been found out yet? Could he really hide it that well?

A small smile crossed his lips, he’d have to experiment with that. Soon he would, for right now, he had to deal with the present problem.

Walking to a console Triot started to type at an alarming speed. Finished he stepped back watching as the information began to flow faster and faster. Still smiling he hoped that the several thousand gigabytes he’d just added would help the comps to deduce a solution.

Waiting for almost half an hour he was shocked when the comp finally spit out an answer. Looking at the read out, he lost his smile as his face dropped. According to the readout, Sam was a true Cliveastone though it seemed that he had a few abilities that Triot didn’t remember.

Cursing, Triot turned to input more data when his legs went weak. With an unceremonious shiver, he crumpled to the deck. This prompted more than a few personnel to try and assist him up. They were all surprised when none of them could even move let alone lift him.

Triot was still trying to rise though, it felt as if all the energy had been sucked from his body. Oddly enough it was this weakness that semi-protected him when the Lord Doctor appeared.

{Triot! We don’t have time for this weakness. Get up, back to work.}Triot shakily stood as the Lord Doctor nodded then vanished.

Triot breathed a sigh of relief as he stumbled to a chair. He’d obviously forgotten something. He had to get back to the experiment room quickly. Having several IP members wheel him to the room he dismissed them. He then started several intense scans.

It was almost two hours later he found an answer. Apparently his power had increased greatly, for faster than his body was able to keep up with at the moment. According to what he saw he was lucky that he’d made it as far as he had.

Nodding he took out several vials to consume before he lost consciousness. Hurriedly he poured them down his throat as his vision was starting to blur. Fighting to stay aware, he started on the second set of vials feeling the nutrients flow through his body.

Damn he thought that was close. Without the protection of the room they would have found him. That end wouldn’t have been very good at all.

Sam was having the hardest time waking up. What in the hell? Why was he feeling as if there were millions of tons of weight on him? That was when he heard, then saw, a vision of two human like people.

Sam was sitting on ... whatever in the hell it was. Looking up he noticed the male and female watching him. Sam’s eyes went wide as he could almost recognize them. Damn it, it was right there, so close, yet he couldn’t grasp it.

“I know you, the both of you though, for the life of me I can’t seem to recall either of your names.” A now shaky Sam stated.

The male nodded seeming to be deep in thought. “You are just starting to access the repressed memories that we stored in you. As we said before it will take a little more time then all will be revealed. Know that you are, our son. You are the first to finally make it to this point.”

The female then stepped forward with a small smile on her face. “I have always been so proud of you my son, though no more than I am now. When we started this so long ago, many thought that it would never work. Your father and I always knew that it would. It was our hope that you would emerge first, now that you are, we have even more hope.”

“Soon son, you will face an almost insurmountable task, one that I am afraid we cannot help you with. When you awake you will have the beginning of all that you need to survive and rebuild.” The male told Sam.

Sam now even more confused than before looked back and forth between the two. “If I am this great rebuilder, then just how am I supposed to do that?”

Both of the images before him smiled, then they both reached to him touching his forehead. “Remember,” he heard the two of them almost whisper. “Remember, beware the Tetricons. They now, no longer have a weapon against you. We made sure of that when we sent you to earth.”

Suddenly there was a stabbing, blinding, painful amount of light all around and in Sam. Letting out a scream Sam felt his self being propelled upward.

Both Drivas and Thellus immediately snapped their attention to the consoles that were rapidly beeping. Both then turned toward Sam as another scream came from his lips. Just as suddenly his eyes snapped open as he lay there panting.

“What in the hell was all that?” He asked in a whisper. Looking around he spotted two females on the other side of the room. For a moment he could only stare at the tall blonde and the tall auburn colored hair females. They were also fairly well muscled.

Another thing was that, they were staring at him, not making a single attempt to help him. He felt his muscles start to twitch, then another stabbing pain in his head.

“He seems to be recovering rather quickly,” the auburn haired female stated.

The blonde looked at the console nodding, “Yes it appears so, though from the looks of things he is disoriented somewhat.”

Sam looked at the two females wondering what in the hell they were talking about. Recovering? Disorientated? Just what in the hell was Drivas and Thellus talking about?

Both females watched as Sam’s confused look suddenly went to a wide eyed look of understanding.

Looking at the blonde he asked, “You’re Drivas, Drivas Flot.” He stated to which she nodded slowly.

Turning toward the auburn colored haired female he stated, “And you are Thellus Wron.” Which caused her to vigorously nod. “I know the both of you though I am not sure how I do.”

Thinking a moment Drivas finally nodded as she asked, “Can you remember anything else?”

Sam slowly, very slowly got to a sitting position. Looking at Drivas he tried to think which caused his head to ache more.

Barely shaking his head seemed to help a bit. “I remember,” here he paused as the pain started to ease. “The both of you helped me though it goes against all that you know. I remember a powerful female; she seems to be like me. I remember another female that I helped and left somewhere that was like me. Then there ... AH! Shit! My head is going to split open, too much, too damn much!”

Drivas wanted more than anything to help Sam though she knew better. She had power yes, though compared to Sam she was fairly weak. She felt so helpless as Sam rolled on the deck in obvious pain.

Reaching out Drivas tried to contact Thantas, shocked when she couldn’t even feel her presence. {Thantas? Are you there? Sam is in a lot of pain there’s nothing I can do to help him.}Drivas’s thoughts stated.

A moment later a quick message came back. {I cannot either. We have a dangerous situation here. I will contact you as soon as I can.}Then Thantas was quiet again, nothing of her to be felt.

A dangerous situation? Drivas thought what was going on now?

“My god! Do the two of you have to be so damn loud!?” Sam groaned out. Sam took a deep breath after a few more moments then relaxed, the stressed look disappearing from his face.

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