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Space Battle Ahead

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I just put chapter five in the queue, I've been having fun and got a bit ahead of schedule. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Thank you for all the feedback I have had so far.

Book Two

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The first chapter of book two is in the queue. Probably it will be out tomorrow morning.

I'm looking for some help with the story description and also the description for the series. If you have some suggestions, please send them my way. Thank you!

I'm thinking to post about a chapter a week, so I have time to keep ahead of schedule and to polish things before posting.

Update on Book Two

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I am making progress with developing some new characters and I have outlined about three chapters and written one chapter so far. I got lots of suggestions from readers which I am reviewing to see what I can include.

I want to be several chapters ahead so I don't have to go back and make revisions once I post a chapter.

Working On Book Two

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I got several requests for more adventures, so I am working on a sequel. It may take a while to plan it out. Stay tuned.

Problems with Chapter 26

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I understand the problems have been fixed.