Plain Joe
Chapter 2

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Hello again, I am Joe Broily, some might remember me last year when I told the story of three words and three Queens. I am in love with those threeee Queens though I live on two of the worlds with two of the Queens, there is a third that I also love that lives on a world I cannot go to. The first Queen’s name is Sandella, a flaming red haired, green eyed beauty. The second is Arianna, a raven haired piercing blue eyed beauty. The third Jenny, might take a little longer to describe.

She has legs that reach forever and an ass that is tight and firm. She has nape long brown hair and ice blue eyes, the kind of eyes I find myself getting lost in, especially after I kiss her. Scratch that, hell after I kiss each one of them. Imagine an electric shock running through your body, overwhelming with pleasure, that is a kiss from any of the three.

I have to mention I am just a plain man from earth. I do, however, have abilities that have been handed down from a distant relative, apparently from an agent from Jenny’s planet that had crashed on my planet thousands of years ago.

Jenny’s planet is the home of the peace keepers of this galaxy, a fact that she swore me to, under potential destruction of earth. Though I do, and can, return to earth I don’t as often as I used to, as it worries Ari and Sandy as I call them now. I am not a king and I do not want to be. I am left alone most of the time. I am trying to learn all I can to expand my abilities and finally not feel useless to keep the boredom away. Last year all three became pregnant with my babies, something I found out all three had wanted though in Jenny’s case I didn’t find out ‘til after she was gone. Sandella has a girl, Josephine, a beautiful baby. Arianna also has a beautiful little girl Renny.

I sat for months, going back to earth more and more, worrying the two Queens. They confronted and me I broke down, crying and confessing that there was another but that she was gone and there nothing anyone could do. Both Queens held me as I cried ‘til I fell asleep, exhausted. That night I had a strange dream, that a man that closely resembled Jenny came to me touched me and we were in a bed chamber somewhere else.

I saw Jenny holding a baby boy, on the wrist of the boy was a name plate that simply said Joe. Awakening the next day I had a small holo projector in my hand. Opening it up, I soon saw the picture of Jenny and the baby boy, my son, smiling. I remembered the man’s word’s, the same as those on the projection: Soon Joe, very soon. That was a year ago. I was almost useless now though I did continue to build my abilities.

I found six months after this event that I was able to thought project, physically or mentally, to almost any planet I wanted. I knew where Jenny’s planet was but I refused to go or look there. I had made a promise to her and I always honored my promises even though I knew the pain it would cause me. I soon found that I was indeed more in love with the two Queens but I felt so incomplete without Jenny. Looking out the window, I had been viewing approaching meteors, when Ari touched me on the arm.

<My love? do you feel better?> she asked, a small look of worry on her face.

Startled, I looked at her loving face. <feel better? What ever do you mean?> I asked.

<Last night in your sleep, you were making strange sounds that I remember you used to do, not long after I became pregnant with Renny.> she replied, the worry growing a little more intense.

Sighing, I had had almost the same thoughtversation with Sandy the day before. <I believe it was just a bad dream.> I told her.

<Dream?> she said a little shocked, <we must have it interpreted at once! These dreams as you say are an ability of yours.>

I tried to not stare at her like she was crazy. Another ability? Christ! Like I needed any more! <Look, > I thought, <It is just something that humans have a lot of, nothing big.>

<No my love, no one here has these things. It has to be another ability. Please my love.> she said begging me, trying to drag me after her.

Finally consenting, I followed her. I have to say now that I am glad I did as she asked. The horror that might have befallen us all still makes me shiver. After a few hours, several of the readers came out even paler than they usually were. They asked me to confirm all I had told them. Afterward, they all shook, looking at me as if I was a god or savior. What the hell?

<What you have seen is a return of many that were cast out of our society many years ago. It appears that they have gained weapons that can destroy us. We once again turn to you to help save us, > the oldest reader thought to me.

<I will do all I can to protect this world and the alliance that we all worked so hard to build, > I thought to all of them. I guess my determination convinced them, for they all left smiling.

<My love can you contact Sandella? She has to know, also, so that she and her planet can also prepare.> Arianna told me.

Nodding, I concentrated on Sandy. <Sandy>, I started.

<Yes my love>, came her startled reply.

<I am afraid that the readers say that my new ability has detected the outcasts returning. I will be there soon to talk to you about planning for them.> I told her.

I could almost hear the gasp in her thoughts.

<Please be careful my love, they were an evil group when we sent them into exile. They may stop at nothing to try and gain both planets for their own evil purposes.>

For the first time in almost a year, I felt that I had a purpose again. Reaching out I began to feel for any type of being like Sandy and Ari had described. I reached further and further out. I was already past the edge of the solar system. I knew that we weren’t all that far from the Galactic rim but I still had no idea in which direction they had gone.

