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New story

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I just posted chapter one of a new story, on the sister site, finestories.com - look for Dead End. It's a murder mystery with ghosts.


Book 4 Finished

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The last chapter is in the queue. It’s been a long journey.

Book 1 started in 2018, and book 4 started in 2021.

Also, an epub version is available on bookapy


Chapter 33 is Posted

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Chapter 33 is in the queue and will appear shortly. Koluna is back...

Let me know of any typos or errors. Thanks!

Chapter 30 is in the queue

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Sorry about the delay. My life has become more busy than I expected.

If you spot any typos please let me know via a message.


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Chapter 28 is in the queue for publishing, a month since the previous chapter.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Set your laser carbine on stun, and get a fresh cup of coffee.