Chapter 25

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Solar time unit = year
planetary time unit = day

Sam was tired that was certain. The fight he’d had with Triot had used up the last of his reserves. The sunlight he could feel was helping though not fast enough, for him.

The power presence that he’d felt earlier, was coming closer. Reaching out he felt the barrier he’d put up. Not the strongest he’d ever done, though he hoped that it held.

A stirring beside him had him looking at Thantas, a small groan sounding in her thoughts. I feel weaker than I did when I emerged from that tank. How much did you have to give me? Came her thoughts.

You used far too much of your energy for what you did. I thought that you were further along than you were. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to prepare you better, I ... I almost got you killed. Returned Sam’s thoughts.

Another groan came as Thantas tried to sit up. I have to remember not to do this again. Hmmm, it appears to be as you said, I am recovering faster than before.

That is good, I have erected a barrier, I just hope it can repulse the seven. Sam’s weary thoughts said.

They are coming here? Thantas looked around spying Triot laying nearby. Well, at least he is out of the picture.

Sam shook his head, don’t be too sure. It appears that both of our races have unique healing properties. It also appears the Cliverstone race, is a lot further along than, here Sam pointed to Triot, their race.

WHAT!? You mean to tell me that he might recover soon? I’m not quite ready to hit him like that again. Thantas’s thoughts loudly stated.

Sam looked from Thantas to Triot and back. As I said, they can heal though, they are nowhere as fast as we can. Also, the fact that you severed his central nervous system, he is going to have a very difficult time recovering.

Sam, could feel the relief spread through Thantas. Good, though I do feel bad, it’s good to know that the bastard won’t be hurting others for a while.

Sam, was nodding when he turned his head back skyward, feeling the seven councilors closing in.

What’s wrong Sam? Thantas inquired.

A hard stare at the sky, Sam’s thoughts returned, I am afraid that the barrier I placed might fail. The fight with Triot took quite a bit from me. I am recovering though not as fast as I’d like.

Maybe I could ... Thantas started,

No! You are still too weak to try and I, here Sam slowly shook his head. I am weaker than I thought. Sam suddenly stopped to stare at Thantas as she had a smirk on her face. What in the hell did you do?

That question was answered a moment later when there was a violent energy discharge across the sky. Sam turned his attention to the sky then back to Thantas. Shaking his head, he just hoped that what she’d added helped.

The seven councilors went in to the edge of the moon’s atmosphere at full speed. They had expected the male Cliverstone to be extremely weak. They were more than surprised when they bounced off sending them back several hundred miles.

Lord Doctor, the male appears to have far more energy than we at first thought. The seven thought to the doctor. We will break through; he feels much weaker than he did the last time we fought.

The doctor was about to order them to return when, a sadistic smile came to his arachnid face. No, they needed to learn, this they wouldn’t do if he kept helping them. Unlike them, he remembered the Cliverstones.

The doctor started to laugh as he watched the council’s second attempt. This time they were actually swatted back with more force. The grunts of pain they made actually filled the doctor with a childlike glee.

Anger filled voices filled the doctor’s mind. Why did you not warn us that he was still this strong?

Would you have really listened? The doctor returned. As with everything else, you are impetuous to a fault. I thought that, a quick lesson on the Cliverstones would benefit you. A lesson that you still haven’t seem to completely grasp.

There was silence for a few moments while, the entity made of seven minds contemplated the doctor’s words.

We are starting to understand Lord Doctor, though he is weak it appears that he has hidden strength. The entity thought to the doctor.

The doctor was nodding his head, so they weren’t as completely stupid as he’d thought they were. Perhaps, just perhaps, they were worth saving after all. It is good that you have taken this to heart. Now with him and her as weak as they are, search and find a way to destroy the piece of trash. Quickly before he recovers!

The entity nodded as it backed away a bit to think about the situation.

On Queen Triada’s planet, Sam’s parents Fino and Triann were finally getting a hold on their powers. Not far from the both of them, Mellos’s parents Tynco and Cyan were also finally gaining more control.

The biggest surprise though was the mere fact that Tynco had power. All his life he’d watched others with power even as he got slowly sicker each year. To actually be like all the others was a surprise he’d never thought he’d ever see.

A stretch of both his arms had a throbbing, tingling feeling running through them. So, he thought, this is what the others feel.