Ari interrupted my search giving me details on the ships they left in, their speeds and their capacity. Armed with this I again reached out. With their speed, I estimated I was about three weeks away when I felt the first ... I’d guess you’d say “tingle” of them. Zooming in I saw at least twenty ships. They were loaded for bear with weapons, a few that I wouldn’t have recognized ‘til I’d come here. They had Particle weapons, atomic weapons and some type of high intensity light weapon, though the sonic weapons I saw gave me the worst feeling.

Trying to avoid detection, I listened to them laugh about how they were going to kill and torture everyone on the planets. I felt my anger rise, then I felt it boil, and then the rage set in. I ripped through the hull of the first ship. Jumping to the second I ripped it apart. I’d reached the fifth ship when the first exploded. Thirty seconds later the second. Not really caring, I continued to rip the hell out of the ships. I’d just finished the eighth when I heard an alarm go off, and then the crews were searching, for an energy being.

In the ninth ship I saw that a man standing there, seemingly waiting, <to the energy being we apologize if we have disturbed you. We do not wish to start a war with you. Many more would die on both sides. We wish to talk peace so that... > he started.

<Peace! No, you do not wish peace. I heard what your cowardly soldiers, as you call them, said. I was more than happy to end them. I am just as happy to end you also!>

Reaching in I disrupted the engines effectively stopping the ship. The leaders mouth dropped open, <you aren’t an energy being!> Pulling a gun from his side he fired directly at me. Laughing, I watched it pass through me.

<NO!>, I heard him say, <you aren’t of our planets either! Fire everything at it!>. Laughing again, I watched as the leader ran to a door in the wall and then I started to rip the hell out of the ship.

I’d just left the ship, entering the tenth ship and started to pull everything apart that I could when I started to feel sluggish. Crap! They must have figured out my energy signature. As quickly as I could I changed my vibrations and the signature of my body. Ah! better! I had hit the eleventh and twelfth ship when they figured it out again. Crap! I retreated feeling my energy rebuild.

Looking on, I saw that they had stopped their advance and were obviously hunting for me. I needed to take them all out but I was extremely tired. I hadn’t been this far out in a long time. Changing my energy and vibrations had also put a strain on me. Resisting the pull that I was starting to feel, I tried again to get the thirteenth. I’d just gotten the engines and was feeling the overload when they found me again, though this time I was already on the way out. One of them managed to get a shot off slowing me down.

Moving away I didn’t want to be too close when...

That’s the last thing I remember ‘til I awoke in bed. Ari’s face covered with tears was above me as was Sandy’s. Groaning as I tried to move and open my eyes I heard them both gasp, <Love, can you understand us?>

Struggling even harder to keep my eyes open I tried to smile, <I managed to get thirteen of their ships, but they are close three weeks away. I am afraid that they are still ... still comi... > I managed to say then sighed as my eyes became too heavy to hold open.

I felt so tired, I hadn’t been this tired since that day I had thought slung with Jenny. Damn!, I thought, I miss you Jenny. I wish I could see again you before I die. I felt the darkness reach out to me welcoming me like an old friend. I was floating, it felt so good here, peaceful ... hell, too good to leave. I was too tired to care. It was at that moment that I heard a voice, a voice I thought I’d never hear again.

<This is it?> the voice said.

I just nodded, this seemed to enrage the voice. <You are the most powerful being on the three worlds you have done things that no one can do, and you’re just giving up like this?>

Finally I recognized the voice. Great, she was here to torture me before I died almost as badly as when I was alive. <What good is power, if there is a part of my heart missing? A part ripped out as if it were garbage! You know what? You can go to hell, I know this is my mind and I know I am dying, so really I don’t fucking care!>

I turned away and tried to move away further into the welcoming darkness. <NO!> I heard Jenny scream.

<I am so sorry Joe, it was your destiny to love the Queens and bring peace I wasn’t... >

<BULLSHIT! I make my own god damned destiny! It was you! I told no one! I said nothing for over a year! I have had the power to travel to your planet for a while now. You know why I didn’t? Unlike you I keep my fucking promises so excuse me ... QUEEN.> I sneered at her.

Again, I tried to move further into the darkness. I felt her grab me. <Why do you bother? You left me if it wasn’t for your father, I’d not even know I had a son!>

Jenny gasped, then started to cry, <he never told me, had he I would have come for you. I have longed for your touch all these months, but I had to stay away because of the council. Father is on the council he should have told me.>

<Look I don’t care anymore, ok? I’m tired, I’ve used up almost all my energy destroying thirteen ships of the cast outs.> I said.

<That was you!!? I saw the battle, such as it was you hit them head on, you destroyed over half their fleet though I am afraid that the leader survived.> Jenny told me.

<Good your planet is the peace keepers, you can handle it. Go away and let me die I am through being used as a pawn in the games that you three women are playing!> I shouted shocking her.

The same man I saw in my dream appeared, bowing low. <Hello Joe, I am Tann.> I stopped a moment. This man I respected. He’d tried to show me and let me know. I might listen to him.

<If you have to blame anyone, please blame me, I and the council are the ones that kept you apart but I felt so guilty that I had to let you know. You owe me nothing and I won’t ask you for anything but may I show you?> Tann asked.

