Chapter 21

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Triann, rushed to Sam’s side as he started to fall face forward. Tynco, Mellos father, was also trying to keep Sam from hitting the ground.

“He has to self-heal, as he is the only one that can heal this. If he does not stop often while doing this, the disease could overwhelm and kill him.” Tynco was saying as he tried to shakily stand.

“You shouldn’t be trying to stand,” Triann told him. “I still need to examine you.”

“I can tell you what he has done, I cannot feel the disease through most of my body. My mind is the clearest that it has been in a very long time. I should be well, ‘til Sam can finish.” Tynco was explaining.

Both Tynco and Sam’s mother got him on a table. Triann, smiled as she felt Sam’s strength start to return.

“From what I can see, he should be awake in less than an hour.” She stated.

Tynco could only stand there watching. All the disfigurement that Sam had taken from Tynco, was rapidly fading from Sam’s face.

“I have to admit that, though I knew he could do this, it is still incredible to watch. Someday, I will have to ask how you accomplished this. For now, we need to get as many of our people back as soon as we can.” Tynco said still watching Sam.

Less than thirty minutes later, Sam slightly groaned as his eyes flickered open. Looking around, he saw his mother, father, Drivas, Thellus and another male. Try as hard as he could, he couldn’t seem to bring the males name to mind.

Trying to sit up only made his head start to pound. Christ, Sam thought, what in the hell hit me?

A moment later the male Sam couldn’t name, walk slowly to him. “How are you feeling?” The male asked.

“Like I’ve been used for road kill.” Sam replied. When the male only looked at him confused, Sam stated. “It feels as if I have been beaten to a pulp.”

The male was shaking his head. “That’s to be expected, you are the first to ever be healed of the disease. It used to be called the clinging cell disease, though now that we can defeat it, that no longer applies.”

Sam was nodding not really having any idea what the male was saying. “Excuse me for saying this but, just who in the hell are you?”

“Ah, I apologize I am Tynco, Mellos’s father. The first long term sufferer, to be almost completely cured of the disease. Though, if you have time, my body needs the rest destroyed, if I am to survive with no relapse.” Tynco explained.

Suddenly, it seemed as if a switch had been turned on as Sam’s eyes cleared. “Yes I agree, though it appears that you have more knowledge about this healing than I possess. You also seem to know just how much I can do.”

Tynco nodded, “As with the rest of your power the more you use it, the stronger you’ll become. I believe this, was the most intense healing you have done.” When Sam nodded Tynco continued. “We have always suspected that there were osmosis healers that could cure this malady. We always found though, that none were strong enough ‘til you.”

Tynco was about to say more when there was another soft pneumatic hiss behind him and Sam.

Both males turned to see another tall, raven haired, female in the newly opened reconstruction chamber. She was looking around a moment then her eyes locked on Tynco.

“Tynco?” She stated in a soft, almost whispering, trembling voice.

“Cyan!” Came Tynco’s shocked voice, he then slowly made his way to the female.

“How have you accomplished this?” The female said, then ran her hands over Tynco’s face. She was finding that almost all the disease was gone.

Tynco turned toward Sam, “He healed me, over eighty percent, damn near killed himself in the process. This was the first intense healing he has done; it won’t be the last though, it should be easier each time.”

Cyan could only stare at the male that, she had a few days ago called a freak of nature. Bowing her head to Sam, she stated, “I wish to apologize to you Sam. You risked your life for my husband. I can never thank you enough.”

Sam started to blush; praise was something that he still had difficulty accepting.

“I am still adjusting to the fact that I am this savior of our people. Almost as difficult as to the fact that, I am not from earth.” Sam said as a small smile crossed his lips. Looking at Drivas and Thellus, he turned back to Cyan. “Though I am finding certain benefits.”

Cyan looked at Triann, whose face held a grin, then to Drivas and Thellus. Finally she turned back to Sam. “It appears that you are adjusting quite well.” She finally said a small grin also on her face.

Sam, sat a little longer feeling his strength rapidly building. Looking at his father and Tynco he sighed. He could really use some help with the coming battle.

Sam slid off the table he was on, he almost kept going to the ground. Sam, was finding that his strength wasn’t completely back yet.