Mellos and Raydy, were keeping a close eye on all six of the Cliverstone adults. They both were also staying close to Drivas and Thellus. They both had a feeling that the females were increasingly important to Sam and Thantas.

Both looked at the sky as did the adults an hour after Sam and Thantas left. “Did you feel that?” Mellos asked Raydy.

“I was about to ask you about it. I haven’t felt that much power before. You believe it was Sam and Thantas?” A worried sounding Raydy asked.

Mellos was nodding she’d felt power close to that though, it had only been Sam. “It is so far away it’s really hard to tell just who or what it was.”

She could only hope that Sam really was as smart as he had appeared to be. After all he’d bested her several times, a feat that hadn’t happened once, let alone multiple times as it had with Sam.

A soft beeping drew Mellos out of her thoughts, looking up she saw Triann. The female was running her small black box over Raydy and herself.

“So, it appears that you are the closest to being complete. Perhaps another hour should do it.” Here Triann turned to Raydy running the box over her. You also, seem to be almost complete. A few more hours for you.”

“Complete? What are you on about?” Mellos asked.

It appears that when Sam finally adjusted you to how your body and mind should be, he left it going. After Sam and Thantas you are the closest to being a pure Cliverstone, Raydy isn’t far behind. The rest of us, well what he did later has accelerated us. Though we are only half at the most.”

There was a groan from the covered area, that had all three of them racing inside.

Drivas was trying, unsuccessfully to sit up. Thellus was watching her with an incredulous look on her face. “Really commander you should rest more, you appear to be still too weak to get out of bed.”

Drivas growled as she again tried to rise, a smirk on her face as she looked at Thellus. A smirk that didn’t last too long as her legs started to wobble, then she was falling to the floor. Faster than she thought she could move, Mellos was behind Drivas, easing her to the floor.

Drivas looked at Mellos then shook her head. “So, it appears that you are finally starting to realize your power.”

Mellos could only stare at Drivas. “What are you on about?”

“What? You can’t see it? I damn sure can, several of the powers that you have, are starting to appear.” Drivas said confidently.

A wide opened mouthed Triann was immediately running her box over Drivas then Thellus. “I hadn’t expected this to work on the both of you yet. I had thought that neither of you were more than seventy five percent. That now I see was incorrect.”

Drivas and Thellus could only stare at each other than at Triann. “You mean to tell us that we are pure like Sam and Thantas?” Thellus asked.

“No, my dear, not pure yet, though the both of you are getting close. According to these readings? Drivas you are just past ninety percent, Thellus you are about eighty nine percent. Not pure though close enough that you can say you truly are Cliverstone.” Triann stated a wide smile on her face.

“So, you’re saying that...” Drivas said then noticed that she was slowly rising off the bed. Well, a few inches then she slowly floated back down.

“That will become easier in time, for now, the both of you need to rest. The conversion of both your bodies isn’t complete, though I think that the both of you nearly dying has accelerated the process. I believe it was as Sam said, the more you use it the stronger it gets. The near fatal encounter you both had with Triot, pushed both your bodies to complete the transformation.” Triann explained.

“You’re saying that in an hour or so, I could actually help Sam?” Mellos asked.

“Hmmmm,” Triann said as she thought a moment. “I’m not so sure you could help so soon. You’ll have far more control than the rest of us, though the strength? That remains to be seen.”

A slightly dejected Mellos nodded as the gears in her mind started to turn. She’d proven on several occasions that she was damn nearly as strong as Sam. He’d even admitted that several of her hits had indeed hurt like hell.

Mellos was walking away when she finally made up her mind. She owed Sam far too much to not try and help. With a new determination Mellos nodded. Ready or not she was going!

Triann shook her head, she’d really hated tricking Mellos like that. Neither was she about to let her know that she was ready. Her strength was indeed comparable to Sam’s slightly above Thantas’s.

A sigh escaped her throat as she hoped that she hadn’t killed Mellos in the long run. The mere thought of it shook Triann to her core, plus there was the secret that they were holding back from Sam. She still wondered if it would unhinge Sam when he found out.

Triann turned back to Drivas and Thellus, she then started to go over the readings she gotten previous. She still found it astounding that both females were as close as they were. Sam most definitely had some abilities that she’d never seen before.

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