Plain Joe
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Pars001

It started like any other boring day, a ton of work on my desk same old walls, same old people same everything. Jenny the office temp nodded her head as she passed by my desk in her plain, blue knee length dress, her nape long brown hair laying limp on her unblemished neck. Damn! I had to get another job, this was going to bore me to death. Oh, I’m Joe your average office worker. At 5’ 8’’ I’m nothing much to look at curly brown hair, somewhat large chest and stomach, a little over weight. Jenny is the most exciting person in the office and even she could put a man on stimulants to sleep. Though you know, this was the first time I REALLY looked at her that close.

So as I said, it stated out the same as usual, Jenny walks by and that’s it, I go back to work thrill of the day done. I had settled into the usual routine, you know plain boredom, when maybe 5-10 minutes later Jenny walks back by my desk. Ok, this time I looked at her I mean really looked at her, holy shit! I hadn’t noticed her long ass legs before OMG! They were so smooth, so perfect, shit and her ass! What a rear, suddenly thoughts of slowly undressing her appeared in my mind. As I stared like a perverted sex fiend at her retreat, she stopped short and slowly, sexily, turned to look back at me, I thought she was going to scream at me for leering at her. I was even more surprised when she looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, not just with her mouth but a smile that reached all the way to her feet.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by, especially with Jenny prancing around the office always seeming to be near my desk. Finally the agony of the job finished for the day I collected my things and headed out. I’d barely made the outer door when I felt a hand grab my arm. Thinking nothing of it, it was probably one of the guys I yanked my arm to free it. To my surprise I was yanked off my feet back into the door landing in a heap at the feet of Jenny.

“What the hell,” I said looking up at Jenny’s sweet expression, “what the hell hit me?”

Giggling almost like an innocent little girl, Jenny said, “I apologize Joe, I forgot that these bodies can’t utilize their full strength yet.”

“Uh, ok?” I sheepishly said.

Again she giggled, then an absolute serious look crossed her face, “I apologize again Joe, I had not the time to properly integrate into this body and start the briefing process, we are extremely short on time.” Reaching down she jerked me off the floor to my feet as if I only weighed a few pounds.

“We have to go, as I stated before, we are extremely short on time, come,” Jenny said as she started to drag me the other way deeper into the building.

Snatching my arm from her vice like grip, I stood still looking at her with crossed arms, “I’m not going anywhere till you explain, just who the hell are you? You’re not Jenny she would never be this aggressive or demanding.”

A short look of dismay crossed her face as she cocked her head to one side, nodding she approached me, “I’ve been given permission to brain load what you want to know but I warn you it is painful. I will try to not over load your brain.”

With that she lightly touched my forehead the next twenty or thirty seconds I wasn’t here, I saw a war, billions dying slow and horrible deaths, I felt their pain, heard their screams, and saw the torture they endured. I felt the tears rolling down my face, I felt the pain in my head, then I head a noble voice in the distance talk of a saviour, the only one that could save both sides and end the two century old war.

Then, just as suddenly as it had started, it was gone, well except the pain. Now on the floor I looked over at Jenny she too had tears in her eyes, “please forgive me, there is so little time it was the only way to get everything to you as quickly as possible, I didn’t want you to hurt, I ... Please never make me do something like that to you again.” Tears started to fall even harder from her eyes.

“You’re telling me I am this saviour? I am the only one who can end this war? Pray tell how? The last thing I heard was that voice telling of this saviour not what was special about him.” I looked at Jenny incredulously, as she did me.

“You didn’t ... but you had the fu... , “ renewed tears began to fall from her eyes, “NO! I refuse!” She screamed looking at something only she could see. “No! It could kill him he’s... , “ suddenly Jenny was quiet, her head bowed. I knew something was up, then the pain returned though not as bad this time.