He quickly felt two set of arms helping him to remain standing. Looking at the arms, then up to the owners he was surprised to see Drivas and Thellus. What was more confusing, was the look of concern plus, something else he saw in their eyes.

“Thank you both, it appears that I am not completely recovered.” Sam confessed.

“That should become less and less. I mean look at how fast you recovered this time.” Sam’s mother told him.

Sam nodded, as he was finally able to walk more steadily to the other two males. “So, can you estimate, just how long will it be before any of you can render any aid?”

Both males looked at Sam, both seemed to be in deep thought. “From the readings your mother got, plus what I remember from before this happened, it could vary.” Sam’s father stated.

“Vary, how so? I am strong, I have power, I am still an infant using most of it. I could really use some help here. That attack that we witnessed, I am sure won’t be their last. As I remember weren’t our people and theirs sworn enemies,” Sam asked, growing a little perplexed.

Both males heads snapped up hearing the exasperation in Sam’s voice.

“I’m sorry son,” Sam’s father stated. “I am afraid that ‘til such time as we can control our bodies and power.” Here Fino’s head lowered, “We will be of little help to actually fight.”

Sam let out a sigh, then nodded. “I had forgotten about having to get used to the power. It came easy for me, a product of being an osmosis healer, I guess.” Turning toward Tynco he said, “I suggest we get this over with. If as you say, you could relapse, I think we need to finish.”

Tynco’s head nodded slowly as Sam walked to him. Laying a hand on Tynco’s shoulder, all there were amazed when Tynco’s body straightened, then all the malady was gone. Cyan, ran to her husband throwing her arms around him holding him tight. Not finding any evidence of the disease, she grabbed Sam bringing him into the hug.

“You don’t realize what you have truly done. You not only saved his life; you’ve given me back mine; for that I can never thank you enough.” Cyan told Sam.

Sam nodded to her as she went back to holding her husband. Walking back to his father, he needed to discuss with him more before he left again.

“Father, you have dealt with these Tetricons before. I need as much information as I can get, before I face them again.” Sam said.

Fino thought a moment, then launched into all he could remember about the last days of Owt Los. Sam listened with rapt attention. True there wasn’t much his father knew that he didn’t already know, though he did have a few things that Sam didn’t know or realize. Thanking his father, Sam made sure to shake his hand before he left to implement his new plan.

He then walked to his mother, gently grasping her hand. Thanking all of them again, he took flight promising to return when they called.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes later that both Fino and Triann’s eyes flew wide as they felt the healing adjustment. Looking at her husband, Triann, could only shake her head. “Apparently, Sam has learned far more than we thought.”

“I concur, at this rate we might be able to help sooner than we thought. I have to hand it to him; he is as crafty as his mother.” Fino stated.

Sam was about to open a portal when he ‘heard’ Drivas.

“Sam we managed to gather all the information that you required. I am afraid that most of what you suspected, was true.” Drivas’s thoughts said.

“What of those that I wanted you to check on?” Sam replied.

“Only four possessed any of the traits you had us checking for. Anything else we can do? I am afraid if we stay here, that Triot may trace us to here.” Drivas stated.

Sam thought of that a moment, it might be better if they are still not connected to what he was doing. “Follow as if you are still keeping an eye on me for him. Neither one of you have enough power to withstand him or Thantas.”

“Alright we’re leaving as soon as we can,” Drivas replied.

It was obvious to Sam that he couldn’t go in as a frontal attack, no. He had to come up with something else, some diversion. Snapping his fingers he altered his course, of course she would do quite nicely!

Sam reached out hoping that he could find her. After their last encounter and the doubt he’d felt, he wasn’t so sure. A smile slowly grew on Sam’s lips as after a few minutes he started to get a feel for where she was. Shit this wasn’t going to be easy, she was just on the edge of the last triad he’d restored.

With his head shaking, Sam opened a worm hole slipping in. Well, here goes he thought, as the portal closed after him.

Back on the IP home world, in the council chambers, seven bodies were jerking. A myriad of Techs were running from one to another body trying to stabilize it. A moment later the Lord Doctor walked in shaking his head.

The Doctor looked at the readout next to the door, then groaned a moment. He then started to rapidly type on the keypad. Only a few moments passed, then all the alarms shut down.

A hologram of one face appeared before the Lord Doctor, bowing slightly. “It appears that the Cliveastone has indeed grown very powerful.”

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