Nodding, a flood of memories came to me; days and nights of Jenny crying holding our son close and crying even harder. I watched her lose weight getting thinner and thinner ‘til finally they put her in the hospital.

<I just thought you’d like to know she almost died too. We were on our way to get you when she felt you here fading. Even now she holds you with every fiber of her being trying to save you. You are more than welcome on our planet. That is if you choose to come back with us. As I said before, I won’t ask anything! I do not deserve to, not after what I’ve done to you and my daughter. I just hope that one day you can forgive a stubborn old man.>

With that, Tann faded though Jenny was still there, her eyes staring at the spot her father had been in. Sighing I reached out feeling Jenny on her planet putting everything into the tether she had on me. <Jenny let me go, you will die if you continue to do this!> I told her I could feel her energy starting to drop.

Damn it! Stubborn woman! <Alright! I’ll come but if this is a trick, beware I am far more powerful than I was a year ago and I have a really bad temper!> I told her.

Smiling weakly, I felt her let go slowly. Huh! She still didn’t believe me! Clawing my way out of the darkness took far longer than I thought it would.

I had to start fighting even harder the closer to the light I got. Finally I managed to open my eyes. Again I groaned, hearing several thoughts and gasps and then cries of joy. God they were loud. Crap, I felt like my head was about to split. Barely opening my eyes, I saw there were thirty or forty people in the room. Damn! Didn’t think the room was that large.

Looking around, I looked for Jenny and my face fell when I didn’t see her. <My loves, > I thought, <can they please quiet their thoughts? It’s making my head ache!>

Both Queens started to shoo people from the room ‘til it was just them. Very quietly I heard Ari, <better my love?>

<Is the light too much?> I heard Sandy think.

<Thank you my loves, that has helped so much, how long was I out?> I asked.

<Almost a week of your time, > Sandy thought to me.

<I took out over half of their fleet but they are still two weeks away we have time.> I thought to them.

<Time? Aren’t they able to block you now?> Ari asked.

<For the moment, I have to ask you, the other love of mine is back, I need to go to her. They have better healing techniques. I do not wish to leave but I must. Know that I love you both and our children and will return soon but I have to do this or I won’t be ready in time.> I expected them to start crying, get upset, hell anything but what happened next.

<Finally our third sister has returned! We both can feel the joy in your heart. Finally we feel complete as you do also. Please be careful, our love, and tell our sister to take good care of you.> With that they both kissed me and left the room.

In shock for a moment I didn’t know what to do, then Jenny appeared next to me with a huge smile on her face.

“I know we haven’t spoken in a while and neither have I and I really miss it. Everything is ready and you need to talk to the council when you can, possibly tomorrow. They need to know the danger.”

“Wait,” I said, I put my arms around her and slowly kissed her as deeply and passionately as I could. The shock I felt flow through me almost seemed to energize me. Smiling I saw that Jenny had succumbed to the power.

I wasn’t sure I had enough energy, I thought of Jenny’s planet and the room I had seen her in and then I pulled. A minute later we were there, I sat on the bed trying to lay Jenny down when the room began to turn and then the darkness returned.

I awoke a few hours later laying on a table. Looking under the sheet, phew! At least I still had my clothes on! Looking around, I didn’t recognize a thing in this place. I saw a group of people standing near another table, reaching out I thought I’d try something I didn’t usually do. <It is remarkable how fast he has recovered! You say they both were unconscious when you found them?>

<Yes, the alarm went off as soon as they appeared, I thought Jenny had passed out bringing them but he did.> I recognized the thoughts of Jenny’s father.

I could feel Jenny. She was very weak and her life force was starting to fall.

<We’re doing all we can but she is fading fast, we’re sorry sir but... > they started.

<Move away from her now before I remove you from the building!> I growled in my thoughts.

Several security guards ran forward but I swept them away out the door, Well those that found the door, <I said NOW!>

All of them backed away. I floated over to the table. Most of the men were staring, their mouths agape.

Looking at Jenny’s body I could feel what she’d done. God, I loved her even more! Placing my hands above her heart I let the energy start to flow from me. I felt her surprise then I felt her life force grow stronger. Within five minutes, her eyes opened.

Coughing, she motioned me down, “What took you so damn long?” she asked.

Smiling I lightly, kissed her, this time feeling only a mild shock, “I should show you an earth custom we have for bad children.” I told her.

“Oh? An earth custom? What would that be?” she asked a smirk on her lips.

“It’s called a spanking, I put you over my lap, then I bring my flattened hand down upon your butt. As hard as I can.” I told her.

“Ouch, sounds painful!” she replied.

“Oh it is, as you’ll find out sometime soon!” I threatened her.

Her mouth dropped open, “you wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh, but I would and I will,” I told her a serious look on my face.

<Now then I assume most of you are the council?> I thought. Looking at the men. Most of them nodded.

<If you aren’t on the council, leave now before I remove you though not as harshly as I did the guards.> I thought to them.

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