Through the pain, I started to hear a voice, almost the same as the one I heard when Jenny was, how had she put it? Brain loaded me? Yeah that was it. <You are the saviour, > it said, <You have an ability that is dampened even crushed on this planet of yours. When this war started we sent agents everywhere into the universe, one landed on your planet or rather crashed, there he, after many, many years of loneliness met and mated with an earth female. You have all his abilities plus one that no one in the universe has, please help us to end this horrible war.>

Shaking my head I was a little bewildered, though the thought of being a hero appealed to me more than anything I could think of, I still didn’t know about any of this. <If I do this, > I thought, <will I be released with all my memories? Where ever I want?>

I almost felt a sigh in my thoughts <of course though we are at war, we aren’t barbarians!>

Looking at Jenny, I took a deep breath, “Ok, I will help, the voice convinced me.”

Jenny looked up, a smile lit up her face in a way I thought I’d never see, it not only made her look younger but slowly spread to her entire body. Walking up to me she kissed me deeply, passionately, more like a lover excited to see their partner than a friend or a reward.

The kiss left me breathless something that had never happened to me before, separating from the kiss, from Jenny, I felt as if something was being wrenched from my soul. Jenny must have felt the same cause she nearly passed out, falling forward on my chest her eyes fluttering rapidly. Everything momentarily forgotten, I held Jenny closer, feeling her sigh then struggle to stand on her own.

“I once again apologize Joe, I was unprepared, that was part of the ability that the elder was speaking of, a small part of it, we need to go now,” taking both my hands in hers the world shimmered for about 5 seconds then we were some where else! The few ... I guess you’d call them people, they were extremely tall, skinny, large foreheads, slightly large heads with large eyes to boot, almost human looking, they, suddenly stopped and stared at us.

Whispering to Jenny I asked, “why are they staring? I can’t be the first alien they’ve ever seen.”

“It’s not the fact that you are alien, it’s who you are, they can feel it, an almost peaceful feeling when you are near,” Jenny replied.

“Don’t tell me another part of the ability?” I scoffed. Jenny only nodded as she seemed to be distracted for the moment. “Uh, hello Jenny?” I said as I gently nudged her.

“Joe! I was engaged in thoughtversation I did not mean to be rude, no one here can speak vocally, I had to be taught to speak vocally in order to communicate with you,” Jenny replied a little startled. “You will be able to soon, having thoughtversated to the elder.”

I could only stare at her for a moment when I felt a tug at my shirt. A uh ... child? About 5 feet tall was looking at me in the most peculiar way. Jenny looked over at the tall girl? for a few moments the girl looked at me with wide eyes, then Jenny shook her head yes. “This is Aberdeen, she’s been calling to you for the last few minutes, she just asked me why you were so rude and refused to talk to her. I told her you couldn’t hear her, she asked me if you ever would, I said yes but she’d have to be patient.”

The girl bowed to Jenny, I swore I heard a voice say very, very faintly thank you.

I shook my head did I really hear that? We walked for what seemed an hour to a large door in a rather impressive building. Walking in many of the people we met were hard pressed to keep their mouths from going agape. Had I not been as worried as I was, I might have broken down and actually laughed.

Finally we met an ancient looking man sitting in what appeared to be a stone chair. Dam I thought that looks so uncomfortable <I’m glad you think so but it keeps me more alert and awake> came the same voice as before.

<I thought I wasn’t able to hear anyone?> I thought.

<You soon will, I know for a fact that you barely heard Aberdeen when she thanked Jenny, > the voice replied.

This time it was my turn to stand there with my mouth agape. The soft chuckle I heard, plus the smile on the face of the ancient man confirmed that it was indeed him talking to me.

<I wish it were different, > the ancient elder started, <Things have progressed in this war to the point that with their next attack we will be no more, as will our planet. What the enemy refuses to see is that if they put this plan into motion it will be the end of all of us.>

Many of the things Jenny had put in his head sprang up including plans for a huge particle beam weapon that was capable of destabilizing the core of a planet causing internal temperatures to rise leading to thermal explosion of the core and crust.

<Alright, now that we know the dangers, how am I to stop this war? They are on their planet I am here on yours.> I said frustrated.

Here Jenny looked down, the unpleasant look on her face had me worried for a second til I noticed that she wasn’t mad at me but more at the idea of what was going to have to be done.

