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Slingshot Around Saturn

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In the last months, I've been posting about one chapter every two weeks. Grandparent duties were cutting into my writing time.

Now that we are almost on house arrest from the corona virus, I am hoping to have more time to devote to writing. I have more upcoming adventures for Brian and the crew.

This should be good news for readers, if you are following the story. With all the extra time at home, you will be looking for a diversion.

A note of interest, I often use the names of readers who send me feedback. You might get a species named after you, or a planet or a star system. Some readers suggest plot ideas, and I may or may not use them at some point.

I'm also getting into watercolour painting, but it will be a long time before I can include illustrations.

Stay safe!



If you are under lockdown, and you are enjoying the adventures of Brian and his crew mates, you are welcome to send me a message. Suggest some wild and crazy plot ideas, or new characters. I may use some of your ideas. Just remember the age rating of > 7 years old.