Chapter 30

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Solar time unit = year
planetary time unit = day

Sam stood there looking over the scene, they needed to move if they had any chance to stop the Tetricons. He had three full Cliverstones, himself, Thantas whom he’d just discovered was his sister then Mellos.

A slight gasp from the only occupied bed, had Triann and Drivas rushing to Thellus’s side. “God I am so hot.” She said as she like Drivas tried to rise from the bed, only to fall back.

“It should pass soon, I am reading that, just like Drivas, your transformation is complete. I welcome the both of you to the Cliverstone race.” Triann said.

“Do you remember what Triot said about you and I?” Drivas asked.

Thellus started to shake her head then immediately regretted it. “Not sure if I can believe a thing that piece of trash says.”

“Well, according to him we are sisters, Triann confirmed it a few hours ago. Though,” Here Drivas hesitated.

Thellus, looked at her with a concerned look. “You know you can tell me anything though, us being sisters does make a lot of sense.”

Drivas took a deep breath then continued, “Triann is still trying to confirm this next part. It also appears that the sick, sadistic, piece of trash is our sire.”

Drivas, wasn’t sure what reaction Thellus, was going to have, though she hoped it wasn’t as bad as hers.

Thellus looked at her sister shock hanging on her face a few moments. A sudden look of clarity came to her eyes as she nodded to Drivas. She then looked to Triann, “since we have samples of Tetricon genetic material, can you compare us to them?”

Triann blinked a moment, was this a latent ability that the young female had within her? Adjusting her black box Triann’s eyes went large as she watched the readings start to climb at an accelerated rate.

“I most certainly can, would you care to help?” Triann asked hoping to gauge just how much the female knew. Another reading she hadn’t been expecting to see was also showing up on the monitor.

Thellus’s eyes lit up as she once again tried to rise from the bed she was on. “I would like to help though at the moment,” Thellus said throwing her hands up.

Triann looked at Sam who slightly nodded, moved to Thellus lightly placing a hand on her shoulder. Thellus’s head turned to look at the hand on her shoulder then her eyes grew wide. Less than a minute later Sam withdrew, “there that should help.”

“What,” Thellus said then suddenly sat up with renewed strength. “Whoa!” she said as she slightly shook her head.

Sam smiled then turned to his sister and Mellos. “We need to go after what’s left of the council while we have them reeling. Problem is I don’t think that just us three will be enough, not without possibly losing one of us.”

Sam felt a hand on his shoulder, “we could help Sam. I know that we are newly added to your race, I think that I and Thellus could be of some help.” Drivas said,

Sam had been thinking about this the whole time, “I realize this, I was going to ask I don’t like putting the both of you in peril. The both of you have barely scratched the surface with what few powers you have.” Here Sam lowered his head, “I know it is very risky, though, we need the help. As soon as we can, we need the both of you using the few that you know of. As I and the others have found, the more you use them the better control you’ll have.”

“Sam,” Drivas started, “I think I speak for my sister and myself.” Drivas saw that her sister was nodding her ascent. “We would be honored to fight beside you to end the terror of the, what was you it called them? The Tetricons.”

Sam watched as Triann helped Thellus stand then they both walked out of the structure. “So,” Sam said as he turned back to Drivas. “Care to use what you have to strengthen them?”

Drivas looked at Sam as if he were crazy. “You really expect me to do that now?!” she asked.

“Hey,” Sam said a half smile on his face. “no time like the present.” This time Drivas could only stare at Sam, incredulously. “Look, I am here to help you not kill you, you can trust me.”

Drivas could only stare suspiciously at Sam as he held out a hand to her. Tentatively she took it, as Sam began to slowly explain what he and she were going to do.

It was an hour later; Drivas was sitting on the ground at Sam’s feet panting. Sam had a large smile planted on his face, she had in an hour gained over seventy five percent control of her flying ability.

“You gained control almost as fast as I did, though the real test will be when we go to space.” Sam said.

“Space! Have you lost your Cliverstone mind! I can’t breathe,” Drivas started then found no words escaping her mouth, Sam had them both a few miles above the surface of ther planet.

There, came Sam’s thoughts, as you can see you don’t need to breathe. Oh, just think to me, that should direct your thoughts to me.

I know about that Sam, I just thought that I had to be on the planet to attempt it. Returned Drivas irritated thoughts.