<Both our planets are ruled by our Queens, they have never been in love, they have never shared love with anyone, they also have no children. At present all they care for is power, you are the hope of us all, it has been foretold, long before this war, that a man of our people but not of our planet would love and be the love of both Queens and the people of both planets. At the present time till you can use your thought sling, Jenny will take you to the different planets and places.>

Here again Jenny’s face showed that she was extremely upset but she said nothing.

Jenny took both of my hands again, as the world shimmered I was worried that we’d be shot as soon as we appeared. Appearing on the other planet we were near another impressive building, walking up to the fierce looking guards their hard looks softened the closer we got. Standing in front of the guards the four men? Looked at each other unsure what to do, finally the leader asked what we wanted, I said I want the war to stop.

The four men looked at each other dropped their weapons saying if we needed help ask them, then they left going home. The scene was played out over and over all through the I guess you’d call it a palace, till we reached the Queen’s chambers.

A light skinned, normal appearing woman, about my height, with piercing blue eyes looked up from her war table. Her raven colored hair flipping over her shoulder she started issuing orders which were ignored as soon as the men approached me. Finally alone with her (Jenny had stayed outside the door) I calmly walked toward her.

<I know not who you are but I will make you pay for making my men desert me!> Her thoughts washed over me. She was backing away from me almost as fast as I was advancing on her, her breath was starting to come in gasps. Her chest rising and falling in a faster succession of rapid breaths the closer I got to her, still I hadn’t said anything to her. Finally cornered she put her hands and arms in front of her a defensive action.

Stopping in front of her I reached out and gently grasped her chin, a shock went through me comparable to grasping a live lamp wire. By her apparent reaction she’d also felt something akin to what I had. Her pale pink lips were a tight line on her flawless face.

<I am not here to hurt you, I am only here to end this war, not end you or your people, > I gently thought to her.

<I ... I ... don’t b ... be ... believe you.> She thought her breath now coming in pants.

<Then kiss me, if I am lying then nothing will happen but if I speak the truth then you’ll know. Is that fair enough?> I replied.

Thinking a moment, she then said, <agreed but I must kiss you. That way, I will know you use no trickery.>

Nodding I agreed and stood there with my hands on her shoulders. I could feel her heart racing, her skin warmer than it had been when I first touched her.

<My name is Arianna, > she said as she slowly moved her lips toward mine, I tried my best not to move. As I said I tried, Arianna pressed her inexperienced lips to mine and for the second time I felt breathless, deepening the kiss. I felt her melt into my arms, as a passion she’d never felt caused her to press harder into me.

Finally both of us in need of air pulled our lips apart, again I felt as if my soul was trying to be ripped from my body, Arianna fared no better as she like Jenny passed out and fell against my chest. Holding her close I waited for her breathing to slow to almost normal. Breathing a sigh of relief I gently rubbed her back trying to get her blood circulating better.

A few minutes later her eyes fluttered open, <I have been waiting for you all my life my love, for you I will end this war but you must stop Queen Sandella.>

<I know Ari, I will, I have to. I’ll return soon please stay well and remember, > I said as I lightly touched her lips with my index finger causing her to slightly shiver.

<I will always wait for you, my love, > she said also lightly touching my lips sending tingles through my body.

Walking out through the doors to the chamber Jenny was waiting for me. “You think you can show me how to use the thought sling? I feel I am over taxing you having to transport the both of us,” I asked her.

“You never over tax me Joe, I will take you where ever you need or want to go,” she replied almost begging.

“We need to go see Queen Sandella, if I can change her then we actually have a chance to stop this war,” I said.

Taking Jenny’s hands she said I needed to think of the place I wanted to go and think only of it. I thought of the chamber we’d been in before, at first nothing happened then the world shimmered it took about thirty seconds then we were there. Exhausted I looked at Jenny her mouth was agape, “I have never been thought slung before I usually do it.”

“That was exhausting, you must be very strong minded.” I panted out

<No, you are far stronger than Jenny, no one has ever done their first thought sling with a passenger, you are the very first to do it. Jenny, let him rest then you need to go to Queen Sandella. Beware, she is far more strong willed than Queen Arianna, > the elder said. I nodded trying to fight the sleep that was threating to take me over.

Jenny led me to a small bed chamber, “Is it alright if I lay with you? I am tired my self,” she asked.

To tired to think straight I sleepily replied, “sure I just need sleep,” falling on the bed I was out as soon as I stopped bouncing.

Sometime while I slept I had the strangest dream that Jenny had undressed and climbed into bed with me. I remember my clothes being taken off and a soft hand grasp my flaccid member, then I awoke the next morning a naked Jenny spooned behind me.

Looking over at her I saw she had a huge smile on her face, getting up I went to the bathroom (harder than it sounds I had to find it plus I was naked) when I returned Jenny was awake and dressed.

“Are you rested Joe?” she asked genuine concern in her voice, almost making me wonder what was going on in her head.

“I am feeling a lot more alert, the elder said I have to be careful, Queen Sandella is a stronger willed woman than Arianna.” I sat and thought moment hell I might have to have extended, prolonged contact with her, that might mean sex I really didn’t have time for that, there was far too much to do.

Jenny and I appeared outside another palace. Again the guards were as fierce as on the other planet. Though these took just a little more convincing like actually touching them. Progressing through the palace at a much slower pace we finally arrived at the Queens chambers.

As I stepped in, Queen Sandella immediately ordered all the men in the room to remove me, again they listened till they were within a foot of or touched me, each in turn stopped dropped their weapons and left. The Queen was infuriated, grabbing a sword she advanced to within ten feet where she stopped an odd look on her face.

<NO! I refuse to believe it is you, you were supposed to appear years ago, so I know it’s not you!> Turning she fled out another door, I just followed her never hurrying, strange I could almost feel where she was. Through the almost the entire palace we went, the more people we met the emptier the place became. Finally she became trapped in her bed chambers, I walked in as Jenny closed the doors behind me.

<Keep your vile, disgusting, filthy person away from me!, > her thoughts shouted.

<Tell you what, > I said as I grabbed her flailing hands, I could feel her heart racing, her red hair an almost living flame, her green eyes flashing, her small hands still trying to gain release.<I am not here to harm you or your people.>

<You lie! I know you are here to seize power and kill me!> Her thoughts screamed at me.

<Oh? Alright kiss me, if I am lying then you’ll feel nothing, if I’m telling the truth you’ll know> I replied.

<NO! It’s all a trick, > struggling for a few more moments she relented, <release me, and I’ll kiss you but you can not touch me in any way, > she countered.

Agreeing, I put my hands behind my back as the flame haired beauty slowly crept closer to my lips. Watching me extremely close, she pressed her apple red lips to mine, again I was breathless after a few seconds I heard her moan and throw her arms around my neck.

Deepening the kiss she started to press and rub her body up and down mine her breathing coming in short pants. Finally needing air she ripped her self from me, her eyes fluttering then she too fell against my chest unconscious, taking a deep breath I did my best to not touch her as per her request. Though the soul ripping feeling wasn’t helping in that respect. Her head started to slide off my chest and I had to catch her which caused her to awake.

<So, you were telling the truth, Though I still don’t believe you, there’s only one way to prove to me now that you are him, get undressed, > she said.

I looked at her like she was crazy, <Not unless you do also.> I replied

Smirking she said, <Fine.> As she was quickly disrobing as if it were nothing, I stared at her body. Her firm breasts were proudly standing up, then she revealed her triangle of red hair. Apparently my member was standing also, which she seemed unable to take her eyes off of.

Reaching over she grasped it with a soft hand, gently massaging the shaft and head. I meanwhile was gently thumbing her nipples and massaging her breasts.

My whole body was alive with tingles from my head to my toes, this was apparently happening to Sandella, from the moans and groans that were escaping her throat. Finally, unable to take much more after I started to gently massage and rub her sex, she threw me on the bed. Climbing on she grunted as she swung her leg over me and impaled her self all the way down on my shaft.

A scream of pure pleasure escaped her lips. Almost afraid to move my self, the tingles were an almost electric shock, her eyes fluttering I thought she might have passed out again till I felt her start to move. Within moments she was slamming her self down as hard and fast as she could.