Greatly angered doesn’t come close to how I am feeling Sam. Thellus and I damn near died when that piece of waste almost destroyed our ship. All this while trying to help you. I was afraid that, I would die as soon as we were airborne, said Drivas’s thoughts.

I am sorry Drivas, I thought that putting you in a situation I knew you could handle, would help. Sam’s thoughts said. It was not my intention to greatly anger you.

Anger? Did you not once think to ask me, that I would say no to everything you asked? Do you have so little faith in me, that you thought, I would reject everything?

Alright, alright, I apologize, though you have to admit, this is next level. Came Sam’s thoughts.

Drivas tried to stay angry at Sam, really, she did. Finally, a smile broke out on her face. With everything you have done for the both my sister and me I can’t stay mad at you, though. Here Drivas drew back her fist punching Sam in the arm.

Sam was driven back well over a hundred meters. Reaching out he grasp the arm, damn he thought that actually hurt. Flying back to Drivas, Sam started to show here hoe to control her flight, also how to go faster.

Finally, an hour later they both alit not far from the Cliverstone structure that Sam had made.

They both were about to enter when thoughts from a powerful mind stopped Sam short. Hello Sam, I was advised to aid you all I can.

Sam shook his head, these were the strongest thoughts Sam had ever received. They were slightly stronger than his own. Who is this? You don’t feel Tetricon, more of my race, though far different.

I am unfortunately the last of the thought warriors. I believe that you and your father spoke of me not long ago. I wish to aid you all that I can. Your healing did far more for me than you realize. Though I am not fully recovered, my mental energy and abilities are far stronger than my corporeal form is at the moment. Came the thought warrior’s thoughts.

Sam nodded his head a moment, I see that you are well accomplished at hiding your location. I feel that we should meet though, I can feel the fear in you. Is this of me or our people in general?

I am afraid that one of the high government, is also on the planet with us. I cannot disobey them in a direct face to face confrontation.

Why is this an issue, asked Sam’s thoughts.

They are the only one, that can order me to stand down, awaiting my destruction. Many of us went into hiding during the time of cleansing as they called it. It was not long before the end. It took all I had not to try and dive into the final battle. Had all of us been there at that time, I suspect that we and our planet would have fared better. The thought warrior’s thoughts said.

So, Sam started, you feel that the high government one will order your destruction?

Yes, I have a family that I wish to see mature. I do not wish to tell them good bye as I watched so many do.

Can you contact the high government one with me? I can speak for you.

Sam could swear he felt a level of elation he’d never felt before. Yes, please, I am sure that will listen to you the savior of our race. A moment please, Lord Tetrarch? I wish to speak to you again.

Yes? Came familiar feeling thoughts to Sam.

I have contacted Sam as you desired. He wishes to speak on my behalf. Came the thought warrior’s thoughts.

Lord Tetrarch, I have healed all on this planet. My power has grown now to the point that, I can now tell if a being’s previous behavior will be repeated. If you could show me what was bad, I can confirm that they have indeed changed.

A moment later Sam saw what had been, could see how unbalanced the procedure had made the thought warrior. If you will allow me, Sam thought to the thought warrior, I will make sure that what I have done for you truly helped. Sam delved into the thought warrior’s mind shocked to see exactly who they were.

I trust you more than even my mate, I feel you will not betray me. Sam was nodding as he fine-tuned only two areas. I believe that all the anger and raging thoughts are now gone. Lord Tetrarch, I believe that we now have a very powerful ally. Will you lift the death order?

Sam as another who has received and witnessed your healing, I concede. Still, I need to scan as per the law.

I will need to bring the both of you here. Sam thought.

I must warn you; I am not who you think I am, Lord Tetrarch’s thoughts said.

I believe that you will be surprised as to who I am, returned the thought warrior’s thoughts. Sam already knows who I am.

Are the two of you ready? Sam asked, getting an affirmative from both, Sam pulled making the two of them appear.

Slightly in shock, Sam stared at his father standing before him. The same could be said of Fino as he stared at the female, Raydy’s mother Natita.

“I had wondered why your healing was taking as long as it was.” Sam said nodding his head.

“You,” Fino started, “are the only female thought warrior I have ever heard of.”

“There weren’t many of us, we tried to keep a low profile. It wasn’t easy when are mates weren’t as we are. Plus, the fact that at times it took all we had to appear normal.”

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