<By the divine! It is you my love! I have waited for you for so long, I want to have your children. Please help me continue the line!> I felt the tension deep within my scrotum, then suddenly I was flooding her cervix with my reproductive seed. Screaming she too reached her release. This time her eyes fluttered closed in pleasurable bliss. I lay there a few moments basking in the afterglow of our coupling.

Soon Sandella stirred.<For too long I have waited for you my love, for you I will stop this war. I heard that Arianna also wishes to stop, I know you have to go to her also, please hurry back my love, > She said dreamily.

The next day I awoke in Arianna’s bed. Damn! I hope the vitamins I had with me were enough. These two women were going to kill me, hell and the triple sensitivity that came with the sex holy shit! Both these women were beautiful, they obviously loved me. True, I had feelings for them, but I also had feelings for Jenny. Damn, what a problem, I wanted all three, deep within my soul I knew I had to have all three of them.

I also knew that Jenny wanted me a hell of a lot more than I’d thought at first, and she hadn’t asked to sleep with me since that one time, but something odd was going on. I had to talk to Ari and Sandy, I knew they were ok with each other but I wasn’t sure if they’d be that way about Jenny. Getting up, I got dressed walking to the window, I knew that I’d have to see Jenny first before I did anything else. Shaking my head, I couldn’t even begin to imagine a life on two worlds with three women. Hell three women who honestly wanted me.

I walked out the chamber looking for Jenny, strange, as with Arianna and Sandella, I could almost feel where she was. Turning a corner, I found her asleep on a small sofa like piece of furniture. A small smile crossed my face damn but she was still as gorgeous, why in the hell had I never noticed her?

Jenny stirred, stretching her wiry frame out, looking up her entire face lit up when she saw me watching her.

“How long have you been there? she asked, the smile she held now reaching her voice.

“Not long, though it was long enough to realize that I never noticed you before and I should have,” I replied slightly hanging my head.

Jenny gently placed her hand under my chin and lifted my face even with hers, “You couldn’t, the elders blocked you till your senses were heightened enough to pierce the veil they had placed there”

Drawing in a long breath I shook my head. “There are some things that should never be over looked. Your beauty is definitely one of them.” I swear for an alien woman, Jenny had all the earth mannerisms down to a tee, for in that moment I swore that she blushed a slight shade of crimson then it was gone.

“Why have you left the chamber?” she asked, a perplexed and slightly sad look on her face.

“I need to talk to you about something, something I realized a few days ago,” I spoke in all honesty.

Jenny’s face suddenly took on a serious look, putting a finger to my lips then looking around, she took me through several doors before we were outside on a balcony. “Before you say anything,” she started, “know that I am a common female on this planet, I hold no stature, no rank except in the special operations. They are secretive and will never have public rank.

What I tell you can never go any further than here, swear an oath on the life of your home planet.” I looked at Jenny for a moment, what in the hell could be so serious that earth was at stake? I nodded which Jenny looked pissed about. “No! Swear an oath that your planet earth will be destroyed if you break it!”

Shocked I looked at her like she was crazy, “Is all this really that necess... , “ I started.

“Yes,” she stated sternly, “there is far more at stake than you at first realized, you’ve finally achieved peace here but it is extremely fragile at best, it will take a few more years before it is permanent. Now swear or you’ll never see or remember me again, please,” Jenny begged, tears falling freely from her ice blue eyes, this immediately caught my attention.

Placing a hand on my heart I looked deep into her eyes, “I swear, upon the life of my planet earth, that what is said here goes no further than here”

Jenny’s smile made me feel almost light headed. Leaning close she again passionately kissed me, a kiss I felt to my very core, causing us both to quiver as we held to each other lest we both fall.

Jenny’s eyes flew open, in a whisper she said, “It is you but that isn’t possible, I saw you die years ago, that’s why I now lo... , “ quickly she snapped her mouth shut.

“Jenny, are you alright? I asked concerned by her sudden change.

“Yes,” she replied, “Joe I know you love me, it’s alright, though we can never show this in the open here or on Sandella’s planet. I am sorry I took from you what I did, I felt it was the only chance I’d ever have to, continue my line.”

I must have dropped my mouth agape for her smile alerted me to that fact. “Your line?” I sputtered.

“Yes,” she said as she activated a small device at her wrist. “I am Queen Jenny, our planet though known to these two, is normally ignored. We are the peace keepers of this galaxy. Few outside my planet know of it. Even fewer know that I am off planet. Were it known that I was gone chaos would ensue. I have studied everything about you that I could, as soon as I learned that there was a way to stop this war, which not only threatened their worlds but ours as well.”

“How was knowledge of me brought to light? That I would do what I did?” I asked slightly confused.

“Thousands of years ago, a little known seer foresaw this horrible war. She was overcome by her visions and died a week later, feeling this was more important than her life, she set down everything she saw and felt. She put into words for three days with out food or water all that she’d seen.” Here renewed tears fell from Jenny’s eyes. “She felt the universe needed to know of the greatness that would be you, I dare say she fell in love with you back then, though she only hinted at it.”

“She was my ancestor, her mother was of Sandella’s planet, her father of Arianna’s they were persecuted for loving someone from the other planet. Leaving they found our planet, not knowing she was pregnant till after they landed they set up a home. 40 years later many had settled out of the need to flee persecution.

Joe, like her I love you, also, that part of her visions were never revealed, I was the one to find you, love you and share you though it was never to be known,” bowing low, Jenny’s tears were tearing at my heart, “Please forgive me, I love you enough to set you free as I must, for now.”

The next few weeks went along the same lines, finally I had both Arianna and Sandella meet, signing a peace accord unlike anything in either’s history. As I expected both became pregnant within a few weeks of the signing, It seemed I had to make way too many appearances, meeting as many people as fast as I could.

It seemed that there were still many thousands out there, that were dead set against the idea of both planets working together. During this time I rarely saw Jenny at all, though it saddened me greatly, I put on the best front I ever had to hide the fact. Then one day Jenny was gone, I asked the elder about it but all he had to say was that she had requested time off to go back home, I could see the trail of energy she’d left when she’d left even where it led to.

Try as I might I soon learned the truth of the thought sling, you could go where you wanted as long as you’d been there before. I had always wondered why we’d never been to her planet, now I knew why. The union of the 2 worlds created the strongest alliance known of, though I am sure there would be others even more so.

I went back to earth once a month, for a few days, even stopping by my old job. Jenny of course was still there, looking at her I saw that indeed she was almost the same but different enough that I knew it wasn’t my Jenny. Then of course, was the fact that she really wanted nothing to do with me (I found out later she had a lesbian lover and though worked with men couldn’t stand the thought of hooking up with one).

Life was starting to truly becoming more of a utopia on the two worlds. Though I dearly missed Jenny I had to keep on for the good of the galaxy. After the birth of both my daughter’s Renny (Arianna) and Josephine (Sandella) I began to become bored I was no where near as advanced as ninety five percent of the people on both planets.

Though I still went out meeting hostile people on both planets that was becoming less and less. I had brought this up to both Ari and Sandy both shared a concern that I might disappear back to earth, they both loved me deeply as I had stated to them both but I needed more from life, it seemed the boredom I had experienced on earth was returning to snuggle up with me again.

I’d just retuned from earth after almost a week, I was met by both Ari and Sandy both had a look of concern on their faces.

“My love,” Arianna started, “we both know that there is something wrong. You have grown so powerful that even the elders can no longer see your thoughts. Tell us, are you dis-satisfied with us? Is there another something or someone that you need? You know that what you do is fine with us, we both know you love us but we feel that you heart is much, much larger than that.”

Here, though I tried my best, they both could see the pain I was trying to hide. “So there is another! Be there anything we might do?” Sandella said a small hint of joy in her voice.

“No,” I replied, hanging my head, “There is nothing anyone can do, for she is gone.” Tears that had long been hidden finally burst through like a dam bursting from a flood. Both women held me for what seemed like hours, till at last exhaustion claimed me.

In a dream a man who closely resembled Jenny touched my shoulder and we were on his planet. I saw Jenny asleep holding a baby boy, on a bracelet was the word Joe, smiling I was back in my bed when I awoke. Opening my hand, I smiled even more when I discovered a small holo projector, holding it up a picture of Jenny and the baby appeared along with the words “Soon Joe, very soon.”

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